K I A: Killed in Action

POW:Prisoner of War

Brown Pat 2 Lt USA S/O, M/M John E Brown Newgulf Wounded
Curtner Calvin R Pfc USMC S/o M/M Carl C Curtner Lane City Wounded
Frazier Charles R Pfc USMC S/o M/M Byron L Frazier El Campo Wounded
Gonzales Gilberto Pfc USA S/o M/M Ramon Gonzales Wahrton K I A
Hayes Roland Pfc USA S/o M/M Cleveland Hayes Boling Wounded
Herndon James C Pfc USMC S/o M/M James Herndon Wharton Wounded
Hilton Addison H Pfc USA S/o Ruth E Hilton El Campo Wounded
Kubecka Frank E Pfc USA S/o M/M Emil W Kubecka El Campo Wounded
Lowery Eugene Pvt USA S/o M/M Willie B Lowery East Bernard Wounded
Luera Santiago B Pvt USA S/o M/M Macdonio R Luera Newgulf K I A
Malone Sherman W Pvt USA S/o M/M Jesse Malone Wharton K I A
Manis Philip F Sgt lc USA USAS/o James W Manis El Campo Body Returned
Mican Frankie V - USA USAS/o Francis Mican El Campo Wounded
Miller Kenneth R Pfc USA S/o M/M Thomas V ?oboril Wharton M I A
Nedbalek Johnnie J Cpl USA Wife, Ethel M Nedbalek Danevang Wounded
Peebles Lloyd H Pfc USMC S/o M/M Charles T Peebles Boling Wounded
Perry Bradley G Pfc USA S/o Bradley J Perry Sr El Campo Body Returned
Ramos Joe Cpl USMC S/o M/M Mariano Ramos East Bernard Wounded
Ramos Pablo Pfc USA S/o Jose Ramos El Campo Body Returned
Reck Frank L Jr Sgt 1c USA S/o Frank L Reck Sr Louise POW Liberated
Stavinoha Albert B Pvt USA S/o M/M Albert Stavinoha Sr Wharton Wounded
Taylor Luthur Pfc USMC S/o M/M Luthur L Taylor Sr Wharton Wounded
Tones Rochester Cpl USA S/o Essie McFee El Campo Wounded

This page transcribed by Janet Barrett Hobizal May 2007,

From a photo copy found at the Wharton County Historical Museum 94.11D 68 D Annie Lee Terry 03/23/1964

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