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Erwin, Kathryn & Nelda Schad


"This book is dedicated to my grandson Scott Taylor Schad. His suggestion that I record the events and happenings of my life so that future generations of Schad's might also share some of the excitement of growing up with Tulsa prompted the writing of this book I would also like to thank my son Charles and his wife Margaret and their children, Scott and Carolyn, for their helpful comments and suggestions also for editing and typing the material. 

Many thanks are also due to my good friends Christine Williams, Mary Monnich, and Iris Miller for their patience in listening and reading back this material during the time of its writing. My sincere thanks, Opal


"I was born on October 19, 1900, in Tulsa, Indian Territory, United States of America. Few people remain who have lived here as long as I have. At the time of this writing, I am eighty-three years old , and except for thirty months, I have lived here in Tulsa all of my life.

I have watched Tulsa grow from approximately 1390 people in 1900, when I was born, to the present thriving metropolis of nearly one-half million population in 1983. It has been a rewarding experience to witness the mushrooming of transportation, communication, science and technology during this exciting era. To the best of my knowledge, no other generation has had this chance to observe such a mammoth change in lifestyle and technology.

I hope that within the following pages I can convey a little of the same feeling of excitement that I experienced in growing up during these interesting and rapidly changing times."

Opal Kern Schad

"There were five land runs into Oklahoma prior to 1900. These were the land runs of 1889, 1891, 1892,1893, and 1895. The largest of these was the run of 1893 when the Cherokee Outlet was opened. This brings us to the time when our family made its entry. At this point, it may be well to introduce a cast of characters and to illustrate their relative positions on the family tree.

The Glasscock family is known to have owned land in Virginia as early as 1635. They were of English descent. Michael Kern came from Holland and is known to have been in Morgantown, West Virginia in 1772. He built a stockade fort in the wilderness where Morgantown now stands. The first grain mill in the district was also built by Michael Kern. My father, Charles Wesley Kern, was born in Ridgefarm, Illinois. His father, Aaron Kern, had a blacksmith shop and was also a Methodist preacher.

As a young man, my father worked in a drug store and at various other jobs, but he was a building contractor by trade. He met Emma Harrison while visiting his sister, Rachel Kern Phelps, in Yutan, Nebraska. They met at a dance and were later married in Fremont, Nebraska, in 1884. They homesteaded in Hot Springs, South Dakota. Because of a drought and the death of their son Herman in a diphtheria epidemic, they returned to Weston, Nebraska and Dad set up a wagon shop.

The Schad, Dietrich, Pfrang, and Hinz families all came to America during the Carl Schurz Rebellion in Germany in 1848. The Schad and Dietrich families came from Bavaria and settled on a farm near Valders, Wisconsin. The Pfrang and Hinz families came from Saxony and settled on a farm near Plymouth, Wisconsin. Peter Schad grew up on the family farm in Valders but became a blacksmith and moved to Plymouth where he met and married Kathryn Pfrang.

Now that we have our characters identified and in their proper places, we can continue with our story. The Land Run of 1893 opened more than six million acres for settlement and was the largest of the runs. From this point on the material in this book is based upon the data found in my father's files, what he has told me, and what I have actually seen, heard, done, or felt in growing up with Tulsa."

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Kathie Harrison
Ancestral Whispers
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