Precinct No.#3 Iago,Texas 179 Polls WHARTON COUNTY HISTORICAL CENSUS
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Certified List Of Poll Tax Payers

Wharton County

In Election Precinct No. 3

For the Year Beginning February 1st 1929, and ending January 31st, 1930

NOTE: Iago tax record did not have age,how long in County, how long in state included with it.

Surname Given Name Race P.O. Address
Ansley W.E. White Iago
Ansley J.A. White Wharton
Ansley Mrs. J.A. White Wharton
Anderson S. White Iago
Allen C.H. White Iago
Allen Mrs. C.H. White Iago
Brewer E.T. White Wharton
Boerger L.C. White Wharton
Boerger Mrs. L.C. White Wharton
Brewster H.D. White Boling
Brewster Mrs. H.D. White Boling
Boerger J.Ed White Wharton
Boerger Mrs. J.D. White Wharton
Breighthaupt Alvin White Wharton
Breighyhaupt Mrs. A. White Wharton
Barker Mrs.J.F. White Iago
Barker Frank White Iago
Barker Mrs. Frank White Iago
Barker Wayne White Iago
Barker E.W. White Iago
Barker Mrs. E.W. White Iago
Battie Raf Colored Iago
Brown Evaline Colored Iago
Churchill Mattie Colored Iago
Cruse Mrs. G.S. White Wharton
Chapman Chas. F. White Iago
Chapman Mrs. Chas. F. White Iago
Collins Mrs. T.E. White Iago
Cates S.W. White Iago
Cates Mrs.S.W. White Iago
Chapman Miss Emily White Iago
Clark W.S. White Wharton
Clark Mrs. W.S. White Wharton
Dickerson J.C. White Iago
Dornak Louis White East Bernard
Dornak Mrs. Louis White East Bernard
Frazier D.F. White East Bernard
Frazier Mrs.D.F. White East Bernard
Fields R.S. White Wharton
Fields Mrs.R.S. White Wharton
Findley L.E. White Wharton
Findley Mrs.L. White Iago
Gaston I.M. White Iago
Gaston Mrs. I.M. White Iago
Gardner Albert Colored Iago
Gardner Millie Colored Iago
Hissgins Mrs.W.T. White Wharton
Higgins Geo W. White Iago
Hageman Henderson Colored Wharton
Hill Sarah Colored Iago
Hall Luvenia Colored Iago
Hall Willie Colored Iago
Hill Black White Iago
Hill Mrs. W.P. White Iago
Hart C.C. White Wharton
Hart Mrs.C.C. White Wharton
Hart P.T. White Wharton
Hart Mrs.P.T. White Wharton
Heimann Otto White Wharton
Heimann Mrs.Otto White Wharton
Hoffman Max R. White Wharton
Hoffman Mrs. Max R. White Wharton
Jones W.F. White Iago
Jones Mrs.W.F. White Iago
Jensen R.M. White Iago
Johnson H.F. White Iago
Jansen Mrs. R.A. White Iago
Koym A.R. White Iago
Koym H.T. White Iago
Kielmann Miss Lillie White Iago
Kriegel Mrs.B. White Wharton
Kriegel Mrs.B. White Wharton
King A.K. White Iago
King Mrs. A.K. White Iago
Krueger Ed. White Iago
Krueger Mrs.Ed White Iago
Koym T.G. White Iago
Koym Mrs. T.G. White Iago
Koym A.J. White Iago
Koym Mrs.A.J. White Iago
Looper Mrs. W.T. White Iago
Looper C.B. White Iago
Looper C.B. White Iago
Looper S.H. White Iago
Looper Mrs.S.H. White Iago
Looper D.D. White Wharton
Looper Mrs.D.D. White Wharton
Lane C.L. White Wharton
Lane Mrs.C.L. White Wharton
Looper H.T. White Iago
Looper Mrs.H.T. White Iago
Lewis Arthur White Iago
Lewis Mrs.Arthur White Iago
Mills E.L. White Wharton
Mills Andy Gray White Wharton
Mick F.E. White Iago
Mick Mrs. Fred White Iago
Mick Geo.G. White Iago
Mick Mrs.Geo. G. White Iago
Mick A.C. White Iago
Mick Mrs.A.C. White Iago
Mitchell O.E. White Iago
Mitchell Mrs.O.E. White Iago
Mitchell W.H. White Iago
Mitchell Mrs.W.H. White Iago
McLeod M.A. White Iago
McDaniel L.C. Jr. White Iago
McLaughlin E.B. White Iago
McLaughlin Mrs.E.B. White Iago
McIntire J.H. White Wharton
McIntire Mrs.J.H. White Wharton
McDaniels L.G. Sr. White Iago
McDaniel Mrs.L.G. Sr. White Iago
McDaniel D.L. White Wharton
McDaniel H.E. White Wharton
McDaniel Mrs.H.E. White Wharton
McDaniel D.C. White Wharton
McDaniel Mrs.D.C. White Wharton
Norris Cornelius Colored Wharton
Prell J.J. White Wharton
Pearson C.W. White Wharton
Pearson Mrs.C.W. White Wharton
Reeves Howard White Iago
Robbins Joe Colored Iago
Rogers A.R. White Wharton
Rogers Arthur White Iago
Rogers Mrs.Arthur White Iago
Richardson F.H. White Iago
Richardson Mrs.F.H. White Iago
Rooker L.B. White Iago
Rooker Mrs.L.B. White Iago
Reeves P.E. White Iago
Reeves Mrs.P.E. White Iago
Rice G.E. White Iago
Rice Mrs.G.E. White Iago
Schaffer C.O. White Iago
Schaffer Mrs.C.O. White Iago
Sparwasser H.A. White Iago
Sparwasser Mrs.H.A. White Iago
Schindel Earnest White Iago
Surry Junius Colored Boling
Sancho Rodie Mexican Iago
Surry Cain Mexican Iago
Selcer Otto White Wharton
Sancho Sandy Col Iago
Tabor L.P. White Iago
Tabor Mrs.L.P. White Iago
Thomas J.C. White Iago
Thorp Peter Colored Iago
Timmons Delphia Colored Iago
Ueckert C.J. White Iago
Ueckert Mrs.C.J. White Iago
Vandergrift Ira White Wharton
Vandergrift Mrs.Ira White Wharton
Wright O.J. White Wharton
Wright Mrs.O.J. White Wharton
Wilkens Evan Colored Iago
Wilkens Mary Colored Iago
Werner Vaclav White Iago
Werner Mrs.Vaclav White Iago
Warren Jimmie Colored Iago
Warren Henrietta Colored Iago
Yockel Henry White Wharton
Yockel Mrs.Henry White Wharton
Yockel Mrs.Frank White Wharton
Yockel Frank White Wharton
This Tax record was transcribed by Janet Barrett Hobizal. Taken from the original records in the Wharton County Historical Museum Files
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