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The El Campo Record and Louise News

Transcribed by Karen King August 2009

Vol. 14 July 25, 1917 Number 38

Uncle Sam’s Army Lottery

Made Nice Drawing Friday July 20 In which Lucky Numbers were well Distributed.

El Campo Furnishes 69 in 687,000 call

For first army in 325 Draft List Wharton County Quota. Only a few of these to go now.

Washington, July 20 -- Number 258 was the first number drawn in America’s human gamble whereby the United States will raise its anti-autocracy army. Secretary of War Baker drew the first number; chairman Chamberlain of the Senate Military Affairs committee drew the second; Chairman Dent of the House Military Committee the third; Senator Warren the ranking Republican member of the Senate Military affairs Committee, the fourth; Representative Kahn, the ranking member of the House Military Affairs committee, the fifth, and Acting Chief General Bliss, the sixth.

At 11:30 a.m. a thousand numbers had been drawn and at 1p.m. two thousand.

When the one thousandth number was drawn No. 19 was reached on the county registration rolls, which indicates that all up to that number will be included among he first 1,000, 000 men drafted, estimating the draft or 1,000 men for every number drawn. When the two thousandth number was drawn No. 158 was reached on the county rolls, and all up to that number will be included among the first 2,000,000 men drafted.

At the last moment a change was made in the entire plans for the army draft, which proceeded at 9:30 a.m., as previously announced.

Master and key numbers were eliminated, and instead every number, from one to the highest number in the largest district, or to 11,100, is being drawn. The order in which the numbers are drawn fixes the order in which the men will be drafted.

The purpose of this drawing was to decide the order in which men registered would be called upon to appear before the local boards for examination as to their fitness to serve in the national army.

The largest registration in any district in the United States was 10,263, so it was necessary that not less than that many numbers should be drawn from the big glass bowl in order that every man registered would have a fair chance. The smallest registration district has 120 men listed.

The total number of registration districts in the U. S. is 4,557. To determine the order of service the numbers were mixed and drawn by blindfolded men, who handed them to an announcer, who called out the number, and it was recorded.

Each number drawn called out the man having a like number in every district in the United States. If no like number existed in any district the number is void as that district is concerned, That is to say, it is known that all numbers from 1 to 120 called out one man in every district in the United states, because there is no district with less than 120 men registered.

The last number drawn was 258, and all men throughout the United States having that serial number on the lists in their registration district are the first called to appear before their board for examination. The next number was 2522. All men having that serial number on the registration districts are the ext to appear, and so on through the numbers in the order in which they came fro the glass bowl.

The first army is to number 687,000 men ahle to serve and without cause for exemption. Estimates of exemptions are made ongoing to sixty per cent of those called out. If this holds about 1,800,000 men will have to be examined to select the first increment of 687,000.

Selective draft was put into effect Friday when a notional lottery at Washington fixed the order of military liability for the ten million young Americans registered for service.

The lottery was held in the public hearing room of the senate office building at Washington with war department officials in charge of the actual drawing and with members of the senate and house military committee as witnesses.

As a result of the drawing every registered man is given a definite place in the liability for service list. 687,000 have been ordered to the colors to fill to war strength the regular army and national guard and to constitute the first increment of the national army. To secure that total 1,374,000 men over the country will be called for examination within a few weeks, officials estimated that two registrants mus be called for every soldier accepted. These 1374,000 will be taken from the head of the liability list, every local district furnishing a fixed quota.

If the Record has the matter aright Wharton county will be called upon for the 48 men, 55 at the outside. This is taken from the fixed quota for the county with enlistments subtracted leaving the figures as stated at 48.

Perhaps El Campo out of this list will be called upon o furnish fifteen out of the list who registered here, on first call, the balance to be held in reserve.

