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Danevang News

El Campo Citizen January 24, 1930

An electric light plant and
equipment has been installed at
the Community House. It was fi-
nanced by the surplus money col-
lected at the Community Christ-
mas Tree and by other funds.
Some of the young ment are spon-
soring the work. It is an im-
provement that will be appreciated
by young and old, as all attend
many gatherings there.

Messrs. Ras Nielsen and Robert
Hansen from Homer, Nebraska
are visiting with Mr. and Mrs.
Hans J. Nielsen of East Danevang.
They had quite a cold, tedious
drive down as the roads were cov-
ered with ice most of the way.

Mrs. Marius Thyssen celebrated
her birthday anniversary January
the fourteenth. A number of
friends and relatives helped her
make the day very pleasant. Lunch
was served late in the afternoon.

Mr. V. P. Jensen recently be-
came the owner of the lot in
Danevang where the old gin is
now located.

Mr. Frederick Hansen has re-
cently returned from the North.
We expect that we will soon see
“Matilda” on the road again.

Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. Nielson
entertained a large number of
young people last Wednesday night
in honor of Messrs. Ras Nielson
and Robert Hansen.

Numerous interesting games
were played, and various contests
were enjoyed. Mr. Helving Madsen
won hight prize for being the best
member of the Hard Shell Club;
Miss Ruth Heard won first in the
Slang contest; Robert Hansen won
the prize.
Later delicious refreshments,
consisting of Coffee, cakes, cookies
and sandwiches were served after
which the guests departed, declar-
ing their appreciation for a very
pleasant evening. The out of town
guests were Misses Vera Tanner
Marentze Anderson.

Messrs. Robert Hansen, Ras
Nielson and Visbek Anderson en-
joyed a trip to Galveston and
Houston the past week end.

Due to the continuous rain last
Friday many were compelled to
leave their cars, trucks and trac-
tors stuck on the roads, and Sat-
urday when the owners returned
to get them they found it impos-
sible to move them as they were
frozen in the mud.

Miss Jensen from Chicago is vi-
siting with Mr. and Mrs. Pete Wi-

Mr. and Mrs. Verna Petersen
saw “Painted Faces” Sunday after-
noon, after which they enjoyed
dinner at the Palace Café.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Wiborg ac-
companied by their guest, Miss
Jensen and son Earl, enjoyed see-
ing “Painted Faces” last Sunday

A large number of the boys
were in town Sunday evening.
Some attended the show while oth
ers had more important business
to attend to.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Appling
are parents of a 9 1-2-pound
daughter since Sunday.

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This article was transcribed by Janet Barrett Hobizal as a part of the Museum Transcription Project in July 2008.
Taken from the original newspaper The El Campo Citizen dated Friday January 24, 1930 housed in the Wharton County Historical Museum Files.

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