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Death Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: February 2006

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C????, Mr A. - in the WFP D4/2/1847 - At Portwilliam, at an advanced age, Mr A. C???? shoemaker.

C--------/SPENCE, Janet - D(23)/(12)/1877 - At Harrington, West Cumberland, on the (23rd) (ult) Janet Spence, wife of Mr James C--------. (There is a wedding for a Janet Spence and James Cowan on April 23, 1850 at Stoneykirk, Wigtown but it is circumstantial as per the IGI)

CADDOW, Anne - D27/9/1847 - At Ernespie Lodge, near Castle-Douglas, on the 27th ult., aged 2 years and 8 months, of scarlet fever, Anne, daughter of Mr John Caddow, gardener there.

CAFFOLD, Thomas - D31/3/1878 - At Little Lochans, Inch, on the 31st ult., Mr Thomas Caffold, joiner, aged 68 years.

CAID, John - D19/2/1879 - At Airyoland, Portwilliam, on the 19th ult., John Caid, son of John Caid, in the 12th year of his age.

CAIRD/BUCKART, Anna Maria - D8/1/1878 - At Abbet Bank, Newabbey, on the 8th inst, Anna Maria Buckart, wife of Andrew Caird, Esq..

CAIRD/GRIFFIN, Elizabeth - D2/7/1887 - Here, at 12 Backrampart, on the 2nd inst, Elizabeth Griffin, relict of John Caird, clerk - Friends omitted, please accept this intimation.

CAIRD, Gavin - D10/2/1887 - At Institute Place, Newton-Stewart, on the 10th inst., Gavin, infant son of Gavin Caird, baker, aged 7 months.

CAIRD, Hugh - D14/6/1863 - At Carsenaw, Minnigaff, on the 14th instant, Hugh, eldest son of Mr James Caird, farmer there, aged 81(84) years.

CAIRD, Isabella Marion - D22/8/1858 - At Genoch, on the 22nd inst., Isabella Marion, eldest daughter of Alex. M'Noel Caird, Esq..

CAIRD/KEVAND, Jane - D16/4/1847 - At Wigtown, on the 16th inst., aged 77 years, Jane Caird, relict of the late Alexander Kevand, tobacconist.

CAIRD, John - D16/11/1858 - Here, on the 16th instant, John, youngest son of John Caird, aged 2 1/2 years.

CAIRD/HENRYSON, Margaret - D14/3/1863 - At Nice, on the 14th inst., after a trying illness of long duration, Margaret (H)enryson, wife of James Caird, Esq M.P.. (Marriage of James Caird to Margaret Henryson on Feb 5, 1843 at Kirkinner as per IGI)

CAIRD, Matilda Stewart - D24/5/1844 - At London, on the 24th inst., Matilda Stewart, youngest daughter of the late James Caird, Esq., Stranraer.

CAIRD, Mrs Robert - D16/6/1847 - At Wigtown, on the 16th instant, Mrs Robert Caird, advanced in years.

CAIRNEY, Agnes - D3/4/1844 - At West Muntloch, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 3d inst., Agnes Cairney.

CAIRNEY, John - D16/11/1891 - At King Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 16th ult., John Cairney, dealer, aged 45 years.

CAIRNIE, Neil - D17/10/1847 - At Kelly Street, Greenock, on the 17th instant, Neil Cairnie, Esq., of Curling Hall, Largs.

CAIRNS, Adam - D4/10/1843 - At Between-the-Waters, Kirkgunzeon, on the 4th curt., Adam Cairns, in the 99th year of his age.

CAIRNS, Elizabeth - D10/1/1884 - At 58 Princes Road, Liverpool, on the 10th inst. Elizabeth, the beloved wife of William H. Cairns.

CAIRNS/KERR, Ely - D25/11/1883 - Here, at 17 St. John Street, on the 25th inst., Ely Cairns, relict of Matthew Kerr.

CAIRNS/SHEPHERD, Isabella - D13/12/1891 - At (57, Hairat Street), Renfrew, on the 13th inst. Isabella Cairns, widow of James Shepherd, Newton-Stewart.

CAIRNS, James - D13/2/1889 - Died at sea, on the 13th February, in lat (8)5.57 south, long. 81.42 east, on board the ship "Atlanta" of Greenock, James Cairns, apprentice, eldest son of James Agnew Cairns, 19, innart Street, Greenock.

CAIRNS, John - D15/1/1843 - At Garchie, parish of Leswalt, on the 15th inst., John, third son of Mr W. Cairns, farmer there, aged 24 years.

CAIRNS, John - D8/1/1864 - At Portpatrick, on the 8th inst., Mr John Cairns, mason.

CAIRNS/M'NISH, Nicholas - D10/8/1847 - At Gatehouse, on the 10th inst, after long and severe illness, Nicholas M'Nish, aged 73 years, relict of Alex. Cairns.

CALDER, Archibald - D25/8/1860 - At Partick Manse, on the 25th instant, Archibald, aged 29 years, eldest son of the Rev. John Calder.

CALDERWOOD/TAIT, Elizabeth - D25/12/1891 - At Glenluce, on the 25th inst. Elizabeth Calderwood, relict of James Tait, dairyman, aged 88 years.

CALDERWOOD, Peter - D3/12/1873 - At Drochdool, on the 3rd inst. Mr Peter Calderwood, aged (5)4 deeply regretted by all who knew him.

CALDOW, Margaret - D2/3/1843 - At Abbey-yard, Crossmichael, on the 2d inst., Margaret Caldow, sister of the late James Caldow, Esq., of Palmiston, at an advanced age.

CALDOW/AFFLECK, Susan - D27/5/1843 - At Palmerston House, on the 27th inst., (ult) Sarah Affleck wife of James Caldow, iron-founder, Maxwelltown. (Inserted June 1, 1843, must be ult)

CALDWELL/GRAHAM, Elizabeth - D29/11/1846 - At Polcardoch, parish of Ballantrae, on the 29th ult., Elizabeth Caldwell, wife of Mr David Graham, farmer.

CALDWELL, Isabella - D14/3/1863 - At Meadow Park, Glenluce, on the 14th inst., Isabella, infant child of Mr James Caldwell.

CALDWELL/BRADFORD, Jane - D26/8/1887 - Here, at 12 Sheuchan Street, on the 26th ult., Jane Caldwell wife of John Bradford, advanced in years.

CALDWELL/McEWAN, Janet - D24/1/1846 - At Newton, Ayr, on the 24th inst., Janet M'Ewan, relict of Mr David Caldwell, formerly of Newton-Stewart.

CALDWELL, John - D25/3/1845 - At Grangeton, near Girvan, on the 25th ult., Mr John Caldwell - much regretted.

CALDWELL, John - D8/5/1871 - At 54 Glebe street, on the 8th inst., John Caldwell, aged 17 months.

CALDWELL/LITTLE, Mary - D??/5/1860At South Wembury House, Devonshire, on the --- May, Mary Caldwell, wife of Commander Little, R.N.

CALDWELL, Mary H. - D21/5/1865 - Here, at Millhill Street, on the 21st inst. Mary H---- aged 62 years, wife of Mr Joseph Caldwell, shoemaker.

CALDWELL, William - D2/1/1867 - On the 2nd instant in the same bed in which he was born, and on his birthday, William Caldwell, of Mid Gavin, Lochwinnoch, aged 92 years.

CALLAN/HOLLIS, Ann - D18/9/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 18th instant, Ann Callan, wife of Edmund Hollis, aged 63 years.

CALLAN, Thomas - D11/9/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 11th curt., Mr Thomas Callan, mason, aged 61.

CALLANDER, Andrew - D7/12/1843 - At Moniaive, upon the 7th curt., Mr Andrew Callander, mason, aged 21 years.

CALLIE/DONNAN, Agnes - D8/4/1846 - At Monreith Village, on the 8th instant, after a short but severe illness, Agnes Donnan, wife of Mr Robert Callie, grocer - much and deservedly regretted.

CALVERT/BELL, Catherine - D8/6/1846 - At Langholm, on the 8th inst, Catherine Calvert, spouse of Mr John Bell, merchant.

CALVERT, Esther - D30/9/1855 - At New Luce of the 30th ult., Esther Calvert widow of Mr Thomas Lupton, gamekeeper Cull(rs).

(?CAMAC?)/MAITLAND, Eliza Harriet - D29/1/1864 - At London, on the 29th ult., Eliza Harriet, widow of the late John Maitland, Esq., of Eccles, Dumfriesshire. (Possible Eliza Harriet Camac, of Penpunt, Dumfries married John Bushby Maitland circa 1808 as per IGI)

CAMERON/BAIRD, Christina - D24/12/1845 - At Drybridge, parish of Dundonald, on the 24th ult., Christina Baird, relict of Mr W. Cameron, aged 102 years.

CAMERON, Isabella - D3/4/1891 - At 13 High Street, Aberlour, Banffshire, on the 3rd inst. Isabella, daughter of Duncan Cameron, and niece of the late Mrs Paterson, Portpatrick, aged 22 years.

CAMMUACINI, Vincent - in the WFP 10/10/1844 - At Rome, a few days ago, aged 70 years, Vincent Cammuacini, the most celebrated of the Italian painters of the present day.

CAMPBELL, Mrs Sr. - D24/7/1843 - At Stroud Lodge, Roseneath, on the 24th ult., Mrs Campbell, sen. of Ormidale, aged 82.

CAMPBELL, Mrs. - D9/12/1852 - At Bowfield, on the 9th inst., Mrs Campbell, senior.

CAMPBELL, Abraham - D/9/1/1871 - At 121 Sheuchan Street, on the 9th inst., Abraham, son of Mr Peter Campbell.

CAMPBELL, Agnes - D13/9/1845 - At Whitehill Cottage, near Campbelton, on the 13th instant, Agnes, youngest daughter of James Campbell, Esq., of Petershill.

CAMPBELL/HENDERSON, Agnes - D28/7/1847 - Here, at Lewis Street, on the 28th inst., very suddenly, Agnes Henderson, wife of Mr Wm. Campbell, postmaster, aged 2(7) years.

CAMPBELL/M'CUBBIN, Agnes - D17/2/1850 - At Neptune Street, here, on the 17th inst., Agnes M'Cubbin, relict of Mr Campbell, at the advanced age of 94 years.

CAMPBELL, Rev. Alex. - D1/1/1844 - At the house of his mother-in-law, Mrs Arthur, on the 1st inst., the Rev. Alex. Campbell of Greenock.

CAMPBELL, Alex. - D8/9/1846 - At Oban, on the 8th instant, Capt. Alex. Campbell, h.p. 35th Regiment (late 38th Regiment) in his 58th year.

CAMPBELL, Alexander - D30/5/1870 - At Arthur Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 30th ult., Alexander Campbell, son of Mrs Jane Campbell, grocer, aged 2 1/2 years.

CAMPBELL, Alex C. - D13/9/1865 - At Birkenhead, on the 13th instant, Alex C. aged 9 months, infant son of Mr Samuel Campbell, of Spittal, Portpatrick.

CAMPBELL, Alexander Kevan - D25/2/1874 - At King Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 25th ult., Alexander Kevan, infant son of Mr David Campbell, mariner, aged 9 months.

CAMPBELL, Allan - D15/11/1883 - At 71 Thomaston Street, Everton, Liverpool, on the 15th inst., Allan, only son of Robert and Elizabeth Campbell, aged 3 years.

CAMPBELL, Andrew - D22/1/1855 - Here at Hillhead, on the 22d inst. Mr Andrew Campbell, shoemaker, aged 66 years.

CAMPBELL, Andrew - D12/2/1887 - Here, at 20 Fisher Street, on the 12th inst., Andrew Campbell, coal merchant, aged 51 years.

CAMPBELL, Ann - D30/1/1845 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 30th ult., Ann, relict of the late James Campbell, Barncrosh.

CAMPBELL/MORRISON, Ann - D20/9/1867 - At Abbey of Luce, on the 20th ult., Ann Campbell, wife of Mr Alex Morrison, aged 54 years.

CAMPBELL, Annie - D30/1/1878 - At Holm Street, Portpatrick, on the 30th ult., Annie Campbell, teacher, aged 20 years - deeply regretted.

CAMPBELL, Anthony - D11/12/1846 - At Barlochan, parish of Colmonell, on the 11th inst., Anthony, second son of Mr James Campbell, farmer there, aged 23.

CAMPBELL, Lieut.-General Sir Archibald - D6/10/1843 - At his house, Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh, on the 6th inst., Lieut.-General Sir Archibald Campbell, Bart., G.C.B..

CAMPBELL, Sir Archibald - D23/7/1846 - We have to record the decease of the above Baronet, who expired at Garsenbe, on Thursday, at the advanced age of 77 years. The deceased was son of the first Baronet, the Lord President of the council of Session, better known as Lord Succoth. He is succeeded in the baronetcy and family estates in Dumbartonshire by his eldest son, now Sir John Campbell, born in 1798. (Died on July 23, 1846 as per

CAMPBELL, Archibald - D18/9/1865 - At Agnew Crescent, on the 18th instant, Mr A--- Campbell, shoemaker, aged 73 years. (from his MI in Thistle St. Baptist Churchyard, his name was Archibald - No 42, as per Diana)

CAMPBELL, Barb(ara) - D11/1/1843 - At Kenview, New Galloway, on the 11th ult., Barb(ara), wife of Dougald Campbell, Esq., aged 28 years. The deceased was much respected and greatly esteemed for the many charitable acts of benevolence, and to her (own) private acquaintances her kindly disposition endeared (??) in a high degree.

CAMPBELL, Catherine - D8/6/1843 - At Mamore, Dumbartonshire, on the 8th inst., aged 21 years, Catherine, youngest daughter of John Campbell, Mamore.

CAMPBELL, Catherine - D29/4/1850 - At Edinburgh, on the 29th ultimo, Miss Catherine Campbell, daughter of the late Matthew Campbell, Esq., Sheriff-Substitute of Wigtownshire.

CAMPBELL, Elizabeth - D9/7/1847 - At Meiklewood, Tongland, on the 9th instant, after a long illness, aged 79, Miss Elizabeth Campbell, highly respected.

CAMPBELL/PAUL, Elizabeth Earle - D3/12/1891 - At the residence of her younger son, 28, Barrow Road, Streatham Common, near London, suddenly, on the 3rd inst. Elizabeth Earle Paul, eldest daughter of the late Wm Paul, Edinburgh, and widow of the Rev. John James Campbell, formerly minister of Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire. Aged 64 years.

CAMPBELL, Mrs G. - D5/8/1844 - At St. John's, Dalry, on the 5th inst., Mrs G. Campbell - much regretted.

CAMPBELL, George - D25/11/1869 - At Prospect House, Newton-Stewart, on the 25th ultimo, George Campbell, Esq., late of Balcraig, aged 88 years.

