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Death Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: February 2006

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SADLER, Maria - D7/2/1844 - At Bristol, on the 7th inst., aged 27 years, Maria, the beloved partner of Mr Wm. Sadler, tea-dealer, Bristol.

SALLY, Peter - D22/3/1847 - At Bladnoch Bridge, Wigtown, on the 22d inst., Peter Sally, aged 72 years.

SANDEMAN, Julia - D20/2/1845 - At Malaga, in Spain, on the 20th ult., Julia, wife of David Sandeman, Esq., Kirkwood, Dumfries-shire.

SANDERS, Robert Thomas - D14/4/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 14th instant, aged 15 months, Robert Thomas, youngest son of Mr John Sanders, writer.

SANDERSON, Margaret - D24/6/1844 - At Heatheryhaugh, near Moffat, on the 24th ult., Margaret, daughter of Mr James Sanderson, cooper, Moffat, aged 18 years.

SANDFORD, Brevet Major John Robert - D2/11/1850 - At Nagode, East Indies, on the 2d November, Brevet Major John Robert Sandford, of the 22d Madras Native Infantry.

SANFORD, Erskine Douglas - D5/7/1845 - At 11, Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh, on the 5th instant, in his 9th year, Erskine Douglas, youngest son of Erskine Douglas Sandford, Esq., Steward of Kirkcudbright.

SAUL/MILNAY, Ann - D24/2/1874 - Here, at Backrampart, on the 24th ult., Ann Milnay aged 88 years, relict of Mr James Saul, shoemaker.

SAUL, Rev. Joseph - D24/12/1845 - On the 24th ult., the Rev. Joseph Saul, incumbent of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Warrington, and for many years chaplain and classical tutor in Greenrow Academy.

SAUNDERS, Robert Jr. - D6/4/1863 - At Kilfillan, on the 6th inst., Robert, infant son of Mr Robert Saunders.

SAUNDERS, Thomas - D27/1/1878 - At Glenluce, on the 27th inst., Mr Thomas Saunders, formerly in Fineview, aged 69 years.

SAUNDERS, William T. - D25/12/1846 - At Glenluce, on the 25th inst., Mr William T. Saunders, joiner, much lamented.

SAVAGE, Samuel - D23/11/1846 - Here, at St. Andrew Street, on the 23d inst., after a protracted illness, which originated by a severe kick from his horse while on duty in India in 1843, Mr Samuel Savage, of her Majesty's 15th Hussars, aged 27 years.

SAWREY, Infant son - D28/3/1850 - At Garden House, on the 28th inst., the infant son of Mr John Sawrey, land surveyor.

SAYERS, Jessie Jane - D28/4/1870 - At Mains of Park, Glenluce, on the 28th ult., Jessie Jane, infant daughter of Mr David Sayers.

SAYERS, William - D21/3/1889 - At Sandfield cottage, Stevenson, Ayrshire, (the house of his son), on the 21st ult., William Sayers, youngest son of the late John Sayers, church officer, Girthon Parish Church, Gatehouse-of Fleet.

SCAMBLER, Miss - D??/2/1844 - At Annan, last week, Miss Scambler, in the prime of life.

SCOTLAND, Thomas - D20/4/1843 - At Sheriffbrae, Leith, on the 20th ult., Thomas, son of Mr John Scotland, engineer, aged three years and six months.

SCOTT, Andrew H. - D11/12/1852 - At Bonkle Manse, Cambusnethan, on the evening of the 11th instant, Andrew H. Scott, student of divinity, third son of the Rev. Andrew Scott.

SCOTT, Lady Ann Elizabeth - D13/8/1844 - At Leamington, on the 13th inst., aged 48, Lady Ann Elizabeth Scott, eldest sister of the Duke of Buccleuch.

SCOTT/LISTER, Catherin - D29/11/1861 - At 136, West Graham Street, Glasgow, on the 29th ultimo, Catherin Lister, late of Stranraer, wife of Mr Alex. Scott. Friends will please accept this intimation.

SCOTT, Charlotte - D3/9/1844 - At Madeira on the 3d ult., Charlotte, the infant daughter of the Hon. Francis Scott, aged 15 months.

