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Pages 48 - 65 "The Auckland Directory 1875" PROVINCIAL Part II A
Published by Arthur Cleave
Intro: "THAMES Alphabetical, inclusive of Grahamstown, Shortland and Tararu"
Transciber note:
As with all transcriptions, check originals if in doubt and/or for confirmation
ABBOT Jas Miner Waiotahi Creek 48
ACKLAND Wm   Waiotahi Creek 48
ADAMS Hy Hopper Miner Mackay St 48
ADAMS John   Karaka Creek 48
ADAMS Robt   Shortland 48
ADAMS Wm Engineer Waiotahi Creek 48
ADAMSON Alexr   Hape Creek, Shortland 48
ADAMSON David   Moanatairi Creek, Grahamstown 48
ADCOCK Wm Butcher Martha Street 48
ADDAINS Chas   Moanatairi Creek, Grahamstown 48
ADDISON Wm Miner Karaka Creek 48
ADDRAM Wm   Karaka 48
ADLAM Joshua Walter Grocer Grey Street 48
AHEIR Philip   Karaka 48
AHERN Michael   Karaka Creek 48
AIREY Matthew Hy Draper Pollen Street 48
AITKEN Thos Miner Mackay St 48
AITKEN Wm Grocer Campbell St 48
AITKENHEAD N/R   Tapu Creek 48
AITKIN Thomas   Mackay St, Goldfields Hospital 48
AITKIN Wm   Grahamstown 48
AKEROYD Spedding Butcher Brown St 48
AKERS John Chas Carter Mackay St 48
ALBERT Sydney   Kirkwood St 48
ALBION G M Co Ltd   Moanatairi 48
ALEN Barney   Shortland 48
ALEXANDER Saml Storekeeper William St 48
ALEXANDER Wm Tailor Kirkwood St 48
ALEXANDER Wm Jas   Abraham St, Grahamstown 48
ALEXANDER Wm John   Tararu Creek 48
ALL NATIONS G M Co     Moanatairi Hill 48
ALLCOCK Wm Butcher Pollen Street 48
ALLEN Alexr   Albert St, Grahamstown 48
ALLEN Geo Bowen   Waiotahi Creek 48
ALLEN Jas   Tookey's Hill 48
ALLEN John Baker Mackay St 48
ALLEN Thos   Moanatairi Creek 48
ALLIES Harvey   Rolleston St, Shortland 48
ALLOWAY Jacob Boardinghouse Kirkwood St 48
AMRYES Chas   Pollen St, Shortland 48
AMY Francis Blacksmith Mackay St 48
ANDERSON A E Engineer Bird in Hand 48
ANDERSON Duncan   Grahamstown 48
ANDERSON John   Tararu 48
ANDERSON M Elizabeth C   Kirkwood St 48
ANDERSON Peter Miner Walters St 48
ANDERSON Wm   Shortland 48
ANDREW Harvey John   Karaka Creek 48
ANDREW John Miner Mackay St 48
ANDREWS Geo   Karaka 48
ANTHONY Arthur Publican Pollen St 48
ANTHONY Francis   Karaka 48
ARCHIBALD Danl   Augustus St, Shortland 48
ARDERN Jos   Sealey St, Shortland 48
ARDERN Jos F   Rolleston St, Shortland 48
ARMIGER Robt   Mackay St, Shortland 48
ARMSTRONG Wm   Moanatairi Creek 48
ARNOLD Thos Waterman Bird in Hand Hill 48
ARSCOTT Wm Miner Mackay St 48
ASHBY Thos Miner Waiotahi Creek 48
ASHBY Wm   Shortland 48
ASHER JOEL HY Storekeeper Brown St 48
ASHMAN Fredk Tailor Pollen St 48
ASKEROYD Spedding   Karaka Creek 48
ASKEW Cyrus Mill Sawyer Mackay St 48
ATKIN Thos   Karaka Creek, Shortland 48
ATKINSON David   Karaka Creek 48
ATKINSON Wm Gas Fitter Eyre St 48
ATTRIL Richd   Karaka Creek 48
AUBIN Alfred   Karaka Creek 48
AUDLEY Thos G   Waiotahi Creek 48
AUGOVE Edw John Publican Pollen St 48
AULD Jas   Tapu Creek 48
AURIEMMA Raffaelle   Upper Karaka 48
AUSTIN Edw Miner Baillie St 48
AUSTIN John Mariner Abraham St 48
AVENELL Wm Butcher Pollen St 48
AVERY Wm Grocer Grey Street 48
AYERS Robt Ed   Tapu Creek 48
AYTON Joseph   Hape Creek 48
BACH Alfred   Sealey St, Shortland 48
BACH Richard   Pollen St, Grahamstown 48
BACH Thos   Burke St Beach, Grahamstown 48
BAGNALL Alexander Miner Waiotahi Ck 48
BAGNALL Geo   Shortland 48
BAGNALL Saml John   N/R 48
BAIDON Wm   Karaka 48
BAILEY Edwd   Waiotahi 48
BAILEY Isaac   Karaka Creek 48
BAILEY Jas   Sealey St, Shortland 48
BAILEY John   Kurunui 48
BAILEY Joseph Quincey   Karaka Creek 48
BAILEY Saml   Karaka Creek 48
BAIN Alex Boyce   Clarence St, Shortland 48
BAIN Edwd Miner Moanatairi Creek 48
BAINBRIDGE Thos Jos   Baillie St, Shortland 48
BAINS John Evans   Hape Creek 48
BAIRD Jas Miner Pollen St 48
BAIRD Thos   Karaka 48
BAKER Chas   Duke's Rd, Grahamstown 48
BAKER Hastings Labourer Tararu Creek 48
BAKER Henry Miner Walters St 48
BAKER Henry Jas   Pollen St, Shortland 48
BAKER Jas Bootmaker Brown St 48
BAKER Jas Liverpool & Belfast Hotel Golden Crown St, Grahamstown 48
BAKER John Geo   Pollen St, Shortland 49
BAKER Joseph Miner Tararu Rd 48
BAKER Manfield Grocer Pollen St 48
BAKER Wm Cab Proprietor Eyre St 48
BAKER Wm Beely   Sealey St, Shortland 48
BALCKE Augustus Grocer Mary St 48
BALLIN Lewis Cordial Manufacturer Campbell St 48
BALMER Benjm   Rolleston St, Shortland 48
BANK OF AUSTRALIA     Albert St 48
BANKS Geo   Karaka 48
BANKS John Edwd   Albert St, Grahamstown 49
BANKS Joseph Butcher Tararu 49
BARBER Samuel Bootmaker Owen St 49
BARBER Samuel   Pollen St, Shortland 49
BARCHARD Alfred Settler Kirkwood St 49
BARCLAY Robt Miner Kuranui Hill 49
BARDEN Saml Grinder Tararu Rd 49
BARDSLEY John   Karaka Hill 49
BARGROVE Joseph   Abraham St, Grahamstown 49
BARKER Henry   Hape Rd, Shortland 49
BARKER John   Tararu Flat 49
BARKER N/R Miner Abraham St 49
BARKER Wm Carpenter Tararu Rd 49
BARKLEY Jas   Karaka Creek 49
BARNES Henry   Shortland 49
BARNESS Thos Fredk   Tapu Creek 50
BARNETT Alex Warwick Arms Hotel Pollen St, Shortland 49
BARNETT Isaac   Cochrane St 49
BARNETT Wm   Hape Rd, Shortland 49
BARNETT & BARNARD Grocers   Owen St 49
BARRETT Jas   Waiotahi Creek 49
BARRETT John   Karaka 49
BARRETT Nathl   Tararu 49
BARRINGTON Geo Boilermaker Waiotahi Ck 49
BARRON Jas   Pollen St 49
BARRON John   Karaka 49
BARRON Wm   Pollen St, Shortland 49
BARRY Michael   Karaka Creek 49
BARTY David Publican Pollen St 49
BASHAM Geo   Pollen St, Shortland 49
BATEMAN Jas   Pollen St, Shortland 49
BATEMAN Robt Butcher Tararu Creek 49
BATEMAN Thos   Mary St, Shortland 49
BATES John Miner Moanatairi Creek 49
BATES Wm   Hape Rd, Shortland 49
BATHAM Geo Carpenter Pollen St 49
BATTEN John   Sealey St, Shortland 49
BATTENSBY Henry   Tapu Creek 49
BATTERN Robt Blacksmith Brown St 49
BATTON Robt   Upper Karaka 49
BAWDEN Saml Miner Tararu Rd 49
BAXTER Harriett Grocer Owen St 49
BAYLDON Daniel Hy Surveyor Pollen St 49
BAYLIS Wm Carpenter Tararu Road 49
BAYLISS Thos Henry Miner Mackay St 49
BEALE Wm Joshua   Pollen St, Shortland 49
BEATTIE Alex   Karaka Creek 49
BEATTY Jas   Karaka Creek 49
BEAUMONT Jas Miner Kuranui Hill 49
BEAUMONT Thos Laborer Tararu Creek 49
BEAUMONT Wm   Shortland 49
BEDFORD Jno Blacksmith Coromandel St 49
BEECHER John Blennerhassett Miner Mackay St 49
BEERE Daniel Manders   Shortland 49
BEERE Edwd Holroyd     49
BEERE Geo Armstrong   Grey St, Shortland 49
BEIERSTORF Chas   Karaka Creek 49
BEINE Edwd   Moanatairi Creek 49
BELL Chas   Tararu Road 49
BELL John   Hape Creek, Shortland 49
BELL Thos Clerk Sealey St 49
BELL Thos Aubrey   Rolleston St, Shortland 49
BELL Wm   Tararu 49
BELLERS Robt Geo Publican Albert St 49
BELLIS Wm Boatman Eyre St 49
BENCE Alfd   Karaka Creek 49
BENFALL Peter Miner Crown Prince Claim 49
BENNETT Edwin Miner Karaka Road 49
BENNETT Francis Miner Williamson St 49
BENNETT Fredk   Tararu 49
BENNETT Jas   Mackay St, Shortland 49
BENNETT Joseph Miner Pollen St 49
BENNETT Joshua   Rolleston St, Shortland 49
BENNETT Patk   Moanatairi 49
BENNEY John Mining Manager Bella St 49
BENTLEY John Danl   Baillie St, Shortland 49
BERNEIVITZ Max Assayer Sealey St 49
BERRY Chris David Royal Hotel Tararu 49
BERRY Fredk   Shellback 49
BERRY Saml   Karaka Creek 49
BERRY Wm   Augustus St, Shortland 49
BERRYMAN Danl   Waiotahi Creek 49
BERRYMAN Emma   Karaka Road 49
BERSMAN Francis   Shellback 49
BERTRAM Richd Tentmaker Pollen St 49
BEST Geo Mariner Eyre St 49
BESTIE John Scott   Punga Flat 49
BETHUNE Alex   Waiotahi Crk, Shortland 49
BETTIS Wm   Hastings 49
BETTY Elizabeth   Rolleston St 49
BICE Jas   Karaka 49
BIGGINSON John Andw Laborer Tararu 49
BIGGS Geo Longford   Tararu Creek 49
BIGNELL Alfd   Tapu Creek 49
BILLINGS Jas   Murphy's Hill, Karaka 49
BINNEY Edwin   Albert St, Grahamstown 49
BINNIE Alex   Upper Tararu 49
BINTING Saml   Amy St 49
BIRCH Philip John Painter Richmond St 49
BIRD Jas Miner Waiotahi Creek 49
BIRD Wm   Waiotahi Creek 49
BIRD in HAND GOLD MINING COMPANY (Limited) Bird in Hand Hill 49
BIRLEY Peter   Pollen St, Grahamstown 49
BIRMINGHAM Stanier Hy   Upper Shortld 49
BISHOP Geo W Photographer Williamson St 49
BISHOP Jas Miner Bird in Hand Hill 49
BLACK John Draper Pollen St 49
BLACK Walter   Waiotahi Creek 49
BLACKMORE Philip Hy   Tapu Creek 49
BLAIR Wm   Hastings 49
BLAKE Chas Anthony   Karaka 49
BLAKE Chas St Clair   Grey St, Shortland 49
BLAKE Robt   Mary St 49
BLAKESLEY Alf Augustus   Grahamstown 49
BLENDIN Wm   Hastings 49
BLOOMFIELD Saml Mariner Willoughly St 49
BLOTT Geo Butcher Owen St 49
BLUE Dougald   Punga Flat 49
BLUNDELL Wm Watchmaker Pollen St 49
BLUNT Saml   Hape Creek, Upper Shortld 49
BOBBETT Wm Butcher Rolleston St 49
BOND Wm   Punga Flat 49
BONDS Jas   Grahamstown 49
BONFIELD Patk   Eyre St, Shortland 49
BONNELL Alex Blacksmith Pollen St 49
BOON Alfd   Hape Creek Rd 49
BOON Hy   Karaka 49
BORTHWICK Jas   Karaka Creek, Shortland 49
BOUCHER Edwd Miner Tararu 49
BOURKE Michl   Richmond St, Shortland 49
BOWCHER Hy   Karaka Creek 49
BOWDEN Joseph Chas Dandy   Mary St, Shortland 49
BOWERMAN Edwd   Waiotahi Creek 49
BOWERN Thos   Pollen St, Shortland 49
BOWMAN Gustave Engine Driver Tararu Creek 49
BOXALL John Miner Waiotahi Hill 49
BOYD Jas Constantine   Karaka 49
BOYER Alfd Carpenter Mackay St 49
BOYES Wm Jukin   Grahamstown 49
BOYLE Daniel   Mackay St, Shortland 49
BOYLE Dennis   Karaka 49
BOYLE Thos Miner Mackay St 49
BRACEBURN T Geo Clerk Richmond St 49
BRADLEY David   Pollen St, Grahamstown 49
BRADY Dennis Miner Waiotahi Creek 49
BRAIN Edwin   Karaka 49
BRAITHWAITE Rd Bailey   Karaka Creek 49
BRAND Jas   Karaka 49
BRAND Nathaneil   Williamson St, Grahamstown 49
BRANDIGAN Adam   Karaka 49
BRANKS Alex Laborer Kirkwood St 49
BRANSTON Wm   Willoughby St, Shortland 49
BRASSEY Willoughby Solicitor Albert 49
BREACH Sam Augustus   Shortland 49
BREARLY Michl   Grahamstown 49
BREBNER John Shellback Hotel   49
BREEN Michael   Waiotahi Ck 49
BREEZE Mary Milliner Pollen St 49
BREINAN John   Punga Flat 49
BREINAN Patk   Moanatairi Creek 49
BRENNEM Thos Miner Moanatairi 49
BRENT S P Carpenter Pollen St 49
BRENT Stephen Thomas   Richmond St, Shortland 49
BRESNEHEN Saml   Karaka Creek 49
BRETT John   Kirkwood St 49
BRIAN John   Moanatairi Creek 49
BRIDGEMAN Phillip Hy   Moanatairi Ck 49
BRIDGER Thos Draper Walters St 49
BRIDGES Jas Thos Carpenter Herlad Rd 49