CAMPBELL, George - D18/8/1900 - At Seabank House, Stranraer, on the 18th inst., George Campbell, master mariner.

CAMPBELL/RANKIN, Grace - D19/9/1884 - Here, at Seabank House, the residence of her son, on the 19th inst., Grace Rankin, relict of John Campbell, late of Garliestown, aged 82 years.

CAMPBELL/WALLACE, Lady Helen - D7/6/1844 - At Garscube House, Dumbartonshire, on Friday, the 7th inst., Lady Campbell, wife of Sir Archibald Campbell of Succoth, Bart.. (Helen Wallace was the current Lady Campbell prior to her husband’s death in 1846 as per

CAMPBELL/CONNELL, Isabella - D20/4/1847 - At Gatehouse, on the 20th ult., Mrs Isabella Connell, relict of the late Anthony Campbell, Fleet Street, there.

CAMPBELL/M'HARRIE, Isabella - D25/3/1863 - At Clauchanmore, Stoneykirk, on the 25th current, Isabella Campbell, relict of Mr John M'Harrie, Kirkmabrick.

CAMPBELL, James - D16/7/1844 - At Gateside of Trench, on the 16th inst., very suddenly, James Campbell, road maker.

CAMPBELL/M'WILLIAM, Jane - D8/6/1845 - At Stranraer, on the 8th inst., aged 82, Jane M'William, relict of the late Mr John Campbell, merchant, Clayhole.

CAMPBELL, Jane Mary - D5/8/1846 - At Hill Cottage, Gatehouse, on the 5th instant, Jane Mary, infant daughter of Mr Thomas Campbell, grocer, there.

CAMPBELL, Janet - D9/12/1843 - At Neptune Street, Stranraer, on the 9th inst., Miss Janet Campbell, aged 42 years - much respected.

CAMPBELL/M'KIE, Janet - D14/4/1846 - At Balcraig, Glasserton, on the 14th instant, after a lingering illness, borne with Christian fortitude and patience, Janet M'Kie, wife of George Campbell, Esq., - highly respected and justly regretted.

CAMPBELL, Janet B. - D(??)/3/1846 - At Enrick Mill, near Gatehouse, on the (--)th inst., Janet B. Campbell, third daughter of Mr Robert Campbell, tenant there.

CAMPBELL, John - D21/5/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 21st inst., John, infant son of Mr Frederic Campbell.

CAMPBELL, John - D16/12/1843 - At Auchness, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 16th inst., Mr John Campbell, farmer there, in the 69th year of his age.

CAMPBELL, Rev. John - D3/1/1867 - At Balchnan (Balchuan?), Argyleshire, on the 3d instant, the Rev John Campbell, for some time minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Congregation, Newton Stewart, in his 82nd year.

CAMPBELL, John - D28/12/1882 - At Catherine Street, Gatehouse-of-Feet, on the 28th ult., John Campbell, aged 70 years.

CAMPBELL, John Cunninghame - D28/12/1843 - At Mount Elephant, near Port Philip, on the 28th December, Mr John Cunninghame Campbell, son of the late Major Jas. Campbell of Walton Park, Kirkcudbright.

CAMPBELL, John M'Kenzie - D29/8/1887 - At Craichmore, on the 29th ult., John M'Kenzie, second son of Mr Robert Campbell, aged 24 years.

CAMPBELL, John Taylor - D5/4/1891 - At 30 Elmbank Crescent, Glagow, on the 5th inst. (the result of an accident) John Taylor Campbell, son of Capt. Campbell of the Larne and Stranraer Steamers aged 17 years.

CAMPBELL/BEGG, Margaret - D13/9/1845 - At Minto Street, Newington, Edinburgh, on the 13th inst., Margaret Campbell, wife of the Rev. James Begg.

CAMPBELL, Margaret - D9/3/1846 - At Eldrig Village, on the 9th instant, Margaret Campbell, aged 58.

CAMPBELL, Margaret - D6/12/1883 - Here at 83, Sheuchan Street, on the 6th inst. Margaret Campbell, aged 60 years.

CAMPBELL/SLOAN, Martha - D17/4/1891 - Here at 16, North Strand Street, on the 17th inst. Martha Campbell, wife of Andrew Sloan, joiner.

CAMPBELL/CONNEL, Mary - D23/6/1843 - At Enrick Mill, on the 23d inst., after a severe illness, aged 55 years, Mary Connel, spouse of Mr Robert Campbell, Stewart-officer.

CAMPBELL, Mary - in the WFP 11/1/1844 - At Whim park, Mary Campbell, of typhus fever, aged 20.

CAMPBELL, Mary - D7/4/1844 - At King Street, here, on the 7th inst., Mary Campbell, aged 63 years.

CAMPBELL/M'C(OLM), Mary - D3/2/1847 - Here, in Fisher Street, on the 3d inst., Mary M'C(olm), wife of Mr James Campbell, mason, aged 30 years - (after) a tedious illness, borne with Christian patience.

CAMPBELL, Mary-Ann - D20/2/1864 - At Glenluce, on the 20th instant, Mary-Ann Campbell, daughter of Mr John Campbell, labourer there.

CAMPBELL/M’CHLERY, Mary Ann - D14/1/1884 - At 2, Havelock Terrace, Paisley Road, Glasgow, on the 14th inst. (very suddenly) Mary Ann Campbell, aged 62 years, relict of Captain John M'Chlery.

CAMPBELL/CRUMIE, Mary Jane - D17/1/1878 - Here, at Gibson's Close, High Street, on the 17th inst., Mary Jane Crumie, wife of John Campbell, tailor, aged 37 years.

CAMPBELL, Peter - D29/8/1860 - At the Manse, of Kilmore, Oban, on the 29th ult., Peter Campbell, Esq., writer, Glasgow, and brother to the late Rev. J.J. Campbell of Stoneykirk.

CAMPBELL, Quintin - D10/8/1845 - Suddenly at Nether Wellwood, Muirkirk, on the 10th instant, in the 42d year of his age, Mr Quintin Campbell, joiner there.

CAMPBELL, Robert - D15/10/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 15th inst., Robert Campbell, jun., cabinetmaker, a young man of very superior talents and acquirements, and whose death is deeply regretted by all his acquaintance.

CAMPBELL, Sarah - D19/2/1874 - At Sorbie village, on the 19th ult., Miss Sarah Campbell, aged 54 years.

CAMPBELL/ANDERSON, Susan - D7/5/1855 - At Edinburgh, on the 7th inst. Susan Campbell, wife of Robert Anderson, Esq., Drummore.

CAMPBELL, Thomas - D27/2/1844 - At Sanquhar, on the 27th ultimo, Mr Thomas Campbell.

CAMPBELL, Thomas - D15/6/1844 - At Boulogne-sur-Mer, on the 15th inst., Thomas Campbell, Esq., author of the "Pleasures of Hope".

CAMPBELL, Mr W. - D25/12/1843 - At Netherplace, Mauchline, on the 25th ult., W. Campbell, Esq., of Netherplace.

CAMPBELL, W.R.N. - D25/1/1855 - At Scutari, on the 25th ultimo, Captain W.R.N. Campbell, 5th Dragoon Guards, eldest and only surviving son of the late Brigadier General Alexander Campbell C.B. and K.H. of Blackburn House, Ayrshire, N.B. Captain Campbell served in the (West Indies) in the (92)nd Highlanders, and in the 9th Lancers during the whole of the (Gwipur) and (Punjaut) campaign of (1841, 1843 and 18--) under General Lord G---. In 18-- he -----------to the (5th) Dragoon Guards---------------a campaign -- Turkey in May last.......when the Regiment suffered severely from Cholera. ...........the heavy brigade of cavalry on the 24th October at B........ he narrowly escaped while gallantly leading the .......he commanded but .....even his dauntless and cheerful spirit failed to .....him through. The subsequent severe hardships and privations exposed to wet and cold and which has......whatever......of honour prevailed on him to struggle against until ...was exhausted and he reluctantly yielded to the decision which r.........d him.

CAMPBELL, William - D1/4/1843 - At Kipford, Colvend, on the 1st inst., Mr William Campbell, aged 60.

CAMPBELL, William - D29/6/1843 - At Dalbeattie, on the 29th ult., in his 84th year, Mr William Campbell, deservedly regretted by a large circle of acquaintances and friends.

CAMPBELL, William - D14/3/1845 - At Boatgreen, Gatehouse, on the 14th inst., William Campbell, at the venerable age of 88 years.

CAMPBELL, William - D23/2/1850 - At Craichmore, parish of Leswalt, on the 23d ult., Mr William Campbell, farmer, aged 72 years - long highly esteemed by an extensive circle of acquaintances.

CAMPLE, William - D1/12/1877 - At 13 Albert Street, Newton Stewart, on the 1st inst., William Cample, eldest son of Henry Cample, aged 10 years.

CANAAN, David - D6/9/1843 - At Newfield, Balmaclellan, on the 6th inst., David, youngest son of Mr Robert Canaan, aged 32.

CANDLISH, Agnes - D25/4/1845 - At Edinburgh, on the 25th ult., Agnes, youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr Candlish.

CANDLISH/KIRKPATRICK, Henrietta - D18/12/1852 - At Millburn, Kirkcudbright, on the 18th instant, Henrietta Kirkpatrick, aged 73, relict of the late Mr William Candlish, manufacturer there.

CANDLISH, James - in the WFP D16/3/1843 - At Gelston village, lately, Mrs James Martin and Mr James Candlish, grandmother and grandfather to the "same" family, died in the "same" house, carried to the "same" churchyard on the "same" day, and by the "same" company.

CANDLISH/SINCLAIR, Janet - D16/1/1845 - At Windsor, on the 16th curt., in the 45th year of her age, Mrs Janet Sinclair, wife of Mr John Candlish, draper, Windsor, and daughter of the late Mr John Sinclair, New-Galloway.

CANNON, James Broadfoot - D26/1/1887 - At Whithorn, on the 26th ult., James Broadfoot, son of James F. Cannon, 4 Hillside Street, Edinburgh, aged 7 years.

CANNON, Robert - D29/6/1846 - At Mains, near New Galloway, on Saturday the 29th ultimo, Mr Robert Cannon (late of Newfield of Balmaclellan), aged 85 years.

CANNON, Robert - D28/2/1850 - At Kirkcudbright on the 28th ultimo, Mr Robert Cannon, aged 78 years.

CANSE/HARTLEY, Jane - D3/5/1847 - Here, on the 3d inst., Jane Canse, wife of Mr William Hartley, mariner, in the 89th year of her age.

CARDIE, Margaret Milvain - D19/12/1844 - At Sheuchan Mill, near Stranraer, on the 19th inst., of croop, Margaret Milvain, youngest daughter of Mr Thomas Cardie.

CARDY, Alexander - D4/9/1844 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 4th inst., Alexander Cardy, aged 69 years.

CARLISLE, Robert - D5/4/1889 - Here at Park Lane, on the 5th inst., Robert Carlisle, advanced in years.

CARLYLE, Adam - D3/3/1844 - At Murray Street, Annan, on the 3d inst., the wife of Mr Adam Carlyle, weaver - after a protracted illness.

CARLYLE, Charles - D1/4/1863 - Here, at Fisher Street, on the 1st inst., Mr Charles Carlyle, aged 23 years, eldest son of Mr Joseph Carlyle.

CARLYLE/RIGG, Georgina - D7/6/1843 - At Cartland, Kent County, Michigan, United States, of inflammation, on the 7th June last, Georgina Rigg, wife of Mr Wm Carlyle, formerly of Terregles Village - leaving a large and young family to bewail her early and sudden death.

CARLYLE, Margaret - D23/8/1846 - At Albury, Guildford, on the 23d ult., Margaret, widow of the late Wm. Carlyle, Esq., advocate, formerly of Drungans, aged 73.

CARLYLE, William - in WFP D13/4/1843 - At Watchhill, by Annan, Mr Wm. Carlyle, formerly of Windyknowe, advanced in years, and sincerely regretted.

CARMENT, Robert - in WFP D24/5/1855 - At Minnigaff, in the 78th year of his age, Mr Robert Carment.

CARMICHAEL/JAMIESON, Agnes - D18/1/1845 - At Drumore, Kirkmaiden, on the 18th ult., Agnes Carmichael, wife of Mr Peter Jamieson, advanced in years.

CARMICHAEL, John - D3/1/1845 - At Symington, on the 3d instant, Mr John Carmichael, aged 83.

CARMICHAEL/TYTLER, Elizabeth - D19/2/1845 - At 28 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, on the 19th ultimo, Mrs Elizabeth Carmichael, wife of James Tytler, of Woodhouselee, Esq., Crown Agent.

CARNEGY, Mar???? - D15/1/1864 - At 21, Abercromby Place, on the 15th instant, Mar....... eldest daughter of the late Patrick Carnegy, Esq., of ....Forfarshire.

CARNIE, Sarah - D16/10/1844 - At Ayr, on the 16th inst., Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Mr John Carnie.

CARNOCHAN, Mrs - D12/8/1846 - At South Auchleach, Kirkcolm, on the 12th inst., Mrs Carnochan.

CARNOCHAN/TAYLOR, Ann - D21/2/1863 - At Glenluce, on the 21st inst., Ann Taylor, aged 33 years, wife of Mr Alexander Carnochan.

CARNOCHAN/MUIR, Harrie - D14/11/1891 - At Kirkland of Sincastle, on the 14th ult. (Harrie Muir) relict of John Carnochan, aged 77 years.

CARNOCHAN, Harriet - D7/9/1847 - Here, at King Street, on the 7th instant, Miss Harriet Carnochan.

CARNOCHAN, Isabella - D1/9/1887 - At 43 St.Mungo Street, Glasgow, on the 1st inst., Isabella Carnochan fourth daughter of the late Peter Carnochan,
Kirkcolm, aged 27 years.

CARNOCHAN/BROWN, Janet - D13/1/1871 - At Ardwell, Kirkcolm, on the 13th inst., Janet Carnochan, wife of Mr James Brown. - Deeply regretted.

CARNOCHAN, John - D17/1/1855 - At Wigtown, on the 17th inst. Mr John Carnochan, shoemaker, aged 73 years.

CARNOCHAN/ATKINSON, Margaret - D22/7/1844 -At same place (Kirkcudbright), on the 22d ult., Margaret Atkinson, wife of Capt. Carnochan, aged 28.

CARNOCHAN/BROADFOOT, Margaret - D1/8/1844 - At the Township of Tuckersmith, Huron Track, Canada West, on the 1st ult., Mrs Margaret Carnochan, wife of Mr Alex. Broadfoot - much and justly regretted by her family and friends. She was second daughter of Mr Samuel Carnochan, formerly of Little Barlay, near Gatehouse.

