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J.E.B. Stuart Chapter No. 230,

Wharton, Texas

This is a transcription of a letter dated Aug. 15, 1955, found in the U.D.C. documents, it is by no means a complete list of members of the J.E.B. Stuart Chapter of the U.D.C.

For a more complete list watch for the transcription of the minute books, being transcribed now and will be online soon.
Married Name Maiden Name Name Of Father Service of Father
Baldwin, Mrs. Armour V. Alphea Smith Daniel W. Smith Pvt., Cp.O 9th Regt., Kentucky Cavalry
Corbett, Mrs. John Nantie Duncan G.C. Duncan Co A 40th Tennessee Volunteers
Croom, Mrs. Eugene - Alpheus Strand Pvt. Co. 10th Regt, Texas Cavalry
Elliott, Mrs. Leslie Norma Tinsley I. Tinsley Capt., Co. A, Shaw's Battalion Tennessee Cavalry
Estill, Mrs. J.F. Birdie Cooper James Cooper Lieut. Co. D., 9th Regt Kentucky Cavalry
Guenther, Mrs. E.O. Imogene Ireson L.O. Ireson Pvt., - Capt. George Lindsey's Independant Scouts, Miles Legion, Mississippi
Hall, Mrs. H.H. - - -
Hamilton. Mrs. T.J. Gertrude B._____ - Co E. 40th Alabama Infantry
Hudgins. Mrs. Joel Bessie Border L. Border Co A 2 nd Kentucky Regt.
Huston, Mrs. R.B. Lulu Hooker J. Hooker Capt. Co D, 28th Regt. Mississippi Volunteers
Krause, Mrs. Clarence Edith Bowers J.R. Bowers Pvt. Co K Browns Regt. Texas Cavalry
Outlar, Mrs. L. B. Lily Bolton J.T. Bolton Surgeon Co C Browns Regt. Texas Cavalry
Spell, Mrs. R.E. Radia Cotton Jeffery Napoleon Cotton Pvt. Co ___, ____ Regt., Ingall's Texas Cavalry

Dear Mrs. Winn: Received your note regarding Mrs. Hall. If you can get her record to me by the 22nd, I can include it in the list.
As to Mrs. Spell's maiden name I made it out as Colton, - but a line across indicated it as Cotton. Please check this. If not Cotton, write the correct name. I can only make out that Mrs. Hamilton's maiden name begins with a B._____ and her fathers name was not given on list. Please fill in his full name.

Name of Mrs. Baldwin's father had a name written in, in addition to Daniel W., so am not sure whether her maiden name was Smith, - or not; or if her father had three "given" or christian names. If Mrs. Hall's record is available, write it in below the list, and in retyping it will be placed in alphabetical order. Thanking you, Sincerely, Louise W. Barrett

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