Civil and District Court Records Books

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These books were donated to the museum by Wharton County Courthouse.

They contain old court records. I hope to make indexes of each book as most do not have indexes.

Journal Ledger from Pierce Ranch 1891 - 1894

Republic Of Texas Court Record Book 1837-1844

Civil File Docket #5 12/29/1914 to 06/29/1914

Civil Docket District Court Records 1894-1897

Civil Docket District Court Records 1894-1903

Civil Docket District Court Records 1896-1901

Clerks File Docket Records 1922-1928

Direct Index and Reverse Index to Execution Docket Records

Criminal Docket Record 1897-1906

Minutes of Tax Judgements Record 1916-1926

Civil Fee Books Vols.3,52,53,54 Vol Dist. Court 7 thru 26 and 28 thru 51

Civil Docket District Court Records 1885-1889

Justice Civil Docket Records 1886-1906

Clerks Criminal File Docket Records 1890-1899

Appearance Docket District Court Record 1890-1891

State Docket District Court Records 1885-1889

Bill Of Costs Records 1929-1935

Fee Book Vol. 1 Clerk District Court

File and Docket Fee Book Vol 4 1929-1928

Inquest Record Book 1938-1949

Inquest Record Book 1949-1950

Criminal Docket Dist Court 1888-1897

Civil Docket 1895-1939

Execution Docket 1851-1875

Motion Docket No 2 Dist Court 1899-1932

Civil Docket Delinquent Taxes Records 1898-1921

Minutes of District Court Clerk Dist Atty 1925-1936

Civil Docket District Court Records 1892-1893

Civil Docket District Court Records 1897-1898

Civil Docket District Court Records 1904-1906

Medical Register Vol. #'s 3,4

Medical Register 1908-1931

Record of Inquest 1889-1935

Criminal Docket Record 1899-1905

Jurors Time record Book 1953-1960

Witness Account & Certificate District Court Records 1954-1968

Execution Docket #2 1889-1918

Clerks File Docket 1891-1899

Judge Civil Docket 1893-1901

Witness Accounts #5 1942-1953

Medical Register Records 1908-1931

Jury Certificates Issued Record 1936-1938

Chiropractic Registration Records 1949-1973

Criminal File Docket 1847-1963

Judges Civil Dicket Vol 2 County Court 1898-1907

Criminal Docket District Court 1872-1893

Clerks File Docket 1895-1914

Tax Judgement Records No.2 1928-1937

Civil Docket B 1857-12/1872

District Court Docket 1854-1864

Civil Docket #6 1873-1886