CARNOCHAN, Mary Helen - D21/4/1868 - At 56 London Road, on the 21st inst., Mary Helen, aged --- years, daughter of Mr Peter Carnochan.

CARNOCHAN, Nicholas - D22/11/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 22d inst., Nicholas Carnochan, fourth daughter of Mr John Carnochan, shoemaker.

CARNOCHAN, Peter - D27/7/1854 - At Barlay Mill Cottage, parish of Girthon, on the 27th ult., Peter Carnochan, aged 78 years, at one period farmer in Meikle Barlay, and whose lineage has been in Girthon for centuries.

CARNOCHAN, Thomas - D29/3/1853 - At Wigtown, on the 29th ultimo, Bailie Thomas Carnochan, aged 81 years. He was a man respected by all classes of the community for his uprightness and integrity of character. He was elected a Town Councillor on the passing of the Reform Bill, and filled that office till his death. He was also a magistrate of the burgh for many years, and took an active interest in all its affairs. He was likewise one of the founders of the Friendly Society of Wigtown, an institution established about 60 years ago.

CARR/ALEXANDER, Mary - D12/3/1878 - At Drummoddie, Glasserton, on the 12th inst., Mary Alexander, wife of Mr John Todd Carr, gamekeeper, aged 27 years - deeply regretted.

CARR, Rev. Robert - D4/9/1845 - At the Manse of Luss, on the 4th instant, the Rev. Robert Carr.

CARRICK, William - in WFP D6/4/1843 - At Peathill, Parton, aged 86 , William Carrick late farmer in Peathill.

CARRUTHERS, Miss - D2/4/1845 - At Lochmaben, on the 2d instant, Miss Carruthers, much regretted.

CARRUTHERS, Miss - D10/5/1845 - At Milnthorpe, on the 10th inst., Miss Carruthers, Northfield House, Dumfries-shire, - aged 61.

CARRUTHERS, Mrs - D8/1/1843 - At Chapelcroft, on Sunday the 8th inst., Mrs Carruthers.

CARRUTHERS, Mrs. - in WFP D6/4/1843 - At Annan, last week, Mrs Carruthers, wife of John Carruthers, carrier, there.

CARRUTHERS/HARDING, Mrs - D8/11/1843 - At Chislechurst, near London, on the 8th inst., Mrs Harding, youngest daughter of the late John Carruthers, Esq., Holmains.

CARRUTHERS/RODDICK, Isabella - D4/10/1846 - At Dumfries, on the 4th inst., aged 87, Mrs Isabella Roddick, relict of the late Walter Carruthers.

CARRUTHERS, James - D21/2/1844 - At Whitecroft Gate, on the 21st inst., after a protracted illness, James Carruthers, late of Langdyke, - much respected.

CARRUTHERS, James - D24/1/1871 - At Lockerbie, on the 24th ult., Mr James Carruthers, late of Nutholm, aged 66 years.

CARRUTHERS, John - D10/4/1844 - At the Relief Manse, Dumfries, on the 10th instant, Mr John Carruthers, late book agent, aged 43.

CARRUTHERS, John Birrell (or Bivvell) - D2/11/1883 - At Navasota, Texas, on the 2nd inst., John Birrell (Bivvell) Carruthers, (late of Fairfield, Liverpool,) aged 31 years.

CARRUTHERS/WAUGH, Margaret - D5/1/1844 - At Langholm, on the 5th curt., Margaret Waugh, relict of the late Mr Carruthers, farmer, Mossknow, Cannobie, aged 86.

CARRUTHERS/DICKSON, Margaret - D15/5/1845 - At Sibbaldbieside, parish of Applegarth, on the 15th inst., advanced in years, Margaret Carruthers, wife of Mr Joseph Dickson, farmer there.

CARRUTHERS/THOMSON, Rosina - D11/5/1844 - At Rigg of Gretna, on the 11th instant, highly esteemed and sincerely regretted by all her neighbours and acquaintances, Rosina Thomson, aged 76, wife of Mr William Carruthers, joiner there.

CARRUTHERS, William - D16/3/1843 - On the 16th inst., William Carruthers, Esq., of Nutholm, in the 85th year of his age.

CARRUTHERS, William - D16/4/1844 - At Langholm, on the 16th instant, William Carruthers, aged 23 years; also, on the 17th James Warwick, aged 24 years.

CARSLAW, Rev. John - D19/3/1847 - At Causwayend, on the 19th ult,. the Rev. John Carslaw, minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Airdrie.

CARSEWELL Robert - D19/9/1842 - Suddenly, on the island of Grand Cayman's, W. Indies, on the 19th September last, in the (36)th year of his age, Mr Robert Carsewell, ship carpenter, a native of Kelton, Dumfries-shire. The deceased was on board "Duchess of Buccleuch" when wrecked on August last, (and) has left a widow and numerous family to lament his premature death.

CARSON, Agnes - M19/12/1845 - At Newton, Ayr, on the 19th inst., Agnes, eldest daughter of Mr A. Carson, jeweller, Newmarket Street.

CARSON/WILD, Agnes - D17/6/1850 - At Culscadden, on the 17th instant, Agnes Carson, aged 81 years, relict of the late Mr James Wild, farmer, Arrow.

CARSON/KENNEDY, Agnes - D30/3/1878 - At 76 Arthur Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 30th ult., Agnes Carson, wife of Mr James Kennedy, gardener, aged 77 years.

CARSON, Alex - D17/11/1843 - At St. Michael Street, Dumfries, on the 17th inst., Alex. Carson, formerly for many years assistant to Mr Robert Watt, ironmonger.

CARSON, Alexander - D24/2/1874 - At Isle of Whithorn, on the 24th inst., Alexander Carson, Mariner.

CARSON, Alex - D24/2/1874 - At Isle of Whithorn, on the 24th ult., Alex. Carson, advanced in years.

CARSON, Ann - in WFP D6/3/1873 - At Mr George Card's (her brother-in-law), Kirkcudbright, Miss Ann Carson, second daughter of the late Captain Robert Carson, Creetown, aged 71.

CARSON, Anne Paterson - D25/12/1844 - At Gateside Relief Manse, on the 25th ult., Mrs Anne Paterson Carson.

CARSON/M’WILLIAM, Grace - D29/12/1845 - At Main Street, Newton, Ayr, on the 29th ult., Grace M'William, wife of Mr Andrew Carson, jeweler.

CARSON/MILLIGAN, Isabella - D31/5/1847 At Creetown, on the 3rd May, Mrs Isabella Milligan, spouse of Robert Carson, grocer - in a few hours illness, much regretted. (This cant be as it was posted in the WFP 13/5/1847)

CARSON, James - D12/8/1843 - At Greenend Cottage, Sutton, Lancashire, on the12th inst, aged 71, James Carson, M.D., F.R.S., for upwards of forty years an eminent physician in Liverpool.

CARSON, James - D5/10/1843 - At Callside of Anwoth, on the 5th curt., Mr James Carson, farmer, aged 64, after a sudden and severe illness.

CARSON, James - D24/5/1852 - At Wigtown, on the 24th ultimo, James Carson, Esq., late of Broadfield, aged 69 years.

CARSON, James - D4/6/1860 - At Respin, Whithorn, on the 4th inst., Mr James Carson, aged 60 years.

CARSON, James Junior - D24/12/1882 - At the house of his father, Mr James Carson, game dealer, Glenluce, on the 24th inst., James Carson, jun, merchant, Wales, aged 39 years.

CARSON, John - D12/7/1878 - At the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, on the 12th inst., John Carson, late of Whithorn, aged 43 years - result of an accident.

CARSON, Margaret - D 25/4/1844 - At Battlebridge, Balmaclellan, on the 25th ult., Margaret Carson, advanced in life

CARSON/PORTER, Margaret - D16/8/1845 - At Aikeyhill, parish of Girthon, on the 16th inst., aged 85 years, Margaret Porter, relict of William Carson.

CARSON, Margaret - D11/4/1846 - At Newton, Twynholm, on the 11th instant, after a short illness, Mrs Margaret Carson, at an advanced age - much respected.

CARSON, Marion - D22/2/1847 - At Newton Stewart, on the 22d inst., Marion, daughter of Mr J. Carson, grocer, aged 3 months.

CARSON/MILROY, Mary - D16/10/1843 - At Whiteside, in Anwoth, on the 16th current, Mary Carson, aged 66, spouse of James Milroy, farmer there. The deceased was in her usual state of health when a blood-vessel burst, and immediately she was in eternity. What adds to the grief of the bereaved relatives is, that the cheek was scarce dry that had been wet for her brother in Callside, whose death we recorded last week, there being only about ten days apart in their respective deaths. Their loss will be severely felt by a large circle of relatives by whom they were universally esteemed. (Inserted October 19, 1843)

CARSON/MILROY, Mary - D16/10/1843 - At Whiteside, in Anwoth, on the 16th inst., Mary Carson, aged 66, spouse of Mr James Milroy, farmer there. (Inserted Oct. 26, 1843)

CARSON, Mary - D27/1/1855 - At Grange of Cree, on the 27th ultimo, Mary, infant daughter of Mr Carson, farmer, aged 11 months.

CARSON, Mary - D19/12/1883 - At Catherine street, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 19th inst., Mary Carson, a native of Drumshangan, aged 84 years.

CARSON, Robert - D26/11/1844 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 26th ult., Mr Robert Carson, landlord of the Commercial Inn, and a Magistrate of the burgh, aged 63.

CARSON, Samuel - D24/8/1887 - At Creetown, on the 24th ult., Samuel Carson, formerly of Cove Dumbartonshire, aged 84 years. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

CARSON/MARTIN, Sarah - D24/11/1846 - At the Commercial Inn, Kirkcudbright, on the 24th ult., very suddenly, aged 69, Mrs Sarah Martin, relict of Mr Robert Carson, who was extensively known, and highly respected for affability of deportment, and an unwearied desire to promote the comfort of travellers and others.

CARSON, Dr. William - D17/4/1844 - At Gatehouse, on the 17th inst., after a severe illness, Mr William Carson, surgeon, aged 28 years.

CARSON, Mrs Wm. - D22/1/1845 - At Glenluce, on the 22d inst., of typhus fever, Mrs Wm. Carson.

CARSON, Willliam - D23/4/1867 - At Glenluce, on the 23rd instant, Mr William Carson, aged 87 years.

CARSWELL, William - D10/9/1887 - At Glenshalloch, Minnigaff, very suddenly,on the 10th inst., William Carswell, fourth son of the late Robert Carswell, farmer, Chirmorrie, Barrhill, aged 38 years. - Foreign papers please copy.

CARTER, Andrew - D30/7/1844 - At Dundrennan Village, Rerwick, on the 30th ultimo, Andrew Carter, parochial schoolmaster, in his 65th year. Mr Carter obtained the situation of teacher of one of the parochial schools of Rerwick in 1797, and, till within a few days of his death, dischared its duties with much efficiency.

CARTER, Hugh - D11/1/1846 - At Slack, near Gatehouse, on the 11th inst., Mr Hugh Carter, farmer there, aged 86 years.

CARTER/MORGAN, Isabella - D25/11/1843 - At Glenae Porter Lodge, on the 25th ult., Mrs Isabella Carter, relict of Mr James Morgan, and daughter of the late Mr James Carter, of the Swan Inn, Dumfries.

CARTER, Margaret - D2/3/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 2d inst., aged 70 years, Mrs Margaret Carter, mother of Mr John Carter, tailor there. (First Insertion)

CARTER/CLINTON, Margaret - D2/3/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 2d inst., Mrs Margaret Clinton, relict of Mr John Carter, aged 70 years. (Second Insertion)

CARUTH, Andrew - D30/8/1844 - At Goldsborough, Island of Tobago, on the 30th August last, Andrew Caruth, Esq., aged 61 years, son of the late Mr Caruth,
farmer, Brae, Girvan, Ayrshire.

CASSIDY/AGNEW, Janet - D24/5/1860 - At Cock Inn, parish of Old Luce, on the 24th ult, Janet Cassidy, wife of Mr William Agnew, much respected and deeply regretted by a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.

(CASSIDY), Robert - D11/2/1875 - At 7 Victoria Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 11th inst., Robert, only son of the late Captain Robert (Cassidy) aged 14 years.

CATALANI, Madame - in the WFP D4/1/1844 - DEATH OF MADAME CATALANI - Madame Catalani, who for twenty-two years had enchanted the world by her vocal powers, and who, by her truly liberal conduct in her profession and general amiability of her character, gained universal admiration, died, as we learn by a letter from Rome of the12th inst., in the "Debats", at her villa near Sinigaglia, in the Roman States, after a very short illness. Madame Catalani has left a fortune which is rated about £332,000.

CATLIN/GREGORY, Clara - At Paris, on the 20th ult., Clara Bartlett Gregory, wife of Mr Catlin, the eminent traveller, so distinguished for his researches into Indian history and antiquities of America. This lady was her husband's fellow - traveller for the three last years of his wanderings amongst the Indians of North America. During that time she kept her journal of their travels for 13,000 miles along the Indian frontiers, embracing between 3000 miles of north and south latitude. (Clarrisa Bartlett Gregory married George Catlin on May 28, 1828 as per Randy)

CATHCART/ELLIOT, Countess Dowager Elizabeth - D14/12/1847 - At Cathcart House, Renfrewshire, on the 14th instant, the Countess Dowager Cathcart. (Eliazabeth Elliot married William Schaw Cathcart, 1st Earl of Cathcart on April 10, 1879 and died on December 14, 1847 as per

CAUGHIE, Andrew - D18/12/1850 - At Glasgow, on the 18th instant, Mr Andrew Caughie, formerly gardener at Hillhead, Stranraer, aged 84.

CAUGHIE/M’NAB, Catherine - D8/11/1883 - Here, at 5 Station Place , on the 8th inst. Catherine Caughie, relict of John M'Nab, aged 82 years.

CAUGHIE, John - D14/9/1867 - At Stranraer, on the 14th instant, after a singularly painful and protracted illness, Mr John Caughie, residing in South Cairn, parish of Kirkcolm, advanced in years.

CAUGHIE, Mr. R. - D26/2/1879 - Here, at 44 Agnew Crescent, on the 26th ult., Mr R. Caughie, late farmer, aged 88 years.

CAUGHIE, William - D23/1/1871 - At Auchneel, Leswalt, on the 23rd inst., Mr William Caughie.

CAULFEILD, Lieut. James Gordon - D21/9/1844 - At Madeira, on the 21st Sept., Lieut. James Gordon Caulfeild, H.E.I.C.'s Service, eldest son of Major-General Caulfeild, C.B..

