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East Bernard,Wharton County,Texas is located on the west side of the San Bernard River sixteen miles north of Wharton, Texas.It was founded March 17,1859 on the east bank of the San Bernard River in Fort Bend County, when the Galveston, Harrisburg, and San Antonio Railway also known as the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado reached the east bank of the San Bernard River.

During the Civil War a bridge was built cross the San Bernard River and the laying of track was continued towards Columbus, Texas.

The earliest settlers were mostly Anglo-Americans from Kentucky,Alabama,and other old southern states.

After the Civil War the railroad built a woodyard and depot on the west bank of the river and business places and homes were moving across, bu the name of of the new location still remained East Bernard although it was now located on the west bank of the river.

The first school of the East Bernard community was built in about 1891, one mile north of the East Bernard Railroad depot on the east side of the Wallis road. Some of the early teachers of this school were Lee Garrison and J.G. Leveradge. In 1895 the school building was moved to town and located on the west side of Piotzech Street.

In 1911 a two story brick building was erected. This building was used until 1939 when the present main building was erected at hte same location as the 1911 building.

Another one room school building was located four miles northwest of East Bernard on teh north side of the Middle Bernard River. The teacher there in 1898 was Frank Habornal and there were thirty-six students.

The Church In East Bernard

The Methodist Church was moved to East Bernard from Content in Colorado County in 1892. The first pastor was Rev. Henr Weise.

The first Catholic Church was built here in 1905. Rev. Jacob Schnitzow was the first pastor. Their first baptism was of Marie Vecera on September 19,1906. The first wedding at the church was that of Anton Brudl and Thelka Annettea on November 13, 1906. The present church building was erected in 1924 and renovated in 1969. In September 1921 Rev. J. C. King became first permanent pastor of Holy Cross.

The first East Bernard Baptist Church building was completed in 1914, although the church was organized April 24,1898 by Rev. J.B. Armstrong. Oswald Garrett was the clerk.

The Little Zion Baptist Church, located four miles southwest of East Bernard was organized April 12, 1886. Rev. Jack Kurkendall was the first pastor. Other early pastors were rev. G.W. Smith and Rev. Simon Green.


Early Burials and Organizations


Early Burial: Infant if Ben and Caroline Kubena Novenmber 5, 1894

Ann Mueller;wife of Rev. J. G. Mueller, Febuary 2, 1896

Holy Cross:

Early Burial: Infant Lewandowski on December 8, 1899

Jar Sikora, May 6, 1901

Cemetery three miles south of East Bernard:

Early Burial:Joseph E. Gallaher May 6, 1879


Early Burial: Thomas E. Thompson 1882


Early Burial Laura S. Linebarger 1899


(two miles south of East Bernard)

Rebecca Spivi, September 22, 1864

Middle Bernard:

(three miles North West of East Bernard)

Early Burial: Henry J. Adams December 9,1868

National, two miles North West of East Bernard Organized in 1912.

San Francisco, two miles North West of East Bernard

Early Postmasters

Frank Priestly 1866, John Hamilton 1868, John Tucker 1870, U.G. Cooper 1874, A. Austin 1875, J.E Myrick 1876, John W. Jones 1877, and H.P. Stockton 1886. The Postmaster in 1970 is Justice Urbish.

Early County Commissioners From East Bernard

G.T. Reinhardt, Clem Boettcher and C. B. Dill. The present commissioner in 1970 is John J. Griger Jr.

Justice of The Peace

H.P. Stockton 1884, followed by B.F. McNeil, Odom Johnston, A.F. Urbanec, John I. Marek and Eugene Marik.


Louis Pietzsch moved the Gallaher gin in about___.

The Leveradge and Kubena Gin was started about 1900. It has been operating since 1935 as Kubena Gin Co.


he Union State Bank was organized in or about 1905 by H.P. Stockton, J.G. Leveradge, S.E. Morrison and others.

Law Enforcement

First Constable: J.W. Kennedy 1888

First deputy constable: Chas. Brooks 1885

Special Events

First Child born in East Bernard: Ida Susan Spivi January 5, 1856

First Tailor Shop: D.M. Sands May 16, 1919

K.J.T. Society organized June 16, 1905 by A.E. Morris, John Slovak, John Vasek and other.

K of C Councl No. 2500 organized November 11, 1923, R.B. Klecka first Grand Knight

K.J.Z.T. Woman's Society organized July 11, 1909 by Annie Toman, Annie Smoistrla, Otilia Prazak and others.

Catholic Daughters of America organized _________.

East Bernard Lions Club organized___________.

Houston Lighting and Power began serving East Bernard in 1927.

Houston Natural gas began serving East Bernard in 1940.

East Bernards first High School graduation was held May 26, 1916. Graduates were: Arnold Reber, Rebecca Bisken and John I Marek. J.R. Peace was the Superintendant. J.A. Wallace was school board president and J.H. Novasad was secretary.

December 19, 1920 none business places were destroyed by fire.

January 14, 1897 fourteen inches of snow fell in East Bernard.

Business In East Bernard

East Bernard has seven service stations all of which have been in buisness any years. Other buisnesses are:

One drug store, two hardware stores, two furniture stores, three food markets, one welding shop, one blacksmith shop, two auto dealerships, one beer dealership, two barbershops, on dentist, one doctor, one drive in grocery, two cafes, two farm machinery dealers, one lumberyard, two insurance agencies, two variety stores, two package stores, one cleaning and pressing shop, two small furniture repair shops, and two feed and fertilizer plants.

Tennesse Gas Transmission Co. substation is located four miles west of East Bernard employs about thirty men and has been here since 1944 )Emp 44 men)

National Furniture Co., makers of furniture, TV cabinets, etc. has been here since 1948 and eploys over 150 people.

Leedo Manufacturing Co. opened for business in 1970. They manufacture furniture and employ about 20 people.

Wicko Landing Strip which is located south of town is used mainly by crop dusters.

Farmers Grain Elevator and Dryer opened for buisness in 1968.

West End Dryer, owned by Albert Kubena, opened for business in 1968.

Johnny Szymenski's large apartments opened in ______.

Early Settlers

Jethro Spivi about 1850, Alice S. Adams 1888, Hope Adams 1890, Fred Anderson 1886, George Brooks 1890, Wm. Banks 1886, Chas. and J.W. Brooks 1890, J.B. Britt 1866, W.H. Burton 1890, A.B. and Austin Gallia 1893, J.E. Fahner 1895, John Jochec 1893, Fod Fitzegerald 1885, Ben Kubena 1890, Andrew Srubar 1890, Helen Wasicok, A. Urbanec and Louis Pietzsch 1892. Joe Michulda, Joe Genzer, Jow Chalupa 1892, Martin Hlavinka, John Holub, John Vacek, Paul Miesch, Anton Polak, Chas, Otto, herman Koym and I. Marik 1895.

East Bernard is located on the west bank of the San Bernard River on Old Spanish Trail, now U.S. Highway 90-A. It is located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 90-A which runs east and west and State Highway 60 which runs north and south.

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