SCOTT, Catherine Jane - D12/11/1843 - At Church Crescent, Dumfries, on the 12th inst., Catherine Jane, infant daughter of the Rev. D.L. Scott.

SCOTT/BROWN, Catherine - D6/1/1863 - At 23, Rutland Street, Edinburgh, on the 6th instant, Catherine Scott, wife of John Brown M.D..

SCOTT, Major General Edward - in the WFP D15/8/1844 - At Bath, aged 81, Major-General Edward Scott, K.C., of Scottstown, Monaghan, one of the oldest General Officers in the army.

SCOTT/IRVINE, Elizabeth - D18/4/1843 - At Greenmerse, Troqueer, on the 18th inst., Elizabeth Scott, aged 54, wife of Mr David Irvine, farmer, Greenmerse.

SCOTT, Elizabeth - D(20)/7/1843 - At Dumfries, on the (20)th inst., aged four years, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr Robert Scott, boot and shoemaker, Friars' Vennel.

SCOTT, Euphemia - D13/1/1844 - At New Langholm, on the 13th instant, aged 26, Euphemia Scott, third daughter of Mr Robert Scott.

SCOTT, Francis - in WFP D10/7/1845 - At Culross, Mr Francis Scott, (fisher), originally from the Border - much respected.

SCOTT, George - D25/12/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 25th inst., George Scott, aged 53 years.

SCOTT/M’WILLIAM, Grace - D17/3/1876 - At Gillespie, Old Luce, on the 17th inst., suddenly, Grace M'William, aged 70 years, wife of Mr John Scott.

SCOTT, Mrs. James - D18/8/1845 - At Lawrieston, in Balmaghie, on the 18th inst., in the 54th year of her age, Mrs James Scott, after a long and very painful illness, which she bore with Christian patience and resignation.

SCOTT, Mrs. James - D25/3/1863 - At Portpatrick, on the 25th ult., Mrs James Scott, diver at harbour work, aged 45 years.

SCOTT, Jane - D6/5/1845 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 6th inst., Jane Scott, at the advanced age of 93 years. For the last 10 years she was confined to bed.

SCOTT/M’CONNELL, Jane - D21/2/1874 - At Stannock, parish of Whithorn, on the 21st inst., after a protracted illness, Jane M'Connell, wife of Mr Scott, farmer there, aged 60 years.

SCOTT, Janet - D9/12/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 9th inst., Janet, daughter of Mr Robert Scott,. boot and shoemaker, Friar's Vennel.

SCOTT/GRIEVE, Janet - D10/1/1844 - At No. 4, John Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, on the 10th curt,. Janet Scott, wife of Mr John Grieve, late of Moffat, Dumfries-shire - much and deservedly regretted.

SCOTT, John - D12/11/1843 - At Annan, on the 12th inst., John Scott, coal merchant, advanced in years.

SCOTT, John - D27/3/1847 - At Kilncleugh, near Langholm, on the 27th ult., John Scott, son of Mr Alex. Scott there, aged 6 years.

SCOTT, Margaret - D22/7/1844 - At New Langholm, on the 22d ult., Margaret Scott, relict of James Scott, aged 78 years.

SCOTT/NICOL, Mary - in WFP D2/3/1843 - At Douglaw, parish of Westerkirk, Mary Scott, spouse of Robert Nicol, shepherd, aged 52 years.

SCOTT, Mathew - D24/2/1847 - At Cairnryan, on the 24th ult., Mathew Scott, aged 24 years.

SCOTT, Rachel - D18/2/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 18th inst., Rachel, infant daughter of Mr Wm. Scott, fisher.

SCOTT, Robert - D10/7/1887 - At Curchiehill, Minnigaff, on the 10th inst, Robert, son of William Scott, farmer, aged 9 years and (8) months.

SCOTT, Thomas - D6/9/1846 - At Glenluce, on the 6th inst., Thomas Scott, late of Gillespie, advanced in years.

SCOTT, Walter - D15/8/1844 - At Alahabad, on the 15th August last, Walter Scott, M.D. Assistant-Surgeon, H.E.I.C.S., second son of Walter Scott, Esq., of Wauchope, Roxburghshire.