Following is list checked three times as effects Wharton county, names and numbers furnished the Record by county clerk, P.G. Brooks:


854 Lamar, Herd
2{0}17 Louis Otto Weselka
1804 Henry Seydler
1613 Roy Redwine
1495 Julius B. Peterson
1288 Louis Joe Matula
126 Carbitt Bodgett
452 Stanley C. Davidson
(25}5 Pinkney B Craig
530 Carl H Ericson
809 John Hensley
218 Wm R. Beniker
1611 Wade S. Roberts
31 C. C. Appling
1570 Frank S. Reck
1817 Algei Salley
2078 Monroe Wallace
1276 Herman Mohner
1674 Frank Socha
841 Henry Horton
1688 Chas. Schaer
1430 Joseph M. Odell
2005 Arnold Wychopen
1675 Will Seydler
360 James L. Craig
2055 Glen Wilson
356 Iri T. Carlquist
1067 Frank Kocurek
2116 Emil Yorkey
128 Chas. B. Britton
679 Thomas F. Gresham
1617 Willie Robison
363 Alford H. Clapp
93 Will Boyd
1281 B. C. H. Miller
1057 J. E. Kocurek
1078 J. Kopecky
199 L. R. Bena
316 H. B. Carson
1220 S. E. Manning
1473 F. Pennington
1222 Wade M. Miller
3032 G. Knopp


1682 Elmore E. Shovler
309 William Callis
1045 Henry A. Kainer
1705 August Schwertlick
1685 Raymond Stoffa
797 Raymond Haigh
2011 Harry Fraucis Wyer
513 C. E. Everitt
1224 Lewis Zimmerman
1148 Bandilio Lorenzo
1906 Wm, H. Thomas
2008 Phillip H. Wyer
638 J. W. Grisson
637 James E. Goode
805 Wm. Holuh
1981 Inex Villarreal
1565 Henry L. Reynolds
30 W. W. Appling


1436 Florencis Olivener
1095 W. T. King
1858 Pete Sican
1324 Foma Vadlovick
1329 Blahus Marek
1323 Martin Mahier
601 Jesus Flores
1322 Antone Maraquin
1099 Toma Kireychik
1103 Max Chas. Koehler
602 Echo Fyedo
721 Peter Gonzales
874 Leder Haron
2135 Powell Schvaica
54 Sen Aegnzana
2119 Alex M. Yankovick
702 Jas. P. Anzaldna
1102 J. Kyle
51 Dan Amey
717 Jacob Green


1563 Benj. Rieger
2132 Jas. T. Mikusek
1211 John Mazach
2034 Frank Blumerick
440 Frank Drastata
1022 Edward B. Kalchak
1032 Grudy Knopp
12 Henry Bloomrich
556 Leon a Frels.


792 H. J. Henderson
1132 Henry G. Lutringer
2012 Perry Wagerner


486 Alford Davis
983 Sandy James
982 Lee Jones
981 Stephen James
493 Carlos Dressall
1305 Brandy Matthews


1557 John Rives
103 Edgar Batties


275 Richard Bedford
606 Charles Fountain
46 Wright Armstrong
1651 Lee Roberson
1955 Alva Farver
1647 Cleveland Robinson
726 Will Gibson
1531 Geo. Pipes
1417 Steve Norman
1956 Eugene Thompson
2128 Rudolph Zahn
629 David Bradford
1007 Marshal Jackson
970 Robt. Jacketz
1873 Sherman Sullivan
2102 E. Wilkerson


107 J. D. Bailey
433 Chasses Delono
868 Otto Heiman
1560 Jose T. Ruitz
2024 Nat. Winnet
327 Willis L. Cutter
773 U. B. Horn


1546 Jake Riggins
891 Madison L. Tyler
1539 Geo. Regans
507 McHenry Edwards
1548 Douglas Rolland
1020 James Kirby
1456 Robt. Danpond
905 Lee Jefferson
620 Pablo Gonzales
1543 Elbert Richards


1455 John p. Petersen
509 Ellie Evins
616 Will Gibson
1676 Emil Samon
924 Louis Jansen
10 Thowald Anderson
1146 Hans Lauritson
1395 Edward Ingeman Nielsen
649 G. D. Gibson
623 Adolph Gottshald
923 Edward C. Jansen
1896 Sherman Thompson
11 A. H. Andersen
1142 Theo. F. Longwood
1744 August E. Schulze


{ } H. T. Looper
596 Joseph R. Feltz
536 Francisco Fernandez
1369 Will McDaniel
1178 James Laddie
487 San Dickenson
390 Levi Coleman
1843 Frank H. Shefeik
1470 Tom Popek
1509 Lorenzo Parra
56 Chas. H. Allen
870 Geo. T. Hobbins
711 Robert Gardner
1314 Adolph Michaler
391 Jesus Cavasas
1366 Hugh E. McDaniel
488 Chas. Doss
2082 Ernest Warren
1625 Juan Rangel


