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NB. This covers a wider area, The Thames Exchange is all that is covered here
See other transcription for listings by business, which covers wider Peninsula, Plains and Bay of Plenty area.
There are advertisements for HORNE'S GARAGE, Opotiki & JAMES RENSHAW, Thames
Post & Telegraph Department.  Dominion of New Zealand
SOURCE: Thames Library Archives copy
INTRODUCTION: Alphabetical Directory of the Thames Telephone Exchange, Attendance Continuous
NB. Note that several street names have been abbreviated, so you may need to be creative to work out full street name. Check original to be sure.
ABATTOIRS   (see Borough Council)    
ADAMS E F   (res), Queen St 163
ADAMS James H   (res), Grey St 203
ADAMS L R Chemist Pollen St 18D
ADAMSON F   (res), Parawai 245S
AH CHAN     (res), Totara 194J
ANDERSON C B   (res), Matatoki 283M
ARBURY J W Draper & Mercer Pollen St 230M
ARBURY J W   (res), Pollen St 230S
BAG-WASH LAUNDRY (Mrs H Brocklehurst)   Cr Grey & Pollen Sts 333
BAKER Mrs J T   (res), Davy St 200
BAPTIST MANSE (Rev H E Goring)     189
BARLOW Mrs B   (res), Edward St 237S
BATEMAN A Butcher Rolleston St 84
BATTSON J H Plumber & Electrician Pollen St 3
BATTSON J H   (res), Augustus St 251
BAYLDON T   (res), Beach Rd 250
BEASLEY Mrs G   (res), Puriri 67W
BECK A F   (res), Hape Rd 204M
BERRY C A   (res), Augustus St 275
BLAKETHROUGH H   (res), Warahoe, Mttoki 139S
BONGARD   Chemist   258
BONGARD W   (res), Mackay St 259
BOROUGH COUNCIL   (see Council, Borough)    
BOWLING-GREEN     Baillie St 61
BRANCH Mrs S   (res), Franklin St 38S
BRIAN BORU HOTEL (J Twohill)   Pollen St 82
BROKENSHIRE & ROSS   Plumbers Pollen St 52
BROKENSHIRE Arnold J Bookseller & Stationer Pollen St 212S
BROKENSHIRE Arnold J S P Q R Stores Pollen St 319
BROWN Edwin & Co Cycle dlrs Plln St 77
BROWN Edwin C   (res), Up Richmond St 106S
BRUNTON Walter   (res), Wharepoa 146D
BRYAN A Solicitor Pollen St 225
BRYAN A   (res), Hape Rd 226
BURFORD W S   (res), Banks St 276
BURGESS J B   (res), Heale St 287
BURK A L   (res), Lambert St 145
BURKHARDT M A Storekeeper Wharepoa 146M
BURNETT C B   (res), Bowen St 75
BURR Mrs B A   (res), Hill St 38D
BURRETT Mrs E M Thms Dairy Mry St 186
CAPPER Mrs E   (res), Lambert St 239M
CARSELDINE E J   (res), Puru 294S
CARSON W Bookseller & Stnr Pollen St 207
CAUSLEY F J Nurseryman Parawai 110D
CAUSLEY S   (res), Totara 110K
CHALKE J E S   (res), Puriri 278S
CHAPMAN B D S   (res), Queen St 181D
CHRISTIE A Land Agent Richmond St 178
CLARK A H Butcher Puriri 278R
CLARK A J   (res), Matatoki 283S
CLARK C D   (res), Puriri 67D
CLAXTON F H Factory Pollen St 71
CLAXTON F H   (res), Parawai 155
CLAXTON F H   118 Pollen St 336
CLAXTON W H   (res), Hill St 219
CLEMSON C R   Braeside, Edward St 149
CLENDON & VOLLEMAERE   Solrs Pollen St 36
CLENDON Bowen   (res), Hape Rd 323