SCOTT, Walter - D22/11/1845 - At Hardburn, near Kirkcudbright, on the 22d ult., after a brief illness, Mr Walter Scott, farmer there, formerly at Threave Mains, Balmaghie - much regretted.

SCOTT, Walter Dalgleish - D16/12/1852 - At Inveresk, on the 16th instant, Mr Walter Dalgleish Scott.

SCOTT, William - D9/1/1843 - At Kirktonhill, parish of Westerkirk, on the 9th inst., William Scott, aged 72.

SCOTT, Wm. - D4/8/1847 - At Colwell- know, parish of Midelbie, Mr Wm. Scott, farmer and Cattle-dealer; attended Langholm lamb fair on Tuesday, managed his business in his usual health, and on Wednesday night, while at supper, died almost instantly.

SCOTT, William - D29/1/1869 - At Ballantrae, on the 29th ult., William, son of the late Mr John Scott, shoemaker.

SEBRIGHT, Sir John - D15/4/1846 - DEATH OF SIR JOHN SEBRIGHT, BART. - This venerable baronet expired on the 15th inst., at the advanced age of seventy-nine. He was deputy lieutenant for the county of Herts, which he represented from 1806 to 1834, having previously sat for Bath. His eldest son and successor, Thomas George Saunders Sebright, was born in 1802.

SERVICE, Robert - D23/6/1847 - At Castle Street, here, on the 23d instant, Mr Robert Service jun., turner, in the prime of life - much regretted.

SEATON, Rev. James - D26/3/1851 - At the Honourable Lord Mackenzie's Belmont, near Edinburgh, on the 26th ultimo, the Rev James Seaton, D.D. Professor of Ecclesiastical and Civil History in the University of Glasgow, aged 52 years.

SEATON, William - D17/8/1845 - At Woodhouse, Holywood, on the 17th ult., Mr William Seaton - advanced in years.

SELLARS/HUNTER, Barbara - D6/4/1889 - Here, at 3 Victoria Place, on the 6th inst., Barbara Sellars, relict of Robert Hunter, farmer, aged 89 years.

SERVICE, John - D25/6/1847 - Here, at St. Andrew Street, on the 25th ultimo, of fever, Mr John Service, wheelwright, aged 62.

SERVICE, Margaret - D1/10/1865 - At 20 St Andrew Street, on the 1st instant, Margaret, aged 85 years, relict of Mr John Service, turner.

SERVICE/M'EWING, Mary - D31/5/1845 - At Auchnotroch, Leswalt, on the 31st ult., after four days of severe affliction, borne with great resignation, Mary Service, spouse of the deceased Robert M'Ewing, late farmer in Knock.

SHAND, Lieut. David M. - D7/3/1847 - At Lahore, on the 7th March, Lieut. David M. Shand, of the 54th Royal Bengal N.I., eldest son of Dr Shand, of Kirkcudbright.

SHANKLAND, Archibald - D20/1/1845 - At Kirkconnel Village, on the 20th inst., Mr Archibald Shankland, late shepherd, Kelloside, at an advanced age.

SHANKLAND, John - D3/2/1844 - At Thornhill, on the 3d inst., in the prime of life, Mr John Shankland, merchant tailor.

SHANKLAND, Robert - D27/10/1844 - At Lockerbie, on the 27th ult., Mr Robert Shankland, of the Commercial Inn.

SHANKS, Robert - D13/2/1869 - At Portlogan, on the 13th instant, Mr Robert Shanks, aged 61 years.

SHANKS, Walter - D23/4/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 23d curt, Mr Walter Shanks, shoemaker, at an advanced age.

SHANNON, Alfred Lee - D13/4/1847 - At Walsall, on the 13th ult., aged 6 months and 2 weeks, Alfred Lee, infant son of Mr J. Shannon, merchant.

SHANNON, J. Clark - D3/5/1844 - At Walsall, Staffordshire, on the 3d inst., after a long and painful affliction, J. Clark Shannon, eldest son of Mr J.C. Shannon, draper, of the former place.

