The Wharton Spectator has published "Notes From Iago since the 1800's. When I run across old newspapers with the column in it I will transcribe it here. Some papers were copied and do not have dates. I will include them when available.
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No Date on copy of paper

(from other columns in paper it was the same week the newspaper announced the installation of a new Linotype, to make printing the paper more effecient.

Irvin M. Gaston returned on Monday from a visit in Kansas City.

Miss Ruth Barker has gone to Los Angeles, California to spend several months with relatives.

Miss Leola Buller of Palacios is visiting friends and relatives in this community.

Leland and Clarence Ueckert and Jimmie Sternberg left Sunday for a visit with relatives in Bellville.

J. O. Springer left Sunday for a visit and prospecting trip to various points in California.

Miss Lucy Jene Buchanan of Houston, has returned to her home after a visit with Miss Abbott.

Rev. Pate and Rev. Bell are holding revival services here each night at 8:15 o'clock. Every body is cordially invited to attend these services.

August Schendel and Roy O'Quinn motored to Robstown Tuesday.

Miss Clara Abbott is visiting her sister in Blessing this week.

The following boys of this community are leaving today for the C.M.T.C. at Camp Travis: Earnest Hoffman, Irvin Gaston, Howard Reeves, Billy Higgins and Blake Hill.

School will begin here on the 11th of September. The following faculty has been elected: Professor G.P. Smith of El Campo, principal and teacher of the ninth and tenth grades; Miss Pauline Carlisle of Staples, Texas, teacher of seventh and eighth grades; Miss Clara Abbott of Iago, teacher of the fifth and sixth grades; Miss Eulalia Jansen of Iago, teacher of the third and forth grades; Miss Jane Nelson of Hallsville, teacher of the first and second grades.

Several ladies of this community attended the meeting of the Order of the eastern Star at Wharton Monday.


News From Our Neighboring Towns

Wharton Spectator

January 5, 1917


(Crowded out last week)

A large crowd attended the
Christmas tree given by the
Sunday School on Saturday
night, and the good Saint
Nicholas gladdened the heart of
each little girl and boy with a
gift from it.

Mrs. W. D. Taylor entertain-
ed the family and a few friends
with a Christmas dinner Sun-

At the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W.C. Wilson, near Burr, on
Sunday afternoon, occurred the
marriage of two of our popular
young people,Arthur K. King
and Miss Estel Rogers, Rev.
of Wharton performing
the ceremony. Only near rela-
tives and friends were present.
A bountiful wedding supper
was spread for the bridal party
at the home of the bride. The
groom is one of our most pros-
perous young planters, a son of
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe King, and
is a young man of sterling
worth and upright habits. The
bride is the youngest daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Rogers,
beautiful and accomplished, re-
fined and of domestic tastes.
They are at home to their
friends on the Wildman place
near Iago. We wish for them
long life, health, wealth
and happiness.

Ray Hooper and Miss Ora
are spending the holi-
days at home.

Mrs. W.L. Hurst gave a din-
ner on Christmas day for her
family and a few friends.

Walter Arnold of Oklahoma
arrived on Christmas day to
visit his father, P.J. Arnold.

The home of Mr. and Mrs.
Geo C. Mick was the scene of
a happy gathering on Christ-
mas day, when they entertain-
ed their family with all its
numerous branches with a big
dinner. This family consists
of five children, one foster son,
four in-laws, and ten grand-
children, and there has never
been a death from sickness.

We are glad to report that
Mrs. J.M. Tabor, who has been
quite ill, improving. Two of
her daughters, Mrs. John Hawk
of Illinois, and Mrs. Kell of
Richmond, Mo., arrived last
week to spend some time with
their mother.

George Hueber, Bernard
Hurst, Miss Adah Huebner,
Mrs. Lola Brown and children

of Bay City spent Christmas
with Iago friends.

Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Kerr of
Sour Lake spent Christmas
with Mrs. Kerr's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. O.G. Chapman

John Barker is spending the
holidays with home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Miller
spent Christmas with Mr. and
Mrs. Winfield Miller of Pala-

Herman Looper and Miss
Clara Feltz
were married at the
home of the bride on Christmas
day. The groom is one of our
successful farmers and his
bride the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Feltz, is indeed
a worthy help-meet for the
man whom she has chosen as
her life companion. Rev. Lloyd
of Wharton performed the

Mr. Charlie Bailey of Sugar-
land is spending Xmas with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.T.

Lumber has arrived for C.C.
residence. Carpenters
will begin work at once on

Geo. G. Mick is the proud
owner of a new 1917 Reo au-

Span of mules for sale.-J.M. Chapman, Iago, Texas. x1-5



Mrs. Geo G. Mick compli-
mented her Sunday School class
with an automobile ride and
trip to the movies on Thursday

Miss Ora Hooper left Sunday
morning for Simonton to re-
sume her school work, after
spending the holidays with
home folks.

Misses Leta Belle and May
Etta Taylor
spent several days
of the past week visiting Bay
City relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Mick and
children were Wharton visitors
Friday afternoon.

Wm. Smith from Arizona was
a guest in the Taylor home
several days of the past week.

Mrs. J.I. Rice and daughter,
Miss Nellie, were Wharton vis-
itors Tuesday.

Miss Adah George, principal
of our school, returned Monday
after spending her Christmas
vacation with home folks at

George Boerger, Wm. Bank-
er Jr.,
and Geo. C. Mick and
sons each shipped hogs to the
Fort Worth market this week.

Friends here of Winfield Mil-
ler of Palacios will regret to
know that he is confined at the
Caney Valley hospital from an
attack of appendicitis. He is
reported to be doing nicely. Mrs.
is here with her son. W.
M. Miller.


Notes from Iago

The Wharton Spectator

Friday September 9, 1921

Original Scanned Article

Blanche Bell Chapman en-
tertained about thirty of her
little friends Friday afternoon,
in honor of her ninth birthday.
Refreshments were served to
the little folks and all had a
most pleasant time, leaving at
a late hour, wishing their little
hostess many happy birthdays.
Miss Bernice Barker return-
ed to her home in Houston Sat-
urday. She was accompanied by
her cousins, Misses Freda, Ma-
and Malinda Barker, who
will visit there for a few days.
Rev. John B. Bell and fam-
ily of Wharton, Mr. and Mrs.
O.G. Chapman, C.F. Chap-
and family and H.C. Bul-
and family were spend-the-
day guests in the Jensen home
on Tuesday, honoring the
birthday anniversary of Mrs.
A most enjoyable day
was spent by all those present.
Miss Nellie Rice spent a few
days the first of the week with
Mrs. M.D. Taylor.
Mrs. Malone and children of
Wharton visited Mrs. W.B.
Sunday and Monday.
Miss Helen Arnold went to
Sweeney Sunday, where she
will visit Mrs. Gray Arrington
before returning to Kansas
Mr. Arthur Wilson is recov-
ering from a spell of jaundice.
Mr. Leo Hornbeck and daugh-
ter are on the sick list this
We were visited by a good
rain early Wednesday morning.

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