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(This information is used with permission of the author, William Scroggins, and may be seen in its entirety in the Pennsylvania Archives of Usgenweb.)

Arrived  in Pennsylvania Bef.  1713
Att. Abingdon MM (Phila Co.) and
Gynedd MM

1720  Oley Township in Philadelphia County,
1741  Exeter Township when it was set-off from Oley in 1741. Attended Gwynedd Meeting until 25 August 1737 (O.S.) when a new church was organized as
1737 Oley Monthly Meeting which 1742 (O. S.)  re-named Exeter  MM


SQUIRE BOONE Born 25 Nov 1696 (O.S.) Devonshire, England Died 02 Jan 1765 Rowan County, North Carolina Married Sarah Morgan 23 Sep 1720 (O.S.) Philadelphia County, PA Born 1700 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Died 1777 Rowan County, North Carolina.  Children:

Sarah Boone b. 07 Jun 1724 (O.S.)
Bucks County, Pennsylvania .  D. 1815 Madison County, Kentucky m. John Willcockson 1742 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Israel Boone b. 09 May 1726 (O.S.)
Bucks County, Pennsylvania d.                m. Martha ------ 1747 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Samuel Boone b. 20 May 1728 (O.S.)
Bucks County, Pennsylvania d. c 1816 Fayette County, Kentucky m. Sarah Day
Jonathan Boone b. 06 Dec 1730 (O.S.) Lancaster County, Pennsylvania d. c 1808 m. Elizabeth Boone b. 05 Feb 1732 (O.S.) Lancaster County, Pennsylvania d. 25 Feb 1825 Kentucky m. William Grant Jr
c 1750 North Carolina
Daniel Boone b. 22 Oct 1734 (O.S.) Lancaster County, Pennsylvania d. 26 Sep 1820 St Charles County, Missouri m. Rebecca Bryan 14 Aug 1756 North Carolina
Mary Boone b. 03 Nov 1736 (O.S.)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania d. Jul 1819 m. William Bryan Rowan County, North Carolina
George Boone b. 02 Jan 1739 (O.S.)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania d. 11 0r 14 Nov 1820 Shelby County, Kentucky m. Ann (Nancy) Linville c1764
Edward Boone b. 19 Nov 1740 (O.S.)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania d. Oct 1780 Kentucky m. Martha Bryan c1758 North Carolina
Sqire Boone Jr b. 05 Oct 1744 (O.S.)
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania d. Aug 1815 (now Harrison County), Indiana m. Jane Van Cleve 08 Aug 1765 Rowan County, North Carolina
Hannah Boone b. 24 Aug 1746 (O.S.) Lancaster County, Pennsylvania d. 1828 Kentucky m.
(1) John Stewart (Stuart) (2) Richard Pennington

Squire Boone was a son of George Boone III and Mary Mogridge (Maugridge) who emigrated from
Bradninch, Devonshire, England, to Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, arriving on 29 September 1717 (O.S.). 
Sarah Morgan was a daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Morgan of
Towamencin Township in Philadelphia (now Montgomery) County, Pennsylvania. The parents of Edward Morgan have not been proved but he has been identified as the son of Sir James Morgan, 4th Baronet of Llantarnam in Monmouthshire (now Gwent), Wales, and his first wife Ann Hopton of Canon Frome. The maiden name of Edward's wife Elizabeth has not been determined.When the first six children of George Boone and Mary Mogridge were born, the Boons were members of the Church of England and their baptisms were recorded in the register of Bradninch Parish. The Anglican church in Bradninch is St. Disen's which was built in the middle of the 15th Century. Squire was baptized on 25 December 1696 (O.S.):    1690 George the son of George Boone bap the 20 day of July 1692 Sarah ye daughter of George boone bapt 28 day of March 1694 Mary ye daughter of George boone bap the 26th day of Sept 1696 Squire ye son of George Boone bap Dec 25th 1699 Mary ye daughter of George Boone bap Oct ye 15th 1701/2 John son of George Boone bap Jan ye 30thThe first daughter named Mary died and was buried on 20 May 1696.  Since subsequent children of George and Mary Mogridge Boone apparently were not baptized in Bradninch, they must have been converted to Quakerism before their son Joseph was born on 05 April 1704 (O.S.).