SHANNON, William Gibson - D27/4/1847 - At Walsall, on the 27th ult., aged 37 years, Mr William Gibson Shannon, formerly of Castle Douglas.

SHARP/BURGESS, Ann - D22/7/1844 - At Glasgow Street, Maxwelltown, on the 22d ult., Ann Sharp, wife of Mr William Burgess, writer.

SHARP, Douglas - D21/12/1847 - At Parkgate, Kirkcudbright, on the 21st current, aged 76, Mr Douglas Sharp, who was highly respected, and is much regretted by his relatives and friends.

SHARP, John - D18/11/1846 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 18th instant, after a long illness, Mr John Sharp, mason, aged 64 - much regretted.

SHARP, Maggie - D21/12/1882 - At Tannielaggie, on the 21st inst., Maggie, twin daughter of Alexander Sharp.

SHARP, Thomas - D13/8/1845 - At Fleughlarg, Glencairn, on the 13th inst., Mr Thomas Sharp, aged 22 years.

SHARPE, General Matthew - D12/2/1845 - At Leamington, on the 12th instant, General Matthew Sharpe, of Hoddam.

SHAW/STEVEN, Agnes - D25/11/1854 - Here, at Castle Street, on the 25th ult., Agnes Shaw, aged 54 years.

SHAW, Alexander - D30/5/1846 - At Wigan, on Saturday morning last, after a long illness Alexander Shaw, surgeon, an only child, aged 40 years. The aged mother and daughter in law are thus left widows. They all lived together, and they will be buried together in one grave in St. Paul's chapel.

SHAW, Alexander - D8/4/1851 - At Low Ardwell, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 8th instant, Mr Alexander Shaw, aged 85 years.

SHAW, Andrew - D1/2/1866 - At 10 South Portland Street, Glasgow, on the 1st instant, Andrew Shaw, Esq., long resident in Glasgow, but a native of Garliestown in Wigtownshire, after a lingering illness of some months, aged 54 years - deeply regretted.

SHAW/SPROAT, Mary - D13/11/1843 - At Kirkpatrick Village, on the 13th inst., aged 70, Mrs Mary Sproat, widow of Mr John Shaw - much respected.

SHAW/M’ILWRICK, Elizabeth - D12/3/1852 - At Barrhill, on the 12th instant, Elizabeth M'Ilwirck, relict of the late Mr William Shaw, grocer there, at an advanced age.

SHAW, George - D6/10/1843 - At Langholm Manse, on the 6th inst., suddenly Mr George Shaw, aged 27.

SHAW/MARTIN, Helen - D24/7/1853 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 24th ult., after a lingering illness, Helen Martin, wife of Robert Shaw, shoemaker there, aged 46 years.

SHAW, James - D23/4/1868 - At Wigtown, on the 23d inst., very suddenly James Shaw, Esq., S.S.C.

SHAW, Janet - D13/2/1852 - At Lendalfoot, on the 13th ultimo, Janet Shaw, aged 23 years, eldest daughter of the late Rev. W. Shaw.

SHAW, Jessie - D19/8/1858 - At Culhorn Porter Lodge, on the 19th instant, Jessie, aged 1(-) years, youngest daughter of the late Mr Shaw, joiner, Culhorn.

SHAW, John - D29/5/1846 - At Wigan, on Friday morning last, at one o'clock, after 12 hours illness, John Shaw, aged (8)0 years. He was a native of Minnigaff. The aged mother and daughter in law are thus left widows. They all lived together, and they will be buried together in one grave in St. Paul's chapel.

SHAW, John - D22/2/1847 - At South Strand Street, on the 22d inst., of (fever) Mr John Shaw, tailor, aged 34 years.

SHAW, John - D10/8/1852 - At Wigtown, on the 10th inst,. John Shaw, Esq., late of Garliestown, aged 95.

SHAW, Margaret - D27/2/1843 - At Ewe Manse, on the 27th ult., Margaret, second daughter of the Rev. Robert Shaw, aged 17.

SHAW/M'KERLIE, Margaret - D23/6/1847 - At Wigtown, on the 23d ultimo, Margaret M'Kerlie, wife of Mr John Shaw, rope maker, aged 81 years.