783 Chas. Hutyna
1813 August Scheller
337 Jesse W. Hargis
548 August Faotik
784 Frank H. Lovinka
1732 Jacob Stokr
775 Jacob Lyinka
1986 Clement Vecera
437 Toxie Lee Davidson
1031 Ernst Kretzhmarn
1723 Edward Sklar
18 Wilburn Arnett
652 John M. Genser
117 Barney Buss
786 Frank W Hunzek
972 James Johnson
15 Wiley C. Arnold
1114 Buren Kyrta
550 Frank Fingerhut
1432 Sidney Osborne
1727 Henry Selders
1714 Vinc Sliva
549 Francisco Flores
685 Adolf P. Geria
1141 John H. Leveridge
1217 joseph Miculka
1709 Alvin Sliva
1448 Louis Pustka
1722 Robt. Hobias
1221 Brus Martinez
1716 Ciril Sparta


604 Ernesst Find
1264 James Merritt
140 Ashbury Budson
1779 Young Sanford
739 Will Hatton
1636 Leon Rieger
258 Robert Barnard
1312 Chas. Randall
676 Chas. Gills
564 Pete Ford
1913 Leroy Thomas
1267 Andrew Mathews
1266 Phillip Meyers
675 Solomon Gates
2100 Alex Walker
933 Cahert Johnson
2047 Andre Williams
677 Mathew Gillis
525 James W. Elliot
1574 Jesse Randall
1791 Julius Saldivar
350 Earl B. Cleveland
1580 Jim Rolen
741 Dano J. Hatton
1054 Patton S. King
1275 Larkin S. Moses
353 Henry R. Cabiness
900 Wm. Ivey
1912 Ed Brown
1423 Engus Oivens


337 Sterling W. Cline
945 Newman Jarrell
1237 Johnny Miller
755 W. H. Hood
43 Dock Anderson
1763 Alberto Salinas
420 Hack Crockett
458 Robert Hunter Dixon
1878 Alvin Smith
1752 Henry A. Street
1117 Jack Kendrick
1748 Jol L. Santas
2036 Arthur Wade
1014 Jesse James
514 Leo R. Englwich
1847 Otto Adolph Schultz
1536 James Palmer
1922 Leroy Taylor
1236 Johnnie Moore
182 Wm. D. Bordon
1771 Arthur St. John
1441 Cambell Owen
772 Uglie C. Hodges
1419 W. F. Owen
1476 J. R. Peace
280 Russel Brooks
757 Nathaniel Hodge
966 Cisero James
542 Earlie Edwards
2107 Izer Wells
552 John Franz
1887 Mordano Trevino
298 Elliot C. Elridge
1769 Ernerst Shanklin
343 Fred Cunningham
1334 Otto Mathys
574 Jesse E. Ferril
1848 John H. Stephens
770 Tom Hatchett
882 H. M. Hudgins
749 Bill Hatton
1668 Jos. J. Shettel
760 W. B. Harris
183 Elmer F. Boykin
5 John Aldrich
1485 Arthur Perkins
1016 Aaron Johnican
335 Ralph L. Carter
2108 Ira Washington
1358 Jesse McKinny
341 Floyd Crawford
1764 Amalfo Saez
1657 Dave Richardson
571 A. H. Foote
704 Maak Greer
1053 Louis Koebelin
1765 Genaro Sachez
6 Tim Anderson
664 J.W. W. Grant
957 Austin Johnson
1112 Peter P. Krenek
345 H. P. Cockenboo
1 595 M. Raderizeg
1355 Woody M. McCann
1585 Geo. S. Robertson
1256 Geo. Murphy
388 Ed. Carrington
608 Geo. Fair


Delinquent Tax List of the City of El Campo, Texas

Notice is hereby given in accordance with the provisions of the ordinances of the City of El Campo, Texas, and the laws of the State of Texas relating to the assessment and collection of taxes, that the following is a list of the delinquent taxpayers and property on which taxes are delinquent on the city of El Campo, Texas for the year 1916.

Name, Lot, Bl’k add. Am’t.

