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Certified List Of Voters

Wharton County

In Election Precinct No.20


For the Year Beginning February 1st 1929, and ending January 31st, 1930

Note: All that this record shows is the name,and the P.O. Address.
Name Post Office Box Town
Ammann H El Campo 1
Ammann H Mrs." "
Anderson, M L" "
Bercak, Fred El Campo 1
Bercak, Agnes" "
Bercak, Fred Mrs." "
Bilek, Emil Mrs." "
Brod, F.J." "
Brod. F.J. Mrs." "
Bilek, Rudolph Taiton
Bilek,Rudolph Mrs." "
Baros, Frank El Campo 1
Baros, Frank Mrs." "
Bilek, Emil" "
Blaha, Louis Taiton
Blaha, Louis Mrs." "
Brandes, Albert El Campo 1
Brandes, Albert Mrs." "
Brandt, V.E. Glen Flora
Brandt, V.E. Mrs." "
Brod, Felix El Campo 1
Brod, Felix Mrs." "
Dorotik,Joe Taiton
Dorotik, Joe Mrs." "
Erdelt, Frank El Campo
Erdelt, Frank Mrs." "
Erdelt, J.B." "
Erdelt, J.B. Mrs." "
Fillman, T.J. El Campo
Fochner, Alex El Campo 1
Fochner, O.W." "
Fochner, Walter" "
Fochner, Chas Mrs." "
Frels, E.L. El Campo
Frels, E.L. Mrs." "
Fellman, Theo Mrs. El Campo 2
Fiala, Ed Taiton
Fiala, Ed Mrs." "
Guess, L.A. El Campo 1
Guess, L.A. Mrs." "
Heyne, Jno Mrs. El Campo 1
Kohleffel, Howard Glen Flora
Koenig, Max Mrs. El Campo 1
Kohleffel, F.W. Glen Flora
Krutilek, J.W. Taiton
Kubecka, Emil El Campo 1
Kubecka, P.P. Mrs." "
Kubecka, P.P." "
Koenig, Albert" "
Koenig, Albert Mrs." "
Koenig, Max" "
Konorik, Joe" "
Konorik, Joe Mrs." "
Kainer, Ed Glen Flora
Kainer, Ed Mrs." "
Krutilok, J.W. Mrs. Taiton
Kainer, Rudolph" "
Kainer, Rudolph Mrs." "
Lichnovsky, Joe Mrs. El Campo TSR
Lewandovsky, L.S. El Campo 1
Lewandovsky,L.S. Mrs." "
Lutringer, W.E. El Campo
Lutringer, W.K." "
Lutringer, W.K. Mrs." "
Machac, Willie Taiton
Machac,Willie Mrs." "
Muzik, Frank El Campo 1
Muzik, Frank Mrs." "
Maerz, Willie" "
Maerz, Willie Mrs." "
Moeller, Fritz Wharton 2
Moeller, Fritz Mrs." "
Merta, V.J. Taiton
Merta, V.J. Mrs." "
Merta, P.J. El Campo 1
Merta, P.J. Mrs." "
McCord, H.B. El Campo 1
McCord, H.B. Mrs." "
McClure, Gullie" "
McClure, Gullie Mrs." "
Nohavitza, Frank El Campo 1
Nohavitza, Frank Mrs." "
Petschka, F.J. El Campo 1
Petschka, F.J. Mrs." "
Pausewang, Pius Sr. El Campo 2
Puasewang, Pius Mrs." "
Prause, Clemens El Campo 1
Prause, Clemens Mrs." "
Opella, Adolph El Campo 1
Opella, Adolph Mrs." "
Raeben, Otto El Campo
Ralf, Jno A. El Campo 1
Ralf, Jno A. Mrs." "
Reyna, Refugio Glen Flora
Reyno, Palonio Glen Flora
Spurr, Paul El Campo
Staff, E.J. El Campo 1
Staff, E.J. Mrs." "
Schumaker, C.A. " "
Schumaker, Mrs. C.A." "
Scheller, Onie" "
Scheller,Mrs. Onie" "
Wendel, A.T. El Campo
Wendel, Mrs.A.T." "
Wendel, Willie" "
Wendel, Mrs. Willie" "
Zbranek, Frank El Campo 1
Zbranek, Frank Mrs." "

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