SHAW/ARMSTRONG, Marion - D1/9/1847 - At Barrhil, parish of Colmonell, on the 1st instant, Marion Shaw, wife of Mr William Armstrong, late teacher there, who in less than an hour after being safely delivered of a daughter, departed, leaving a husband and two children, beside the infant to deplore her loss.

SHAW/KNOX, Martha - D30/1/1871 - At Bucks Head Hotel, on the 30th ult., Martha Knox, wife of Mr John Shaw, innkeeper.

SHAW/CUTHBART, Mary Simson - D24/11/1883 - At 74, Newton Terrace, Glasgow, on the 24th inst., Mary Simson Shaw, daughter of the late John Shaw, rope and sailmaker, Garliestown, and wife of the Rev. Alexander Cuthbart, M.A, Glasgow, aged 84 years.

SHAW, Robt. - D15/1/1847 - At Colmonell, on the 15th inst., Mr Robt. Shaw, tailor, aged 77.

SHAW/KISSOCK, Sarah - D28/3/1853 - At Castle Street, Kirkcudbright, on the 28th ultimo, Sarah Shaw, widow of John Kissock, sometime farmer in Culdoch, in the 85th year of her age.

SHAW, Susan - D23/1/1855 - Here, at Princes Street, on the 23d instant, Susan youngest daughter of Mr John Shaw, innkeeper, aged 17 years.

SHAW/ANGUS, Susan - D3/12/1883 - At Whithorn, on the 3rd inst. Susan Angus, relict of John Shaw.

SHAW, Thomas - D19/11/1891 - At Knowe Village, on the 19th ult., Thomas Shaw, aged 87 years.

SHAW, William - D6/5/1845 - At Parktobin, parish of Balmaclellan, on the 6th inst., Mr William Shaw, aged 72 years.

SHAW, Mrs William - D27/9/1846 - Here, at Bridge Street, on the 27th ult., Mrs William Shaw, midwife, aged 60 years, the last 19 of which she has practised in her calling with unwearied assiduity. Constitutionally robust, she possessed a large share of cheerfulness, good-nature, and benevolence, with a ready disposition to oblige, which gained her the esteem of rich and poor; by the latter of whom especially she will be long remembered with deep felt sorrow.

SHEARER/KELLY, Helen - D23/4/1853 - At Glenruther, parish of Penninghame, on the 23d inst., Helen Shearer, aged 30 years - wife of Mr Robert Kelly.

SHEARER, John - D1/8/1853 - At Portpatrick, on the 1st inst., Mr John Shearer, shoemaker, aged 51.

SHEARER/WHANNEL, Mary - D25/3/1847 - At Poundland, parish of Colmonell, on the 25th ult., Mary Whannel, relict of Andrew Shearer, late smith of that place, aged 93 years.

SHEEN, George - D4/4/1843 - Also on the 4th current, of scarlet fever, George Sheen, aged eight (8) years, son of William Sheen, labourer, Gatehouse.

SHENNAN, Mrs. - D17/4/1844 - At Annan, on the 17th instant, Mrs Shennan, and, on the following day, her husband, Mr John Shennan, collector of the poor rates, there - both advanced in years.

SHENNAN/BUCHANAN, Mrs Alexander - D24/5/1846 - At 2, Norfolk Court, Norfolk Street, Laurieston, Glasgow, on the 24th inst., Mrs Alexander Shennan, daughter of Mr William Buchanan, Stranraer. (Most probably Helen Buchanan from a marriage to an Alexander Shannon or Shannan on Apr 29, 1834 in Glasgow as per IGI)

SHENNAN, Andrew - D8/11/1844 - at Holmes, parish of Galston, on the 8th inst., in the 18th year of his age, Andrew, fourth son of Mr Andrew Shennan, coachman, there.

SHENNAN, Esther Brown - D7/12/1845 - At Newton-Stewart on the 7th inst., Esther Brown, aged 15 months, daughter of Mr Andrew Shennan, innkeeper.

SHENNAN/CROSBIE, Grizzle - D10/4/1847 - At Munshes, parish of Buittle, on the 10th inst., Grizzle Shennan, wife of Mr John Crosbie there, in the 80th year of her age.