Cassady, Mrs. M. Z. Lots 7 to 12, Block, Lively Add, $15.74

Haggard, A. M., Lots 1 to 12, Block 3, Lively 1st Add., 17.08

Jensen, S.K., Lot 4, Block 46, S. El Campo……..5.59

Koons, J. V., 17.10 acres, J. B. Morford Survey … 6.07

Kossa, Mary, Lots 15 to 17, Block 14, El Camppo ……5.70

LaRue, Mrs. J. K., Lots 7 and 8, Block 4, Highland Addition…..3.88

Lund, Ed, Part Lots 3, 4, 5, all Lots 6, 7, 8, 9, Part Lots 10, 11, 12, 12, all in Block 1, South El Campo ….3.35

Moutray, J. G., Lots 16 to 20, Block 6, Fahrenthold Ad., Lots 1 to 6, Block 1, Lively 1st. Add., Lot 8, Block 52, South El Campo …… 44.25

Middleton, Mrs. L. M., Lot 12, Block 2, McDonald & Walker Addition …… 3.16

McDonald, W. G., Part Lot 12, all Lot 13, Block 1, McDonald & Walker Add., 6.30

McDavid, M. R., Lots 1, 2, 3, Block 12, highland Add. 4.50

Nelson, N. L., Lots 1 and 2, Block 46, South El Campo 7.04

Schniedekamp, Mrs. L., Estate, Lot 1, Block 1, McDonald & Walker Add.,…1.17

Stephen, J. A., Lots 8 and 9, Block 2, Broman Add…..7.50

Brown, M. W. Lots 1, 2, 3, Block 5, Queen Ann Add., 5.18

Braunhols, Ernest, Lots 4 to 9, Bl’k 8, Lively 1st Ad 5.09

Holden, G. W., N. ½ Lot 11, all Lot 12, Block 14, Highland Addition…. 3.88

Johnson, Annie, Lot 6, Block 5, Queen Ann Addition…..2.07

Webb, Mrs. Kate, Estate, all Block 24. El Campo….6.30

Alvey, J. P., Lots 13, 14, Block 14, El Campo……..3.88

Bowen, J. R., Lots 15 and 16, Block 7, El Campo…..2.67

Bolles, R. J., Block 15 and 16, heights Addition….36.25

Bowman & Bayne, all Lot 12, Part Lots 14 and 15, Block 41, Part Lots 13 and 14, Block 40, S. El Campo…27.48

Dickey, T. E., N. ½ of 100 ft., Lots 1 to 3, 6, 7, 8, Dickey Addition, Lot 4, Block 4, El Campo…..8.60

Dolliet, A., 2.5 acres, Survey 19, I. & G. N. R. R. Co., 3.28

Ferguson, T. G., Lots 6 to 17, 24 to 39, Block 29, Porter Addition…. 9.51

Ferguson, G. W., Lots 5 and 6, Block 2, Lively Add….9.33

Fischer, A. D., Lots 1 to 4, Block, 2 Lively Addition..2.07

Ferguson, S. C., 2 lots Survey 19, I & G. N. R. R. Co….5.09

Gray, T. W., Lots 3, 4, Block 23, El Campo 1.71

Graves, Jos., Lots 1 to 5, Block 7, parenthood Ad….18.40

Gumm, N. J., Small Lot 9, Block 40, S. El Campo 6.30

Hruska, Jos., Lots 1, 2, 3, Block 14, Highland Add., 5.70

Harris, J. B., Lots 1, 2, 3, Block 9, Highland Add… 5.70

Huribut, E. M., Lots 9, 10, 11, Block 3, Lively Add….2.07

Johnson, Chas., Lots 9, 10, block 46, S. El Campo… 5.45

Koehl, Robert, W., ½ Lot 3, Block 8, Fahrenthold Add. .. 6.30

Kelly, G. G., Small Lot 7, Block 40, S. El Campo….3.28

Madden, E. B., Lots 10, 11, 12, block 18, Lively Add., 5.09

Passmore, B. H., Lots 1 to 8, Block 8, heights Add,…. 6.91

Stephen, Miss Annie, 50x180 ft., J. B. morford Survey…..86

Schilovski, Wm., Lot 6, Block 5, Fahrenthold Ad. 2.38

Sanders, Mrs. Jessie, ½ Lot 2, all Lot 3, Block 43, S. El Campo, Lot 10, Block 40, South El Campo….7.22