?AVEN/TODD, Mary - D27/6/1887 - Here, at 98 George Street, on the 27th inst., Mary Todd, wife of John -aven, hatter. (POSSIBLY CAVEN).

CAVAN, Mrs. - D30/4/1843 - At Derry, Mochrum, on the 30th ult., Mrs Cavan, aged 66 years.

CAVAN/SMITH, Mary - D6/12/1843 - At Millburn, Kirkcudbright, on the 6th inst., very suddenly, Mrs Mary Smith, widow of Mr William Cavan, innkeeper, and eldest daughter of Mr William Smith.

CAVAN, Samuel - D15/5/1844 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 15th instant, aged 84, Mr Samuel Cavan, grocer, meal and flour dealer - much regretted.

CAVEN, Ellen - D27/3/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 27th ult., Ellen, infant daughter of Mr John Caven, coach driver.

CAVEN/KIRKPATRICK, Jessie - D29/5/1846 - At Dalbeattie, on the 29th ult., Jessie Caven, aged 47 years, daughter of the late Mr J Caven, farmer, Snade, parish of Glencairn, and wife of Mr Samuel Kirkpatrick, merchant, Dalbeattie.

CAVIN, Alexander - D3/11/1867 - At Market Street, on the 3d inst., Alexander Cavin aged 83 years.

CHALMERS, Alexander - D14/11/1844 - At Annan, on the 14th inst., Mr Alexander Chalmers, pork-curer, and cattle-dealer, after a short illness.

CHALMERS, David - D14/2/1845 - At Hannay, parish of Cummertreees, on the 14th inst., of lockjaw, David Chalmers, farmer.

CHALMERS, Elizabeth - in the WFP D24/10/1844 - At Annan, last week, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr Alex. Chalmers, High Street.

CHALMERS, Mr. W. Senior - in WFP D22/1/1846 - At Blackburn, near Annan, last week, Mr W. Chalmers, sen., farmer and pork curer there, aged 76 years.

CHALMERS, William - D7/8/1844 - At Philadelphia, on the 7th August last, Mr William Chalmers, aged 54 years, gardener to the late Mr Stott, of Castledykes, and who accompanied Mrs Stott to America in the same capacity.

CHAMBERS, Mrs - D26/10/1843 - At her house, No 8, Athol Place, Edinburgh, on the 26th ult., Mrs Chambers, relict of Mr James Chambers, manufacturer, Peebles, and mother of Messrs William and Robert Chambers, publishers, Edinburgh.

CHARLES, George - D12/9/1846 - At Auchenbreck, Argyleshire, on the 12th instant, George Charles, Esq., son of the late George Charles of Ayr.

CHARTERS, Mr - D16/2/1844 - At Cottage, (Carshana) Bridge, parish of Kirkpatrick-Durham, on the 16th curt., Mr Charters, aged (70) (76) years.

tenant in Barnyard 36 years - deeply regretted.

CHARTERS, Ann - D6/3/1844 - At Howford, Tongland, on the 6th curt, Mrs Ann Charters, relict of Mr John Charters, wood forrester, Queenshill.

CHARTERS, David - D22/9/1844 - At the house of Mr Robert M'George, draper, Byrom Street, Liverpool, on the 22d ult., Mr David Charters, aged 36 years, a native of Crossmichael, Kirkcudbrightshire. He was a gentleman universally respected by all who knew him, and his death is much regretted.

CHARTERIS, Mrs - D1/6/1846 - At Dumfries, on the 1st inst., Mrs Charteris, late of Amisfield.

CHARTERIS, Rev. James - D29/10/1869 - At the Manse of Newlands, on the 29th ult., in the 63d year of his age, the Rev. James Charteris, minister of the parish. - Friends will please accept of this intimation.

CHARTERS, Robert - D19/4/1863 - At Mid Glasnick, near Kirkcowan, on the 19th inst., Robert, son of Mr James Charters, Shap Inn, by Newton-Stewart.

CHESNEY, Mrs. - D11/9/1884 - At Lockerbie, on the11th inst., Mrs Chesney, late of Daltamie, in her (94th) year.

CHESNEY, Euphemia - D17/3/1869 - At Palnure Bridge, Newton-Stewart, on the 17th ult., Euphemia Chesney, advanced in years.

CHESNEY, Jane - D1/4/1891 - At 82, P---nadin Road, Glasgow, on the 1st inst. Jane M'Minn daughter of David and Christina Chesney, aged 3 years and 7 months.

CHESNEY, Capt. Peter - D9/10/1843 - At Wigtown, on the 9th inst., Capt. Peter Chesney, late of the sloop Liberty of Wigtown, aged 25 years.

CHETWYND, Viscountess Dowager - D7/4/1845 - At her house, No 35, Upper Brooke Street, London, on the 7th instant, the Viscountess Dowager Chetwynd, in the 73d year.

CHISOLM, William - D12/2/1869 - At Isle of Whithorn, on the 12th inst Mr William Chisolm, blacksmith, in the prime of life. (Aged 42 as per Meg)

CHRICHTON, Dr H.P. - in WFP D16/1/1851 - At Buff Bay, St. George's Jamaica, of malignant cholera, while in the active and faithful discharge of his professional duties, Dr H.P.Chrichton.

CHRISTIE, Colonel Sir Archibald - D10/8/1847 - At Stirling Castle, on the 10th inst., Colonel Sir Archibald Christie, K.G.H.

CHRISTIE, Elizabeth - D7/5/1865 - At Markle, Prestonkirk, on the 7th inst., Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Wm. Christie, Esq..

CHRISTIE, George - D6/1/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 6th inst., advanced in years, Mr George Christie, after a protracted illness. During the early part of his life he held military rank in the service of his country; latterly, however, he experienced the vicissitudes of fortune and became like a "character" in his native burgh. His circle of acquaintance was extensive.

CHRISTIE, Peter - D13/1/1846 - At Aikie Slack, near Dalbeattie, on the 13th inst., Mr Peter Christie, aged 38 years.

CHRISTISON, Infant Daughter - D21/4/1844 - At Barglass, Kirkinner, on the 21st instant, the infant daughter of Mr Christison, factor, Barnbarroch.

CHRYSTAL, William - D12/4/1845 - At Auchinleck Manse, on the 12th inst., William, eldest son of the Rev. James Chrystal.

CHURCH/MURE, Eleanor Christian - D3/6/1845 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 3d inst., Eleanor Christian Church, wife of William Mure, Esq..

CHURCH, Elizabeth - D25/11/1844 - At Janefield, near Kircudbright, on the 25th ult., Elizabeth, relict of John Church, Esq., of Kirkchrist.

CHURCH, William - D16/10/1844 - At London, on the 16th curt., eight days after his arrival, William Church, Esq., of Bombay, aged 29, son of the late John Church, Esq..

CLANACHAN/TAYLOR, ----- - D21/2/1863 - At Bridge of Park, Glenluce, on the 21st ult., ---- Taylor, aged 33 years, wife of Mr Alex. Clanachan.

CLANACHAN/M'LELLAND, Ag(nes) - D3/3/1863 - At Bridge of Park, Glenluce, on the 3d inst, Ag(nes) M'Lelland, relict of Mr Robert Clanachan, gamekeeper, Bridge of Park.

CLANACHAN, Margaret - D10/3/1873 - Here, at 51 High Street, on the 10th inst., Margaret Clanachan, aged 84 years.

CLANACHAN/TULLY, Minnie - D4/3/1863 - At Bridge of Park, Glenluce, on the 4th inst., Minnie Clanachan, wife of Mr Wm. Tully, mason.

CLANACHAN/TILLY/(TULLY), Minie - D6/3/1863 - At Bridge of Park, Glenluce, on the 6th inst., Minie Clanachan, wife of Mr Wm. Tilly, joiner, aged 41 years. (She died March 4 not March 6, this was corrected in the Birth register, but the announcement had already gone to press. Her name was Minie TULLY, not Tilly. One could be a mistake, I'd go with what's in the WFP, the project is for their listings. Perhaps note the other spelling as being in the Register ? as per Meg)

CLANAHAN, Alex - D5/1/1881 - At his residence, Whithorn, on the 5th inst., Alex Clanahan, late of H.M. Customs, Liverpool aged 6(5) years.

CLANAHAN, John - D22/12/1843 - At Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies, on the 22d December last, at the house of Anthony Cumming, Esq., John, third son of the late Mr John Clanahan, merchant-tailor, Whithorn, aged 26 years.

CLAPPERTON, Miss - in the WFP D21/9/1843 - At the house of her aunt, Miss Irving, Wellington Street, Annan, last week, Miss Clapperton.

CLAPPERTON/GASS, Jean -D24/4/1844 - At the Lodge cottage, Annan, on the 24th ult., Jean Gass, relict of Dr Clapperton - after a severe and protracted illness.

CLARK, Mrs - D3/4/1845 - At Creebridge, Minnigaff, on the 3d instant, Mrs Clark, at the advanced aged of 82 years.

CLARK, Agnes - D17/3/1874 - At Agnew Crescent, Wigtown on the 17th inst. Agnes Clark, daughter of Mr Andrew Clark, aged 4 years.

CLARK, Alexander - D15/8/1843 - At Burns, near Creetown, on the 15th ult,. Alexander Clark, aged 73 years.

CLARK, Ann - D7/4/1843 - At Hastings, on the 7th inst., in the 15th year of her age, Ann, youngest daughter of Dr Clark, K.H. Deputy Inspector-General of Army Hospitals, and resident in Blackheath Park, Kent.

CLARK/M'GIRR, Anne - D11/4/1843 - At Cincinnati, United States, on the 11th ult., aged 22, Mrs Anne Clark, wife of Mr Alexander M'Girr, joiner - much regretted. She was a native of Lauriston, Kirkcudbrightshire.

CLARK/ARMSTRONG, Christian - D17/3/1846 - At High Street Dumfries, on the 17th inst, Christian Clark, relict of Christopher Armstrong, merchant.

CLARK, Dr. David - D2/5/1844 - At his home, 56, Lothian Street, Edinburgh, on the 2d inst., Dr David Clark, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.

CLARK, Elizabeth - D 18/9/1843 - At Moffat, on the 18th inst., Elizabeth, daughter of the late John Clark, Esq., of Wester Moffat.

CLARK, Janet - D26/3/1843 - At Burns, near Creetown, on the 26th ult., Janet, wife of Mr Alexander Clark, aged 72.

CLARK/KIRKPATRICK, Janet - D20/11/1844 - At Dalbeattie, on the 20th ult., Janet Kirkpatrick, relict of David Clark, mason, there, aged 82.

CLARK, Janet - D27/1/1847 - At Gatehouse, on the 27th ult., in the 77th year (of her) age, Janet Clark, spinster.

CLARK, John - D15/12/1843 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 15th curt., after a brief illness, aged 63, Mr John Clark, innkeeper. He was half-brother to Dr. Clark, of St. Andrew's Church, Edinburgh.

CLARK, Dr. John - 18/1/1846 - At Naples, on the 18th December, Dr John Clark, K.H. of Speddoch, and Deputy Inspector General of Army Hospitals.

CLARK, Margaret - D14(11)/6/1845 - On the 14(11)th inst., Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr Adam Clark, gardener, Earlston House, Borgue.

CLARK, Marion - D30/9/1844 - At Ayr, on the 30th ult., Marion, aged 37 years, daughter of Mr David Clark, late joiner in Ayr.

CLARK, Peter - D20/4/1844 - At 80, South Portland Street, Glasgow, on the 20th inst., Mr Peter Clark - Friends will please accept of this intimation.

CLARK, Robert - D14/6/1843 - On the 14th inst., Robert Clark, Esq., of Whiteside, Dunscore, in the 79th year of his age.

CLARK, Robert - D15/6/1863 - At Portpatrick, on the 15th inst., after a lingering illness, of consumption, Mr Robert Clark.

CLARKE, Mrs. - D27/12/1863 - At Whithorn, on the 27th inst., at an advanced age, the wife of Mr James Clarke, seedsman.

CLARKE, Alexander - D6/4/1847 - At Borgue, on the 6th instant, Alexander, second son of Mr Adam Clarke, gardener, Earleston House, aged 19.

CLARKE, David - D22/10/1843 - On the 22d inst., Mr David Clarke, of Slogarie, Balmaghie, advanced in life.

CLARKE, Jane - D12/8/1844 - At Ballochjargan, Glenluce, on the 12th instant, Jane Clarke, aged 83 years.

CLARKE, John - D29/9/1843 - At Moniaive, on the 29th ult., Mr John Clarke.

CLARKE, John - D14/12/1843 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 14th inst., after a short illness, aged 60, Mr John Clarke, innkeeper, eldest son of the late Mr Walter Clarke, farmer in Kirkcassel, and brother of Dr Thomas Clarke, of St. Andrew's Church, Edinburgh - much regretted.

CLARK-KENNEDY, Lieutenant-General Alexander Clark Kennedy - D30/1/1864 - On the 30th Jan., at 69, Oxford Terrace, Hyde Park, London, Lieutenant-General Sir Alexander Kennedy Clark-Kennedy, K.C.B. and K.H. of Knockgray, Kirkcudbrightshire, Colonel of the Scots Greys, in his 8(3)d


CLAVE, Archibald - D23/6/1887 - Here, at Dalrymple Street, on the 23rd inst., Archibald Clave, aged 13 years.

CLAVE, Helen - D20/6/1846 - At Castle of Park, Glenluce, on the 20th inst., of fever, Helen Clave, aged 19.

CLEG, Margaret Ann - D6/12/1858 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 6th instant, of hooping cough, Margaret Ann, daughter of Mr Joseph Cleg, watchmaker and photographer, aged 4 years and 4 months.

CLEGHORN/MACKERLIE, Margaret - D7/12/1861 - On the 7th instant, at 16 Pitt Street, Portobello, Margaret Cleghorn, relict of James Mackerlie, Esq., Garliestown, Wigtownshire, in her 79th year. Relatives and friends will please accept of this intimation.

CLELLAN, Alexander - D1/3/1852 - At Wigtown, on the 1st instant, Mr Alexander Clellan, painter, aged 21 years.

CLELLAND, Agnes - D31/12/1844 - At Kirkowen, on the 31st ult., Agnes Clelland, aged 82 years.

CLELLAND, Alexander Stewart - D1/3/1852 - At Wigtown, on the 1st inst., Alexander Stewart, son of Mr John Clelland, superintendent of police, Wigtown, aged 21 years.

CLELLAND, Helen - D5/2/1855 - At Wigtown, on the 5th instant, after a lingering illness, Helen, daughter of Mr John (Celland), Suprintendant of Poor, aged 26.

CLEMENT, David A. - D25/11/1844 - At Glen, parish of Kirkmabreck, on the 25th ult., Mr David A. Clement, farmer there, aged 55 years.