BRIEN Jas   Karaka Creek 49
BRIERSTORF Chas Christian Phillip Miner Waiotahi Creek 49
BRIGHOUSE Thos   Tommy's Lane, Karaka 49
BRIGHT John Overland Route Claim Shellback 49
BRIGHT SMILE GOLD MINING COMPANY (Registered) Battery Karaka 49
BRINE Michl   Moanatairi Creek 49
BRINKWORTH Thos Miner Shotover Creek 49
BRINLEY Chas   Grahamstown 49
BRITON John Contractor Beach Rd 49
BRITT Michael Miner Waiotahi Creek 49
BRITTAIN Hy   Williamson St, Grahamstown 49
BROAD Lowther   Waikiakia Ck, Shortland 49
BROADBENT Joseph   Tararu Creek 49
BRODEY Edmond   Karaka 49
BRODIE Alex   Waiotahi Creek 49
BRODY Patk   Grahamstown 49
BROGAN Thos   Karaka 49
BROPHY Patk Coal Merchant Moanatairi Creek 49
BROTHERS Edward Wright   Richmond St, Shortland 49
BROWN Chas   Tapu Creek 49
BROWN Cyrus Joseph   Augustus St, Shortland 49
BROWN Edwd   Karaka Creek 49
BROWN Edwin Miner Waiotahi Creek 49
BROWN Eliza   Kirkwood St 49
BROWN Hy Miner Davy St 49
BROWN Hy Laborer Tararu Rd 49
BROWN Jas Cabinet maker Pollen St 49
BROWN John Engineer Tararu Rd 49
BROWN John Nonpariel Mine Brown St 49
BROWN John Reid   Tapu Creek 49
BROWN Kenneth Publican Queen St 49
BROWN Neil Stuart Miner Upper Albert St 49
BROWN Robt   Tapu Creek 50
BROWN Robt Samuel   Willoughby St 50
BROWN Thos Laborer Mackay St 50
BROWN Thos   Tararu Rd 50
BROWN Thos Milkman Tararu Creek 50
BROWNE Benjamin   Waiotahi Creek 50
BROWNE John Metropolitan Hotel Grahamstown 50
BROWNHILL Wm   Hastings 50
BROWNING John Baker Brown St 50
BROWNLOW Jas Edw Moulder Kuranui Hill 50
BRUCE Albert Jeweller Owen St 50
BRUCE Alexr Miner Willoughby St 50
BRUCE Malcolm   Mackay St, Shortland 50
BRUCE Margaret   Coromandel St 50
BRUGGEMAN Wm   Grahamstown 50
BRUME John Christian   Hastings 50
BRUNTON Robt   Tapu Creek 50
BRYAN John Laborer Davy St 50
BRYANT Fredk Butcher Richmond St 50
BRYANT Geo Miner Mackay St 50
BRYCE Dugald   Hastings 50
BUCHANAN Duncan   Waterfall Creek 50
BUCHANAN G H Mason Pollen St 50
BUCKLAND Chas   Kurunui Gully 50
BUCKLEY Denis   Karaka Creek 50
BUCKLEY Jas   Karaka Creek, Shortland 50
BUCKLEY John   Grahamstown 50
BUCKLEY Joseph   Hape Creek, Shortland 50
BUCKLEY N/R Bootmaker Waiotahi Hill 50
BUCKLEY Timothy Bootmaker Pollen St 50
BUDGEN Fredk   Symonds St 50
BULCKE Augustus   Baillie St, Karaka 50
BULL Annie   Karaka Rd 50
BULL Chas Storeman Bird in Hand Hill 50
BULL Geo   Karaka 50
BULL John Telegraphist Baillie St 50
BUNNY Joseph Miner Shellback Creek 50
BURDETT Geo Excelsior Hotel Pollen St, Grahamstown 50
BURGESS John   Sandes St, Shortland 50
BURGESS N/R   Baillie St 50
BURKE Anthony   Hastings 50
BURKE Chas Miner Moanatairi Creek 50
BURKE Jas   Moanatairi 50
BURKE John   Tararu 50
BURKE Joseph   Karaka 50
BURKE Martin   Grahamstown 50
BURKE Michael   Punga Flat 50
BURKE Patrick Publican Owen St 50
BURKE Richd   Kurunui Spur, Grahamstown 50
BURKE Wm Jas   Karaka Creek 50
BURNES Wm   Waiotahi Creek 50
BURNETT Geo Redpath   Hape Creek, Shortland 50
BURNS Alexr Wood   Kurunui 50
BURNS Andw Bootmaker Brown St 50
BURNS Elias   Waiotahi Creek 50
BURNS Jas Miner Bird in Hand Hill 50
BURNS John   Collarbone Rd, Karaka 50
BURNS Patrick   Moanatairi Creek 50
BURR Jesse   Karaka Creek 50
BURRA Robt Stationer Brown St 50
BURRELL Jas Laborer Eyre St 50
BURT Harry   Grey St 50
BURT Jas   Karaka 50
BURTON Chas Queens Hotel Albert & Queens St, Grahamstown 50
BURTON Wm Publican Pollen St 50
BURTT Hy Robt Waterman Grey St 50
BURTT Jas   Karaka 50
BUSH Hy Karaka Hotel Pollen St, Shortland 50
BUSSELL John   Karaka 50
BUTCHER John   Waterfall Creek 50
BUTLER Albert Golden Age Hotel Waiotahi Creek 50
BUTLER Fredk Burdett Brewer Baillie St 50
BUTLER Norton   Grey St, Shortland 50
BUTLER Wm Jas   Tapu Creek 50
BUTT John Publican Pollen St 50
BUTTERWORTH Chas Publican Pollen St 50
BUTTERWORTH Jas   Tararu 50
BYERS Joseph Butcher Pollen St 50
BYRNE Arthur   Karaka 50
BYRNE Daniel Dominick   Richmond St, Shortland 50
BYRNE Ephraim   Te Papa Gully, Hape Ck 50
BYRNE Hugh   Waiotahi Creek 50
BYRNE Jas   Karaka Creek 50
BYRNE Joseph Francis   Richmond St, Shortland 50
BYRNES Thos   Sheridan St 50
BYSTRON Andw Magnus Miner Waiotahi Creek 50
CADENHEAD John   Tararu 50
CADMAN Alfred Jerome   Karaka, Caromandel 50
CADMAN Wm Vincent   Karaka Cree, Coromandel 50
CAHILL Matthew Miner Kirkwood St 50
CAHILL Thos   Shellback Creek 50
CAHIR Jas   Hape Creek 50
CAIN Wm John Surveyor Bird in Hand Hill 50
CALLAGHAN Annie   Rolleston St 50
CALLAGHAN Chas     50
CALLAGHAN Jos   Richmond St, Shortland 50
CALLAGHAN Patrick   Grahamstown 50
CALLAN Hugh   Tapu Creek 50
CAMERON Chas   Karaka 50
CAMERON Thos Bedford   Shortland 50
CAMIE Wm Engine Driver Waiotahi Ck 50
CAMM David   Hape Ck 50
CAMPBELL Alexr Carter Kirkwood St 50
CAMPBELL Alexr Miner Tararu 50
CAMPBELL Angus Miner Broad St 50
CAMPBELL Archd   Shortland 50
CAMPBELL H Elmes Solicitor   50
CAMPBELL Hy   Grahamstown 50
CAMPBELL Jas Miner Shellback Creek 50
CAMPBELL Jas Palmer   Brown St, Grahamstown 50
CAMPBELL John   Waiotahi Creek 50
CAMPBELL John Lewthwaite Milkman Eyre St 50
CAMPBELL Murdock Iver   Hape Creek, Shortland 50
CAMPBELL N/R Miner Upper Albert St 50
CAMPBELL Oriel   Tapu Creek 50
CAMPBELL Robt   Augustus St, Karaka 50
CAMPBELL Thos   Moanatairi Creek 50
CAMPBELL Thos   Grahamstown 50
CANAVAN Patrick   Karaka Creek 50
CANE Humphrey Miner Moanatairi 50
CANNING Geo   Waiotahi Creek, Shortland 50
CANNON Geo   Tapu Creek 50
CANTWELL Geo   Kaneranga 50
CANTWELL John   Waiotahi Creek 50
CAPPOCK John   Karaka 50
CAREW Alfred Wm   Shortland 50
CAREY Isaac Postman Baillie St 50
CAREY Isabella Schoolmistress Pollen St 50
CARFRAE John   Tararu 50
CARGILL Jas Carter Mackay St 50
CARLE Michael   Karaka Creek 50
CARLSON Hy   Tokatea, Coromandel 50
CARLYLE John   Shortland 50
CARMODY Rody   Hape Creek 50
CARNE Patrick   Karaka 50
CARNEL Andw Miner Waiotahi Creek 50
CARNELL Saml Miner Yooungs Alley 50
CARNELL Wm   Shortland 50
CARNIE Andw   Waiotahi, Grahamstown 50
CARNIE Wm   Waiotahi Creek, Grahamstown 50
CARPENTER Wm Gum Merchant Albert St 50
CARRICK Wm   Eyre St 50
CARRIL Alexr   Karaka Hills 50
CARROL Patrick   Moanatairi 50
CARROL Thos   Moanatairi 50
CARROL Timothy   Moanatairi Creek 50
CARROL Wm   Shortland 50
CARRUTH Daniel   Karaka 50  
CARSON Alexr   Waiotahi Creek 50
CARSON Geo   Hape Creek 50
CARTER Adam Alexr   Waiotahi 50
CARTER Michael   Karaka Creek 50
CARTER Richd   Moanatairi Creek 50
CARTES Josiah Flower Stationer Brown St 50
CARTHEW Wm Miner Broad St 50
CARTNEY Jas   Karaka 50
CARTWRIGHT John   Karaka Rd 50
CARTWRIGHT Nelson   Collarbone Creek 50
CARVER Nicholas Price   Sandes St, Shortland 50
CASELLY Wm Jas   Rolleston St, Shortland 50
CASEY Cornelius   Moanatairi 50
CASEY Maurice Miner Tararu Creek 50
CASHEL Jane   Eyre St 50
CASHEL John Surveyor Willoughby St 50
CASHEL Richd Belmont   Waitangaroa, Upper township Shortland 50
CASHEN Thos   Karaka 50
CASS John   Pollen St, Shortland 50
CASSIDY Peter   Karaka Hill, Shortland 50
CASSIN Fredk Publican Albert st 50
CASSIN Geo Thos Queens Head Hotel Queen St, Grahamstown 50
CASTLE Joseph   Karaka Creek 50
CATER Fredk Miner Pollen St 50
CATRAN Alfred Geo Miner Upper Albert St 50
CATRAN Thos Miner Upper Albert St 50
CAVANAGH Jos   Rolleston St, Shortland 50
CAVNE Peter   Karaka 50
CHALMERS Hy Miner Mackay St 50
CHAPMAN Jas   Mary St, Shortland 50
CHAPMAN John Olivent Agt Waiotahi Creek 50
CHAPPELL Chas   Grahamstown 50
CHARDON Frank Wm   Haven St, Grahamstown 50
CHARNOCK Chas Surveyor Tararu Rd 50
CHESE Peter   Pollen St & Albert St, Grahamstown 50
CHEW Fredk Miner Pollen St 50
CHINNOCK Robt Greengrocer Brown St 50
CHINS N/R   Tararu Rd 51
CHOYCE Hy Charles   Pollen St, Grahamstown 50
CHRISTENSEN Christian Carpenter Davy St 50
CLARK Andw   Tapu Creek 50
CLARK Geo   Shellback 50
CLARK Geo Smeaton Miner Waiotahi Creek 50
CLARK Hy Miner Williamson St 51
CLARK Jas   Abraham St, Grahamstown 51
CLARK John Thos   Sandes St, Karaka 51
CLARK Patk Miner Bird in Hand Hill 51
CLARK Robt McGavin   Williamson St, Grahamstown 51
CLARK Seth Rodolphus   Grahamstown 51
CLARK Thos Wm Miner Davy St 51
CLARKE Jas Grocer Owen St 51
CLARKE Thos Carter Tararu Rd 51
CLARKIN Peter Miner Upper Albert St 51
CLARKSON Jas Labourer Waiotahi Creek 51
CLARKSON Wm   Tararu 51
CLARY Edmond   Tararu Creek 51
CLAUDE Edwd General Dealer Pollen Street 51
CLAYFORTH Chas   Karaka Creek 51
CLAYTON Hy   Mary Street, Shortland 51
CLAYTON Joseph   Pollen Street, Shortland 51
CLEARP H A Miner Beach Rd 51
CLEMENTS Wm Imperial Hotel Pollen Street 51
CLEVELAND Geo Hy   Augustus St, Shortland 51
CLIFTON Richard   Karaka Creek 51
CLOTWORTHY Geo   Waiotahi 51
COAD Ambrose   Campbell St, Grahamstown 51
COBB Wm Miner Karaka Rd 51
COCHRANE Alex Miner Waiotahi Creek 51
COCK Fred Publican Pollen St 51
COCKS Jas Carpenter Mary St 51
COCKS N/R (Sen) Dealer Rolleston St 51
COHEN Henry Lipman   Owen St, Grahamstown 51
COHEN John Publican Owen St 51
COLDCLOUGH Mary Ann Teacher Rolleston St 51
COLDICUTT John Carter Baillie St 51
COLE Thos Miner Waiotahi Creek 51
COLE Wm Miner Abraham St 51
COLE Wm Carpenter Tararu Creek 51
COLEBROOK Thos Carpenter Beach Rd 51
COLEMAN Bernard Miner Bird in Hand Hill 51
COLEMAN Jas   Davis St, Grahamstown 51
COLEMAN John     51
COLEMAN Michael Labourer Kirkwood St 51
COLEMAN Michael Miner Davy St 51
COLL Edmund   Karaka Creek 51
COLL Hugh   Karaka 51
COLL MIchael   Karaka 51
COLLAR Richd Labourer Richmond St 51
COLLETT Henry Geo   Mackay St, Shortland 51
COLLEY Chas Carter Haven St 51
COLLING John   Shellback 51
COLLINS Chas   Eyre St, Shortland 51
COLLINS Jas Miner Davy St 51
COLLINS John   Tuakau 51
COLLINS Michael Miner Sealey St 51
COLPOYS John   Willoughby St, Shortland 51
COMER Robert Miner Burke St 51
COMES Thos Glen Miner Tararu Rd 51
COMES Wm MIner Kuranui Spur 51
COMMON Jas   Shellback Creek 51
CONLEY Jas   Moanatairi Creek 51
CONLEY John Miner Rolleston St 51
CONLIN Michael   Moanatairi Creek 51
CONLON Michael   Moanatairi Creek 51
CONNELL John Cabdriver Young's Alley 51
CONNELL John Martin Mariner Pollen St 51
CONNELL Wm   Kurunui Creek 51
CONNING John G   Shortland 51
CONNOLLY Francis   Pollen St, Shortland 51
CONNOLLY Jas   Stokes Point 51
CONNOLLY Wm Geo     51
CONNOR Alexr Gardener Keddell St 51