CLOTHIER J Agent Farmers' Auctioneering Co Ltd Edward St 12
COAKLEY & CO   Grocers Pollen St 15
CODD R E   (res), Puru 294U
COLEBAKER B M   (res), Hill St 301S
COLWILL T J Butcher Pollen St 111
COLWILL T J   (res), Karaka Rd 124
CONVENT, ST JOSEPH'S     Willoughby St 216
COOK H   Neavesville Rd, Puriri 218J
COOPER G N   (res), Thornton's Bay 294J
CO-OPERATIVE FISHERIES (NZ) Ltd   Retail Shop Pollen St 42M
CORBETT J H Taxi-proprietor Parawai 263
CORBETT Miss A   (res), Pollen St 324
CORBIN Rev S B R (see Vicarage, St Georges')   184
CORNWALL ARMS HOTEL   (J Alwinger) Cochrane St 98
CORY-WRIGHT BROS     (res), Omahu 278A
COSGROVE G   (res), Pahau St 74
COUNCIL BOROUGH:   Council Chambers Albert St 5
COUNCIL BOROUGH:   Electrical Dept (Inquiries)   2 Ins
COUNCIL BOROUGH: E L Griffin, Serviceman) Night and Holidays   64S
COUNCIL BOROUGH: R C Cox, Serviceman Night and Holidays   301K
COUNCIL BOROUGH:   Municipal Abattoirs Parawai 135
COUNCIL BOROUGH: C R Hill Abattoirs Manager (res) 237M
COUNCIL BOROUGH: J Hays Turncock (res) 256
COUNCIL BOROUGH: W M Thorn Water-race Caretakers (res) 231M
COUNCIL BOROUGH: A F Clark Water-race Caretakers (res) 231D
COUNCIL BOROUGH: G Hawkins Water-race Caretakers (res) 147S
COUNCIL, COUNTY:   Office Mary St 9
COUNCIL, COUNTY:   Quarry Matatoki 139R
COUNCIL, COUNTY:   Works Supervisor (res) 322
COURIER, THE THAMES     Pollen St 238M
COURT A & Son Dprs Mllnrs, Soft Furns, & Gents' Clothiers Pollen St 27
COURT A E   (res), Sandes St 196
COURTOUSE     Queen St 118
COURTNEY D   (res), Puriri 278D
COWARD L J   (res), Matatoki 283U
COX W T Puriri Dairy Pollen St 277
COXHEAD A T Cabinetmkr & Upholstr Pollen St 132
CRAWFORD H   (res), Pollen St 102S
CRAWFORD S P   (res), Kopu 194D
CRIBB Geo H A   (res), Puriri 218A
CULLEN George Draper Pollen St 129
DALGETY & CO LTD (C B Burnett, Representative)   75
DANBY Wilfred   (res), Mt Pleasant 168
DANBY'S SHOE STORE (W Danby, Mgr)   Pollen St 100
DANN, F LTD   Furniture Specialists Pollen St 57
DARLING G R   (res), Karaka Rd 255
DARRAH R J, jun   (res), Wharepoa Rd 146K
DARRAH Robert, sen   Wharepoa 146G
DARROCH Geo M   (res), Wharepoa 146J
DAVIES J A   (res), Augustus St 157S
DAVIES J T Storekeeper Kopu 194S
DEANE A A   (res), Totara Valley 110M
DE CLIVE-LOWE W G Dntl Srgn Plln St 93
DE CLIVE-LOWE W G   (res), Sealey St 297
DEEBLE W   (res), Parawai 127
DENIZE A E V   (res), Matatoki 283W
DEVCICH N   (res), Puriri 218G
DEVCICH, S & SONS     (res), Kauaeranga 231K
DEVINE BROS   Sawmillers Tapu 193A
DICKEY Mrs I R   (res), Pollen St 326
DISTRICT HOMES   (see Homes, Dist) Tararu 113
DOHERTY J H   (res), Parawai 191
DONKIN BROS   Garage Plln St 78
DONNELLY H W Electrician Pollen St 314
DONOVAN & HOWARD   Dentists Pollen St 140
DONOVAN C S   (res), Tararu Rd 232
DOUGLAS Mrs   Thornton's Bay 311W
DOVELL R H General Carrier & Coal Merchant Beach Rd 65