Squire Boone and his older brother and sister, George Boone IV and Sarah Boone, preceded their parents and younger siblings to Pennsylvania, arrivin before 27 July 1713 (O.S.) when George IV married Deborah Howell, daughter of William and Mary Howell, at Abingdon Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Although it does not appear that Squire and Sarah Boone joined Abingdon Meeting, as did their brother after his marriage, they probably resided in Abingdon with or near him until their parents arrived there. After a few months at Abingdon, the Boone family, except George IV, moved to North Wales Township in Philadelphia County where they attended the Gwynedd Monthly Meeting of the Friends which George Boone III joined in 1717: [Note 5] 10-31, 1717. George Boone, Sr. Produced a Certificate of his Good Life and Conversation from the Monthly Meeting att Callumpton In Great Britain wch was read and well recd.Cullompton is a town in Devonshire, northeast of Bradninch about a mile up the River Culm. Bradninch is about eight miles from the city of Exeter.   

By 1720 the Boones had moved again, settling on a arm in
Oley Township in Philadelphia County, which was included in Exeter Township when it was set-off from Oley in 1741. The family attended Gwynedd Meeting until 25 August 1737 (O.S.) when a new church was organized as Oley Monthly Meeting which was re-named Exeter Monthly Meeting on 27 May 1742 (O.S.).  The Boone land was located the part of Philadelphia County that became Lancaster County when that county was created and Berks County in 1752. Being from near Exeter, England, perhaps the Boones influenced the selection of the name Exeter for the new township in which their land was located.Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan apparently met at Gwynedd Meeting where, following Quaker custom, they announced to the group that they intended to get married: [Note 8] 5-26, 1720. Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan declare intentions: Caddr Evans and Robert Jones Catherine William and Ganior Jones to inquire. 6-30, 1720. Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan, 2nd time Caddr Evans and Robert Jones to see the marriage orderly ccomplished. 7-27, 1720. Marriage of Squire Boone reported decently accomplished.
Squire and Sarah were married on the 23rd day of the 07th month 1720: [Note 9] Whereas Squire Boone Son of George Boone of ye County of Philad & Province of Pensilvania Yeoman and Sarah Morgan Daughter of Edw Morgan of the Said County and Province Haveing Declared Their Intention of Marriage of Each Other before two Monthly Meetings of ye People Called Quakers Held at Gwynedd in ye Said County According to ye Good Order Used Among Them Whose Proceedings Therein After a Diliberate Consideration Therein and haveing Consent of Parents and Relation Concerned Their Said Proceedings Are Allowed of By Ye Said Meeting Now These Are to Certify All Whom it may Concern that for ye Full Accomplishing of Their Said Intentions This Twenty Third Day of ye Seventh Month In ye Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty They ye Sd. Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan Appeared At A Solemn Assembly of ye Said People for ye Purpose Appointed a Their Publick meeting Place In Gwynedd Afforesd And ye Said Squire Boone Took ye Said Sarah Morgan by ye Hand Did In A Solemn Manner Openly Declare he Took her To Be his Wife Promising To be Unto Her A Faithfull and Loveing Husband Untill Death Should Seperate Them And Then & There In the Said Assembly the said Sarah Morgan Did Likewise Declare She Took ye Said Squire Boone To be her Husband In Like Manner Promiseing to be Unto him a Faithfull and Loveing Wife Untill Should Seperate Them And Moreover The Said Squire Boone & Sarah She According to ye Custom of Marriage Assuming ye Name of Her Husband as Farther Confirmation Thereof Did Then and There to these presents Set There Hands And We Whose Names Are Under Written Being Among Others Present at ye Solemnization of the Said Marriage And Subscription in Manner Afforesd As Witnesses Thereunto have also to These Presents Set Our Hands ye Day & Year Above Written

Samll Thomas    Mary Webb    Squire Boone      Jenk Evans    Eliz Morris    Sarah Boone          Robt Jones    Dorothy Morgan    Geo Boone    Morgan Hugh    Eliz Hughs    Edw Morgan     
Jno Edwards    Mary Hamer    Eliz Morgan    Tho Evan    Eliz Morgan    Geo Boone              Cadr Evan    Jane Griffith      Ja Boone      Rob Evan      Eliz Griffith      Wm Morgan                Jno Cadwalader        Margt Jones            Jno Morgan            Jno William          Ellen Evans          Danll Morgan    Jno  Humphrey    Gainor Jones    Morgan Morgan      Jno Jones        Jos  Morgan Jno Jones  Jno Webb  Evan Griffith  Jno Webb  Row Robert  Amos Griffith  Cadwalader Jones

            In the Quaker tradition the close relatives of the bride and groom signed the certificate below them. The two George Boones were Squire's father and brother. The absence of Mary Boone's signature suggests that Squire's mother died before 1720. Edward and Elizabeth Morgan were Sarah's parents and William, John, Daniel, Morgan and Joseph Morgan were her brothers. James Boone was Squire's brother and John Webb was his brother-in-law.
          Exceptions to the endorsement tradition were Jenkin Evans, the husband of Sarah's sister Alice; Squire's sister Mary Webb, who had married John Webb ten daysearlier; Dorothy Morgan, who was Dorthy Hughes Morgan, wife of Sarah's brother Morgan Morgan; and Elizabeth Morgan who was one of Sarah's sisters-in-law, either William Morgan's wife Elizabeth Roberts Morgan, Daniel Morgan's wife who also was anElizabeth Roberts Morgan, or Joseph Morgan's wife Elizabeth Lloyd Morgan.
The marriage of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan is stated in the terms of the Julian or Old Style (O.S.) calendar which was in effect until 1752 when the Gregorian calendar was adopted:    An act of Parliament was passed in 1751, prescribing the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar throughout Great Britain and her colonies; making the succeeding year begin with the first of January and dropping eleven nominal days (3-13) from the month of September, 1752, so that what would have been the third of the month was called the 14th. The Quakers at their yearly meeting adopted this method, directing the members to recognize the change of style, and decreeing that thereafter the months should be numbered beginning with January. Formerlytheir numbering had begun with the month called March.The corresponding date on the current Gregorian calendar may be determined by adding eleven days to a date given in Old Style. Under the Julian calendar, the year began on 25 March which was called the 1st month by the Quakers who did not approve of the names given to the months and referred to them by numbers, a practice which they followed under the new calendar as well. Historians and genealogists frequently show years as in the foregoing baptismal date of John Boone for example, 1701/2, to cover the months of January, February and March which, in this instance, was at the end of 1701 under the Julian calendar and the beginning of 1702 under the Gregorian calendar.The Quaker date of 23rd day of the 7th month converts to 23 September. The births of the first nine children of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan also were recorded by the Exeter Monthly Meeting in the Old Style/Quaker format and converted:   
Parents, Squire and Sarah Boone, Sara 4 mo. 7, 1724. (07 Jun) Israel 3 mo. 9, 1726. (09 May) Samuel 3 mo. 20, 1728. (20 May) Jonathan 10 mo. 6, 1730. (06 Dec) Elizabeth 12 mo. 5, 1732. (05 Feb) Daniel 8 mo. 22, 1734. (22 Oct) Mary 9 mo. 3, 1736. (03 Nov) George 11 mo. 2, 1739. (02 Jan) Edward 9 mo. 19, 1740. (19 Nov)The births of Squire Boone, Jr. and Hannah Boone do not appear in the records of Exeter Monthly Meeting but apparently were found in the Draper Manuscripts.    Their birth dates are included in a family record for Squire and Sarah Morgan Boone which was included in a compilation of data about Quakers of Berks County, Pennsylvania.


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