CONNOR Felix   Kurunui 51
CONNOR Hugh Grey St Shortland 51
CONNOR Malachi   Karaka 51
CONNORS John   Waiotahi Creek 51
CONNY Fred Butcher Waiotahi Creek 51
CONROY Edw   Abraham St, Grahamstown 51
CONROY John   Karaka Hill 51
CONROY Michael Miner Waiotahi Creek 51
CONROY Wm   Karaka Creek 51
CONSIDINE Daniel   Grahamstown 51
CONSIDINE Thos   Moanatairi Creek, Grahamstown 51
CONSTABLE Marmaduke   Davis St, Grahamstown 51
CONSTABLE Thos   Hape Creek, Shortland 51
CONSTANT Wm Joseph Camden Hotel Pollen St, Shortland 51
CONWAY Francis   Karaka Creek 51
COOK Edw   Hape Creek 51
COOK Herman   Shortland 51
COOK Hy Engineer Bird in Hand Hill 51
COOK Jas   Albert St, Grahamstown 51
COOK Jas Geo   Tararu 51
COOK John   Pollen St 51
COOK Robt Aubray   Beach Rd, Grahamstown 51
COOK Wm Engineer Collins St 51
COOKE John   Karaka Hill 51
COOKES Jas Engineer Campbell St 51
COOKSON Andw Jeweller Williamson St 51
COOLAHAN Catherine Baker Pollen St 51
COOMBE Wm   Kirkwood St, Grahamstown 51
COOMBES Jas Carpenter Richmond St 51
COOMBES Richd Miner Tararu Rd 51
COOPER Geo James Printer Upper Albert St 51
COOPER Isaac Rhodes   Mission Land, Shortland 51
COOPER Joseph Hy   Homewood, Totara 51
COOPER Robt Chandler   Parawai 51
COOPER Thos Labourer Upper Albert St 51
COOTE Jas Might Publican Pollen St 51
COPLAND Jas Mariner Davy St 51
CORBETT Augustus Miner Campbell St 51
CORBETT Edw Miner Karaka Rd 51
CORBETT Jas   Waiotahi Creek 51
CORBETT John Miner Upper Albert St 51
CORCORAN Eugene   Moanatairi Creek 51
CORDES Hy Bootmaker Owen St 51
CORIN Wm   Kurunui 51
CORKILL Wm Jas Miner Mackay St 51
CORLETT Claude French   Beach, Grahamstown 51
CORMIE Peter   Tararu 51
CORN Wright   Tapu Creek 51
CORNES Hy Miner Kurunui Hill 51
CORNES N/R Miner Waiotahi Creek 51
CORNISH Geo Grocer Tararu Rd 51
CORNS Alfred Richd   Moanatairi Creek, Grahamstown 51
CORREDEN Martin   Karaka 51
CORRUPIS Wm Hy   Pollen St, Shortland 51
CORRY Thos   Hape Creek 51
CORSTANT Wm Jos Publican Pollen St 51
CORSTON Harriett Dressmaker Brown St 51
CORSTON Peter Leask   Williamson St, Grahamstown 51
COSE Chas Chemist Rolleston St 51
COSE John Miner Karaka Road 51
COSE Wm Draper Richmond St 51
COSGRAVE John Draper Albert St 51
COSGROVE Pat   Karaka Hill 51
COSTELLO John Claremont Hotel Karaka Creek 51
COTTER Jas   Davey St, Grahamstown 51
COTTER Michl   Karaka Creek 51
COTTY Daniel Miner Upper Albert St 51
COUBROUGH Wm   Brown St, Grahamstown 51
COUGHLIN John   Karaka Creek, Shortland 51
COUGHLIN Michl   Karaka Creek 51
COUTTS Jas   Shortland 51
COUTTS Wm Engineer Upper Albert St 51
COWELL Joshua Matthew Surgeon Rolleston St 51
COX Frank Hy   Karaka 51
COX Geo   Karaka St, Shortland 51
COYLE Bernard   Karaka Creek 51
COYLE Daniel   Tararu Creek 51
COYLE John   Karaka Creek 51
COZENS Edmund M   Karaka 51
COZENS Geo   Karaka 51
CRABB Thos Miner Queen of the Thames 51
CRAIG Geo   Tararu 51
CRAIG Jas Auctioneer Albert St 51
CRAIG John Salmon Junction Battery Moanatairi Creek 51
CRAIG Wm Hy   Grahamstown 51
CRAN Jas   Mackay St, Shortland 51
CREAGH Oliver Mason Farmer Pollen St 51
CREIGHTON John   Waiotahi 51
CREIGHTON Wm   Hape Creek 51
CRIBB Geo Carpenter Willoughby St 51
CRICK Wm   Mission Land, Shortland 51
CRISP Walter Carpenter Tararu Rd 51
CRISP William Carpenter Tararu Rd 51
CROCKER Geo Bootmaker Brown St 51
CROCKER John Bootmaker Brown St 51
CROFT Archer Chas   Owen St, Grahamstown 51
CROFT Benj Miner Abraham St 51
CROFTEN Walter Edwd   Grahamstown 51
CROMARTY David   Waiotahi Creek, Grahamstown 51
CROMPTON Jas Carpenter Kirkwood St 51
CRONAN John   Karaka Hill 51
CROPP Sidney Cecil   Waiotahi Creek 51
CROPTON Jas   Burke St, Grahamstown 51
CROSBIE John   Grahamstown 51
CROTTY John   Karaka Rd, Shortland 51
CROWELL Chas Carpenter Bird in Hand Hill 51
CROWELL Chas Wm Hy   Karaka Rd, Shortland 51
CROWN PRINCE GOLD MINING CO (Registered) Pollen St 51
CRUIKSHANK David Mercht Kirkwood St 51
CRUIKSHANKS Jas Miner Upper Albert St 51
CUDWORTH Walter   Grahamstown 51
CULLEN Anthony Cabinet maker Rolleston St 51
CULLEW John Carpenter Upper Albert St 51
CULPIT Wm Grocer Richmond St 51
CULPITT Wm Saddler Pollen St 51
CUMMINS Mat Carpenter Waiotahi Ck 51
CUNNINGHAM Alex   Waiotahi Creek 51
CUNNINGHAM Robt Fluker   Abraham St, Grahamstown 51
CURE GOLD MINING COMPANY (Ltd)   Grahamstown 51
CURLEY Patk   Waiotahi Creek 51
CURTAIN John   Tararu Creek 51
CURTAIN Wm   Grahamstown 51
CURTIS Alfd Engineer   51
CURTIS Chas Publican Brown St 52
CURTIS Chas Alex Richd   Shortland 52
CURTIS Chas Walter   Grahamstown 52
CURTIS Hy Engineer Haven St 52
CZERWONKA Hy F S   Grey St, Shortland 52
DABB John Miner Kuranui Hill 52
DABB Malkeredick Miner Tararu Rd 52
DADDOW Jonathan Miner Moanatairi Ck 52
DAILEY Jas   Grahamstown 52
DAINES Edwd Carpenter Pollen St 52
DAKIN Dan   Shortland 52
DAKINS Dan   Shortland 52
DALEHUNTY Patrick   Karaka 52
DALGLEISH Wm   Kauaeranga, Shortland 52
DALTON Henry Waterman Grey St 52
DALZIEL Geo Butcher Mary St 52
DANAHER Martin     52
DANIELS Adonis   Sandes St, Shortland 52
DANN Fredk Cabinet maker Mackay St 52
DARE John   Hape Rd, Shortland 52
DARE Thomas Miners Rest Hotel Hape Creek Rd, Shortland 52
DARRAH Robt   Pollen St, Shortland 52
DARROW Jas   Karaka Creek, Shortland 52
DASSEY Patrick   Moanatairi Creek 52
DAUGHERTY John   Karaka Creek 52
DAULBEY Maurice   Karaka Hill 52
DAVEY Richd   Waiotahi Creek 52
DAVIDSON Alex   Karaka Creek 52
DAVIDSON Charles Grahamstown Hotel Grahamstown 52
DAVIDSON Ralph   Grahamstown 52
DAVIDSON Robt   Tararu Creek 52
DAVIES Hugh   Amy St, Grahamstown 52
DAVIES Wm Grocer Davy St 52
DAVIN Jas   Moanatairi Creek 52
DAVINE John   Karaka 52
DAVIS George Hairdresser Brown St 52
DAVIS Hugh Carter Amy St 52
DAVIS Phillip Clerk Baillie St 52
DAVIS Rev John   Eyre St 52
DAVIS Saml Woodwall   Tapu Creek 52
DAVIS Thos Engineer Sealey St 52
DAVIS Wm Grocer Brown St 52
DAVISON Ralph Timber Merchant Eyre St 52
DAVY Mary Laundress Williamson St 52
DAVY Richd Miner Davy St 52
DAVY Wm Founder Abraham St 52
DAVYS James Miner Tararu Rd 52
DAWKIN Jas Miner Richmond St 52
DAWSON Wm Miner Cochrane St 52
DAWSON Wm Henry   Moanatairi Creek 52
DAY Fredk Friend   Karaka 52
DAYKIN Francis   Rolleston St, Shortland 52
DAYLY Austin   Davy St, Grahamstown 52
DE HIRSCH Jas   Owen St 52
DEAN Frederick Clarence   Brown St 52
DEAN Wm   Kirkwood St 52
DEE Daniel   Karaka 52
DELAHUNTY Patrick Miner Moanatairi 52
DELAMERE Wm Miner Upper Albert St 52
DELANEY Matthew Publican Owen St 52
DENBY Geo Chemist Brown St 52
DENHAM Joseph   Hape Creek 52
DERMOT Richd   Richmond St, Shortland 52
DERMOTT Kate   Pollen St 52
DERRAM Jas   Karaka Flat 52
DEVIN Henry   Moanatairi Creek 52
DEVIN Jas Publican Owen St 52
DEVIN Patrick   Moanatairi Creek 52
DEVIN Wm   Tinkers Gully, Tararu 52
DEVINE John   Karaka Creek 52
DEVY Geo Cabinet maker Kirkwood St 52
DEWAR Alex Miner Baillie St 52
DEWAR Peter   Waiotahi 52
DEY Wm Baker Queen St 52
DIAMOND John Miner Baillie St 52
DICK Jas   Hape Rd, Shortland 52
DICK Wm   Hape Rd, Shortland 52
DICKEY Samuel Miner Broad St 52
DICKSON Thos Jas   Kurunui Creek 52
DILLON Joseph John   Karaka Creek 52
DILLON Patrick Miner Crown Prince Hill 52
DILLON Robt   Waiotahi Creek 52
DIMOND Mark   Waiotahi 52
DINHAM John Hill   Davy St, Grahamstown 52
DIVENEY Wm   Karaka 52
DIXON Francis Verdon   Grahamstown 52
DIXON Griffiths Verdon   Grahamstown 52
DIXON N/R Miner Davy St 52
DIXON Peter Verdon   Karaka 52
DIXON W Williams Carpenter Queen St 52
DOD Chas Edw Publican Grey St 52
DODD John Elliers Solicitor Mackay St 52
DODD Richd Newton Boarding House Beach 52
DONELLY Patrick Miner Kirkwood St 52
DONKIN Hy Miner Shellback Creek 52
DONNELLY Bernard   Karaka Creek 52
DONNELLY John   Moanatairi Creek 52
DONNELLY Patrick Miner Davy St 52
DONNELLY Thos   Karaka Creek 52
DONOVAN John   Karaka Creek 52
DONOVAN N/R   Pollen St 52
DONOVAN Richd   Karaka Creek 52
DONOVAN Thos Carpenter Mackay St 52
DONOVAN Timothy Laborer Waiotahi Ck 52
DOOLEY Edw   Owen St, Grahamstown 52
DOOLEY John Donegal Arms Hotel Abraham St, Grahamstown 52
DOOLEY Michael   Moanatairi Creek 52
DORAN Daniel   Karaka Creek 52
DORAN Jas   Grahamstown 52
DORE Jeremiah   Tinkers Gully, Tararu 52
DORRINGTON Patrick Miner Moanatairi Creek 52
DOUGHERTY Thos   Karaka 52
DOUGLAS Andrew   Moanatairi 52
DOUGLAS G Alfred Baker Willoughby St 52
DOUGLAS Richd Bootmaker Pollen St 52
DOUGLAS Robt Tarbett   Willoughby St, Shortland 52
DOULAN Wm   Eyre St, Shortland 52
DOVE Geo Engineer Kirkwood St 52
DOWDEN Wm Walter Auctioneer Albert St 52
DOWLING Patrick   Tararu Creek 52
DOWNES Jas Miner Baillie St 52
DOWNES Jas Engineer Waiotahi Creek 52
DOWNES Jas Publican Brown St 52
DOWNES Patrick Contractor Rolleston St 52
DOWNEY John     52
DOWNS Jas   Waiotahi 52
DOWNS Jas   Karaka Block 52
DOYLE John Miner Moanatairi Creek 52
DRAKE Wm   The Terrace, Richmond St, Shortland 52
DRAKIN John   Hape Creek 52
DRALLY Alex   Collarbone, Karaka Creek 52
DREW Edw   Karaka Creek 52
DRINKWATER N/R   Shotover Creek 52
DRISCOLL Jas   Waiotahi Creek 52
DRISCOLL Jas   Karaka Hill 52
DRISCOLL Michael   Punga Flat 52
DRIVER Hy Ironmonger Pollen St 52
DRIVER Hy Dunn Painter Pollen St 52
DRIVER Saml Shaw   Owen St, Shortland 52
DROYER Jeremiah Laborer Waiotahi Creek 52
DRUGER Hy   Punga Flat 52
DRYDEN Simon   Punga Flat 52
DUGAN John   Karaka 52
DUGGAN Catherine   Baillie St 52
DUGLASS John   Waiotahi Creek 52
DUINIVAN Jas   Waiotahi Creek 52
DUKE Jas   Grahamstown 52
DUNCAN Chas   Dukes Rd, Grahamstown 52
DUNCAN Jas   Tapu Creek 52
DUNCAN John   Willoughby St, Shortland 52
DUNLOP Thos Carter Tararu Rd 52
DUNLOP Thos Aitkin   Beach Rd, Grahamstown 52
DUNN Adw Publican Mary St 52
DUNN Arthur Jose Nemesis   Karaka 52
DUNN Ben   Waiotahi 52
DUNN Chas Barklay   Karaka Creek 52
DUNN Frdk Cabinet maker Pollen St 52
DUNN Joseph Miner Moanatairi Spur 52
DUNN Robt   Waiotahi Creek 52
DUNN Wm   Hape Creek 52
DUNNE John   Karaka 52
DUNNINGHAM David   Grahamstown 52
DUNSMUIR John Miner Upper Albert St 52
DUNSTAN Nicholas Miner Keddell St 52
DURHAM Jas Edwd Draper Pollen St 52
DWYER Michl   Tararu Creek 52
DWYER Thos   Tararu Creek 52
EASTER Robt   Brown St 52
ECKENBERG Augustus Boatman Eyre St 52
EDDOWES Roger Sailor Prince Claim 52
EDGAR Mathew     52