DOWD D H Dentist Pollen St 93
DOYLE J   (res), Pollen St 306
DUFTY W H   (res), Kopu 148J
DUNN A H   (res), Tapu 193D
DUNLOP Miss S M   (res), "Arran," P'wai 159
ELECTRIC LIGHT & POWER STATION   (see Borough Council)   5
ENSOR J H Grocer Mary St 81
ENSOR S   (res), Mackay St 73M
ENSOR W P   (res), Sealey St 239S
EXCHANGE HOTEL (Mrs E R McConnell)   Pollen St 142
FARMERS' AUCTIONEERING CO LTD   (J Clothier, Agent)   12
FEARN C T   (res), Rolleston St 229
FENWICK H   (res), Rolleston St 137K
FISHER A G   (res), Franklyn St 325M
FISHERIES LTD   (see Thames Fisheries)   21
FLYNN P   (res), Parawai 199
FORTUNE W   (res), Fenton St 334
FRANKS T F   (res), Pahau St 315
GALLOP H T   (res), Augustus St, Parawai 338
GALLOWAY J Grocer Pollen St 63
GALLOWAY J   (res), Beach rd 64M
GARRETT A   (res), Pollen St 79M
GEE BROS   Gents' Outfitters Pollen St 7
GIBBONS Frank L   (res), Kopu 194X
GIBSON Frank   (res), Baillie St 266
GIBSON Mrs M E   (res), Augustus St 2
GIBSON Mrs Myrtle R   (res), Grey St 321
GIFFORD E   (res), Baillie St 299
GILLAN A   (res), Puriri 218D
GILMER B F   (res), Hape Rd 273
GLEESON W R Baker Karaka Rd 19
GOEBEL C A G Second-hand Dlr Polln St 83
GOEBEL C A G   (res), Queen St 130
GOODER R   (res), Bowen St 157M
GOODWIN William   (res), Terrace St 262
GORBEY W E   (res), Willoughby St 327
GORING Rev H E (See Baptist Manse)   189
GOVERNMENT DEPTS   (see page 7)    
GRAY & GRAY     (res), Matatoki 67S
GRAY J T C   (res), Hape Rd 204S
GREEN W J   (res), Omahu 146W
GREY & MENZIES LTD   Aerated-water Manufacturers Pollen St 25
GRIFFIN Mrs V L   (res), Rolleston St 137D
GUNN C S Grcr & Prov Mrcht Sealey St 268
HALL F H   (res), Pollen St 170
HALL Mrs W J   (res), Matatoki 281R
HAMMOND Miss E M   (res), Thrntn's Bay 294G
HARDEN H E   (res), Warahoe 281D
HARDMAN Edward   (res), Parawai 87
HARDMANS LIMITED   Tlrs & Mrcrs Polln St 42S
HARKIN A E Thames Auction Mart   220
HARVEY Mrs H   (res), Tararu 167
HAURAKI STORES LTD   Hardware Merchants Pollen St 169
HAURAKI STORES LTD Hudson, C L, (Manager)   (res) 291
HAYMAN R A   (res), Hape Rd 156
HAYWARD F G   (res), Brown St 261M
HEATON Fred   (res), Parawai 285
HENDERSON Mrs M A   (res), Krka Crk Rd 279
"HENRIETTA" HOME COOKERY   (Miss Cryer) Pollen St 265D
HENWOOD G E   (res), Wharepoa 146U
"HERALD" AGENCY (P C Taylor, Agent)   Pollen St 103S
HETHERINGTON Dr Owen S   Queen St 242
HETHERINGTON K S   (res), Bowen St 249
HETHERINGTON S A   (res), Thornton's Bay 294X
HEWARD Mrs H   (res), Hape Rd 246
HIGH SCHOOL, THAMES   (see Thms Hgh Scl   37M
HOBBIS Sydney   (res), Mt Pleasant 106K
HODGE J H   (res), Rolleston St 13M
HOLMAN A J Wtchmkr & Jewllr Poln St 42K
HOLMES J (Rep Ring Proprietary Co Ltd)   311G
HOLMES John H   (res), Upper Sealey St 341
HOMES, DISTRICT     Tararu 113
HONEYBUN J   (res), Queen St 35S
HOSPITAL     Mary St 47
