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History of Greene County, Pennsylvania


ALBERT M. RICHEY, now a resident of Iowa, was born in Fayette County, Penn., February 10, 1810.  His parents were Samuel and Elizabeth (Humbert) Richey, natives of Pennsylvania and of German and English ancestry.  His father was a soldier in the war of 1812.  Leaving his native county at the age of twenty-one, Albert came to Greene County, after having learned cabinet-making, in Fayette County, Penn., and carried on business until 1878.  At that time he went West and engaged in the same business at Indianola, Iowa, where he still resides.  His family consists of seven children.  His oldest and only child in Greene County is Miss Emeline Richey, of Carmichaels, Penn., where she is owner and proprietor of a large dry-goods and dress emporium.  Miss Richey is deserving of special mention, her life having been so much out of the range of most of her sex.  She was reared in Carmichaels and attended Greene Academy until 1854, when she was employed by J. W. Hathaway, as clerk in his store.  Here she displayed such excellent taste and good judgment in the selection and purchase of goods, and such business ability, that Mr. Hathaway soon trusted her to do all the buying in the East, and gave her complete control of the store during the last few years she remained with him.  In the fifteen years she was with him Mr. Hathaway’s business was far more prosperous than ever before.  Miss Richey has met with the same success in her own store, which she opened in 1869.  She has a good trade in dry-goods and millinery, and also makes a specialty of fine dress-making, receiving the patronage of many prominent ladies for miles around Carmichaels.  She is always prompt and obliging, conducts her business in a business-like way and has met with marked success in all her undertakings.


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History of Greene County, Pennsylvania

Samuel P. Bates

Nelson, Rishforth & Co., Chicago. 1888


Transcribed by Annette Bame Peebles

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