CLEMINSON/KITCHING, Margaret - D25/8/1846 - At Drumpark, on the 25th ult., Mrs Margaret Cleminson, wife of William Kitching, Esq..

CLEMONT/DOUGLAS, Elizabeth - D2/3/1844 - At Garlieston, on the 2d inst., Mrs Elizabeth Clemont, relict of Mr William Douglas, port-surveyor, and daughter of the late Mr A Clemont, Glen, Kirkmabreck.

CLENACHAN, William - D14/7/1854 - At Sun Street, here, on the 14th instant, Mr William Clenachan.

CLINTON/RICHARDSON, Ann - D6/7/1845 - At Gatehouse, on the 6th instant, in the 89th year of her age Mrs Anne Richardson, mother of the late Mr John Clinton, merchant, Borgue Kirk.

CLINTON, Elizabbeth - D12/1/1871 - At Garden Street, Ayr, on the 12th inst., Elizabbeth, aged 3 years and 5 months, youngest daughter of Mr Bernard Clinton.

CLINTON, John - D10/9/1844 - At Borgue Kirk, on the 10th inst. from the sting of a bee on the head, Mr John Clinton, merchant.

CLINTON/CARTER, Margaret - D2/3/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 2d inst., Mrs Margaret Clinton, relict of Mr John Carter, aged 70 years.

CLINTON, William - D14/11/1844 - At Glasgow, on the 14th inst., aged 27, Mr William Clinton, mason, eldest surviving son of the late Mr John Clinton, innkeeper, Borgue Kirk Village.

CLIVE, Susan - D24/8/1865 - At Castle of Park, Glenluce, on the 24th instant, Susan, daughter of Mr Peter Clive.

CLOCHER/GRANGE, Janet - D26/6/1846 - At Harbour Street, Girvan on the 26th ult., Janet Grange, relict of the late Mr James Clocher, miller.

CLUKIE/M'CONNELL, Agnes - D22/11/1845 - At Girthon Kirk Village, on the 22d ult,. Mrs Agnes M'Connell, aged 73, widow of Mr Matthew Clukie - much respected.

CLUCKIE, Andrew - D7/8/1852 - At George Street, Stranraer, on Friday night, the 7th instant, Mr Andrew Cluckie, merchant, aged 37 years - leaving a large circle of relatives and acquaintances to deplore his loss.

CLUCKIE, Charles Kerr - D27/1/1878 - Here, at 71 George Street, on the 27th inst. Charles Kerr, aged 19 years, son of Mr Neven Cluckie, draper.

CLUCKIE, Margaret Kerr - D11/4/1889 - Here, at 71 George Street, on the 11th inst., Margaret Kerr Cluckie.

CLUCKIE/ANDERSON, Mary - D26/12/1891 - At Port o'Spittal, stoneykirk, on the 26th inst. Mary Cluckie, wife of John Anderson, blacksmith, aged 78 years. - Deeply regretted.

CLUGSTONE, James - D13/11/1847 - At Beoch, parish of Inch, on the 13th inst., very suddenly, James Clugstone, of Glenluce, advanced in years.

CLUMPHA/WYLIE, Isabella - D7/2/1843 - At Westmains, parish of Kirkcowan, on the 7th inst., Isabella Wylie, wife of Alex Clumpha, servant to Mr Broadfoot, leaving ten children to lament her loss.

CLURE/M'MILLAN, Margaret - D17(13)/1/1878 - At Machermore, Old-Luce, on the 17th (13th) inst., Margaret M'Millan, aged 39 years, wife of Mr James Clure, farmer there.

CLYMONT, Margaret - D17/3/1844 - At Woodhead Lead Mines, near Carsphairn, on the 17th ult., of hooping-cough Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr Robert Clymont, - Also, on the same day of hooping-cough, Margaret, daughter of Mr William Barbour.

COATS, Elizabeth - D27/9/1843 - At Townhead of Greenlaw, on the 27th ult., after a short but severe illness, Elizabeth Coats, aged seven years and eleven months.

COATS, Jas. - D12/4/1845 - At Ferguslie, Paisley, on the 12th inst., Mr Jas. Coats, jun, thread-manufacturer, aged 41 years.

COATES, James - D5/3/1843 - At Townhead of Greenlaw, on the 5th inst., James Coates, aged 8 1/2 years.

COATES/ARMSTRONG, Mary - D4/5/1845 - At Corse, Kirkpatrick, on the 4th inst., Mary Armstrong, wife of Mr Alex Coates, farmer, Corse.

COATS/DOUGLAS, Penelope - D17/11/1845 - Here, at Sun Street, on the 17th curt, in the 90th year of her age, Penelope Douglas, relict of John Coats.

COATES, Sarah - D22/10/1844 - At Netherbar, Kirkpatrick-Durham, on the 22d instant, Sarah Coates, aged 82.

COCHRAN, Mrs - D6/7/1863 - Here, at Lewis Street, on the 6th inst., Mrs Cochran.

COCHRAN, James - D1?/1/1855 - At Altain, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 1(-)th inst. Mr James C(ochran) advanced in years.

COCHRAN, Mary - D9/12/1883 - At Northcairn, Kirkcolm, on the 9th inst Mary, daughter of Mr Robert Cochran, aged 27 years.

COCHRAN, William - D13/4/1845 - At North Cairn, Kirkcolm, on the 13th inst., William son of Mr Robert Cochrane, farmer, aged 8 months.

COCHRANE, Caroline Katherine - D30/1/1845 - At Dalzell House, Lanarkshire,on the 30th ultimo, Caroline Katherine, only daughter of the Hon. William Erskine Cochrane, and neice to the Earl of Dundonald.

COCHRANE/WOOD Jessie - At 7 East Campbell, Street, Glasgow, on the 14th inst., aged 75 years, Jessie Cochrane, relict of Mr Robert Wood, tailor, Dalkeith.

COCHRANE, John - D19/4/1845 - At Newmarket Street, Ayr, on the 19th inst., John aged 21, son of the late Mr John Cochrane, merchant.

COCHRANE/HAINING, Margaret - D15/8/1844 - At Dalbeattie, on the 15th inst., Margaret Cochrane relict of Daniel Haining.

COCHRANE, Mary - D5/1/1864 - At Corwar, parish of Minigaff, on the 5th inst., Mrs Mary Cochrane, aged 89 years.

COCHRANE, Peter - D11/4/1844 - At Kirkbride, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 11th instant, Mr Peter Cochrane, farmer there, aged 86 years.

COCHRANE/MARTIN, Helen - D18/12/1891 - At High Drummore, Kirkmaiden, on the 18th inst. Helen Martin, wife of Alexander Cochrane, farmer, aged 74 years.

COCKBURN, Major General Sir James - D26/2/1852 - At Portman Square, London, on the 26th ultimo Major Gen. Sir James Cockburn of Langton, Bart. in the 81st year of his age.

COCKBURN, John - D14/11/1844 -At Ringford village, on the 14th inst., John Cockburn, aged 45.

COCKBURN, Margaret - D22/10/1845 - At Heriot Row, Edinburgh, on the 22d ultimo, Miss Margaret Cockburn, daughter of the late Hon. Archibald Cockburn, Baron of Exchequer in Scotland.

COID/HENRY, Helen - D11/3/1878 - At St. John Street, Creetown, on the 11th inst., Helen Coid, wife of James Henry, aged 60 years.

COIL, Owen - D2/1/1883 - At Wigtown, on the 2nd inst., Owen Coil, aged 83 years.

COKE/KEPPEL/ELLICE, Anne Amelia - D22/7/1844 - At Longfored Hall, on the 22d ult., Anne Amelia, Countess of Leicester. (Born Ann Amelia Keppel in 1803, married Thomas William Coke on February 26, 1822 (First Earl of Leicester) and secondly Edward Ellice on October 25, 1843 as per (inserted August 1, 1844)

COKE/ELLICE/KEPPEL, Ann Amelia - D5/8/1844 - The Dowager Countess of Leicester, daughter of the Earl of Albemarle, relict of Mr Coke of Holkham (who was subsequently Earl of Leicester), and wife of the Hon. E. Ellice, M.P. for Coventry, died on Monday last, after giving birth to a son, who survived but a few hours. (Born Ann Amelia Keppel in 1803, married Thomas William Coke on February 26, 1822 (First Earl of Leicester) and secondly Edward Ellice on October 25, 1843 as per (inserted August 8, 1844)

COLEMAN, J.A. - D3/1/1861 - At Rochester, Kent, on the 3d inst., J.A. Coleman, Esq., son of Captain J. Coleman, R.N. of the (Friary) Exeter.

COLEMAN, Robert - D21/12/1891 - At Glenluce, on the 21st inst. Robert Colman, gardener, aged 57 years.

COLLINGS, Mrs James - D12/9/1887 - At the residence of Mr J. Smith, Hampton in Arden, Birmingham, on the 12th inst., Mrs James Collings, a native of Wigtownshire. - Advanced in years.

COLMAND, Alex - D6/2/1878 - At Glenluce, on the 6th inst., Alex Colmand, infant son of Mr Robert Colmand, aged 10 1/2 months.

COLQUHOUN, Ludovic - D29/6/1854 - At 83, George Street, Edinburgh, on the 29th ult., after a long and painful illness, Ludovic Colquhoun, Esq., advocate, Secretary to the General Board of Directors of Prisons in Scotland.

COLTART, Andrew - D17/5/1855 - At Octagon Villa, City of St John's, Antigua on the 17th May last, Andrew Coltart, Esq., merchant there, third son of the late John Coltart, manufacturer, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, Scotland. He emigrated to Antigua in 1818.

COLTART, John - D16/3/1844 - At Gatehouse, on the 16th inst., aged 78 years, Mr John Coltart, formerly gingham and muslin manufacturer there; a man of much probity and uprightness.

COLTART, Robert - D20/1/1864 - At Kirkhill, Colmonell, Ayrshire, on the 20th instant, Robert Coltart, Farmer, Drummannister, and extensively known as a sheep and cattle dealer.

COLTRAM, Miss - D27/11/1869 - At Garlieston, on the 27th ult., in her 93d year Miss Coltram, for many years innkeeper there.

COLVILL/PATERSON, Agnes - D25/10/1844 - At Lessnessock, parish of Ochiltree, on the 25th inst., after a long illness, Mrs Agnes Colvill, wife of Mr John Paterson, farmer.

COLVILLE, Lady Jane - D20(27)/5/1843 - At Rosslyn House, near Hampstead on the 20th inst, from the effects of the injuries she received from her dress taking fire on the preceding day, the Hon. Lady Colville, relict of General the Hon. Sir Charles Colville, G.C.B.. (Jane Mure died May 27, 1843 as per

COLVILLE, Alice Douglas - D27/7/1845 - At Craigflower, on the 27th ult. Alice Douglas, youngest daughter of Andrew Colville, Esq., of Ochiltree.

COLVILLE, Lady Ann - D30/5/1852 - At Upper Brook Street, London, on the 30th ult., Ann, Lady Colville, widow of Admiral Lord Colville.

COLVIN, Isabella - D20/9/1843 - At Williamsport, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United Stated of America, on the 20th Sept. last, Isabella, second daughter of Mr James Colvin, formerly in Kirkland of Terregles, in the 17th year of her age: and at same place, on the 26th of the same month, Jean, eldest daughter of the said James Colvin, in the 23d year of her age.

COLVIN, Isabella - D25/11/1845 - At Breoch cottage, parish of Buittle, on the 25th ult., Isabella, aged 6 years and 9 months, only child of Mr Jas. Colvin, schoolmaster, Gelston, Kelton.

COLVIN, Jean - D26/9/1843 - At Williamsport, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America, on the 20th Sept. last, Isabella, second daughter
of Mr James Colvin, formerly in Kirkland of Terregles, in the 17th year of her age: and at same place, on the 26th of the same month, Jean, eldest daughter of the said James Colvin, in the 23d year of her age.

COLVIN, John - D27/12/1843 - At CastleDouglas, on the 27th ult., Mr John Colvin, at an advanced age.

COMMELIN, Robert - D5/10/1844 - At Bushill, Kirkcudbright, on the 5th inst., Robert Commelin, in the 93d year of his age.

CONCHIE/M'KELVIE, Agnes - D2/4/1878 - At 18 Cornwall Street Glasgow, on the 2nd inst., Agnes M'Kelvie, aged 63 years, relict of Charles Conchie, ploughman, High Drumore - deeply regretted.

CONCHIE, Alexander - D10/4/1846 - At Mochrum Village, Mochrum, on the 10th instant, Alexander, infant son of Mr George Conchie.

CONCHIE/M’CONOCHIE, Ellen - D9/10/1867 - At Craigenquarroch, parish of Portpatrick, on the (9th) ult., Ellen, daughter of Mr John M'Conochie. (Registered as CONCHIE, Helen aged 28 years, actually died on 13 October at Quanoch. There was NO other death even remotely similar, my guess is the Informant for the WFP death was not sure of their data. Helen was the daughter of a John CONCHIE on the Death Registration. She died of 'gashie fever' whatever that was, as per Meg)

CONCHIE, Mrs. Robert - D19/8/1845 - At Mochrum Kirk, on the 19th instant, Mrs Robert Conchie, aged 58.

CONNALL, Isabella - D6/3/1846 - At Drungans of Goldielea, on the 6th inst., Isabella, daughter of Mr William Connall, there, aged 26.

CONNALL, Thomas - D15/3/1843 - At Woodfoot, Lochrutton, on the 15th curt., in the prime of life, Mr Thomas Connall - much regretted.

CONNEL/NIMMO, Jane - D12/4/1891 - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse - of - Fleet, on the 12th inst. Jane Connel, wife of Peter Nimmo, aged 82 years.

CONNEL/CAMPBELL, Mary - D23/6/1843 - At Enrick Mill, on the 23d inst., after a severe illness, aged 55 years, Mary Connel, spouse of Mr Robert Campbell, Stewart-officer.

CONNELL/CAMPBELL, Isabella - D20/4/1847 - At Gatehouse, on the 20th ult., Mrs Isabella Connell, relict of the late Anthony Campbell, Fleet Street, there.

CONNELL, James - D18/12/1844 - At Conheath House, on the 18th ult., James Connell, Esq., of Conheath.

CONNELL/WRIGHT, Jean - D13/12/1891 - At High Street, Dumbarton, on the 13th inst. Jean Connell, relict of William Wright, officer, coastguard, late of Portpatrick, in her 78th year.

CONNELL, Sarah Anne - D4/11/1845 - At Longwood, near Langholm, on the 4th inst., Sarah Anne, eldest daughter of James Connell, Esq., aged 21 years.

CONNELL, William - D18/7/1845 - At Toagnecroft, parish of Borgue, on the 18th instant, at the venerable age of 87 years, Mr William Connell, farmer there.