SHENNAN, John - D18/4/1844 - At Annan, on the 17th instant, Mrs Shennan, and, on the following day, her husband, Mr John Shennan, collector of the poor rates, there - both advanced in years.

SHENNAN, Peter - D6/6/1860 - Suddenly, at Newton-Stewart, on the 6th inst., Peter, second son of the late Mr Andrew Shennan, innkeeper, aged 17 years.

SHENNAN, Robert - D23/3/1863 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 23d ult., Robert, third son of the late Mr Andrew Shennan, innkeeper, aged 15.

SHENNAN, William - D26/5/1844 - At Crocketford, on the 26th ult., after a protracted and painful illness, borne with Christian fortitude and patience, William Shennan, aged 65 years.

SHENNAN, William - D26/1/1847 - At Lochroan, parish of Crossmichael, on the 26th ult., Mr William Shennan, farmer there, aged 73 years.

SHENUS-?/M’KEAND, Janet - D12/2/1843 - At Wigtown, on the 12th inst., Janet M'Keand, wife of Peter Shenus- (?), of the Grapes Inn, in the prime of life.

SHERIFFS, George - D27/4/1845 - At Mains of Fasque, Kincardineshire, on the 27th ult., Mr George Sheriffs, aged 83, factor to Mr Gladstone of Fasque, on which estate he had been factor for 32 years.

SHERRY Agnes - D1/9/1874 - Here, at Dalrymple Street, on the (3rd) inst., Agnes (Sherry), aged 83 years. (Agnes SHERRY died Sept 1 age 85 as per Meg)

SHIEL, Edward - D7/5/1843 - On the 7th ult., on board the Royal Mail Steam Packet "Tiviot", bound for Hunduras, Edward Shiel, Esq., for many years of Belise, an eminent merchant, and brother of the Right Hon. Lalor Shiel, M.P..

SHIELDS/HILL, Mary - D7/10/1847 - At Drumore, on the 7th inst., (ult.) Mary Hill, wife of William Shields, joiner, in prime of life.

SHILLAN, Alexander - D6/7/1847 - Here, at Clayhole, on the 6th instant, very suddenly, Alexander Shillan, son of the late Mr Thomas Shillan. He went to bed in apparent good health the previous evening and was found dead in the morning.

SHILLAN, Archibald - D19/6/1860 - Here, at Agnew Crescent, on the 19th instant, Mr Archibald Shillan, advanced in years.

SHILLAN, Mary Ann - D8/1/1884 - At 114 Grafton Street, Mile End road, London, on the 8th inst. Mrs Mary Ann Shillan, wife of the late Wm. Shillan of Stranraer, in the 64th year of her age - Deeply lamented.

SHILLING, Thos. - D10/4/1845 - At Clayhole, here, on the 10th inst., Mr Thos. Shilling, cooper, advanced in years.

SHIRKY, Hugh - D31/5/1870 - At 36 Fisher Street, on the 31st ultimo, Mr Hugh Shirky, dealer, aged 75 years.

SHIRRY, Peter - D30/5/1846 - At Airdrie, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 30th ult., Mr Peter Shirry, aged 69 years.

SHORTRIDGE, Mrs James - D7/7/1844 - At Liverpool, on the 7th current, of fever, after a short but severe illness, Mrs James Shortridge, of Dumfries.

SHORTRIDGE/WALKER, Janet - D5/2/1844 - At Maxwelltown, on the 5th inst., Mrs Janet Shortridge, relict of Mr Walker, grocer.

SHORTRIDGE/MASON, Mary - D31/10/1843 - At Maxwelltown, on the 31st ult., Mary Mason, spouse of Mr John Shortridge, Howgate, aged 62 years.

SHORTT, Thomas - D5/3/1843 - At Newport, Isle of Wight, on the 5th curt., Thomas Shortt, Esq., M.D..

SIBBALD, Charles R. - M27/7/1848 - At Lewis Street, Stranraer, on the 27th inst., by the Rev. George Charles, Charles R. Sibbald, Esq., Royal Bank, Leith, to Isabella Seamon, only daughter of the late Thomas Taylor, