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Orange, Frederick & Berkley Counties:  Sherrando  &  Hopewell   
Characteristics:  1730's, Quakers,  Scots,  Scotch-Irish,,  Philadelphia Perimeter
Some Stayed; Some Rode On, --- Principally to Augusta County,  SW Virginia,  &  Carolina

The Hopewell deeds are  recorded in Book 16; and can be seen and copied from the Library of Virginia.    (When will the rest of the world catch up with VIRGINIA!!!??)    The original tract was 40,000 acres. The Sherrando Deeds are in Book 15.      Benjamin Borden, a wealthy Quaker, purchased in both of these tracts then in 1739 developed his own in that part of Augusta County that is now Rockingham.  It was called the Borden Grant and was near another large grant called the Beverly Grant.
          There are some Quakers who purchased land from Jost Hite in the Sherrando Tract  who are reflected among the later records of Hopewell Meeting as well as witnessing wills of other Quakers.  The Hollingsworths were a prominent Quaker family at Hopewell, yet Abraham, Henry, and Zebulon's  deeds are not reflected in either tract.  The Hite family spread further south and west.  They were in Southwest Virginia  and Kentucky beginning in the 1870's.   

Neil Thompson                    139
Samuel Morris                      378
David Perkins                      519
William Jay               
Thomas Johnson         
Richard Morgan                  280
Richard Pendal                    300
William Jasper                        62
Peter Woolf                          600
Robert McKay Junior          828    (A Quaker)
Jacob (?) Josiah(?) Frend    300
Daniel Burnett                      430
Samuel Taylor                      125
Peter Stephens                      674
Robert Worthington          1020

Abraham Pennington    600 acres
Isaac Pennington          500
Paul Williams                  270
George Williams            489
Isaac Garrison                200
Thomas Shepherd          228
William   (?)___ stall
Benjamin Borden          3143  (A Quaker)
Benjamin Borden,  with
Andrew Hampton and Davis or
David Griffith                1122
Josiah Jones                    164
John Branson                1000
Thomas Branson Jr.      1370
Morgan Bryant              1250  (Morgan Bryan??)

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