CONNING, Antony - D14/6/1847 - At Netherwood, on the 14th curt., Mr Antony Conning, mariner, aged 39 years.

CONNING, John - D6/11/1846 - At Whithorn, on the 6th inst., Mr John Conning, late farmer in Outon, at an advanced age.

CONNING, Peter - D17/3/1846 - At Garliestown, on the 17th inst., Peter Conning, aged 77 years.

CONNING, Robert - D18/2/1852 - At Whithorn, on the 18th ultimo, Mr Robert Conning, schoolmaster of the parish of Whithorn, aged 65 years.

CONNOLLY, John - D2/6/1869 - At High Street, on the 2nd instant, Mr John Connolly, advanced in years.

CON(TIE), (COWAN), Janet - D(25)/6/1843 - At Dun-------on the (25th) ult., Mrs Janet Con(tie) (Cowan), in the 35th year of her age.

COOK, Mrs Alexander - D13/10/1846 - At Isle of Whithorn, on the 13th inst., Mrs Cook, relict of the late Alexander Cook, commander of the "Prince Edward" revenue cutter, at the very advanced age of 95, fifty of which were spent in widowhood. She enjoyed good health and her faculties, mental and bodily, nearly unimpaired all within a short time of her death.

COOK/HOLMES, Margaret - D3/11/1845 - On Monday last, at the residence of her brother, Henry Holmes, Esq., Ever-on-brow, Mrs Margaret Cook, aged 65 years, relict of the late Colin Cook, Esq., of the Isle of Whithorn.

COOK/PATERSON, Margaret - D1/8/1846 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 1st instant, Margaret Paterson, wife of Mr Alex. Cook, tailor.

COOK, Mary - D7/3/1844 - At Sanquhar, on the 7th inst., at the advanced age of 86, Mary Cook.

COOK, May - D26/1/1913 - In loving memory of our dear daughter May, who died at Portwilliam on 26th January, 1913.

COOPER, James - D15/4/1844 - At Spittal, near Creetown, on the 15th inst., after a long and severe illness, Mr James Cooper, aged 64.

COOPER, Thomas - D29/9/1843 - At Edinburgh, on the morning of the 29th ult., suddenly, Mr Thomas Cooper, for several years guard and driver upon the "Engineer" coach, running from the Commercial Inn, Dumfries, to Croal's coach-office, Edinburgh.

COPELAND, George - D13/12/1844 - At Dalbeaettie, on the 13th instant, Mr George Copeland, late gunner, Royal Navy, aged 80 years.

COPELAND, James - D17/11/1883 - At South Milton, Glenluce, on the 17th ult., James Copeland, aged 75 years.

COPELAND/BELL, Janet - D2/8/1887 - At Isle Street, Whithorn, on the 2nd inst., Janet Bell, wife of Wm. Copeland, aged 46 years.

COPLAND, James - D1/9/1844 - At Woodside, Newabbey, on the 1st inst., James Copland, aged 81 years.

COPLAND, John - D21/7/1878 - At Craig, on the 21st ult., John, son of James Copland, aged 2 years and three months.

COPLAND, Mary - D16/11/1843 - At Woolton, near Liverpool, on the 16th inst., Mary, youngest daughter of the late Wm. Copland, in Gateside of Newabbey, and niece of the late Dr M'Cartney, of Liverpool.

COPLAND, Thomas - D14/4/1843 - At No 8, Royal Circus, Edinburgh, on the 14th instant, Thomas, infant son of William Copland, Esq., of Collinton.

CORKRAN/M'CULLOCH, Elizabeth - D5/9/1887 - At East Muntlock, Kirkmaiden, on the 5th inst., Elizabeth Corkran, relict of William M'Culloch, aged 93 years.

CORKRAN, Fanny. - D20/5/1865 - At Cairnweil, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 20th --- Mrs Corkran. (Fanny CORKRAN age 86 died May 20 widow of Wm CORKRAN. Her ms was GRAHAM as per Meg)

CORKRAN/McNEILLIE, Jane - D9/1/1861 - Here at Sheuchan Street, on the 9th inst., Mrs McNeillie, relict of Mr John McNeillie, blacksmith, aged 50 years. (Jane McNELLIE ms CORKRAN as per Meg)

CORKRANE, Mrs Samuel - D1/7/1845 - At Sandmill, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 1st instant, Mrs Samuel Corkrane, aged 60 years.

CORRIE, Adam - D26/5/1843 - At English Street. Dumfries, on the 26th ult., Mr Adam Corrie, grocer - deeply regretted by a wide circle of friends.

CORRIE, Mrs Adam - D14/2/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 14th inst., in the 89th year of her age, Mrs Corrie, relict of Adam Corrie, Esq., of Parkfoot.

CORRIE, Adam - D12/10/1846 - At Wellingborough, on the 12th instant, Adam Corrie, Esq., of Dunrod, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, aged 75.

CORRIE/YOUNG, Catherine - D23/3/1847 - At Langholm, on the 20th ult., Helen Fletcher; on the 22d ult., Mr James Irving, aged 79; on the 23d ult., Catherine young, relict of Mr Philip Corrie, clockmaker, there, aged 79; on the 25th ult., Mr Thos. Lawson, aged 56; on the 27th ult., Mr James Dalgliesh, hosier, aged 63.

CORRIE/BEATTIE, Harriet - D2/12/1883 - At Alpine Terrace, Dalbeattie, on the 2nd inst Harriet Corrie, late of Hill Cottage, Gatehouse - of - Fleet, and relict of Jonathan Beattie, late of Kirkcudbright, aged 70 years.

CORRIE/ANDERSON, Helen - D1/1/1845 - At Maxwelltown, on the 1st inst., Helen Anderson, wife of Mr John Corrie, shoemaker.

CORRIE, Jane - D24/6/1843 - At Ryedale Cottage, Troqueer, on the 24th ult., after a lingering illness, borne with Christian patience and resignation, Jane Corrie, aged 17, youngest daughter of Mr William Corrie, residing there.

CORRIE, Janet - D18/7/1844 - At Carsethorn, Kirkbean, on the 18th instant, after a lingering illness, Janet, youngest daughter of Mr Samuel Corrie.

CORRIE, Joseph - D7/3/1847 - At Crocketford, on the 7th instant, aged 84 years, Mr Joseph Corrie, of the Commercial Inn, there.

CORRIE/CROSBIE, Margaret - D20/11/1843 - At New York, on the 20th ult., shortly after she had given birth to twin sons, in the 19th year of her age, Mrs Margaret Corrie, wife of Mr William Corrie, mason, late of Kirkmahoe, and daughter of Mr Wm. Crosbie, gardener, Dalskairth.

CORRIE, Robert - D29/4/1843 - At Jamaica, on the 29th of April, of fever, Robert Corrie, Esq., surgeon, youngest son of the late Mr James Corrie, long
farmer at Portrack, parish of Holywood - much regretted.

CORRIE, Wm. - D10/12/1844 - At Ryedale Cottage, Troqueer, on the 10th inst., Mr Wm. Corrie.

CORSAN, Thomas - D26/12/1870 - At Mennock Mill, Sanquhar, on the 26th ult., (Mr) Thomas Corsan, farmer, greatly respected.

CORSON, Jeanie - D??/4/1889 - At the schoolhouse, Kirkcowan, on the ??inst, Jeanie Corson, second daughter of the late M. Corson, Mennock Mill, Sanquhar, aged 58 years.

CORSON, Adam - D21/3/1846 - At Dumfries, on the 21t ult., in the prime of life, Mr Adam Corson, baker.

CORSON, Jane - D10/6/1846 - At Broomfield Bank, Glencairn, on the 10th inst., Miss Jane Corson, second daughter of the late John Corson, Esq., of Dalquhat.

CORSON, John - D7/1/1845 - At Maxwelltown, on the 7th inst., aged 63 , Mr John Corson, - much regretted by a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.

CORSON, Margaret - D22/1/1846 - At Crossmichael, on the 22d ult., Miss Margaret Corson, advanced in years.

COSENS, Rev. Peter - D20/8/1845 - At the Manse of Lauder, on the 20th ult, in the 64th year of his age, the Rev. Peter Cosens, who was minister of the parish of Lauder for thirty-four years, and for thirty-five years a minister of the Church of Scotland.

COSH, James - D29/11/1846 - At Donaghadee, Ireland, on the 29th ult., Mr James Cosh, mariner, aged 52 years. He was beloved and respected by all who knew him, and is now deeply regretted by a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.

COSH/M'GUFFIE, Margaret - D7/1/1843 - At Wigtown, on the 7th inst., Margaret M'Guffie, relict of the late Richard Cosh, aged 72 years.

COSTINE/BAXTER, Agnes - D6/4/1843 - At 49, High St, Dumfries, on the 6th inst., after being delivered of a still-born child, Agnes Costine, spouse of Mr Thomas Baxter, draper.

COULTER, Susannah - D3/11/1844 -At Wigtown, on the 3d inst., Susannah Coulter, aged 79 years.

COULTER, William - D29/10/1869 - At Dalrymple Street, on the 29th ult., Mr William Coulter, railway porter, aged 24 years.

COULTHARD/ROAN, Grace - D1/8/1844 - At New Market Street, Dumfries, on the 1st instant, Grace Roan, wife of Mr David Coulthard.

COULTHART, Emma - D9/4/1845 - At Bath, on the 9th inst., aged 27 years, of consumption, Emma, the beloved and affectionate wife of Mr Walter Coulthart draper, Saint Mary's Building, Bath.

COULTHART, Wm. - D7/10/1847 - At Pasture House, Cumberland, on the 7th inst., aged 73 years, Wm. Coulthart, Esq., of Coulthart, in the county of Wigtown, and of Collyn, in this county.

COUPLAND/BELL, Christina - D21/1/1845 - At Glasgow, on the 21st inst., Christina Bell, aged 23 years, wife of Mr Wm. Coupland, hair-dresser.

COUPLAND, David - D11/1/1844 - At Kirkton Village, Kirkmahoe, on the 11th inst., David, infant son of Mr James Coupland, tailor; and on the 14th inst., Helen, his daughter, aged 4 years, both of hooping-cough.

COUPLAND, Helen - D14/1/1844 - At Kirkton Village, Kirkmahoe, on the 11th inst., David, infant son of Mr James Coupland, tailor, and on the 14th inst., Helen his daughter, aged 4 years, both of hooping-cough.

COUPLAND, John - D4/8/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 4th curt., William infant son of John Coupland, perfumer.

COUPPLES, Alexander - D19/4/1863 - At Cults, Inch, on the 19th instant, Thomas, son of Mr Alexander Coupples.

COUSINS, Elizabeth - D13/6/1850 - At Portpatrick, on the 13th instant, Elizabeth Cousins, at the advanced age of 100 years, all but a few weeks.

COVENTRY/DICK, Jane - D27/8/1844 - At Ardrossan, on the 27th ult., Mrs Jane Coventry, relict of the Rev. Dr. Dick, Glasgow.

COVENTRY, John - D24/5/1852 - At his residence, Albert Terrace, Knightsbridge, on the 24th ult., the Hon. John Coventry, aged 62 years.

COWAN, Adam - D16/1/1844 - At his father's house, Craighouise, parish of Hutton, on the 16th ult., Mr Adam Cowan, late draper, Northampton, of consumption.

COWAN, Adam - D8/10/1845 - At Ayr, on the 8th instant, Mr Adam Cowan, late Librarian of the Mechanic's Library.

COWAN/M'KNIGHT, Agnes - D17/3/1843 - At Palnackie, on the 17th inst., Agnes M'Knight, wife of Mr James Cowan, aged 79 years.

COWAN/PATTERSON, Agnes - D20/6/1846 - At Cardoness cottage, parish of Anwoth on the 20th ult., aged 94 years, after only a few hours' illness, Agnes Patterson, spouse of John Cowan, who is in the 98th year of his age, and was able to attend his wife's funeral, and at the interment laid her head in the grave. The couple had lived as man and wife together for the long period of 70 years. The old man is still in the enjoyment of good health and mental capacity, and frequently walks into Gatehouse, a distance of more than three miles.

COWAN, Alexander - D17/1/1845 - At Killeran, parish of Anwoth, on the 17th inst., aged 89 years, Mr Alexander Cowan formerly of Rushey Park, parish of Kirkmabreck.

COWAN/DONNAN, Catherine - D20/11/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 20th inst., Catherine Cowan or Donnan, aged 88 years.

COWAN/MURDOCH, Elizabeth - D28/11/1845 - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse, on the 28th ultimo, Elizabeth Cowan, spouse of Robert M. Murdoch, grocer there.

COWAN, Helen - D10/12/1844 - At New Langholm, on the 10th instant, Helen, spouse of John Cowan, writer.

COWAN, Helen - D14/7/1851 - At Old Land, parish of Anwoth, on the 14th inst, Miss Helen Cowan.

COWAN, Henry - D11/6/1846 - At Charlotte Street, Ayr, on the 11th inst., Henry Cowan, Esq., aged 97 years.

COWAN/DONNAN, J. - D6/8/1852 - At Dumfries, on the 6th instant, J. Cowan, relict of James Donnan, Esq., banker, Wigtown.

COWAN, James - D18/2/1843 - At Langholm, on the 18th inst., James, infant son of Mr Thomas Cowan, merchant.

COWAN, James - D13/12/1845 - At Newton Terrace, Ayr, on the 13th inst., Mr James Cowan, aged 71.

COWAN, James - D24/1/1846 - Here, on the 24th inst., James, infant son of Mr Wm. Cowan, tailor.

COWAN/ROBISON, Janet Drew - D26/10/1867 - At Kirkcowan,on the 26th ult., Janet Drew Cowan widow of Mr Charles Robison, aged 67 years. (Kirkcowan entry #27 as per Meg)

COWAN/INGLIS, Jean - D11/8/1843 - At Dalswinton Village, on Friday, the 11th current, Jean Inglis, widow of William Cowan, slater there.

COWAN, John - D21/7/1845 - At 18, Roxburgh Street, Edinburgh, on Monday week, after a short illness Dr John Cowan, in the prime of life - deeply regretted by friends and acquaintances. Dr Cowan was a native of Dumfries.

COWAN, John - D27/5/1869 - At Kirkinner, Wigtownshire, on the 27th ult., John Cowan, builder, aged 74 years.

COWAN/BROWN, Margaret - D22/4/1843 - At Crofthead, parish of Cannobie (Cannonbie?), on the 22d ult., Margaret Brown, wife of Mr Mathew Cowan, slater, aged 63 years.

COWAN, Margaret - D7/7/1844 - At Kirkcowan, on the 7th inst., Margaret, daughter of Mr Cowan, parochial schoolmaster of Kirkcowan, aged 13 years.