HOSPITAL BOARDS'S OFFICE   (G Tonge, Sec) Baillie St 70
HOTEL IMPERIAL (A F Smith)   Pollen St 136
HOTELS, PRIVATE   (See classified directory, lemon-coloured pages)    
HOTELS, PUBLIC   (See classified directory, lemon-coloured pages)    
HOTHAM J A Butcher Matatoki 139X
HOULT W H   (res), Sealey St 37S
HUDSON J H   (res), Kopu 148W
HUGHES Rev H B (See Presbyterian Mnse)   176
HUME PIPE CO (AUST) LTD     Kopu 317
JAMIESON E   (res), Kopu 194K
JENNINGS Geo   (res), Mackay St 330
JENSEN Peter   (res), Richmond St 182R
JOHNSON Charles   (res), Sandes St 152
JOHNSTON E H Tobacconist Pollen St 211
JOHNSTON E H   (res), Pollen St 312
JOHNSTONE J W   (res) 180
JONASSEN N Motor-garage Pollen St 185S
JONASSEN N   (res), Queen St 185M
JONES A E   (res), Wharepoa 146S
JORGENSON'S LTD   Tailors, Mercers, and Dry Cleaners Pollen St 238S
JUDD, CHARLES LTD   Ironfndrs Queen St 101
JUDD H   (res), Puriri 278X
JUDD Leslie S   (res), Pollen St 143
JUDD Miss I M   (res), Queen St 328M
JUDD Mrs E M   Beach Rd 303
JUDD T R   (res), Cr Pahau & Mackay Sts 328D
JUDD W Farm Machinery Pollen St 173M
JUDD W   (res), Queen St 173S
JUNCTION HOTEL (A Dovell)   Pollen St 8
KELLY Colin   (res), Puriri 218U
KENNY E   (res), Richmond St 133
KENNY M   (res), Baillie St 164
KERBY Henry   (res), Beach rd 128
KERNICK J   (res), Queen St 206
KERNICK James Bldg Socy Pollen St 97
KING H Leigh   (res), Augustus St 346
KING'S THEATRE     Pollen St 212D
KINGHAN W J   (res), Edward St 198
KIRBY G H   (res), Waiomio 193Z
KIRK'S PHARMACY (H M Westwood, MPS) Chemist & Photographic Dealer Pollen St 90
KOPU STATION HOTEL (J Smith)   Kopu 194M
LABARRE M   (res), Pollen St 104
LABOUR DEPT   (see Govt Depts, page 7)    
LADY BOWEN HOTEL (D Ganley)   Brown St 24
LAIRD A & G Delicatessen Pollen St 296
LAMB BROS   Timber Merchants Mary St 85
LANG W F   (res), Brown St 318
LANNING E Carr & Coal Mcht Haven St 107
LARSEN L G   (res), Hikutaia 146A
LEE CHUN   Market-gardener Matatoki 139D
LEWIS J W   (res), Karaka Rd 236
LIGGINS Dr James B   Queen St 56
LINDSAY R G Storekeeper Puriri 278M
LLOYD Mrs C   (res), Fenton St 157K
LOCKETT C B   (res), Queen St 271
LOMAS A R   (res), Beach rd 217
LYONS Rev Father E Presbytery Willoughby St 108
McAULEY W R   (res), Puru 294D
McBETH J W F   (res), Puriri 278U
McCARROLL T   (res), Hape Rd 350
McCOLLUM, T M, CARRIER AND COAL MERCHANT   Queen St, Grahamstown 257
McCORMICK Jas   (res), Matatoki 283R
McCULLOUGH F E   (res), Sealey St 20M
McCURDY D F (JP)   (res), Terrace St 320
McDONALD E Coal Merchant Mary St 122
McDONNELL MOTORS   Garage Pollen St S 195
McDONNELL O   (res), Cochrane St 264
McGLYNN J   (res), Sandes St 307M
MacGREGOR G L   (res), Puriri 278J
MACKAY D   (res), Bowen St 165
MACKEY R S Farm Dairy Instructor 51 Baillie St 332
McKENZIE A   (res), Puriri 67M
McLEAN Alex Plumber Pollen St 280S