Wheeler, F. W., 11/2 acre, J. B. Morford Survey…..7.51

York, O. S., Lots 21 to 24, 26, 29, Block 29, Porter Addition, Lot 17, Block 7, El Campo….2.67

Unknown, Lot 1, Block 9, El Campo……1.36

Unknown, Lots 4 to 8, Block 9, El Campo…4.90

Unknown, Lots 9 and 10, Block 13, El Campo…..2.67

Unknown, Lots 5, 6, 7, Block 23, El Campo….2.43

Unknown, Lot 10, Block 23, el Campo ……1.17

Unknown, Lots 1 to 5, Block 29, porter Addition….3.28

Unknown, ½ Lot 19, all of Lot 20, Bl’k 22, El Campo,…3.00

Unknown, S. ½ Lot 5, Lively Addition…..4.80

Unknown, all of Lot 1, E. ½ Lot 2, Block 4, Lively Addition ….3.88

Unknown, Lot 2, Block 1, McDonald & Walker Add….5.70

Unknown, Lot 5, 6, 6, Block 2, Broman Addition …. 9.33

Unknown, Lots 2 to 5, Block 1, highland Addition …. 1.71

Unknown, Lot 6, Block 12, Highland Addition ….. 1.17

Unknown, Lots 4 and 5, Bl’k 20, Highland Add., 2.07

Unknown, Lots 4, 5, 6, Block 27, S. El Campo…..6.06

Unknown, Lots 4, 5, 6, Block 2, Queen Ann Addition …. 2.07

Unknown, Lots 15 and 16, Block 11, Duson Add…. 1.46

Unknown, 5 acres, Abst. 250, Cert. 660, Survey 19, I & G. N. R. R. Co… 4.81

Unknown, Parts 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, all of 8, 9, 10, 11, Block 14, Duson Add….2.07

Unknown, Part of Block 6, Isaacson & Walker Add…2.07

Unknown, Lots 1 and 2, Block 6, Highland Add….2.07

The State of Texas}
County of Wharton}
I, john Melcher, mayor of the City of El Campo, Texas, hereby certify that the aouve and foregoing delinquent tax---list is correct. Witness my hand and seal, of said city, this 5h day of July, A. D. 1917.
John Melcher, Mayor of the city of El Campo, Texas



The O. D. H. S. have arranged for a grand ball Saturday night the 28th. Good music is engaged and a good time assured all who attend.



July 17, Chas, Gerla one of the most prosperous and best farmer of Taiton neighborhood, was killed at the edge of El Campo by accident. After marketing cotton here a return home was begun on a farm wagon when in passing another vehicle the Gerla wagon went into a ditch caused by a shying horse. Mr. Gerla was throun to the ground in such manner that physicians say his neck as broken.
The injured man was taken to a near by residence and later brought to town where he died Wednesday morning.
Funeral services over the remains were held Thursday attended by neighbors and friends from far and near after which the remains were put away in Taiton cemetery.
And here is passed a good citizen, loyal to his country and home, a man who has done much for the up building of his community and a man who will be missed by the many.
A large family, nearly all grown, is left to mourn the untimely death of husband and father.



Wilber Webb has just received and reloaded a peanut thresher which he will employ on his 335 acre patch when it is time.
Last year, Mr. Webb cleared up $35 per acre, grass, on every acre he had in goobers and this year he is at the work strong.


The first number drawn was 258!


Wilber Webb went to Houston Friday.


Mack Webb went to Houston Thursday


Wil. Engbrock of Seguin was here last week.


J. W. Canon of Rockport was here Saturday.


Mr. and mrs. H. Greenebaum have returned.


E. H. Foerster was a visitor in Houston last week.


J. R. Praytor was here from Wharton Thursday.


F. J. Hardy returned from Austin Wednesday.


Prof. Griggs [?] passenger to Bay City Thursday.


Rev. Father Kieffer officiated at a funeral at Mackay Friday.


The Merchants’ Fair and Exposition closed Saturday night.


Louise sent nine soldier boys to Houston and Ft. Worth Saturday


Misses Ella Melcher and Louise Otell are visiting relatives in Garwood.


Claude Byerley, member of coast artillery, left for Galveston Saturday.