COWAN/HENRY, Margaret - D30/10/1867 - At Clendry , Inch, on the 30th instant, Margaret Cowan, wife of Mr Hugh Henry, bower, aged 33 years. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

COWAN/BALLANTYNE, Margaret - D17/12/1883 - At the Southern Schoolhouse, Kirkmaiden, on the 17th inst., Margaret Ballantyne, relict of Mr George Cowan, of Glasgow, aged 85 years.

COWAN/BELL, Mary - D11/12/1844 - At Langholm, on the 11th inst., Mary Bell, spouse of John Cowan, weaver.

COWAN, Peter -D8/11/1861 - At Barnshangan, New Luce, on the 8th inst., aged 49 years, Mr Peter Cowan, farmer, after a lingering illness, borne with christian patience and resignation. He was a man universally respected and esteemed - and exemplary in all the relations of life.

COWAN, Robert - D2/1/1846 - At Glenluce, on the 2 inst., Robert Cowan, advanced in years - for some time miller of Drumore Mill.

COWAN/MILLIKEN, Rosanna - D25/11/1846 - At George Street, here, on the 25th inst., in the 23d year of her age, Rosanna Milliken, wife of Mr William Cowan, tailor.

COWAN/SLOAN, Sarah - D14/7/1847 - At Maybole, on the 14th instant, Sarah Sloan, wife of Mr Richard Cowan, plumber, there.

COWAN, Thomas - D6/11/1843 - At his son's house, on the 6th inst., at Gelston Mill, parish of Kelton, Thoms Cowan, aged 94 years. He lived respected and died regretted by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.

COWAN, Thomas - D12/8/1844 - At Langholm, on the 12th inst., Thomas Cowan, son of John Cowan, weaver there, aged 18 years.

COWAN, Thomas - D25/8/1854 - At Castle Douglas, on the 25th instant, Mr Thomas Cowan, aged 79.

COWAN, Thomas - D27/12/1855 - At Crocketford, on the 27th ult., Mr Thomas Cowan innkeeper, much regretted.

COWPER, James - D18/10/1867 - At Wigtown, on the 18th instant, aged 25 years, James, second son of the late Mr Cowper, merchant.

COWPER, Maggie M’Vea - D16/2/1873 - At Clachan of Penninghame, on the 16th ult., Maggie M'Vea Cowper, daughter of Mr James Cowper, mariner, aged 2 1/2 years.

COX/M’CLEAN, Jane - D21/4/1852 - On the 21st April at Peruvian Vale, Clinton, Upper Canada, Jane, the wife of John M'Clean, Esq., and daughter of Captain John George Cox, of the British Army.

CRAIG, Mrs - D1/5/1853 - At Gillespie, Old Luce, on the 1st instant, Mrs Craig - deeply regretted.

CRAIG, Mr. A. - D16/8/1845 - At Burton, Parish of Maybole, on the 16th inst., Mr A. Craig, farmer.

CRAIG/STROYAN, Ann - D3/7/1844 - At Kirkinner, on the 3d instant, Ann Stroyan, wife of Thomas Craig, late farmer in Sheep-park.

CRAIG, Bailie James - D26/1/1846 - At Lochmaben, on the 26th ult., Bailie James Craig, merchant, one of the Magistrates there, aged 40 years.

CRAIG, Eliza - D30/4/1844 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 30th ultimo, Eliza, daughter of Mr Craig, grain-dealer, there.

CRAIG/SMITH, Helen - D5/5/1869 - At Beansburn, Kilmarnock on the 5th inst., Helen Smith, aged 84 years, relict of Matthew Craig, Esq., of Dean Quarry.

CRAIG, James - D14/12/1845 - On the 14th inst., James Craig, Esq., of Deanston, in the 75th year of his age.

CRAIG, Janet - D14/2/1844 - Suddenly, at Dalmellington, on the 14th inst., Janet Craig, aged 56 years.

CRAIG/HYSLOP, Janet - D28/3/1844 - At Midtown of Killylour, parish of Irongray, on the 28th ult., Mrs Janet Craig, wife of Mr Robert Hyslop, farmer there.

CRAIG, Janet - D31/1/1869 - At Dalrymple Street, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs Janet Craig, aged 73 years.

CRAIG, John - D25/11/1844 - At Broomland Cottage, parish of Kirkmichael, on the 25th ult., Mr John Craig, aged 83.

CRAIG, John - D14/1/1845 - At Assifauld, Dalry, on the 14th inst., Mr John Craig, mill-wright, aged 90 years, formerly proprietor of Broomhill, Kilwinning.

CRAIG, Margaret - D23/3/1844 - On 23rd inst., Margaret, daughter of James Craig, Esq. of Deanston, parish of Lochrutton.

CRAIG/GRAY, Margaret - D17/3/1845 - At Ironlosh, parish of Balmaclellan on the 17th inst., aged 43, Margaret, wife of Mr William Gray, and eldest daughter or Mr John Craig, late tenant of Knocklae - much regretted.

CRAIG, Marion - D(20)/7/1844 - At Crofts, Lochrutton, on the (20)th inst., aged 11 years, Marion, only daughter of Robert Craig.

CRAIG, Neil - D19/7/1847 - At Dailly, on the 19th ult., Mr Neil Craig, aged 72.

CRAIG, Peter - D12/5/1860 - At Bine, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 12th inst., in the 23d year of his age, after a protracted and painful illness, Peter, eighth son of Mr Alexander Craig, tenant of Bine. A young man who was much respected, and is now deeply regretted by all his acquaintances.

CRAIG, Robert - D26/9/1846 - At Assembly Street, Dumfries, on the 26th ultimo, Mr Robert Craig, in his 66th year.

CRAIG, Wm. - D10/2/1887 - At High Row, Kirkcowan, on the 10th inst., Wm. Craig, fewar, aged 68 years. (Most probably feuar - a holder of land who pays a feu (rent) to a landlord as per Randy)

CRAIG, William Thomas - D12/1/1845 - At Ayr, on the 12th inst., William Thomas, aged 6 months, infant son of Mr William Craig, surgeon.

CRAIK, Douglas Hamilton - D19/3/1844 - At Arbigland, on the 19th ult., Douglas Hamilton Craik, Esq., of Arbigland, aged 82 years.

CRAIK, Helen Sinclair - D8/10/1847 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 8th inst., Helen Sinclair, aged 9 months, daughter of Mr Wm. Craik, draper there.

CRAIK, John - D10/3/1843 - At Rhonehouse, during the night of the 10th inst., suddenly and unseen, Mr John Craik, clogger, advanced in life.

CRAIK, Wm. - D29/3/1844 - At Clifton, parish of Southwick, on the 29th ult., Mr Wm. Craik, farmer there, aged 86 years, - deeply regretted.

CRAVEN/TODD, Mary - D27/6/1887 - Here, at 98 George Street, on the 27th inst., Mary Todd, wife of John -aven, hatter. (CRAVEN, Stranrear Death entry #76 as per Meg).

CRAWFORD, Miss - D1/10/1845 - At the Mansion House, Greenock, on the 1st inst., Miss Crawford.

CRAWFORD/ROSS, Agnes - D6/6/1850 - At Girvan, on the 6th instant, Agnes Ross, aged 48 years, wife of Mr James Crawford, coachman, Girvan.

CRAWFORD, David - D27/2/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 27th ult., David, son of Mr James Crawford, shoemaker, Friars' vennel, aged 12 years.

CRAWFORD, George - D4/4/1845 - At Cumnock, on the 4th instant, Mr George Crawford, shepherd, Garryhorn, Carsphairn, aged 43 years - much respected.

CRAWFORD, Grace - D2/1/1843 - At Glenluce, on the 2d inst., Grace Crawford.

CRAWFORD/GOOLD, Helen - D12/3/1889 - At the United Presbyterian Manse, Dumfries, on the 12th last, Helen Crawford, wife of the Rev. M.N. Goold.

CRAWFORD, James - D10/1/1843 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 10th inst., Mr James Crawford, tailor, aged 45 years.

CRAWFORD, James - D7/7/1844 - At Kinturk, Ireland, on the 7th ultimo, Mr James Crawford, youngest son of Kennedy Crawford, Esq., Ayr.

CRAWFORD, James - D17/3/1845 - At Beith, on the 17th inst., James Crawford, Esq., of Barr, aged 63 years.

CRAWFORD, James - D30/3/1845 - At his mother's house, Maybole, on the morning of the 30th ult., Mr James Crawford, writer, late in Glasgow, aged 27 years.

CRAWFORD/SNEDDEN, Janet - At Whithorn, on the 7th instant Janet Crawford, wife of Mr Matthew Snedden, Innkeeper, aged 45 years.

CRAWFORD/SIMPKINS, Jessie - D3/5/1845 - At Limekilns, parish of Inch, on the 3d instant, Jessie Crawford, wife of Mr Thomas Simpkins.

CRAWFORD, John - D21/2/1874 - Here, at Dalrymple Street, on the 21st ult., Mr John Crawford, aged 75 years.

CRAWFORD, Mrs Kennedy - D27/7/1846 - At Lendalfoot, on the 27th ult., Mrs Crawford, wife of the late Mr Kennedy Crawford, innkeeper, aged 76 years.

CRAWFORD, Mary - D4/12/1854 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 4th inst., Mary, eldest daughter of Mr Robert Crawford, grocer, aged 22 years.

CRAWFORD/HANNAH, Mary - in the WFP D20/12/1883 - At 23 Dunmore Street, Southside, Glasgow, after a lingering illness, Mary Crawford, wife of William Hannah, late of Baldoon, Bladnoch, Wigtownshire, aged 38 years.

CRAWFORD, Quintin - D18/12/1845 - At Cumnock, on the 18th inst., Mr Quintin Crawford, merchant.

CRAWFORD/JOHNSTON, Sarah - D23/1/1846 - At Dumfries, on the 23d ult., Sarah Crawford, wife of Mr James Johnston, cabinet-maker.

CRAWFORD, William - D30/11/1891 - At 6 Park Road, Jarrow-on-Tyne, on the 30th ult. William Crawford, a native of Newton-Stewart, in his 61st year.

CRAWFURD, Col. - D3/2/1843 - Suddenly, at --------field, Ayrshire, on the 3d inst., Col. Crawfurd ----------,commandant of the Ayrshire Yeomanry ----

CRAWFURD, Catherine - D13/4/1846 - At Thornhill, on the 13th instant, Catherine, only surviving daughter of the Rev. Robert Crawfurd, Virginhall, in her thirteenth year.

CREDIE, Harriet - D28/6/1844 - At Gatehouse, on the morning of the 28th ult., Harriet, third daughter or Mr David Credie, nursery and seedsman there.

CREDIE, William - D26/7/1845 - At Gatehouse, on the 26th curt., very suddenly, aged 6 years, William, third son of Mr David Credie, nursery and seedsman there.

CREIGHTON, John - D12/3/1844 - At Longtown Union Workhouse, on the 12th inst., Mr John Creighton, late of Hethersgill, aged 72 years.

CREILY, Mary - D26/12/1845 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 26th ult., Mary Creily, advanced in years.

CRICHTON, Mr - D10/1/1845 - At Lockerbie, on the 10th inst., advanced in years, Mr Crichton, flesher.

CRICHTON, Adam - D13/1/1846 - At Causeywayhead, Dumfries House, on the 13th inst., Adam Crichton, Esq., in the 73rd year of his age. He was factor for the Marquis of Bute upwards of 30 years.

CRICHTON, Alex. - D7/10/1843 - At Quilkieston, prish of Stair, on the 7th inst., Alex. Crichton, aged 70 years. Mr Crichton has filled the office of factor to Lord Glenlee for upwards of forty years to the entire satisfaction of his worthy master, who, along with a large circle of friends, now deeply deplore his loss.

CRICHTON, Andrew - D12/6/1844 - At Culshan, Kirkpatrick-Durham, on the 12th current, Mr Andrew Crichton, aged 76 years.

CRICHTON, Charles - D5/2/1844 - At Sanquhar, on the 5th inst., Mr Charles Crichton, aged 82 years, a lineal descendant of the "Crichtons, Lords of Sanquhar."

CRICHTON, Henry - D24/3/1844 - At sea, on board the "Ellen", from Jamaica to London, on the 24th March last, Henry, fourth son of the late Walter Crichton, some time in Boreland of Southwick.

CRICHTON, Dr Jas. - D11/8/1844 - At London, on the 11th ult., Dr Jas. Crichton, colonial surgeon, Swan River. Dr C. was a native of Cumnock, Ayrshire.

CRICHTON, James - D29/10/1863 - Drowned, by being thrown from a horse, in crossing the river Oreti, New Zealand, when in flood, on the 29th October last, James, youngest son of the late Alex. Crichton, Esq., Barskimming, Mauchline, Ayrshire. Friends at a distance will please accept of this intimation.

CRICHTON, Janet Campbell - in the WFP D15/6/1843 - At 3, Castle Street, Dumfries, Janet Campbell, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Dr James Crichton of Holywood.

CRICHTON, Janet Campbell - D10/6/1843 - At 3, Castle Street, Dumfries, on Saturday, the 10th inst., Janet Campbell, second daughter of the late Rev. Mr James Crichton of Holywood. (Inserted June 22, 1843)

CRIEGHTON, George - D5/12/1844 - At Ardoch, parish of Dalry, on the 5th instant, George Creighton, Esq..

CRINGAN, James - D16/6/1844 - At Crawickbridge, Newton-Stewart, on the 16th curt., Mr James Cringan, carpet-weaver, after a very short illness.

CRINGLE/M’LEAN, Grace - D18/3/1874 - At Rigg Bay Cottage, near Garliestown, on the 18th ult. Grace Cringle, wife of Thomas M'Lean, aged 67 years.

CRIRIE/LENNOX, Janet - D20/6/1844 - At Robgill Tower, on the 20th ult., aged 83, Janet Lennox, widow of Rev. Dr James Cririe, minister of Dalton.

CROBIN, Agnes - D1/10/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 1st inst., Agnes Crobin, spinster, aged 58 years.

CROCKET/KIRK, Elizabeth - D18/7/1844 - At South Carse, Kirkbean, on the 18th ult., aged 67 years, Elizabeth Crocket, relict of Mr John Kirk, farmer, South Carse.

CROCKET, Joseph - D16/9/1843 - At Friendship Estate, Trinidad, West Indies, on the 16th September last, in the prime of life, Joseph Crocket, eldest son of Mr Jas. Crocket, Kirkmahoe - deeply lamented by a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.

CROCKET, Robert - D1/4/1843 - At Woodside Cottage, on the 1st instant, Mr Robert Crocket, formerly of Kirkhouse, Kirkbean.