EDMONDS Peter Moulder Waiotahi Creek 52
EDWARD Wm Cabinet maker Mackay St 52
EDWARDS Alex Miner Upper Albert St 52
EDWARDS David   Dukes Rd, Grahamstown 52
EDWARDS Edwd Robt Waiotahi Creek, Grahamstown 52
EDWARDS Jas Thos Star Hotel Shortland 52
EGAN Edwd   Waiotahi Creek 52
EHRENFRIED Louis Brewer Mackay St 52
ELEMENT Geo   Baillie St, Shortland 52
ELLIOTT Adam   Moanatairi Creek 52
ELLIOTT Frank   Pollen St, Grahamstown 52
ELLIOTT John Engineer Waiotahi Creek 52
ELLIOTT Wm   Sandes St, Shortland 52
ELLIS Chas Jackson Battery Manager Tararu Rd 52
ELLIS Jas Miner Waiotahi Creek 52
ELLIS John Miner Richmond St 52
ELLISON John Mybrandt   Tapu Creek 52
ELWORTH Jas Blacksmith Tararu Rd 52
EMANUEL Benj Elkin   Pollen St, Shortland 52
EMBIEING Geo   Karaka 52
ENDRES Francisco Miner Willoughby St 52
ENGLER Godfied Christian Louis Moanatairi Creek 52
ENSOR Jas   Hill St, Shortland 52
ENSOR Moses Miner Upper Albert St 52
ENSOR Saml Publican Rolleston St 52
ERASMUS John Miner Tararu Creek 52
ERRINGTON Wm Engineer Eyre St 52
ESPIE Robt Willoughby St, Shortland 52
EUSTER Robt Miner Rolleston St 52
EVANS Geo Laborer Moanatairi Creek 52
EVANS Hy Laborer Tararu Rd 52
EVANS John   Waiotahi Creek 52
EVANS Robt Nurseryman Stanley St 52
EVANS Wm Mansell   Davy St, Grahamstown 52
EVERITT Wm Cabinet maker Pollen St 53
EVERITT Wm, junr   Pollen St, Shortland 53
EVERLEIGH Jas   Karaka 53
EXCHANGE GOLD MINING COY (Limited)   Campbell St 53
FAHEY John   Karaka Creek 53
FAHEY Thos   Karaka Creek 53
FAHEY Wm   Waiotahi Creek 53
FAIRBURN Edwin   Tookey's Flat 53
FAIRBURN Robert Walker   Campbell St, Grahamstown 53
FALEN John   Karaka 53
FALLWELL Saml   Brown St, Grahamstown 53
FARMER Daniel Geo   Shellback 53
FARMER Jas Milkman Tararu Rd 53
FARRELL Hugh   Waiotahi Creek 53
FARRELL Jas Carpenter Richmond St 53
FARRELL John Builder Richmond St 53
FARRELL Robt Builder Eyre St, Shortland 53
FARROW Geo Jas   Pollen St, Grahamstown 53
FATHERS John Miner Mackay St 53
FAULL Wm Cabinet maker Owen St 53
FEINEY John   Karaka Creek 53
FEINEY Richd   Karaka 53
FENTON Geo   Beach, Grahamstown 53
FENTON Jas Fruiterer Mary St 53
FERGUSON Isabella Greengrocer Owen St 53
FERGUSON Jas   Davy St, Grahamstown 53
FERGUSON John   Tararu Rd, Grahamstown 53
FERGUSON Peter Miner Upper Albert St 53
FERGUSON Robt Barlow   Karaka, Shortld 53
FERGUSON Wm Carter Davy St 53
FERRIS Robt   Tapu Creek 53
FERROW Jas Chas   Tapu Creek 53
FIELD John   Beach, Shortland 53
FIELDING John   Karaka Creek 53
FIELDS Robt   Harvey St, Grahamstown 53
FIEREY Michl   Grahamstown 53
FILE Wm Lavers   Tookey's Flat 53
FILMORE Wm Carpenter Young's Alley 53
FINICAN Michl   Punga Flat 53
FINIGAN Patrick   Karaka Creek 53
FINLAY Wm   Owen St 53
FINLAY Wm   Owen St, Grahamstown 53
FINNERTY Chas   Tararu Creek 53
FIRE BRIGADE     Queen St 53
FIRTH Henry Photographer Pollen St 53
FISH Renten   Tararu 53
FISHER Geo   Eyre St 53
FISHER Hamilton   Albert St, Grahamstown 53
FISHER Hugh Blacksmith Collins St 53
FISHER Wm Miner Collins St 53
FITCH Jas Sawyer All Nations Hotel Pollen St, Grahamstown 53
FITZGERALD David   Waiotahi Creek 53
FITZGERALD Jas   Karaka Creek 53
FITZGERALD John   Grahamstown 53
FITZGERALD Michael   Shellback 53
FITZGERALD Richd   Shortland 53
FITZGERALD Robt   Murphy's Hill 53
FITZGERALD Thos   Karaka 53
FITZGERALD Wm   Karaka 53
FITZGIBBON Gibbon Carew   Eyre St, Shortland 53
FITZPATRICK Francis Joseph Waiotahi Hotel Owen St, Grahamstown 53
FITZPATRICK Jas   Kauaeranga Ck, Shortland 53
FITZPATRICK Michael Carpenter Tararu Ck 53
FITZPATRICK Ptk Miner Waiotahi Creek 53
FLAHERTY Thos J   Karaka 53
FLAHINE Wm   Madman's Gully 53
FLANAGHAN Jas   Karaka Creek 53
FLANAGHAN Pat   Moanatairi Creek 53
FLANARY Andw   Karaka 53
FLANG Denis   Karaka Creek 53
FLANNAGIN John   Moanatairi Creek 53
FLANNIGAN Michael   Shortland 53
FLEETWOOD Margaret Helen Teacher Pollen St 53
FLEMING Andw Clerk Baillie St 53
FLEMING John   Grahamstown 53
FLEMING Jubal   Owen St, Grahamstown 53
FLEMING Louis Miner Beach 53
FLEMING Wm Miner Kuranui Hill 53
FLETCHER Chas   Grey St, Shortland 53
FLETCHER Hy Miner Bird in Hand Hill 53
FLETCHER John   Grey St, Shortland 53
FLIN John   Tararu Creek 53
FLINN John   Beach, Grahamstown 53
FLYN David   Karaka, Shortland 53
FLYNN Mary   Mary St 53
FLYNN Thos   Karaka 53
FOGARTY Edwd Publican Pollen St 53
FOHEY Wm   Shellback Creek 53
FORBES Daniel   Karaka Creek, Shortland 53
FORBES Jas   Grey St, Shortland 53
FORBLEY John   Karaka Creek, Shortland 53
FOREMAN Wm   Karaka 53
FORGHEY Michael   Waiotahi Creek 53
FORGIE Jas Baker Pollen St 53
FORRH John   Karaka Creek 53
FORROW George   Tapu Creek 53
FOSS John Butcher Abraham St 53
FOSTER Jas Benjamin Miner Davy St 53
FOSTER Joshua Hunter   Moanatairi Creek 53
FOSTER Peter   Kirkwood St 53
FOTHERINGHAM John Stuart Blacksmith Queen St 53
FOTHERINGHAM Wm   Grahamstown 53
FOUGHY Wm   Shortland 53
FOULESTON Matthew   Karaka Creek 53
FOWLER Patk   Tinkers Gully, Shortland 53
FOX Alex   Shortland 53
FOX John   Pollen St, Shortland 53
FOX Robt Miner Moanatairi 53
FOY James Joseph     53
FOY Joseph Michael     53
FOY BROS   Photograhers Pollen St 53
FRANCH Mrs   Waiotahi Creek 53
FRANCIS Hy Burdett   Albert St, Grahamstown 53
FRANK John Barber Pollen St 53
FRANKLIN John Miner Kirkwood St 53
FRASER Wm Resident Magis Tararu Rd 53
FRASER & TINNE   Iron & Brass Founders Haven St 53
FRATER John Sharebroker Albert St 53
FRAWLEY Patk   Karaka Creek 53
FREARSON Wm   Waiotahi Creek 53
FREEMAN Jas   Karaka Creek 53
FRENCH John Michael & Co, Grocers Owen St 53
FRENCH Robt Grocer Pollen St 53
FRICKER Walter Painter Tararu Rd 53
FRITH Henry   Pollen St, Shortland 53
FRYER Jas ?Atkinson   Waiotahi Hill 53
FUGATE Hy Bootmaker Owen St 53
FUGILE Thos   Waiotahi 53
FULLER Stephen   Waiotahi Creek 53
FULLER Walter William   Tinkers Gully, Tararu 53
FULLERTON Thos   Karaka Creek 53
FULLJAMES Thos Clerk Queen St 53
FULTON Alex   Willoughby St, Shortland 53
FUREY Michael   Grahamstown 53
FUSSELL John   Hape Ck 53
FYFFE John Dickson   Tararu 53
GAEEN John Miner Waiotahi Creek 53
GALE Chas Wm   Karaka Hill 53
GALLAGHER Edwd Carter Eyre St 53
GALLAGHER Martin   Moanatairi Creek, Grahamstown 53
GALLOWAY Robt   Karaka 53
GARAWAY Hy   Karaka Creek 53
GARBETH Robt Fitzlengh   Shellback Creek 53
GARDENER Fredk Perry   Tapu Creek 53
GARDINER N/R Miner Waiotahi Creek 53
GARDINER Singleton   Waiotahi Creek 53
GARDNER Campbell   Hape Creek 53
GARDNER Jas Baker Rolleston St 53
GARDNER John Wm   Davy St 53
GARDNER Wm R Miner Mackay St 53
GARE Wm   Waiotahi Creek 53
GARLAND Hy Nelson   Karaka Creek 53
GARNER Francis Miner Upper Albert St 53
GARRATT Thos   Tararu Creek 53
GARRETT Francis   Karaka Hill 53
GARRETT Jas Alex Engineer Mackay St 53
GARRETT Oliver Clerk Kirkwood St 53
GARRETT Thomas Exchange Hotel Pollen St, Shortland 53
GARVEY Daniel   Karaka Creek 53
GARVEY Jas Mine Manager Campbell St 53
GARVEY Michl   Waiotahi Creek 53
GARVEY Thos Carter Tararu Rd 53
GASH Hy Hobson Miner Mackay St 53
GATWARD Chas Thos   Pollen St, Shortland 53
GEAREY Daniel   Pollen St 53
GEARY Wm   Kurunui Creek 53
GENTRY Chas Wm   Pollen St, Shortland 53
GEORGE Wm Hy   Karaka 53
GERDES Rickley F   Karaka Creek 53
GERRIST Jas Greengrocer Pollen St 53
GIBB John Karaka 53
GIBBONS John Timber Merchant Eyre St 53
GIBSON James Cuthbertson Mackechnie Richmond St, Shortland 53
GIBSON Wm Blacksmith Bird in Hand Hill 53
GIDLEY Hy   Pollen St, Shortland 53
GILBERT Richd Miner Rolleston St 53
GILL Wm   Waiotahi Creek 53
GILLAN Alex Scotia Hotel Brown St, Grahamstown 53
GILLAN Benj   Golden Crown St, Grahamstown 53
GILLAN John Miner Tararu Rd 53
GILLESPIE Hy C Clerk Tararu Rd 53
GILLET Hy Karaka Hotel Pollen St, Shortland 53
GILLIES John Grocer Pollen St 53
GILLIES Robt   Sealey St, Shortland 53
GILLIGHAN Chas   Brown St, Grahamstown 53
GILLING Eli John   Pollen St, Shortland 53
GILLION David R Mining Agent Mary St 53
GILMORE Thos   Tinker's Gully 53
GILPIN Jas   Waiotahi Creek 53
GINN Geo Levett Bricklayer Queen St 53
GIRDLER Neil   Pollen St, Shortland 53
GIRVAN John Miner Waiotahi Creek 53
GITTINS Joseph   Beach, Shortland 53
GLASSON John   Karaka 53
GLASSON John, Jun   Karaka 53
GLEESON Catherine   Waiotahi Creek 53
GLEESON Martin   Punga Flat 53
GLENCORNES Thos   Tararu Rd 53
GLESSON Cornelius   Karaka Creek 53
GLOVER Hy   Murphys Lane, Karaka 53
GLOYN John   Moanatairi Creek 54
GODHARD Chas Fredk   Mackay St, Shortland 54
GODKIN Kate Grocer Pollen St 54
GODKIN Thos Publican Pollen St 54
GODWIN Hy Miner Baillie St 54
GOLD Andw   Brown St, Grahamstown 54
GOLDFINCH John   Kurunui 54
GOLDIE John   Hape Creek 54
GOLDSMITH Hy Mining Inspector Beach Rd 54
GOLDSMITH Oliver   Tapu Creek 54
GOLDSWORTHY Hy Miner Tararu Rd 54
GOLDSWORTHY Wm Miner Pollen St 54
GOLDWATER Myer Draper Pollen St 54
GOOD Thos   Campbell St, Grahamstown 54
GOODALL Geo   Tararu Creek 54
GOODALL John   Tookey's Flat, Grahamstown 54
GOODWIN Jno Saunderson Schoolmaster Willoughby St 54
GOONAN Patk   Tararu Creek 54
GOPPORTH Benedick Miner Baillie St 54
GORDON Donald   Karaka Creek, Shortld 54
GORDON Henderson Carpenter Willoughby St 54
GORDON John Thos   Karaka Creek, Shortland 54
GORDON Robt   Waiotahi Creek 54
GOTCH Sarah School Tararu Rd 54
GRACE David   Waiotahi Creek 54
GRACE Martin Policeman Upper Albert St 54
GRACE Patrick   Karaka Creek 54
GRACE Thos   Waiotahi Creek 54
GRACE Wm Henry   Sandes St 54
GRAHAM Alex   Tararu Creek 54
GRAHAM Andrew   Rolleston St, Karaka 54
GRAHAM Henry   Moanatairi Creek 54
GRAHAM Jno Miner Hand & Band Hill 54
GRAHAM John Johnson   Grahamstown 54
GRAHAM Peter Grocer Rolleston St 54
GRAHAM Richd Edwd   Beach, Grahamstown 54
GRAHAM Robt   Tararu 54
GRAHAM Saml   Tapu Creek 54
GRAHAM Thos   Karaka 54
GRAHAM Thos Joseph   Campbell St 54
GRAHAM Wm   Richmond St, Shortland 54
GRANATY John Publican Karaka Rd 54
GRANT Jas Duncan   Albert St 54
GRANT John Drill Sergeant Bird in Hand Hill 54
GRANT Obediah Mariner Willoughby St 54
GRANT Oliver Osborne Painter Pollen St 54
GRASSICK John Grant   Tapu Creek 54
GRAY Hugh   Alabama Creek, Karaka 54
GRAY Jas   Karaka Creek 54
GRAY Robt   Karaka Creek 54
GRAY Wm Archd   Grahamstown 54
GREEN Jas   Waiotahi Creek 54
GREEN John   Karaka 54
GREEN Peter   Grahamstown 54