McLEAN Alex   (res), Tararu Rd 294W
McLENNAN M   (res), Parawai 235
McLEOD Mrs A J   (res), Fenton St 214
McLIVER Mrs C   (res), Puriri 218W
McLOUGHLIN E J   (res), Waikawau 193U
McLOUGHLIN T   (res), Matatoki 139U
McNAUGHTON A IXL Btchry Plln St 49
MAHONEY B A   (res), Queen St 68
MAIL-ROOM   (see P & T Dept)   162
MARRIOT'S STORES LTD   Grocers Pollen St 117
MARTIN, GEO LTD   Genl Drapers & Clthrs Pollen St 95
MARTIN George   (res), Mackay St 240
MATHESON Mrs H   (res), 94 Sandes St 307S
MAXWELL L   (res), Puriri 218K
MAXWELL, P & SON   Butchers Pollen St 29
MEIHANA Miss W R Dist Health Nurse 48 Sealey St 329
MIDDLEBROOK N B., MPS Chemist Pollen St 6S
MIDDLEBROOK N B   (res), Mackay St 6K
MILLAR G E   (res), Franklin St 114
MILLER Dr Trevlyn E   Queen St 150
MILLER F Selwyn   (res), Cr Heale & Bks Sts 177
MINCHER Gordon Garage Pollen St S 197
MINCHER Gordon   Richmond St 179
MITCHELL Mrs B E   (res), Mackay St 215
MITCHELL Mrs I F   (res), Willoughby St 286
MOLLOY Chris Taxi-prop Richmond St 175
MONEY-ORDER OFFICE   (see P & T Dept)   94
MONTAGUE L   (res), Willoughby St 284
MONTAGUES   Hairdressers Pollen St 48
MONTGOMERIE C A   (res), Cr Queen St & Richmond Sts 300M
MORGAN E C Schoolhouse Kopu 148K
MUIR BROS   Tailors Pollen St 212M
MUIR S C   (res), Rolleston St 190M
MURRAY H G Butcher Pollen St 69
NEALE B   Bonds Rd, Matatoki 283D
NEWLAND E A   (res), Warahoe  148S
NEWMAN E   (res), Rolleston St 66
NEWMAN T W   (res), Pollen St 227
NEW ZEALAND DAIRY CO   (Manager's Res) Matatoki 139G
NICHOLLS Humphrey   (res), Totara 194R
NORRIS N H   (res), Whakatete Bay 311J
ORBELL G S   Wesleyan Valley 281W
PADFIELD George S Coal Mcht Mackay St 109
PARAWAI SUPPLIES LTD   Gnl Supply Stores   92
PARK HOTEL (H Palmer)   Brown St 86
PARLOUR Mrs M A   (res), Puru 311M
PAUL Wm   (res), Upper Richmond St 182S
PEARSON Earl   (res), Bowen St 252
PENK T W   (res), Grafton Rd 295
PHILLIPS Jas E Bkr & Pstryck Plln St 119
PICKETT Mrs S   (res), Thornton's Bay 311X
PINNELL C   (res), Matatoki 148U
PLUNKET NURSE     Queen St 35K
POCOCK Oliver   (res), Puru 311R
POLICE-STATION     Queen St 32
POLLOCK Mrs Emily   (res), Tararu 205
POST AND TELEGRAPH DEPT   (see Govt Depts)    
POST OFFICE HOTEL (J O'Meara)   Mary St 96
POTTERTON C W   (res), Richmond St 60
POULGRAIN C H   (res), Tararu 112
POULGRAIN J W   (res), Tararu 192
POWER-STATION   (see Borough Council)   5
PRATT J   (res), Pollen St 265M
PRESBYTERIAN MANSE     Cr Richmond & Rolleston Sts 176
PRESBYTERY   (see Lyons, Rev Father)   108
PRICE, A & G   Ironfounders Beach Rd 34
PRICE A G   (res), Bowen St 213
PRICE George   (res), Matatoki 67R
PRICE George W F   (res), Mackay St 183
PRICE John L   (res), Matatoki 139J
PRICE Mrs Alfred   (res), Hape Rd 59
PRICE W   (res), Upper Sealey St 54
PRIEST M G T   (res), Pollen St 116
PUBLIC TRUST DEPT     Pollen St 23