J. W. Good and wife arrived home Friday from an extended visit north.


Lester Reed of Sour Lake visited El Campo last week first time since he left here ten years ago.


Miss Edna Foerster came in from Houston Saturday to visit with relatives for a couple of weeks.


E. F. Earl has returned from Illinois where he accompanied the remains of his father who was buried at Paxton.


Berry Petty, colored, brought in bale No. 2, Thursday. It weighed 548 pounds and like No. 1 was sold to A. A. Farek for 26c.


Frank Knable went to Wharton Saturday. To the Record he stated in all these series of rains his farm had been missed up to that day.


All laws and parts of laws that go to make auto owners sit up and take notice that were enacted by last legislature are in full force and effect. Violations as to age limit, lights, numbers and cut out will be and should be enforced to the letter.


Examination of men here of Sydney Chandler’s U. S. army band was conducted here last week with every applicant passing. The band will assemble here until called which will be perhaps Sunday the 5th of August. Just where this band will be stationed is not known.



In order that owners of motor vehicles may have five days in which equip same with dimmers, etc. I hereby give notice that on and after July 30, 1917, I will enforce the provisions of the new law relating to motor vehicles, within the corporate limits of the City of El Campo. P. B. Bundick, Marshal.



The Record takes considerable pleasure this week in its appearance printed upon decent paper, first time for nearly three months. Stock on hand and in transit will make our standard better for some time to come. The paper we have been using was the poorest stuff we ever saw and we bought it, but could do no better. This paper is made in Canada.



The new Texas auto traffic law makes it an offense against he laws of the State for a child under 18 years of age to drive an automobile on any public street or highway.
The child at the wheel is one of the most dangerous factors in the operation of the death machines.
The legislature took account of this fact when the new law was drafted. It was expressly provided that children should not act as chauffeurs either in private or rent cars. The lawmakers sough in this way to curtail the careless driving to which many deaths are due.
The law is in effect and should be enforced. Yet there is not a day when children do not drive automobiles in the streets of this city and every other Texas city.
County and precinct officers have declared that the law will be enforced to the letter.
The way to enforce that law is to enforce it.
The people would rather see a strict enforcement of the law than to hear so many promises that ir is to be enforced. -- Houston Post.



Next Friday afternoon and evening, the 27th, there will be general rally exercises held at play grounds, near school house.
Park seats will be provided for older ones, special games for the children and a general good time for all who come.
Ice cream and cold drinks will be sold and proceeds to be used for benefit of the play grounds.
Every father and mother should come and join the children in a good old fashion play on the lawn.
This movement is under the supervision of the Mothers Club and deserves the hearty co-operation of all our town people.
The Committee


Mrs. O.G. Charnquist and Estelll and Miss Florence Ericson left Saturday for a visit in Austin.


G. A. Rives returned Saturday from Victoria.


Mrs. J.G. Carlson and little daughter were here Saturday.



Items under this head are inserted at 5c the line each issue. Each item counts 5 line or more first issue, or no item taken one time for less than 25 cents.


Record liners at 5c the line produce results.


Order your Sunday Cream from Boyd’s Sanitary Factory. The best, purest and always clean. Phone 146


Wanted --- Plain sewing; piece work or sewing by the day. Also fancy cleaning and pressing. Phone 258 Mrs. E. A. Reed


For Sale -- Hopgood disc plow at a bargain if taken at once. Arthur Voss


Transfer Before August 1,

Parents desiring to transfer their children to the El Campo school from any of the surrounding districts must do so before August 1. For information and applications for transfer see, L.O. Lundy, or A.J. Isaacson


Young men, while you are helping your country’s history those who stay at home will miss you. Leave them your photograph. It will help a lot. Do it today! Dickinson Studio.


Wanted -- work, general housekeeper in a small family. Apply at this office.


Box Ads

Prof. D. Hunewill, teacher, Violin and Voice


Dr. Chester W. Harper, chiropractor, El Campo, Texas


B.S. Wright, Attorney, El Campo. Texas


Hall & Barclay, Lawyers, Wharton, Texas


W.G. McDonald, Attorney, El Campo, Texas


John Engholmagt, El Campo, Texas, Seller of Monuments


Hansard Variety Store


A.A. Farek, Grocery Store

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