GREEN Thos Miner Mackay St 54
GREEN Wm Hatter Brown St 54
GREENE Peter   Shellback Creek, Shortland 54
GREENFALL Jas   Hape Creek 54
GREENVILLE Wm Sowerby   Shortland 54
GREENWOOD Benjm Merchant Pollen St 54
GRIBBLE Jas Miner Pollen St 54
GRIBBLE Jas John Draper Owen St 54
GRIFFIN John   Grahamstown 54
GRIFFIN Martin   Karaka 54
GRIFFIN Owen   Karaka 54
GRIFFIN Patrick   Waiotahi Creek 54
GRIFFIN Peter   Grahamstown 54
GRIFFIN Peter, Jun   Brown St, Grahamstown 54
GRIFFITHS Edwd   Hape Creek, Shortland 54
GRIFFITHS Owen Carter Queen St 54
GRIFFITHS Wm Engineer Tararu Rd 54
GRIGG John Undertaker Pollen St 54
GRIGGS Henry   Karaka 54
GRUBB Richd Miner Upper Albert St 54
GUDGEON Thos Wayte   Owen St, Grahamstown 54
GUIERNAN Michael   Moanatairi 54
GUILDING John Wm Rd   Grey St, Shortland 54
GUILFOILE Peter   Tararu 54
GUNDERSON Albert   Owen St, Grahamstown 54
GUNIVAN Patck   Shortland 54
GUNSON Geo   Moanatairi Creek 54
GURNEY Jas Carter Bella St 54
GUTHRIE Jno Pritchard Carter Mackay St 54
GUY Thos Miner Waiotahi Hill 54
GYDE Geo Engineer Abraham St 54
HACKETT Chas Miner Walker St 54
HADFIELD Saml   Pollen St, Shortland 54
HAGARTY John   Grahamstown 54
HAGIN Geo Hy Calendonia Hotel Mackay St, Shortland 54
HAIG Wm Sydney Harrington Shortland 54
HALES Richd Ginger Beer Manufactory Kirkwood St 54
HALL Henry   Hape Rd, Shortland 54
HALL John   Owen St, Grahamstown 54
HALL John W Chemist Mackay St 54
HALL Joseph   Moanatairi Creek 54
HALL Wm   Moanatairi 54
HALLINS Wm   Waiotahi Creek 54
HALLIWELL Greenwood   Moanatairi Creek 54
HALLOHAN Timothy   Karaka Creek 54
HALLOWELL Jas   Karaka Creek 54
HALNON Thos   Moanatairi Creek 54
HALPEIR Edwd   Waiotahi Creek 54
HAMEN Peter Mine Manager Tararu Rd 54
HAMERTON John Draper Baillie St 54
HAMILTON Albert Edwd, Davidson Hape Creek Road, Shortland 54
HAMILTON Dupre Alexandra   Karaka 54
HAMILTON Hugh   Waiotahi Creek 54
HAMILTON Jas Baker Davy St 54
HAMILTON Jas Stewart   Karaka 54
HAMILTON Robt Wilson   Willoughby St, Shortland 54
HAMILTON Samuel   Karaka Creek, Shortland 54
HAMLEY Wm Henry   Karaka Creek, Shortland 54
HAMMOND Hy Warington Knox   Karaka 54
HAMMOND Thos Carpenter Mackay St 54
HAMPSON Arthur Wm   Rolleston St, Shortland 54
HAMPTON Walter   Beach, Grahamstown 54
HANAM Jas Bricklayer Haven St 54
HANKIN Fredk Boarding House Owen St 54
HANLEN Alex   Karaka Block, Grahamstown 54
HANNAH Jas B   Grahamstown 54
HANNAN David   Pollen St, Shortland 54
HANSED Geo   Karaka Creek 54
HANSEN John E Grocer Pollen St 54
HARCOURT W Edwell   Wisemans Gully 54
HARDING Samuel   Grahamstown 54
HARDMAN Jas   Hape Rd, Shortland 54
HARDY Wm   Tapu Creek 54
HAREHILL Patrick   Moanatairi Creek 54
HARFIT Eliza   Davy St 54
HARIGAN Daniel   Karaka 55
HARIMATE     Taupo 55
HARKER John   Campbell St, Grahamstown 54
HARKINS Hugh   Waiotahi Creek 54
HARKINS Jas Miner Abraham St 54
HARKNESS Thos   Tararu 54
HARLING Wm Miner Cochrane St 54
HARNEY John   Waiotahi Creek 54
HARNEY Patk   Waiotahi Creek 54
HARO Peter Miner Bird in Hand Hill 54
HARPER Bedford Bolton   Grahams Paddock, Grahamstown 54
HARPER Wm T Carpenter Queen St 54
HARRIS Hy   Karaka 54
HARRIS John Chantrey   Sealey St, Grahamstown 54
HARRIS John Jas   Beach, Grahamstown 54
HARRIS Joseph   Tararu Creek 54
HARRIS Philip Miner Davy St 54
HARRIS Richd Miner Moanatairi Creek 54
HARRIS Robt   Tapu Creek 54
HARRIS Thos   Mission Ground, Parawai, Shortland 54
HARRIS Wm   Karaka Creek 54
HART Andw   Karaka 54
HART Chas Miner Upper Albert St 54
HART John Miner Upper Albert St 54
HART John Landers Gunsmith Pollen St 54
HART Joseph   Owen St, Grahamstown 54
HARTLEY Joshua   Hape Creek, Shortland 54
HARTON Jas   Punga Flat, Karaka Block 54
HARVEY Gason Miner Campbell St 54
HARVEY Jas Carpenter Upper Albert St 54
HARVEY Wm Miner Tararu Road 54
HASLEM John   Karaka Creek 54
HASTING Wm C Miner Davy St 54
HATELY John   Karaka Creek 54
HATTON John Mariner Abraham St 54
HAUGHTON Charles Edward   Kauaeranga Mission Station, Shortland 54
HAVERFIELD John Painter Waiotahi Creek 54
HAWIRATE Waihapa, Warahoe   Shortland 54
HAWK Wm   Williamson St, Grahamstown 54
HAWKES Geo   Shortland 54
HAWKES Hy Bootmaker Owen St 54
HAWKES Jas   Karaka Creek 54
HAWKINS Mrs   Waiotahi Creek 54
HAWTHORN Josiah   Hill St, Shortland 54
HAY Annie Dressmaker Karaka Rd 54
HAY Hy Carpenter Karaka Rd 54
HAYDEN Martin   Punga Flat 54
HAYDEN Patk   Moanatairi 54
HAYES John   Karaka 54
HAYES Michl   Waiotahi Creek 54
HAYES Timothy   Karaka Creek 54
HAYLES Benjamin Chas   Williamson St, Grahamstown 54
HAYWARD Wm   Sealey St, Shortland 54
HAYWOOD Robt   Grahamstown 54
HAYWOOD Thos Scotia Hotel Grahamstown 54
HAZARD Wm Carpenter Beach Rd 54
HAZARD Wm Hy Gunsmith Brown St 54
HAZELL Chas Langford   Kurunui 54
HAZLITT Wm   Shortland 54
HEAD John Miner Pollen St 54
HEAGERLY John   Tararu Creek 55
HEALEY Jas   Karaka Creek 55
HEALEY John   Waiotahi Creek 55
HEALEY Thos Miner Pollen St 55
HEAPE Thos   Karaka 55
HEATON Edmond   Tararu 55
HEGERTY John Miner Hand And Band 55
HEIGHER Jas   Karaka Creek 55
HEIGHWAY John Engineer Bird in Hand Hill 55
HEIGHWAY John Felton   Karaka 55
HEIKMAN John H T Miner Campbell St 55
HELDS John A Cabinetmaker Pollen St 55
HELDT Fredk   Pollen St, Shortland 55
HELDT John Augustus   Pollen St, Shortland 55
HELLABY Wm   Owen St, Grahamstown 55
HELMS Edwd   Mackay St, Shortland 55
HELY Patk A   Tararu 55
HENARE Puku Ahi   Kaiteriria, Upper Taupo 55
HENARE Te Whakarongohau   Parawa 55
HENDERSON David   Pollen St, Grahamstown 55
HENDERSON Duncan   Punga Flat 55
HENDERSON Geo   Karaka 55
HENDERSON N/R Miner Bird in Hand Hill 55
HENDRY Jas Reed   Davy St, Grahamstown 55
HENDRY John Publican Pollen St 55
HENFLING Joseph   Karaka Hill 55
HENNELLY John Miner Burke St 55
HENNELLY Michl   Burke St, Grahamstown 55
HENNESSEY Daniel   Waiotahi Creek 55
HENNESSEY John   Rolleston St, Shortland 55
HENNESSEY Wm   Shortland 55
HENNESSY Jas   Shortland 55
HENNESSY Patk Bootmaker Haven St 55
HENNGUES Geo Miner Kuranui Hill 55
HERBERT Edwd Talbot Draper Brown St 55
HERBERT Harry   Moanatairi Creek 55
HERBERT Michl   Tararu 55
HERBERT Robt   Waiotahi Creek 55
HERIRAI Wm Miner Waiotahi Creek 55
HERIVET Wm   Grahamstown 55
HERK John   Tararu 55
HERON Jas Timber Merchant Eyre St 55
HERON Kilgour     55
HESSIAN Patk   Karaka Creek 55
HESTER Wm   Karaka 55
HETHERINGTON Saml Draper Richmond St 55
HETHERINGTON Thos Miner Moanatairi Spur 55
HEWELL N/R   Mackay St 55
HEWIN Fredk Grocer Owen St 55
HEWIN Henry   Owen St, Grahamstown 55
HEWITT John   Karaka Creek 55
HEWITT Wm Ironmonger Queen St 55
HEWSON John Wm   Rolleston St, Shortland 55
HEYLAND Arthur   Karaka Creek 55
HIBBLE Sophia   Abraham St 55
HIBBLE Wm Greer   Shortland 55
HICK Wm Henry   Waiotahi 55
HICKERY Jas   Tararu Creek 55
HICKERY Wm   Mackay St, Shortland 55
HICKORY Ann   Mackay St 55
HICKS Geo Miner Kuranui Spur 55
HICKS Henry Miner Keddell St 55
HICKS Jas Miner Waiotahi Hill 55
HICKS Thos B Mine Manager Bird in Hand Hill 55
HICKS Wm   Bird in Hand Hill 55
HICKSON Alfred Hill   Davy St, Grahamstown 55
HIGGINS Denis   Karaka 55
HIGGINS Edwd Miner Irishtown 55
HIGGINS John   Karaka Creek 55
HIGGINS Robt Butcher Karaka Rd 55
HIGGINSON John Andw   Tararu 55
HIGHAM Geo   Tapu Creek 55
HILL Chas Giles   Waiotahi 55
HILL Jas   Pukerahui Block, Shortland 55
HILL Richd Miner Waiotahi Creek 55
HILL Samuel   Karaka Creek 55
HILL Wm   Karaka St, Shortland 55
HILLS Fredk   Queen St, Grahamstown 55
HILTON Geo Philip   Karaka 55
HILTON George Engineer Davy St 55
HINDMAN Mary Jane   Upper Albert St 55
HIRK N/R Miner Moanatairi 55
HIRST Samuel Luther   Kuranui 55
HOAHILAN Michael   Tapu Creek 55
HOAR Mathew   Punga Flat 55
HOARE Fred Albt   Pollen St, Shortland 55
HOGAN Denis   Waiotahi Creek 55
HOGAN Edwd Shakespeare Hotel Owen St, Grahamstown 55
HOGAN Michl Publican Pollen St 55
HOGAN Thos   Moanatairi Creek 55
HOGG Alex   Tararu 55
HOGG N/R   Waiotahi Creek 55
HOILES Jonathan   Kaueweranga 55
HOLDSWORTH Martin I Miner Beach Rd 55
HOLLAND Geo   Moanatairi 55
HOLLAND Jas Job   Shortland 55
HOLLAND John   Tararu 55
HOLLIDAY Wm Cook Mackay St 55
HOLLINGSWORTH Henry   Karaka Hill 55
HOLLIS Edwd Wise Architect Pollen St 55
HOLLIS Wm Engineer Tararu Rd 55
HOLLY David   Kirkwood St, Grahamstown 55
HOLME Mathias   Kurunui 55
HOLMES Alfred   Karaka Creek 55
HOLMES Chas Wm   Hape Creek 55
HOLMES Geo   Karaka Creek 55
HOLMON John H Miner Tararu Rd 55
HOLT Francis Geo   Tapu Creek 55
HOME INSTITUTE     Pollen St 55
HONIS Ed Agent & Collector Pollen St 55
HONISS Edwd   Queen St, Grahamstown 55
HOOD Alex   Havelock St 55
HOOD Archd   Upper Karaka Rd 55
HOOPER Robert Richardson   Pollen St, Shortland 55
HOPCRAFT Jas (Evening Star Office listing) Beach, Shortland 55
HOPCRAFT, MCCULLOUGH & Co Evening Star Office   55
HOPE Andw   Tararu 55
HOPKINS George Moanatairi Restaurant Tookeys Flat 55
HOPKINS Isaac   Waiotahi Creek 55
HOPKINS James   Madmans Gully 55
HOPKINS Wm Jas   Kirkwood St, Grahamstown 55
HORAN Jas   Waiotahi Creek 55
HORAN John Hawker Pollen St 55
HORBURGH Thos Mining Manager Brown St, Grahamstown 55
HORNE Jas Mining Agent Beach Rd 55
HORNE Jeremiah Mason Upper Albert St 55
HORNEY Miss   Waiotahi Creek 55
HORNSLY Edwin   Brown St, Grahamstown 55
HORSBURGH Thos Legal Manager Brown St 55
HORSFALL Thos   Augustus St, Karaka 55
HORTON Alfred Geo   Albert St 55
HORTON R T R Assayer Amy St 55
HOUGH Wm Grocer Queen St 55
HOWARD Edwd   Tapu Creek 55
HOWARD Hy   Tapu Creek 55
HOWE Alfd Laborer Richmond St 55
HOWELL Geo Fred   Karaka Creek 55
HOWELL John Bootmaker Pollen St 55
HUCKSTEP Jas   Pollen St, Grahamstown 55
HUDSON Chas Miner Tararu 55
HUDSON John Clerk Mary St 55
HUDSON Richd Merchant Pollen St 55
HUFF John   Moanatairi Creek 55
HUFF Wm   Moanatairi Creek 55
HUGHES Michael   Moanatairi Creek 55
HULL Jas   Karaka Hill, Shortland 55
HULL Wm John Chemist Owen St 55
HULME Geo Butcher Pollen St 55
HUME Alex Accountant Albert St 55
HUMPHREY Owen   Waiotahi Hill 55
HUNK Wm Publican Pollen St 55
HUNT Martin   Karaka Creek 55
HUNT Timothy   Punga Flat 55
HUNTER Fred Alex   Mary St, Shortland 55
HUNTER Jas R Miner Pollen St 55
HUNTER Matthew   The Terrace, Shortland 55
HUNTER Patk   Karaka Creek 55
HUNTER Peter Telegraphist Tararu 55
HUNTER Scott   The Terrace, Shortland 55