PUBLIC WORKS DEPT   (See Govt depts)   148M
PULFORD Mrs M   (res), Coast Rd 311D
PURIRI HOTEL (Mrs M A Pearson, Proprss) Puriri 67X
PURNELL & JENSEN   Solicitors Pollen St 161
PURNELL H F   (res), Hill St 182M
QUEEN'S HOTEL (T H Thomassen)   Qn St 141
REDDY P Butcher Cochrance St 44
REED W H F   (res), Puriri 67K
REGENT THEATRE     Pollen St 181M
"RENDEZVOUS" DINING ROOMS   (W C Williams) Pollen St 31
RENSHAW E J   (res), Willoughby St 39M
RENSHAW, JAMES   Hardware Merchant Pollen St Central 39K
REVELL Mrs E G   (res), Omahu 146R
REYNOLDS T W   (res), Rolleston St 153
RHODES R M Printer Pollen St 228
RICHARDSON W H Cycle Wks Pollen St 99
RIGBY N F   (res), Brown St 304
RILEY H H Printer Pollen St 115
ROBINSON R W   (res), 176 Mackay St 305
ROOSE Mrs L Thornton's Bay Store   193R
ROWE R V Accountant and Tax Spclst Pollen St 290
ROWE R V   (res), Tararu Creek Rd 294M
ROYAL HOTEL (W P Stone)   Owen St 17
RUGBY UNION OFFICE (E O Brownlee, Sec)   Mary St 310M
RUSSEK G J   (res), Tapu 193S
RUSSELL A   (res), Kauaeranga 269R
SALUTATION HOTEL (W Harper)   Mary St 53
SARGOOD, SON & EWEN     Martha St 134
SARJANT George   (res), Puru Flat 311S
SCHOOL OF MINES     Cochrance St 102M
SCHOOL, THAMES HIGH   (See Thames H Schl)   37M
SCOTT Miss J N   (res), Sandes St 260
SCOTT William Baker Pollen St 41S
SCOTT William Grocer Pollen St 41M
SCOTTER Rev A N (see Methodist Prsnge)   76M
SELF HELP CO-OP     Pollen St 221D
SHAW G L Dentist Pollen St 144D
SHAW G L   (res), Richmond St 144K
SHAW H   (res), Baillie St 243
SHORTLAND HOTEL (M Moran)   Pollen St 292
SIBLEY H C   (res), Hape Rd 325S
SMITH A Herbert   (res), Puriri 278U
SMITH & CO   Dom Butchery Queen St 248
SMITH G G   (res), Kauaeranga 269S
SMITH M Walton   (res), Puriri 278W
SMITH Sidney L   (res), cr Richmond & Rolleston Sts 126
SMITH W T   (res), Rolleston St 13S
SOCIAL SECURITY DEPARTMENT   (see Govt Depts, page 7)   131
SORENSEN J L   (res), Matatoki 283J
SPRINGHALL F A Bksllr & Stnr Pollen St 280M
"STAR", THE THAMES (F E McCullough, Propr) Newspaper Office Sealey St 20S
STEEDMAN A F   (res), Hape Rd 166
STEVENS D G Panelbeater Campbell St 309
STONE BROS     Matatoki 283A
STONE H   (res), Brown St 172
STORY Albert G   (res), Puriri 278K
STRONACH G C Singer Machine Agent Richmond St 76S
SULLIVAN J F   (res), Cr Queen & Mary Sts 46
SUTHERLAND J H Inpector of Stock (see Govt Depts, page 7)   253
TAPU HOTEL (E J Gregory)   Tapu 193G
TAXI STAND     Cr Pollen & Sealey Sts 233
TAXI-PROPRIETORS (W White & Sons)   Pollen St 40
TAYLOR BROS   Fish merchants Queen St 88
TAYLOR C W   (res), Bowen St, Parawai 201
TAYLOR H   (res), Cook St 222
TAYLOR H   Cook St 222
TAYLOR P C   (res), Rolleston St 103M
TAYLOR Robt M Chemist Pollen St 14D
TAYLOR Robt M   (res), Pollen St 14K
TEASDALE W B   (res), Upper Richmond St 151
TELEGRAPH OFFICE   (see P & T Dept)   51
