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News From Our Neighboring Towns

The Wharton Spectator

January 5, 1917

(Crowded out last week)

Well, Christmas is over and
all that remains is the thank-
you letters and bills to look
forward to.

Mr. and Mrs. Bowie Duncan
of Egypt spent the Yuletide
season in Dallas, the guests of
Mrs. Duncan's parents, Dr. and
Mrs. Shelmeyer.

Mr. W. L. Penny of Dallas
arrived Sunday and will be the
guest of Judge and Mrs. Mat-
thews for the holiday week.
Mrs. Penny having preceded
him the week before.

Mr. and Mrs. W.Z. Truesdel
were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
O.A. Trowbridge for dinner
Christmas day.

The ladies of the church here
gave the little folks their usual
Xmas treat in the form of a
beautiful Christmas tree laden
with gifts and goodies. A very
interesting program was ren-
dered and as a whole was a de-
cided success.

Judge and Mrs. Matthews en-
tertained with a Christmas
house party from Sunday to
Tuesday. Their guests for the
occasion were Mrs. M.E. Law-
son of Matagorda, Mr. and Mrs.
S.A. Robbins of Houston and
Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Penny of

We regret to chronicle the
death of Mrs. Heyne, which oc-
curred Christmas day. Mrs.
Heyne was the mother of the
Heyne brothers of this place
and had lived a long and useful
life, being a devoted mother
and faithful wife. Besides her
aged husband, several children
survive her, to all of whom we
extend our heart-felt sympa-

Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Arm-
strong were the Christmas
guests of the latter's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Croom in

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Davis
were guests of friends in Whar-
ton Christmas day.

Judge and Mrs. Matthews
with Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Penny
of Dallas motored to Matagorda
Sunday and attended the wed-
ding of one of Mrs. Penny's
girlhood friends, Miss Arda
Talbot, of San Antonio.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Moore had
as their house guests for the
Xmas holidays Mr. Moore's
mother of Eagle Lake, and his
sister, Mrs. Kellogg of West,

Miss Lou Beth King and two
brothers, Messrs. William and
John, students of the S.M.U.
of Dallas, came in Friday morn-
ing to spend the holiday week
with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. H.O. King.

Judge and Mrs. Matthews and
Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Penny mo-
tored to Bay City Tuesday af-
ternoon and were the house
guests of Mr. and Mrs. John W.
Gaines, attending the young
men's annual ball. They dined
Wednesday with Dr. and Mrs.
Pearl Morton.

Dr. Donald Duncan of Egypt
spent the Yuletide season with
his sister and husband, Mr. and
Mrs. J.M. Corbitt in Bay City.

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