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April 30, 1903

The Wharton Spectator

From our current correspondent

The organization of the K. and P. lodge last Thursday was a red letter day in Lane City.

The morning passenger train brought in from Bay City Messrs. Moore, Collins, Benge, Bond, Lee, Brown, Rugeley, Seydler and Reynolds. There gentleman were taken to the river on an excursion and to view the pumping plant of the Bay Prairie Irrigation Co. This pump being the largest of its kind in the world, it see it was alone worth a visit to this little town. An effort was made to be gin the organization at 4 p. m., but it did not prove successful. however, at 7 p. m., the lodge assembled, adjourned at 12 o'clock for supper - and such a spread! The ladies had manifested a great deal of interest in this important feature. The tables were arranged in a triangle and with their white coverts, beautiful flowers and pot plants presented an inviting appearance. The upper story of the new Turner building was used by the ladies to serve their supper in the following was the menu: Roast Turkey,Chicken, Ham Sandwiches, Salad, Dressed Eggs, Pickles, Olives, Cake, Pie, Coffee, Iced Tea.

Seventy five were served at the first table. This included the lane City lodge and visiting K. of P.'s. The ladies waited patiently for the stroke of 12 to serve their "lords and masters."

At the conclusion of the supper Mr. N. M. Vogelsang of Bay City was called upon for a _____ words. Among others. ______ called attention to the ______ development of this country of how a few years back. Wharton was the center of this broad section, but now villages were everywhere and new industries springing up every day. He mentioned the fact that two years ago our little town site was simply a desert waste. But tonight we have a representative body of "fair women and brave men" who call this wilderness "Home." (Watch us Bro. Editor; you may have a more formidable claimant than El Campo for a county seat)

At 1 o'clock the lodge resumed work and continued in session until 7:30 Friday morning when the twenty representatives from Bay City boarded the "Oyster Bay special" for their homes. Thirteen new members were initiated. The other eight will be received Thursday night. A great deal of interest and enthusiasm is manifested by the thirty-four members of this lodge.

The saloons closed on account of this organization which places another feather in Lane City's cap of advancement and gentility. The following officers elected;

J. R. Lane, C.C.

T.E. Chatham, V.C.

B.F. Pennington, Pre___

T.J. Fatjo, M. of W.

W.E. Franz, K. of R. ___

W. H. Plageman M. of K.

W. B. Cline, M. of Exeb,

Ed. Huffor, M. of A.

E.W. Turner, I.G.

W.C. Bujac, Q.G.

Past Chancelors, W. B. ____J.O. ?Turner?, B.F. Pennington

B.F. Pennington came in on the mixed train at 8 p.m. Thursday night.

B.F. Pennington left Monday morning for Fort Worth to attend the Grand Lodge.

J. A. Wilkins was called to Brenham last week on account of the serious illness of his wife.

W.H. Plaggeman and T.J. Fatjo toured Wharton and Bay City the last of the week.

We omitted to chronicle in our last issue the death of "Dick Fatjo," the only game cock of T.J. Fatjo. The animal encountered just a "speckled bird" - and a yellow one at that - and poor Dick met his Waterloo. His defeat was so overpowering that he succumbed to his injuries "just as the sun went down."

An Epworth League was organized at the school house Sunday night with the following officers: President, Mr. Flynt Tomlinson; 1st Vice President, B.F. Pennington; 2nd Vice President Mrs. J. O. Tippins: 3rd Vice President Miss Jane Dozier; Secretary, Miss Willie Goode; Treasurer, Mr. R.E. English.

Next Sunday is Rev. O. N. Morton's regular appointment at this charge.

The Union picnic will come off May 6th at the flume on Jarvis creek. The changing of the date on account of the celebration at Wharton was discussed, but the majority favored leaving it for May 6th. E.

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