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History of Greene County, Pennsylvania


GENEALOGY OF THE MINOR FAMILY IN AMERICA.—The following genealogical record will be of interest to all the Minor family:  The first member of the family who came to America was Thomas Minor, who was born in England in 1608, and came to this country in 1630.  In 1634, he married Frances Palmer.  Clement, son of Thomas and Frances Minor, married Frances Wiley in 1662.  Their son William, who represents the third generation of the Minor family in America, married Anna Lyle in 1691.  Stephen, son of William and Anna Minor, who married Ohalia Updike, was born in 1705, and was the eight [sic] son of the fourth generation.  Samuel Minor was the fonrth [sic] son in the fifth generation.  He was married, and his oldest son was Abia Minor.  Abia was the father of John P. Minor, who married Huldah McClelland.  Rebecca is the fourth of nine children and is the fourth of the eight [sic] generation.  She is the wife of Joseph Gregg, of Greene County, Pennsylvania, who is the father of the subject of the preceeding [sic] sketch.


Page 618-619


History of Greene County, Pennsylvania

Samuel P. Bates

Nelson, Rishforth & Co., Chicago. 1888


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