THAMES BOROUGH COUNCIL   (see Council, Borough)    
THAMES CLUB     Mackay St 171
THAMES CO-OP TERM BLDG SOCY   (T McCarroll, Sec) Pollen St 247M
THAMES COUNTY COUNCIL   Adams, J H. Works Supervisor (res)   203
THAMES COUNTY COUNCIL   (see Council, County)    
THAMES JOCKEY CLUB   Office Pollen St 10
THAMES JOCKEY CLUB   Secretary (W Clark)   293
THAMES JOCKEY CLUB   Racecourse Parawai 187S
THAMES JOCKEY CLUB   Caretaker (res), Parawai 187M
THAMES SCHOOL OF MINES   (see Schl Mines)   102M
THAMES VALLEY MOTORS (R W Ryan, Prop)   Kopu 335
THOMAS R B   (res), Puriri 67U
THOMSON James Grocer Queen St 123
THORBURN L   (res), Pollen St 138
THORN James (MP)   Sealey St 58
THORNTON E   (res), Thornton's Bay 193W
TIZARD E B   (res), Kopu 148R
TRAFFIC INSPECTOR J W Johnstone (Transport dept)   180
TRAPSKI C J Cntrctr & Carrier (Thames-Auckland Freight Service) Matatoki 67A
TRAPSKI Mrs M   (res), Matatoki 67J
TROTTING CLUB   Secretary's res Mackay St 310K
TRUSCOTT K   (res), Rolleston St 209
TWENTYMAN Alan S   (res), Bowen St 223
TWENTYMAN R Builder Pollen St 4
TWOHILL Jas   (res), Matatoki 139A
VALDER Mrs M   (res), Waiomio 311K
VERRAN BROS   Carters Queen St 11
VICARAGE, ST GEORGE'S     Mackay St 184
VOJKOVICH T   (res), Kauaeranga 269M
VOJKOVICH Tony Fruiterer & Greengrocer Cr Pollen & Mary Sts 174
VOLLEMAERE H A   (res), Up Richmond St 154
WALKER H E Baker Pollen St 43
WALLACE D McL Ltd Hdwre Mchts & Motor Engineers Pollen St S 210
WALLACE D McL Ltd (A J Dickson, Mgr) (res), Willoughby St 272
WALLACE SUPPLIES LTD   Grocers Pollen St 22
WARDEN'S COURT     Queen St 118
WARWICK ARMS HOTEL (R L Harvey) Pollen St 120
WATENE T   (res), Kopu 148D
WATSON E   (res), Thornton's Bay 193J
WATSON W   (res), Hape Rd 274
WAYNE F G   (res), Parawai 147M
WESTWOOD Hugh M Chemist Pollen St 90
WHITE Arthur Carrier & Motor-bus Prop Sandes St 91
WHITE G C Health Inspr Tararu Rd 125
WHITE G Ron   (res), Puru 311A
WHITE W & Sons Thames-Akld Daily Mtr & All-night Taxi Service Pollen St 40
WHITEHEAD C H Bootmaker Pollen St 90
WHITEHEAD E Baker & Pastryck Qn St 282
WHITEHEAD E   (res), Parawai 245M
WICKS A W   (res), Mackay St 62
WILCOX Miss E M   (res), Clarence St 190S
WILKINSON Geo   (res), Puru 294K
WILLIAMS R E   (res) Mackay St 89
WILSON Mrs E   (res) Whakatete Bay 294R
WILSON Mrs M   (res), Karaka Rd 298
WILTON E J   (res), Moanatairi 316
WILTON F P   (res), Fire Brigade Station 50S
WINDER Alfred   (res), Mackay St 121
WINDER Frank J   (res), Pollen St South 289
WINSTONE Arthur M   (res), Waikawau 193M
WISHART Clive Garage Pollen St 313
WISHART Miss A E   (res), Queen St 300S
WOMEN'S CLUB     Pollen St 224
WOOD Geo   (res), Mt Pleasant 160M
WOOD George Grocer Pollen St 80D
WOOD Selwyn F Radio Sales & Service Pollen St 80S
WORTHINGTON Wm   (res), Mt Pleasant 160K
WRIGHT C H   (res), Puriri 218M
ZAINEY'S (C) FISH SHOP     Pollen St 203