HUNTER Thos   Albert St, Grahamstown 55
HURLEY J Drake Bootmaker Pollen St, Shortland 55
HURLEY Michael   Waiotahi Creek 55
HURN Uticks   Karaka Creek 55
HURRELL Chas Cavendish   Clarence St, Shortland 55
HURST Saml Miner Albert St 55
HUSTON Thos   Hape Creek 55
HUTCHISON Saml Miner Waiotahi Spur 55
HUTCHISON Thos Miner Kuranui Hill 55
HYLAND Thos   Waio, Karaka Creek 55
HYMAN Hy Bootmaker Brown St 55
HYMAN Jas Bootmaker Rolleston St 55
HYMES Ann   Baillie St 55
HYNDES N/R Carpenter Sealey St 55
IBBETSON Hy   Grahamstown 55
IBBETSON N/R   Haven St 55
INGLIS Geo   Waiotahi Creek 55
INGLIS Jas   Moanatairi Creek 55
INNS Wm Clerk Cochrane St 55
IRVIN Jas Miner Kuranui Hill 55
IVAS Wm   Tapu Creek 55
JACKSON Fred Miner Tararu 55
JACKSON Geo   Grey St, Shortland 55
JACKSON Jas Farmer Pollen St 55
JACKSON John   Karaka Creek 55
JACKSON Joshua Reporter Eyre St 55
JACKSON Thos   Willoughby St, Shortland 55
JACOBS Wm Bootmaker Pollen St 55
JACOBS Wm Hy   Pollen St, Grahamstown 55
JAGU Sydney Jas   Grey St, Shortland 55
JAMES Clark Karaka Flax Mills   56
JAMES Edwd   Moanatairi Creek 56
JAMES Hy   Kurunui 56
JAMES John Miner Tararu Rd 56
JAMES Joseph Miner Tararu Rd 56
JAMES Wm H Miner Kuranui Hill 56
JAMIESON Andw Engineer Eyre St 56
JAMIESON Wm   Tapu Creek 56
JARVIS Geo   Punga Flat 56
JARVIS John Bootmaker Pollen St 56
JARVIS Robt   Karaka 56
JEANES Geo   Waiotahi Creek 56
JEFFERSON Joseph H Stationer Pollen St 56
JEFFREY Jas Fruiterer Brown St 56
JEFFREY John Miner Tararu Creek 56
JEFFREY Robt Miner Broad St 56
JENKIN Wm Hy   Moanatairi Creek 56
JENKINS Eliza   Karaka Creek 56
JENKINS John Laborer Eyre St 56
JENKINS Wm   Shortland 56
JENNINGS Chas Miner Waiotahi Hill 56
JENNINGS Wm Mariner Richmond St 56
JERVIS John Ironmonger Pollen St 56
JEWITT Thos   Waiotahi Creek 56
JOHNS Edwd Grocer Tararu 56
JOHNS John Miner Pollen St 56
JOHNS Wm   Tararu Creek 56
JOHNSON Chas   Baillie St, Shortland 56
JOHNSON Hy Dunbar   Karaka Creek 56
JOHNSON John Miner Moanatairi 56
JOHNSON Richd Rawlins   Tararu Creek 56
JOHNSON Robt   Karaka Creek 56
JOHNSON Thos   Pollen St, Grahamstown 56
JOHNSON Wm Miner Pollen St 56
JOHNSON Wm A Laborer Mackay St 56
JOHNSTON Elizabeth School Mackay St 56
JOHNSTON John   Karaka Creek 56
JOHNSTON Wm   Grahamstown 56
JOLL Richd   Karaka Hill, Shortland 56
JONES Alfred Wm   Shortland 56
JONES Edw Miner Pollen St 56
JONES Francis   Tookeys Flat 56
JONES Hugh   Karaka Creek 56
JONES Hugh R   Waiotahi Hill 56
JONES Jas   Shortland 56
JONES John Pillon   Karaka 56
JONES Patrick Andy   Grahamstown 56
JONES Thos Franklyn   Hastings 56
JONES Thos R Architect Sealey St 56
JONES Wm Bootmaker Campbell St 56
JORDAN Richard Coles   Grahamstown 56
JOSLIN Chas Hairdresser Owen St 56
JOY Chas W C   Tararu Creek 56
JOYNT Chas Grocer Pollen St 56
JOYNTON Jervis   Karaka 56
JUDD Chas Engineer Amy St 56
JUDSON Wm Fredk   Karaka Creek 56
JUGHIN Wm   Moanatairi Creek 56
JUNG Jacob Publican Tararu 56
JURY Annie   Abraham St 56
JURY Hy Richd   Tararu 56
KALAHER John   Karaka Creek 56
KANE Ellen Publican Brown St 56
KANE John   Shortland 56
KANE Joseph Miner Upper Albert St 56
KARAUNA Karopanga   Shortland 56
KARNEY Michael   Punga Flat 56
KATES Geo Miner Beach Rd 56
KAVANAGH Joseph Bootmaker Pollen St 56
KAVANAGH Patrick   Tararu Creek 56
KAY Andw   Shortland 56
KAY John   Karaka 56
KAY Mary Ann   Tararu Rd 56
KAY Nathan Engineer Driver Tararu Rd 56
KEAN Hugh Laborer Upper Albert St 56
KEAN John   Punga Flat 56
KEAREY Isaac   Shortland 56
KEARIN Humphrey   Tapu Creek 56
KEEGAN John   Shortland 56
KEEGAN Timothy   Waiotahi Creek 56
KEENAN Richd   Albert St 56
KEENY John   Punga Flat 56
KEESING John Merchant Albert St 56
KEEVEN Thos   Beach Rd 56
KEITON Thos   Karaka 56
KELCHER Michael   Tararu 56
KELLOW Geo Thos Matthews   Pollen St, Grahamstown 56
KELLSALL Wm Laborer Davy St 56
KELLY Hy Publican Tararu Rd 56
KELLY Jas Victoria Hotel Pollen St, Shortland 56
KELLY John   Waiotahi 56
KELLY Michael   Karaka Creek 56
KELLY Patrick Bootmaker Owen St 56
KELLY Patrick R   Tararu Creek 56
KELLY Peter Laborer Pollen St 56
KELLY Robt Miner Brown St 56
KELLY Thos Miner Karaka Rd 56
KELLY Wm   Grahamstown 56
KEMP Chas     56
KEMP Hy   Fenton St, Shortland 56
KENNAN Richd   Sealey St 56
KENNAN Thos G Surveyor Pollen St 56
KENNEDY Alexr Saddler Owen St 56
KENNEDY David Coal Merchant Beach Rd 56
KENNEDY Edw   Tararu 56
KENNEDY Hy   Grahamstown 56
KENNEDY John   Karaka Creek 56
KENNEDY Michael   Moanatairi Creek 56
KENNEDY Michael J   Shortland 56
KENNEDY Thos   Karaka Creek 56
KENNEDY Thos A   Waiotahi Creek 56
KENNEDY Wm   Karaka Creek 56
KENNY Richd Carter Baillie St 56
KENNY Thos   Waiotahi Creek 56
KEOGH Edw   Karaka Creek 56
KERNICK Jas Mine Manager Mackay St 56
KERNS Patrick   Hape Creek 56
KERR Andw   Shortland 56
KERR Geo Miner Campbell St 56
KERR Jas Miner Bird in Hand Hill 56
KERR Thos Miner Campbell St 56
KERR Wm   Tapu Creek 56
KEVEN Thos   Shortland St 56
KEYES Wm Rising Sun Hotel Grahamstown 56
KIELLY Patrick   Tookeys Flat 56
KILGOUR Jas Surgeon Pollen St 56
KILKENNY Patrick   Tararu Creek 56
KING Chas Miner   56
KING Geo   Tapu Creek 56
KING Owen     56
KINNEY Richd   Karaka Hill 56
KINSELLA Matthew Miner Crown Prince 56
KIRBY Chas Miner Tararu Rd 56
KIRBY Hy   Karaka Hill 56
KIRBY John   Waiotahi Creek 56
KIRK Thos   Karaka Creek 56
KIRKHAM Jas Heaton   Karaka Creek 56
KIRWIN Jas   Karaka Creek 56
KITCHEN John Carpenter Mackay St 56
KITCHEN Thos Draper Willoughby St 56
KITCHING John Chadwick   Mackay St, Shortland 56
KITCHING Thos   Willoughby St, Shortland 56
KITCHING Wm Hy   Mackay St, Shortland 56
KITT Mathew Miner Crown Prince Claim 56
KNEEBONE Caleb Miner Kuranui Hill 56
KNEEBONE John Miner Tararu Rd 56
KNEEBONE Thos Miner Beach 56
KNEEBONE Wm Engineer Kuranui Hill 56
KNIGHT Chas   Tapu Creek 56
KNIGHT Wm Butcher Pollen St 56
KNOOPS Wessel Commission Ag Waiotahi Creek 56
KNOX Cornelius   Karaka Creek 56
KNOX John   Karaka Creek 56
KOESING John Merchant Brown St 56
KONIN Meremana   Grey St, Shortland 56
LADNER Hy Carpenter Baillie St 56
LAING John   Karaka Creek 56
LAIRD Chas Walker   Tapu Creek 56
LAIRD Wm   Shortland 56
LALLY Patrick   Moanatairi Creek 56
LAMB Alexr Timber Merchant Mary St 56
LAMB Chas Walker   Karaka 56
LAMB Edw John   Tararu 56
LAMB Peter Timber Merchant Mary St 56
LAMB Peter & Alexr Timber Merchants Eyre St 56
LAMB Wm Carpenter Rolleston St 56
LAMBERT Edw   Shortland 56
LAMBERT N/R Tailor Hand and Band Hill 56
LAMONT Geo Hannay   Shortland 56
LAMPEY John   Karaka Creek 56
LANDERS Michael   Grahamstown 56
LANDMARK Andw   Sealey St, Shortland 56
LANDY Peter   Fenton St, Shortland 56
LANE Alexr   Mackay St, Shortland 56
LANG Wm Fisherman Tararu Rd 56
LANGAN Pearce   Karaka 56
LANGE Hy Tailor Baillie St 56
LANGHAM Thos   Karaka Creek 56
LANIGAN Pierce   Karaka 56
LANKHORN Geo School Tararu Rd 56
LAPHAM John Miner Cochrane St 56
LARGE Richd   Waiotahi Hill 56
LAST Frek   Pollen St, Shortland 56
LATIMER Robt     56
LAUGHLAN John Farmer Pollen St 56
LAURENCE Edw Miner Karaka Rd 56
LAVERY Jas Builder Richmond St 56
LAW John Carpenter Bird in Hand Hill 56
LAWLOR Geo Jas   Beach, Grahamstown 56
LAWLOR Hy Chas Thos   Beach, Grahamstown 56
LAWSON Geo Miner Davy St 56
LAYCOCK Geo   Hape Creek 56
LE MANQUAIS Francis   Mackay St, Shortland 56
LEAH Isaac Miner Keddell St 56
LEAHY Patrick   Moanatairi Creek 56
LEAHY Thos   Karaka Creek 56
LEARY Jeremiah   Moanatairi Creek 56
LEDGARD Joseph   Port Albert, Shortland 56
LEDGER Richd Septimus   Grahamstown 56
LEDIARD Richd Painter Owen St 56
LEE Edw   Waiotahi Creek 56
LEE Geo   Moanatairi Creek 56
LEE Hy Jas Accountant Willoughby St 56
LEEHNER John Wm Theodore   Shortland 56
LEIGHTON Christopher Rose   Queen St, Grahamstown 56
LEITH Geo Miner Bird in Hand Hill 56
LEITH John Grocer Tararu Rd 56
LEMPRIERE Philip Brewer Baillie St 57
LENNEGEN Patrick   Karaka 57
LENTON Joshua Carter Richmond St 57
LEON Henry   Tararu 57
LEONARD Joseph Miner Moanatairi Creek 57
LEQUEINE Philip   Davy St 57
LESSONG Leopard   Willoughby St, Shortland 57
LETHBRIDGE Charles Fredk Surgeon Rolleston St, Karaka, Shortland 57
LEVI Abraham   Pollen St, Shortland 57
LEVI Simon   Pollen St, Shortland 57
LEWIS David   Moanatairi Creek 57
LEWIS Henry   Brown St, Grahamstown 57
LEWIS John   Kurunui 57
LEWIS Louis Blacksmith Waiotahi Creek 57
LEYDEN John Grocer Pollen St 57
LEYDEN Wm Grocer Pollen St 57
LIDDELL Jas Miner Waiotahi Creek 57
LIGHT Geo D Shipwright Mary St 57
LINDSAY Jas   Tapu Creek 57
LIPSEY Francis Bendigo Hotel Pollen St, Shortland 57
LIPSEY Geo   Shortland 57
LITCHFIELD Wm   Baillie St, Shortland 57
LITTLE John W Miner Tararu Rd 57
LITTLE Samuel   Waiotahi Creek 57
LIVINGSTON Wm   Richmond St 57
LLOYD Cynrie Draper Beach 57
LLOYD Frank   Hape Creek 57
LLOYD John Ormesby   Shortland 57
LLOYD Lewis   Karaka 57
LLOYD Robt   Shortland 57
LLOYD Thos Miner Bird in Hand Hill 57
LLOYD Wm Miner Abraham St 57
LOGAN John   Karaka Hill 57
LOGAN Thos   Waiotahi Creek 57
LOGAN Wm   Waiotahi Creek 57
LONEY Timothy   Karaka 57
LONG Fredk   Baillie St, Shortland 57
LONG John   Tararu 57
LONG Patrick   Waiotahi 57
LONG Robt   Punga Flat 57
LONG Roland Campion   Pollen St, Shortland 57
LONG Timothy   Kurunui St 57
LONG Walter Draper Mackay St 57
LONG Wm Miner Pollen St 57
LONG Wm Hibbs   Baillie St, Shortland 57
LONGHURST John Tyler   Tapu Creek 57
LORIGAN Daniel   Karaka Creek 57
LORIGAN Lawrence   Tookeys Flat 57
LORIMER Daniel Vass   Tapu Creek 57
LORIMER Robt   Tapu Creek 57
LOUDEN Jas   Karaka Creek 57
LOUGHMAN Wm Miner Waiotahi Creek 57
LOVAT Geo Carpenter Mackay St 57
LOVE Robt Urquhart   Pollen St, Shortld 57
LOVEDAY Lambert Wm   Grey St, Shortland 57
LOVESTER Esther Publican Mackay St 57
LOVETT John   Waiotahi Creek 57
LOVETT Wm   Pollen St, Grahamstown 57
LOWE Edwin Wass   Karaka 57
LOWE Jas R Miner Mackay St 57
LOWNDES Joseph Tailor Pollen St 57
LUCAS Wm Miner Bird in Hand Hill 57
LUCKIE Martin Miner Moanatairi 57
LUCKS Rauke Fredk Courthouse Hotel Queen St, Grahamstown 57
LUDLOW Geo   Karaka Creek 57
LUDWIG Chas Miner Tararu 57
LUFF Clark Miner Moanatairi 57
LUKE Saml   Karaka 57
LUKE Wm   Razorback 57
LUMBURN Jas H Painter Albert St 57
LUMSDEN Frances Sarah   Eyre St 57
