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Gerard Alexander was born in Kentucky about 1825. Not much is known about his schooling or his background. His older brother W.F.S. Alexander kept a journal and Dr. Alexander lived most of the time at the older brothers plantation although he himself owned a plantation. William Alexander wrote of Dr. Alexanders adventures and escapades in his journal. At times Dr. Alexander drank too much and he mentions it in the journal. Both brothers were bachelors all their lives. To read the journal please click on the following link.

Alexander Journal

Below you will find a transcription of Dr. Gerard Alexanders will. "Dr." as his brother always referred to him, practiced in Wharton, Quinan, now called Hungerford and in the surrounding areas.

Dr. Gerard Alexander served in the Civil War as a private at the Buchelk Camp, Home Guards. He is found on the July 1861 muster rolls. The community wrote a letter to the military saying that they didn';t have a doctor in the area and needed him to come back to take care of the citizens there. He is not found on the August muster roll so it is assumed that he came back to Wharton County. His brother served as a private for awhile in the Wharton Rangers company and then was promoted to 4th Sargent.

The Daughters of the Confederacy erected a Confederate monument on the grounds of the Wharton County Courthouse. On it they listed all the veterans names. Dr. Gerard Alexanders name is on the monument, although he only served for one month. However, his brother, W.S.F. Alexander who served throughout the war, his name is not on the monument. If you ever see the monument notice that around it is a circle of dead grass. This circle has always been there, and the grass will not grow no matter how much they fertilize it or replace it. When they moved the monument, the grass in a circle around the monument died there also.

It is folklore that it is the soldiers marching around the monument keeping a vigil to protect Wharton, or maybe it is W.F. S. Alexander waiting to have his name put on the monument where it rightfully belongs.

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Gerard Alexander Will

Estate of

Gerard Alexander,


Instrumentů.Petition, etc

FiledůDec 13 1876


Wharton Co Pro Min


COUNTY OF WHARTON In the County Court for Wharton County

To the Honorable Edwin Hawes, Judge of said Court.

Your petitioner W.F.S. Alexander a resident of Wharton County and State of Texas shows your Honor that Gerard Alexander a citizen and resident of Wharton County departed this life on the 20 October 1876 intestate leaving a considerable estate in this county and being largely indebted to various parties. That there is a necessity for administration of said intestates estate.

That your petitioner is of kin to the deceased and has been requested by the oldest brother of the deceased, said brother residing out of this state, to administer upon said estate.

Your petitioner shows that the condition of said estate is such as to require the immediate appointment of a temporary administrator to preserve the personal property and to provide for the proper management of the plantation of the deceased for the ensuing year. Wherefore petitioner prays that the proper notice of this application be given and at the next term of your Honor Court for the transaction of business in matters in probate that your petitioner be appointed administrator of said estate. And he prays that in the meantime and immediately your Honor will appoint petitioner temporary administrator of said estate with full power to preserve all the personal property of said estate and to control and operate the plantation belonging to said estate or to rent the same as shall appear to him to be most for the interest of said estate. That your Honor will appoint appraisers and make all other orders necessary or proper to the opening and conduct of said administration.

A. P. McCormick

For Petitioner

THE STATE OF TEXAS County Court pertaining to estates.

WHARTON COUNTY January Term 1877

To all whom these presents may come-----Greeting:

Know ye, that W.F.S. Alexander as principal and B.A. Harris and G.C. Duncan as sureties, are held and firmly bound unto the County Judge of the county of Wharton & his successors in office, in the sum of Eighteen thousand dollars for the payment of which, well and truly to be made unto the said Chief Justice, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.

Signed with our hands and sealed with our seals, (the seals being scrolls), the Nineteenth day of January, A.D. 1877.

The condition of the above obligation is such, that, whereas, the above bound W.F.S. Alexander has been appointed Administrator of the Estate of Gerard Alexander deceased; Now, if the said W.F.S. Alexander shall well and truly perform all the duties required of him, under said appointment, then this obligation shall be null and void, otherwise to remain in full force and effect.

Wm. F. S. Alexander (seal)

B.A. Harrison (seal)

G.C. Duncan (seal)


WHARTON COUNTY I, W.F.S. Alexander do solemnly swear that Gerard Alexander deceased, died without having any lawful @Will, so far as I know or believe, and that I will well and truly perform all the duties of Administrator, of the estate of said Gerard Alexander, deceased.

Wm. F.S. Alexander.

Sworn to and subscribed before me, H.H. Kirkpatrick County Clerk of said county, this 23rd day of January A.D. 1877.

(L.S.) H.H. Kirkpatrick C.C.W.C.

Approved this 23rd day of January A.D. 1877

Edwin Hawes. Co. Judge Wharton Co.

Estimative appraisement and Inventory of the property belonging to the Estate of Gerard Alexander deceased.

Lands in Matagorda County*****

Lands in Wharton County

550 Acres plantation tract part of Kincheloe League $4400.00

45 Acres in Prairie part of the Jackson League 45.00

800 Acres between East & West Bernard part of G.W. Singleton League 240.00

Personal Property

********** WE the undersigned appraisers appointed by the Hon County Judge of Wharton County to appraise the property of the Estate of Gerard Alexander deceased on oath say that the foregoing appraisement is just and correct.

J. Rust

I.D. Ford

W.S. Gibb

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18th day of January 1877.

H.H. Kirkpatrick C.C. W.C.

M.D. Kirkpatrick, Dy

List of claims belonging to Estate of Gerard Alexander.

I, W.F.S. Alexander administrator of Est of Gerard Alexander on oath say hat the foregoing is a full inventory of al property and this attached list is full list of claims due the estate of said Gerard Alexander so far as the same have come to my knowledge. Wm. F. S. Alexander.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 24th day of January 1877.

H.H. Kirkpatrick C.C. W.C.


WHARTON COUNTY In the County Court in matters in Probate.

In the matter of the Est of Girard Alexander deceased.

To the honorable Edwin Hawes County Judge of Wharton County.

Your petitioner W.F.S. Alexander administrator of the estate of Girard Alexander deceased shows to your honor that it will be necessary to sell the whole of the real estate belonging to said estate to pay the expense of administration and the indebtedness of said estate.

Hereto attached is an exhibit of the claims against said estate already allowed and approved and a memorandum in reference to the rejection of claims, suits thereon to and an estimate of the expense of administration which is here made a part of this application. Petitioner shows that he will be unable to make the plantation yield any considerable profit and the other real estate is wholly unproductive. That the proceeds of the sale of all personal property will be greatly inadequate to meet the indebtness of the estate. He prays your Honor will make an order authorizing petitioner to sell on a credit of twelve months at public sale at the court house door in Wharton County, the following described lands belonging to said estate for the payment of the debts of said estate, namely Eleven hundred and seven acres of land in Matagorda County, it being the North East quarter of the L. Ramy League.

550 acres of land in Wharton County being part of the Kincheloe league and known as the plantation tract, described more particularly as follows: All that tact of land conveyed by Eveline Carson to Gerard Alexander by deed dated 1st November 1860 and recorded in Wharton County.