CRONEY, Roger - D26/3/1845 - At Wigtown, on the 26th ult., Roger Croney, advanced in years.

CROOKS/KERR, Jean - D9/6/1844 - At Drylaw, on the 9th instant, Jean Kerr, aged 25, wife of Mr D. Crooks; and on the 22d instant, Agnes Kerr, aged 35, wife of Mr Alexander Payne, India Place; daughters of Mr J. Kerr, merchant, No 14, Nelson Street, late of Dumfries.

CROSBIE, Mrs - D22/1/1843 - At her home, Loreburn Street, Dumfries, on Sunday the 22d inst., advanced in years, Mrs Crosbie, relict of Mr John Crosbie, merchant. Our obituary has never, we are confident, been the vehicle of announcing the demise of a worthier woman than Mrs Crosbie. She retained the business of her husband from the time of his death, now many years ago, and so long as the decaying strength of increasing years enabled her, attended to it with all possible application. Her unobtrusive and obliging disposition converted almost every customer into a well wishing friend; and to her own private acquaintances her kindness and hearty homeliness endeared her in a high degree.

CROSBIE/SHENNAN, Grizzle - D10/4/1847 - At Munshes, parish of Buittle, on the 10th inst., Grizzle Shennan, wife of Mr John Crosbie there, in the 80th year of her age.

CROSBIE, Helen - D25/2/1843 - At 2, Well Street, Maxwelltown, on the 25th ult., Mrs Helen Crosbie.

CROSBIE, James - D8/1/1846 - At Hanley, in Staffordshire, on the 8th instant, of consumption, James Crosbie, aged 28, third son of Mr Robert Crosbie, Dumfries.

CROSBIE, John - D22/8/1843 - At Dumfries, on Tuesday, the 22d curt., John Crosbie, town-crier, at the advanced aged of 86.

CROSBIE, Mrs Joseph - D28/10/1845 - At the Roman Catholic Chapel Manse, Annan, on the 28th ult., Mrs Joseph Crosbie.

CROSBIE/FOULDS, Marion - D1/8/1845 - At New Galloway, on the 1st instant, Marion Foulds, aged 52 years, wife of Mr John Crosbie, shoemaker there.

CROSBIE, Robert - D5/10/1845 - At Merkland, parish of Parton, on the 5th inst., Robert Crosbie, Esq., in the 76th year of his age.

CROSBIE, Rev. W.G. - D18/3/1845 - At Parton Manse, on the 18th ult., the Rev. W.G. Crosbie, A.M., Minister of that parish.

CROSSAN, Agnes - D21/12/1882 - Here, at 2 Greenvale Street, on the 21st ult., Agnes Crossan aged 6 months.

CROSSA(N), Patrick D7/1/1871 - At Dunragit, on the 7th inst., Mr Patrick Crossa(n) aged 78 years.

CRUICKSHANKS/M'TAGGART, Elizabeth - D22/12/1846 - At Gatehouse, suddenly, on the 22d instant, Elizabeth Cruickshanks, wife of Mr M'Taggart, spirit dealer there.

CRUICKSHANKS, James - D11/2/1844 - At Balgown, Kirkmaiden, on the 11th inst., James Cruickshanks, joiner there.

CRUICKSHANKS/PATERSON, Jane - D7/12/1858 - At Culvennan, Kirkcowan, on the 7th inst., (J)ane Paterson, relict of Mr Cruickshanks, late farmer, (My) Stoneykirk.

CRUIKSHANKS, John - D18/1/1847 - Here, at Harbour Street, on the 18th inst., Mr John Cruikshanks, carpenter, in the 81st year of his age.

CRUICKSHANKS, Wm. - D24/7/1844 - At Trailflatt, near Dumfries, upon the 24th ult, Wm. Cruickshanks, Esq..

CRUICKSHANKS, William - D30/8/1852 - At Mye, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 30th ult., Mr William Cruickshanks, farmer there, aged 46 years - much regretted.

CULLEN, Rev. Gavin - D18/1/1844 - At Balmaclellan Manse, on the 18th inst., afer a severe and protracted illness, borne with much Christian patience, the Rev. Gavin Cullen, long minister of that Parish.

CRUM/M'MATH, Catherine - D17/10/1867 - At 35 High Street, on the 17th instant, Catherine Crum, aged 21 years, wife of Mr Thomas M'Math.

CRUMIE/CAMPBELL, Mary Jane - D17/1/1878 - Here, at Gibson's Close, High Street, on the 17th inst., Mary Jane Crumie, wife of John Campbell, tailor, aged 37 years.

CULLOCH/MILLIGAN, Jane - D10/6/1863 - At Kirkcowan, on the 10th inst., Jane Culloch, wife of Mr John Milligan, shoemaker, aged 53 years.

CUMMING, Miss ? - D5/9/1865 - At Milburn, Ballantrae, on the 5th instant, Miss ? Cumming, aged 65 years.

CUMMING, Mrs - D19/7/1843 - At 6, Hope Street, Edinburgh, on the 19th ult,. Mrs Cumming of (Logie). (This is perhaps the “Bonnie Leslie that Robbie Burns wrote about as per

CUMMING, Alex. - D20/6/1845 - At Little Balcraig, Glasserton, on the 20th ult., very suddenly, Mr Alex. Cumming, farmer there.

CUMMING, Amelia - D23/8/1852 - At Rothesay, on the 23d ult., Miss Amelia Cumming, daughter of the late Sir Alexander Penrose Cumming Gordon, of Altyre and Gordonstown, Baronet. (Surname is Gordon-Cumming as per “” was initially only Cumming)

CUMMING, Andrew - D3/2/1867 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 3d instant, Mrs Andrew Cumming, late of Portpatrick, aged 79 years.

CUMMING/BRUCE, Eliza - D3/12/1891 - Here, at 4 Clifton Terrace, London Road, Stranraer on the 3rd inst. Eliza Bruce, relict of Captain William Cumming, Deeply regretted.

CUMMING/M’KERGO, Helen - D4/7/1845 - At Culvennan, Kirkowen, on the 4th inst., Helen M'Kergo, relict of Mr John Cumming, farmer, Culvennan, aged 67 years.

CUMMING, James - D20/10/1867 - At Stonehouse, parish of Sorbie, on the 20th instant, Mr James Cumming aged 33 years.

CUMMING, James Reid - D2/7/1854 - At 3, Rutland Place, Glasgow, on the 2d inst, James Reid, youngest son of Captain William Cumming, of the steamer Princess Royal.

CUMMING/ROSS, Jane - D11/3/1861 - At Portwilliam, on the 11th inst., Jane Ross wife of Capt. Thomas Cumming. (Daughter of James Ross & Susan Agnew as per Meg)

CUMMING, John - D26/11/1883 - Here, at 28 Castle street,on the 26th inst., John Cumming, aged 47 years - Deeply regretted.

CUMMING/TURNBULL, Mary - D6/3/1843 - At Carsethorn, on the 6th inst., aged 69 years, Mary Turnbull, relict of Thomas Cummin, mariner - much respected.

CUMMING/NIVEN, Mary - D11/12/1852 - At Stroul, Roseneath, on the 11th instant, Mary Cumming, wife of the late Archibald Niven, ferryman, aged 101 years.

CUMMING/BOYD, Mary Ellen - D5/12/1891 - Here, at 13 Charlotte Street, Stranraer on the 5th inst. Mary Ellen Cumming, wife of Alexander Boyd, tailor, aged 28 years.

CUMMING, Matthew - D3/9/1852 - At Ballantrae, on the 3d instant, Matthew Cumming, in the 21st year of his age, son of Mr William Cumming, boat-builder.

CUMMING, Captain Peter - D6/4/1878 - At Isle of Whithorn, on the 6th inst., Captain Peter Cumming, aged 85 years - another of our aged and respectable inhabitants who are fast passing away.

CUMMING, Robert - D11/5/1847 - At the Chapman, parish of Kirkinner, on the 11th ult., Mr Robert Cumming, aged 77 years.

CUMMING, Thomas - D13/6/1852 - At Garleffen, Ballantrae, on the 13th instant, Mr Thomas Cumming, late of Lagganhill.

CUNNINGHAM, Mrs - D17/3/1847 - At Daljedburgh, parish of Barr, on the 17th ult., Mrs Cunningham.

CUNNINGHAM/DOUGLAS, Agnes - in WFP D16/2/1843 - Suddenly, at Bankhead, Kirkpatrick-Durham, on the --------Agnes Cunningham, wife of Mr John Douglas (farm)er in Trondle - deeply regretted.

CUNNINGHAM, Arthur - D8/2/1867 - At 21 Backrampart, on the 8th instant, Mr Arthur Cunningham, aged 44 years.

CUNNINGHAM, Elizabeth Harley - 22/2/1845 - At Albany Place, near Dumfries, on the 22nd ult., Mrs Elizabeth Harley Cunningham, the venerable and much respected mother of the late Allan Cunningham, the celebrated poet and sculptor.

CUNNINGHAM/WOOD, Janet - D19/8/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 19th curt., Janet Wood, relict of Mr Joseph Cunningham, clog-maker.

CUNNINGHAM/MacBRIDE, Janet - D8/7/1844 - At Blair Lodge on the 8th instant, Janet Macbride, wife of the deceased Andrew Cunningham, late merchant in Stranraer.

CUNNINGHAM/GARRETT, Janet - D15/11/1846 - At Drumore Village, on the 15th inst., Janet Cunningham, relict of David Garrett, advanced in years. (inserted November 19 & 26, 1846)

CUNNINGHAM, Mr. P. - D17/3/1844 - At Wigtown, on the 17th instant, Mr P Cunningham, grocer, aged 53 years.

CUNNINGHAM, Samuel - D8/4/1844 - At Gatehouse, on the 8th inst., Samuel, aged 11 years, eldest son of Mr John Cunningham, joiner.

CUNNINGHAM, William - D27/6/1854 - At 31, Princes Street, Edinburgh, on the 27th ult., William Cunningham, Esq., cashier of the Scottish Union Insurance Company.

CUNNINGHAM, William - D22/7/1887 - At 4 Kelvingrove Street, Glagow, on the 22nd ult., William Cunningham, grain weigher, aged 65 years.

CUNNINGHAME, Sir Alexander M. - D8/6/1846 - At Skeldon, on the 8th inst., Sir Alexander M. Cunninghame, Bart., of Corsehill.

CUNNINGHAME, Arthur Hugh - D21/5/1850 - At Lisbon, on the 21st ultimo, killed by a fall from the fore top of H.M.S. Arethusa, Arthur Hugh Cunninghame, aged 13, son of Sir Thomas Montgomery Cunninghame, Bart.

CUNNINGHAME, Catherine - D17/12/1891 - At 6 King Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 17th inst. Catherine Cunningham, wife of James Cunningham, Meadowhead, Dalrymple, Ayrshire aged 68 years.

CUNNINGHAME, John - D8/6/1845 - At Drochdool, near Glenluce, on the 8th instant, John, aged 28 years, eldest son of Mr Michael Cunninghame - after a long illness.

CUNNINGHAME/FINNAN, Mrs Maxwell - D22/8/1846 - At Portobello, on the 22d ult., Mrs Maxwell Finnan, relict of the Rev. Charles Cunninghame of Dailly, Ayrshire.

CUNNINGHAME, Samuel - D17/2/1844 - At Launchentire, parish of Anwoth, on the 17th curt., Mr Samuel Cunningham, farmer, aged 53 years.

CURLET, Elizabeth - D25/9/1845 - At Ardrossan, on the morning of the 25th ult., Elizabeth; in the evening, Margaret; and on the 26th, John - infant children of John Curlet.

CURLET, John - D26/9/1845 - At Ardrossan, on the morning of the 25th ult., Elizabeth; in the evening Margaret; and on the 26th John - infant children of John Curlet.

CURLET, Margaret - D25/9/1845 - At Ardrossan, on the morning of the 25th ult., Elizabeth; in the evening Margaret; and on the 26th, John - infant children of John Curlet.

CURRANS, Frank - D14(17)/4/1863 - At Whithorn, on the 14th inst., Mr Frank Corr(aid) labourer, at an advanced age. (The ONLY one similar to what you need was a Francis CURANS, male, Farm Labourer age 72 years, died on the 17th of April at Whithorn, not the 14th. There was another similar name, but that was a child less than one year old, as per Meg)

CURRIE/MAXWELL, Elizabeth - D1/3/1845 - At Maxwelltown, on the 1st inst., Elizabeth Currie, relict of the late Mr Maxwell.

CURRIE, John - D(1?)/3/1846 - At North Sta(r) Girvan, on the 1(-) inst., John Currie, seaman, who in 1815 sailed to the Island of St. Helena with Napoleon Bonaparte, on board the ship "Northumberland" commanded by Sir George Cockburn.

CURRIE, John - D11/10/1846 - At Dailly, on the 11th instant, Mr John Currie, sawyer, aged 85.

CURRIE, Mary Lucy - D18/4/1843 - On Tuesday morning, the 18th ult., very suddenly, aged 7 months, Mary Lucy, daughter of Mr David Gibson Currie, draper and tea dealer, Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorganshire.

CURRIE, Mary Lucy - D29/4/1844 - On Monday, the 29th ult., Mary Lucy, youngest daugher of Mr David Gibson Currie, draper and tea dealer, Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorganshire, aged two months.

CURRIE, Mrs Robert - D6/1/1843 - At Dalbeattie, on the 6th inst,. Mrs Currie, widow of the late Robert Currie, mariner, who was lost in the “Black-Eyed Susan”.

CURRIE/MAINWARING Sarah - in the WFP D13/6/1844 - At Methyr Tydvil, Glamorganshire, Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr J. Mainwaring, gardener, and sister of Mr David Gibson Currie, tea dealer there. (Sarah Currie to John Mainwaring on March 10, 1826 at Methyr Tydvil, Glamorgan, Wales as per the IGI)

CURRIE, Thomas - D27/12/1882 - At Balgown, Kirkmaiden, on the 27th ult., Thomas Currie, aged 83 years.

CUSHNIE/MATTHEW, Mary - D6/12/1891 - At 4, Marchmont Crescent, Edinburgh, on the 6th inst. Mary Cushnie, widow of David Matthew, builder, Stranraer, aged 55 years.

CUTHBART/SHAW, Mary Simson - D24/11/1883 - At 74, Newton Terrace, Glasgow, on the 24th inst., Mary Simson Shaw, daughter of the late John Shaw, rope and sailmaker, Garliestown, and wife of the Rev. Alexander Cuthbart, M.A, Glasgow, aged 84 years.

CUTHBERTSON, John - D27/7/1843 - At Annan, on the 27th ult., John Cuthbertson, some time farmer at Prestonhall near Annan, aged 66 years.