LUSH Revd Nicessimus   Mary St 57
LYELL Wm Scott   Pollen St, Grahamstown 57
LYMBURN Jas   Albert St, Grahamstown 57
LYMBURN Jas Hall   Albert St, Grahamstown 57
LYSTER Andw   Karaka Creek 57
MABERLY Geo School Tararu Rd 57
MACDONALD John   Moanatairi Creek 57
MACDONALD John Edwin   Shortland 57
MACDONNEL Denis Gilmour   Grahamstown 57
MACE John   Karaka 57
MACGUIRE Michl   Karaka Creek 57
MACK Peter Laborer Pollen St 57
MACKAY Andw   Karaka Creek 57
MACKAY Daniel   Waiotahi Hill, Grahamstown 57
MACKAY Jas   Pollen St 57
MACKAY Saml C Miner Eyre St 57
MACKIE Daniel Miner Waiotahi Creek 57
MACKIE Jas Blacksmith Cochran St 57
MACLEAN Thos Billings Clerk Albert St 57
MACNAB Duncan   Pollen St, Shortland 57
MACONN Wm Tramway Store Tararu 57
MACTAVISH Thos   Karaka 57
MADDEN Richd Barber Brown St 57
MADDOX Jas Mariner Richmond St 57
MADER Utrick   Hape Creek 57
MADILL Wm Hy   Punga Flat 57
MAGHER Daniel   Alabama Creek 57
MAGHER Jas   Alabama Creek 57
MAGHER Wm   Moanatairi 57
MAGIN Richd Wine & Spirit Merchant Pollen St 57
MAGNUS John Milkman Tararu 57
MAGNUS N/R Miner Waiotahi Creek 57
MAHON Patk   Karaka, Shortland 57
MAHONEY David   Karaka Creek 57
MAHONEY John   Karaka Creek 57
MAHONEY Patk Miner Kirkwood St 57
MAHONEY Saml Carter Rolleston St 57
MAHONEY Wm Publican Brown St 57
MAHONY Jeremiah   Waiotahi Creek 57
MAHONY Pat   Tookeys Flat, Grahamstown 57
MAIM Jas   Hape Rd, Shortland 57
MALLET Josiah   Shortland 57
MALLOY John Laborer Mackay St 57
MANGAN Eugene   Grahamstown 57
MANGAN Jas   Karaka 57
MANGE Jas Miner Eyre St 57
MANGHAM Leonard   Karaka Creek 57
MANN Harry Waiotahi Hotel Owen St, Grahamstown 57
MANNERS John Miner Waiotahi Creek 57
MANNERS Timothy Miner Waiotahi Creek 57
MANNING Thos Engineer Baillie St 57
MANNING Thos   Hape Creek Rd 57
MANNING Wm   Karaka Creek 57
MANSON John Miner Tararu Creek 57
MANUEL Chas Leslie European Hotel Brown St, Grahamstown 57
MANUKA MINING CO (Ltd)   Owen St 57
MARCH Edw   Mackay St 57
MARCHANT Francis Vernon   Karaka 57
MARGITICH Antonini   Waiotahi Creek 57
MARINAN Patrick   Karaka Creek 57
MARKHAM John   Tapu Creek 57
MARKS Chas Bootmaker Pollen St 57
MARKS Emanuel   Grahamstown 57
MARRANAN Patrick   Karaka Creek 57
MARRIOTT Jas   Mackay St, Shortland 57
MARSH Wm Carter Eyre St 57
MARSHALL Geo Miner Tapu Creek 57
MARSHALL Jas Draper Albert St 57
MARSHALL Wm J Draper Davy St 57
MARTIN Catherine   Pollen St 57
MARTIN Hy   Karaka Creek 57
MARTIN Jas Wm   Waiotahi Creek 57
MARTIN John   Waiotahi Creek 57
MARTIN Owen   Karaka Creek 57
MARTIN Patrick   Karaka 57
MARTIN Richd   Karaka Rd 57
MARTIN Robt Contractor Tararu Rd 57
MARTIN Samuel Laborer Kirkwood St 57
MARTIN Wm Draper Rolleston St 57
MARTINSON Peter Fredk   Rolleston St, Karaka 57
MASON Jas   Karaka Creek 57
MASON John   Collarbone Creek 57
MASON Wm Stationer Mary St 57
MASTER John   Broad St, Grahamstown 57
MASTERS Bartholomew   Waiotahi Creek 57
MASTERS Jas   Waiotahi Creek 57
MASTERS John Assayer Coromandel St 57
MATCHET Jas   Karaka 57
MATENE Hore   Grey St, Shortland 57
MATHESON Daniel Miner Waiotahi Creek 57
MATHESON David Miner Waiotahi Creek 57
MATHESON Geo Miner Bird in Hand Hill 57
MATHESON Kenneth   Waiotahi Creek 57
MATHEW Chas Carter Waiotahi Creek 57
MATHEWS Geo   Hape Creek 57
MATIER Mary   Haven St 57
MATTHEWS Jas E   Karaka Hill 57
MATTHEWS Joseph   Moanatairi Creek 57
MATTHEWS Richd   Willoughby St, Shortland 57
MATUI Kaimate   Shortland 57
MAULE Geo   Abraham St, Grahamstown 57
MAWSON John   Tararu Creek 57
MAXWELL Peter Carpenter Eyre St 57
MAY John K Bootmaker Pollen St 57
MAY Richd   Pahau St, Grahamstown 57
MAYER Jas   Moanatairi Creek 57
MCALAN Patrick   Karaka Creek 57
MCANDREW Jas Carpenter Eyre St 57
MCANNALLY Geo   Beach, Grahamstown 57
MCARTHUR Jas   Grey St, Shortland 57
MCATTEER Jas   Waiotahi Creek 57
MCAULEY Daniel   Queen St 57
MCAULEY Geo   Queen St, Grahamstown 57
MCBEAN John Miner Waiotahi Creek 57
MCCABE Grattan   Pollen St, Shortland 57
MCCABE Henry   Tapu Creek 57
MCCABE Jas Blacksmith Upper Albert St 57
MCCABE Jas Miner Abraham St 57
MCCABE John Miner Abraham St 57
MCCAFFERTY Jas Miner Rolleston St 57
MCCAFFERY Bernard   Moanatairi Creek 57
MCCANN Lawrence   Pollen St, Shortland 57
MCCARROL Adam   Shortland 57
MCCARRON Edwd   Karaka Creek 57
MCCARRY Edwd   Tookeys Flat 57
MCCARTHY Callighan   Waiotahi Creek 57
MCCARTHY Daniel   Karaka Flat 57
MCCARTHY Florance   Karaka Flat 57
MCCARTHY John   Burke St, Grahamstown 57
MCCARTHY Kate Publican Brown St 57
MCCARTHY Patrick   Tapu Creek 57
MCCARTHY Wm   Karaka Creek 58
MCCARTIE John Tailor Waiotahi Creek 58
MCCASKILL Geo   Brown St, Grahamstown 58
MCCAUL Geo Tinsmith Brown St 58
MCCAULEY Daniel   Grahamstown 58
MCCAULEY Jas   Grahamstown 58
MCCAULEY Neil   Shortland 58
MCCAULIFFE Martin   Kuranui Creek, Shortland 58
MCCAW Michael   Waiotahi 58
MCCLAIR Wm   Karaka 58
MCCLAY Daniel Bootmaker Owen St 58
MCCLEARY Jas Miner Bird in Hand Hill 58
MCCLEAY Daniel Bootmaker Pollen St 58
MCCLEERY Jas   Bella St, Grahamstown 58
MCCLINTOCH Achison   Tookeys Flat 58
MCCLOGY Archibald Miner Waiotahi Creek 58
MCCLOUGHEN Wm Stafford Htl Brown St, Grahamstown 58
MCCLUEN Samuel   Moanatairi Creek 58
MCCLUEN Wm John   Brown St, Grahamstown 58
MCCLUNE Robt   Karaka Creek 58
MCCLUTCHY Saml   Richmond St, Shortland 58
MCCOLL Jas   Waterfall Creek, Tararu 58
MCCOLLAN Wm   Moanatairi Creek 58
MCCONACHIE N/R Miner Pollen St 58
MCCONACHIE Wm Miner Waiotahi Creek 58
MCCONATT Wm Laborer Tararu Creek 58
MCCONNELL Robt   Shellback Creek 58
MCCORMICK Chas   Karaka 58
MCCORMICK Francis   Coromandel St, Grahamstown 58
MCCORMICK Hugh Miner Collins St 58
MCCORMICK Jas   Karaka 58
MCCORMICK Robt   Shortland 58
MCCORMICK Wm Sharpe   Murphy's Hill 58
MCCOUVILLE John   Tararu Creek 58
MCCUE Jeremiah   Grahamstown 58
MCCULLAGH Robt Miner Upper Albert St 58
MCCULLOUGH Wm (Evening Star Office listing) Willoughby St 55
MCCULLOUGH Wm Journalist Pollen St 58
MCDAIRMED Jas Miner Keddell St 58
MCDERMOTT Andw   Karaka 58
MCDERMOTT John   Pollen St, Grahamstown 58
MCDEVITT John   Karaka 58
MCDONALD Bernard   Waiotahi 58
MCDONALD Colin   Grahamstown 58
MCDONALD Ed   Moanatairi Creek, Shortland 58
MCDONALD Hugh   Tokatea Ridge, Coromandel 58
MCDONALD John Sailmaker Eyre St 58
MCDONALD John Edwin Solicitor Eyre St 58
MCDONALD Norman   Moanatairi Creek 58
MCDONALD Ronald Miner Rolleston St 58
MCDONALD Scott Rhoderick   Owen St 58
MCDONALD Wm Miner Abraham St 58
MCDONALD Wm Jas   Tararu Creek 58
MCDONNELL Chas Greengrocer Owen St 58
MCDONNELL Dennis G   Albert St 58
MCDONNELL Edwd Wood & Coal Yard Williamson St 58
MCDONNELL Wm Jas Gardener Tararu Ck 58
MCDORMOTT Andw     58
MCDOWELL Wm Greengrocer Owen St 58
MCDUFF Wm   Tararu 58
MCELROY Patk   Karaka 58
MCELROY Thos   Tookeys Flat, Grahamstown 58
MCEWAN John Miner Tararu Rd 58
MCEWAN John Grocer Bird in Hand Hill 58
MCFARLAND Robt Jas Surveyor Owen St 58
MCGANN Joseph   Waiotahi Ridge 58
MCGARLANE Geo   Grahamstown 58
MCGEE Daniel   Karaka 58
MCGEER Denis   Tararu 58
MCGILL Jas Miner Mary St 58
MCGIMPSEY Jas   Kurunui Creek 58
MCGINNERTY Wm   Mackay St, Shortland 58
MCGIRR Wm Fireman Pollen St 58
MCGIRR Wm Peter   Pollen Street, Shortland 58
MCGLASHAN Robt   Karaka 58
MCGOLDRICK Wm   Punga Flat 58
MCGOWAN Jas Grocer Pollen St 58
MCGREGOR Archibald   Grahamstown 58
MCGREGOR Catherine   Davy St 58
MCGREGOR Duncan Abraham St 58
MCGREGOR John Miner Waiotahi Creek 58
MCGREGOR Peter   Hape Creek 58
MCGREGOR Roderick Sharebroker Pollen St 58
MCGREGOR Wm   Grahamstown 58
MCGUIRE Jas   Waiotahi Creek 58
MCGUIRE Patrick   Waiotahi Creek 58
MCGUIRE Thos Miner Tararu Rd 58
MCILHONE Hugh   Rolleston St, Shortland 58
MCILVENEY Jas   Karaka Creek 58
MCILWRICK John   Karaka 58
MCINNERNEY John   Tararu 58
MCINNERNEY Martin   Moanatairi Creek 58
MCINNINIE Pat Josh   Karaka Creek 58
MCINTOSH Alex John   Hape Creek 58
MCINTOSH Wm Carpenter Karaka Rd 58
MCINTOSH Wm Grocer Pollen St 58
MCINTYRE Donald   Punga Flat 58
MCINTYRE Hartley   Shortland 58
MCINTYRE Jas   Waiotahi Creek 58
MCKASKILL Lachlan Allan   Hekutaia 58
MCKAY Duncan   Tapu Creek 58
MCKAY Hy   Pollen St, Shortland 58
MCKAY Michl   Shellback 58
MCKEAN John   Waiotahi Creek 58
MCKEAN Patrick   Grahamstown 58
MCKEAN Wm   Karaka 58
MCKEE Jas   Shellback 58
MCKEE John   Karaka Hill 58
MCKEE William John Fireman of Works Campbell St 58
MCKEEHAN Thos   Tapu Creek 58
MCKELLAN N/R Miner Bulls Lane 58
MCKELVIE James Mine Manager Bird in Hand Hill 58
MCKENNA Wm Miner Waiotahi Creek 58
MCKENZIE Alex Miner Tararu Rd 58
MCKENZIE Donald   Willoughby St, Shortland 58
MCKENZIE Hector   Tararu 58
MCKENZIE Jas Munro   Tararu Rd 58
MCKENZIE John   Pukerahui 58
MCKENZIE Norman   Karaka Creek 58
MCKENZIE Wm   Karaka Hill 58
MCKINLEY Jas   Punga Flat 58
MCKNIGHT John   Campbell St, Grahamstown 58
MCLAREN Andw Miner Abraham St 58
MCLAREN James Monteith   Williamson St, Grahamstown 58
MCLATCHY Simon Miner Richmond St 58
MCLAUGHLAN Alex Sawyer Mackay St 58
MCLAUGHLIN John Blacksmith Beach 58
MCLEAN Chas Miner Campbell St 58
MCLEAN Daniel   Moanatairi Creek 58
MCLEAN Thos Miner Baillie St 58
MCLEAN Thos Billings Clerk Albert St 58
MCLEAY Daniel Bootmaker Amy St 58
MCLEOD Angus   Shellback 58
MCLEOD Doaald   Waiotahi Creek 58
MCLEOD Jas Mariner Willoughby St 58
MCLEOD Jas Albion Hotel Willoughby St, Shortland 58
MCLEOD John   Tapu Creek 58
MCLEOD Neil     58
MCLEOD Wm Owen   Grey St, Shortland 58
MCLIVER Jas Cooper Pollen St 58
MCLIVER N/R Miner Pahau St 58
MCLOGHREY Archd   Campbell St, Grahamstown 58
MCMAHON Cecil Amalgamator Eyre St 58
MCMAHON Jas   Tapu Creek 58
MCMAHON Matthew Jas   Tapu Creek 58
MCMAHON Michael Publican Beach Rd 58
MCMANARMIN John   Karaka Creek 58
MCMANNERING Wm Bonner   Karaka 58
MCMANUS N/R Laborer Waiotahi Creek 58
MCMANY Daniel Miner Rolleston St 58
MCMASTER David Black Forest Hotel Shortland 58
MCMASTERS Daniel Butcher Pollen St 58
MCMENAMIN Jno   Rolleston St, Shortland 58
MCMILLAN Alexr   Brown St, Grahamstown 58
MCMILLAN John   Tapu Creek 58
MCMILLAN Norman   Sheridan St 58
MCMINIE Jas   Hape Creek 58
MCMULLAN John Hugh Inspector of Works Rolleston St 58
MCMULLEN Geo   Tararu Creek 58
MCMURRAY Gavin     58
MCNAB Duncan Commissn Agt Pollen St 58
MCNALLY Jas Miner Shotover Creek 58
