The Wharton Spectator
Wharton, Texas Friday, May 24, 1918

Twenty Young White Men Have Been Called Upon to Go Forward on Tuesday, the 26th
The following young men have been notified that on next Tuesday the 28th instant, they will present
themselves for military service, and will be sent to Camp Travis:
Jack Rust Hawes, George Rust Hawes, L.O. Ireson, Tom Husinecky, John Robert Morre of Wharton; Frank
R. Mazoch, Arnold Reber and Juan Niete of El Campo; Ollie Arnett of east Bernard; M.M. Gordy of
Ganado; A.L. V. Paulson, Jay Gould Clayton and C.S. Fothergill of Louise; E.W. Schramm of Glen
Flora; Clyde Bernard of Garwood; Louis Koebelen of Rosenberg; G.R. Abbott of Iago; H.R. Backhus
of Chesterville; W.E. Lang of Palestine; Vinc Kristinek of Somerville. The following six alternates are
also notified to appear: A.S. Arnett, Lee Ratcliffe and E.T. Ellwood of El Campo; Frank Blumrich and
Frank Booker, Jr. of Houston; Herman Svoboda of Taiton; Guss Janson of Glen Flora.


All Young men Who Have Come of
Age Since June 5, 1917 Must
Register on That Date

The Spectator has been forwarded
the appended letter by Mr. P.G.
Brooks’ of the Wharton county exemp-
tion board, with a request that the
same be given publicity. As quite a
number of young men in this county
are affected, the Spectator takes
pleasure in calling attention to the
letter which is self-explanatory:
We have today received a telegram
from General Crowder announcing
that Congress has passed the Act
providing for the registration of men
who have become twenty years of
age since June 5, last, and further
advising that a proclamation by the
President will be issued shortly, nam-
ing June 5th 1918, as the day of
registration. General Crowder re-
quests that the widest publicity be
given to the fact that all men who
have attained the age of twenty-one
years since June 5th, 1917, will be
required to register on the day men-
tioned, and you are requested per-
sonally to see that each local news-
paper in your county publishes this
fact. The press can assist us very
materially in notifying each young
man, who is subject to registration
and I feel sure that the press will
co-operate with us to the fullest ex-
John C. Townes, Jr.
Major of Infantry, U.S.O.R.C.


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