MCNAMARA Bryan   Waiotahi Creek 58
MCNAMARA Jas   Moanatairi Creek 58
MCNAMARA Joseph   Karaka Creek 58
MCNAMARA Michael   Karaka Creek 58
MCNAMARA Patrick   Karaka Hill 58
MCNAMARA Stephen   Waiotahi Creek 58
MCNAUGHTON Hy Butcher Beach Rd 58
MCNAUGHTON John Timber Merchant Williamson St 58
MCNEIL Daniel Inspector of Roads Tararu Rd 58
MCNEIL Hugh   Punga Flat 58
MCNEIL John   Haven St, Grahamstown 58
MCNEILL William Fleming Compositor Mackay St 58
MCNIECE Jas   Waiotahi Creek 58
MCQUARRIE Alexr   Tapu Creek 58
MCQUARRIE Hugh   Tapu Creek 58
MCQUILLAN Jas Miner Haven St 58
MCQUILLAN John   Pollen St, Shortland 58
MCQUILLAN Wm Miner Pollen St 58
MCRAE Jas   Tararu 58
MCRAE N/R Miner Martha St 58
MCROBERTS Jas Grocer Owen St 58
MCTURK Robt Murray   Karaka, Shortland 58
MCVAV Robt   Karaka 58
MCVAY Geo Timber Merchant Mary St 58
MCWILLIAMS John   Tararu Rd 58
MEACH Hy   Tararu 58
MEACHAN Geo Cabinetmaker Owen St 58
MEAGHAM Chas   Waiotahi Creek 58
MEAR N/R   Waiotahi Creek 58
MEAR Stephen Samuel   Hape Creek 58
MEARS Richd   Waiotahi Creek 58
MEARS Wm   Moanatairi Creek 58
MEEHAN Wm   Tapu Creek 58
MEEK Wm Miner Waiotahi Creek 59
MEIKLE Thos, Junr   Tapu Creek 59
MEIKLE Thos, Thos   Tapu Creek 59
MEIKLESON Neils Miner Tararu Creek 59
MELHOUSE Louis Mining Agent Davy St 59
MELL John Barker   Shortland 59
MELVILLE Jas Dougal   Kuranui 59
MENNIE Alexr   Upper Albert St, Grahamstown 59
MENNIE Jas Baker Pollen St 59
MENNIE Jas Milne   Pollen St, Grahamstown 59
MENNIL Alexr Baker Upper Albert St 59
MEREDITH Jas Engineer Tararu Rd 59
MESCOLL John   Karaka 59
MESKILL John   Karaka Creek 59
MIDDLETON Jas   Baillie St, Shortland 59
MIDDLETON Richd J     59
MILES Solomen Miner Tararu Rd 59
MILL Alex Salutation Hotel Mary St, Shortland 59
MILL David Troup   Karaka Creek 59
MILLARD Jas   Davy St 59
MILLER Andw   Owen St, Grahamstown 59
MILLER David Grocer Owen St 59
MILLER James Armstrong   Richmond St, Shortland 59
MILLER Jas Miner Sealey St 59
MILLER Walter   Tararu 59
MILLETT Edwin Ley   Rolleston St, Shortland 59
MILLETT Richd   Pollen St, Shortland 59
MILLETT Thos Miner Youngs Alley 59
MILLS Geo   Tararu Creek 59
MILLS Nathan   Karaka Hill 59
MILLS Thos Laborer Willoughby St 59
MILROY John   Willoughby St 59
MINNIS Jas Miner Pollen St 59
MISSEN Jas   Mackay St, Shortland 59
MITCHELL Chas Featherstone   Tararu 59
MITCHELL Jas   Burke St, Grahamstown 59
MITCHELL John   Mackay St, Shortland 59
MITCHELL Robt Martin   Brown St 59
MITCHELL Wm Clerk Davy St 59
MOASE Wm   Sandes St, Shortland 59
MOELLER Rudolph Royal Hotel Owen St, Grahamstown 59
MOHI N/R   Taupo 59
MOHR John   Albert St, Grahamstown 59
MOILE Thos Miner Kuranui Spur 59
MOLEN Wm   Tararu 59
MOLONEY Michael   Tararu Creek 59
MOLONEY Richd   Karaka Creek 59
MONARAU Francis   Moanatairi Creek 59
MONTGOMERY Hugh   Punga Flat 59
MONVORSEN Francis Miner Pollen St 59
MOON John   Pollen St, Shortland 59
MOONEY Joseph   Waiotahi Creek 59
MOONEY Wm Jas   Karaka 59
MOONOY Thos   Moanatairi Creek 59
MOORE Albert Carpenter Kirkwood St 59
MOORE Chas   Razorback 59
MOORE Curtis   Karaka Creek 59
MOORE Edwd O'Brien   Grey St, Shortland 59
MOORE Elizabeth   Waiotahi Creek 59
MOORE Fred   Karaka Creek 59
MOORE Henry Wm Carpenter Bird in Hand Hill 59
MOORE John   Karaka Creek 59
MOORE Johnstone J   Razorback 59
MOORE Richd   Karaka Creek 59
MOORE Robt   Karaka Creek 59
MOORE Wm   Williamson St, Grahamstown 59
MOORE Wm Andw   Karaka Creek 59
MOORECRAFT Chas Miner Upper Albert St 59
MOORHOUSE Edwd   Grahamstown 59
MORAN Edwd   Waiotahi Creek 59
MORAN Jas Miner Baillie St 59
MORAN John   Karaka 59
MORAN Patrick   Shortland 59
MORCOMB Geo   Karaka Creek 59
MORGAN Chas E   Grey St 59
MORGAN Eli Charles   Grey St, Shortland 59
MORGAN Jas   Tararu 59
MORGAN John Edwin   Waiotahi Creek 59
MORGAN John Rice   Shortland 59
MORGAN Patck   Tararu Creek 59
MORGAN Robt Draper Pollen St 59
MORGAN Wm Miner Upper Albert St 59
MORIATY Daniel Chas   Karaka 59
MORIATY Timothy   Karaka 59
MORNICK John   Moanatairi 59
MORONEY Jas   Shortland 59
MORONEY Joseph   Waiotahi 59
MORONEY Michael Bootmaker Pollen St 59
MORRIN Daniel   Karaka Ck 59
MORRIN Thos   Owen St 59
MORRIS Henry   Kauaeranga Creek 59
MORRIS Jas   St Mary's Rd 59
MORRIS John   Karaka 59
MORRIS Joseph   Grey St 59
MORRIS Joseph Thos   Karaka 59
MORRISON Geo Miner Eyre St 59
MORRISON George Thomson   Kurunui 59
MORRISON Jas   Karaka 59
MORRISON John Miner Waiotahi Creek 59
MORRISON Joseph   Karaka Creek 59
MORROW David Miner Queen St 59
MORTON Geo Miner Upper Albert St 59
MORTON Geoffrey   Tararu Creek 59
MORTON Jas Miner Bird in Hand Hill 59
MORTON Jno Carpenter Bird in Hand Hill 59
MORTON Richd Laborer Tararu Rd 59
MOSES Hy Thos   Pollen St, Grahamstown 59
MOSES Joseph Clothier Owen St 59
MOSES Lewis   Brown St, Grahamstown 59
MOSS Hy S   Waitahi Creek 59
MOSS Joseph   Brown St, Grahamstown 59
MOTT Wm   Willoughby St, Shortland 59
MOYLE Wm Miner Kurunui Hill 59
MUIR Dalrymple Carpenter Waiotahi Ck 59
MUIR John Engineer Waiotahi Creek 59
MUIR John Matthew   Mackay St, Shortld 59
MUIR John Taylor   Owen St 59
MUIR Wm Clerk Sealey St 59
MULLAMPY John   Waiotahi Creek 59
MULLAN John   Baillie St, Shortland 59
MULLEN John   Karaka 59
MULLEN John Engineer Baillie St 59
MULLIGAN Michl Publican Pollen St 59
MULLINS Michl   Grahamstown 59
MULQUEEN Thos   Karaka 59
MULRONEY Pat   Karaka Creek 59
MUMFORD Wm Tailor Pollen St 59
MUNRO Alex British Empire Hotel Grahamstown 59
MUNRO Alex Taylor   Rolleston St, Shortland 59
MUNRO Jas Butcher Karaka Rd 59
MUNSTER Thos   Karaka Hill, Shortland 59
MURDOCH Hugh Caledonian Hotel Grahamstown 59
MURDOCH Wm Agent Pollen St 59
MURDOCK John   Pollen St, Grahamstown 59
MURDOCK Robt Carter Shellback Creek 59
MURPHY Alfd     59
MURPHY Chas Miner Moanatairi 59
MURPHY Cornelius   Grahamstown 59
MURPHY Dennis Miner Bird in Hand Hill 59
MURPHY Edwd Grocer Owen St 59
MURPHY Eugene   Owen St, Grahamstown 59
MURPHY Jas   Moanatairi Creek 59
MURPHY John   Moanatairi Creek, Shortld 59
MURPHY Martin   Karaka 59
MURPHY Maurice   Karaka 59
MURPHY Michl   Moanatairi Creek 59
MURPHY N/R Coachman Kuranui Spur 59
MURPHY Patk   Tapu Creek 59
MURPHY Patk   Alabama Creek, Shortland 59
MURPHY Wm   Grahamstown 59
MURRAY Jas M Miner Mackay St 59
MURRAY John   Waio, Karaka 59
MURRAY John Morley   Waiotahi Creek 59
MURRAY Robt W Miner Haven St 59
MURRAY Thos Bank Manager Brown St 59
MURRAY Timothy Diggers Rest Hotel Karaka Creek 59
MURTAGH Gerald   Shortland 59
MUSKETT Jas Cordial Manufactory Eyre St 59
MYERS Louis Tobacconist Brown St 59
MYERS Mrs   Waiotahi Creek 59
MYLES Edmund   Waiotahi Creek 59
NAGUS Wm Carter Sealey St 59
NANKERVIS Hy Casley   Moanatairi Creek 59
NASH Jas   Shellback Creek 59
NAUGHTON Thos Miner Waiotahi Creek 59
NAYER Richd   Mackay St, Shortland 59
NEAL John   Moanatairi 59
NEAL Samuel Prince Alfred Hotel Coromandel St, Grahamstown 59
NEIL N/R   Youngs Alley 59
NEILE Thos   Grahamstown 59
NEILSON John   Shortland 59
NELSON Wm   Hape Creek, Shortland 59
NEPIA Te Kakahi   Taupo 59
NESBITT Geo   Tararu 59
NEWBERRY Alfred   Karaka, Shortland 59
NEWBOLD Henry Engineer Karaka Rd 59
NEWBURY John Leslie Gardener Albert St, Grahamstown 59
NEWBY Wm Jno   Karaka Hill, Shortland 59
NEWDICK Alfred Miner Kuranui Terrace 59
NEWDICK Richd Miner Tararu Rd 59
NEWSON John   Pollen St, Shortland 59
NICCOL N/R Miner Kuranui Spur 59
NICHOLLS Jas   Moanatairi Creek 59
NICHOLLS John Carter Pollen St 59
NICHOLLS Joseph Blacksmith Karaka Rd 59
NICHOLLS Reuben   Sealey St, Karaka 59
NICHOLS John   Karaka Creek 59
NICHOLSON John   Moanatairi 59
NICKS John   Karaka Creek 59
NICOL Jas   Williamson St, Grahamstown 59
NICOLIN Robt Cordial Manufacturer Mackay St 59
NICOLL Richd   Karaka 59
NILAN Martin   Dukes R, Grahamstown 59
NIXON Gerard Miner Waiotahi Creek 59
NIXON Jas   Karaka Creek 59
NIXON Thos Shotover Hotel Kuranui Crescent 59
NOBLE Chas   Rolleston St 59
NOBLE John   Hape Creek 59
NOBLE Robt Miner Mackay St 59
NOBLE Wm Bootmaker Eyre St 59
NODDER John Stationer Pollen St 60
NOELY Wm   Murphys Lane 59
NOLAN Edw   Waiotahi Creek 60
NOLAN John   Karaka 60
NOLAN Martin   Waiotahi Creek 60
NOLAN Matthew   Tararu 60
NOLAN Patrick Miner Tararu Rd 60
NOONAN Edmund Miner Kirkwood St 60
NORBURY Peter Grocer Pollen St 60
NORMAN Thos Miner Tararu Rd 60
NORRIE Stephen   Shortland Crescent 60
NORRIS Ebenezer Goddard   Beach, Tauranga 60
NORRIS Edwd Miner Shellback Creek 60
NORRIS Geo Printer Kirkwood St 60
NORTON Jas   Richmond St, Shortland 60
NORVILLE Wadham John   Grahams Paddock, Grahamstown 60
NOSWORTHY Jas   Shortland 60
O'BRIEN Chas   Mackay St, Shortland 60
O'BRIEN Christopher   Karaka Creek 60
O'BRIEN Cornelius Miner   60
O'BRIEN Dennis Miner Moanatairi Creek 60
O'BRIEN Jas   Karaka Creek 60
O'BRIEN John   Owen St, Grahamstown 60
O'BRIEN John J Contractor Pollen St 60
O'BRIEN Morris   Shellback Creek, Shortland 60
O'BRIEN Patk Miner Bird in Hand Hill 60
O'BRIEN Thos   Shellback 60
O'BRIEN Timothy   Tapu Creek 60
O'CALLAHAN Thos   Shellback 60
OCCLESHAW Jas   Karaka 60
OCHOD John   Karaka Creek 60
OCKLESTON Joshua   Moanatairi Creek 60
O'CONNELL Hy   Shortland 60
O'CONNELL Jas   Shortland 60
O'CONNELL Jas Hy Miner Mackay St 60
O'CONNELLS Martin Jno Mariner Pollen St 60
O'CONNOR Annie Restaurant Pollen St 60
O'CONNOR Jas   Beach, Tararu 60
O'CONNOR John Miner Waiotahi Creek 60
O'CONNOR Maurice   Moanatairi Creek 60
O'CONNOR Michael   Karaka 60
O'CONNOR Patrick   Karaka 60
O'CONNOR Philip   Waiotahi 60
O'CONNOR Thos Stonemason Richmond St 60
ODDFELLOWS HALL     Richmond St 60
O'DONNELL Edmund   Karaka Creek 60
O'DONNELL Eugene   Karaka 60
O'DONNELL J T   Kirkwood St 60
O'DONNELL Jas   Richmond St, Shortland 60
O'DONNELL John   Karaka 60
O'DONNELL Patk   Karaka 60
O'DONOVAN Timothy   Karaka Creek 60
O'DOWD Francis Moanatairi Htl Golden Crown St, Grahamstown 60
O'GRADY Austin   Waiotahi Creek 60
O'HAGAN John Imperial Hotel Pollen St, Shortland 60
O'HAIRE Michl Miner Broad St 60
O'HALLORAN Gerald R   Shortland 60
O'HALLORAN John Albion Hotel Pollen St, Grahamstown 60
O'HALLORAN Philip   Pollen St, Shortland 60
O'HARA Francis   Grahamstown 60
O'HEA Jas   Punga Flat 60
O'HEALEY Patk   Waiotahi 60
O'HEAR Patk   Karaka 60
OLDFREY Wm Harry Agent Walters St 60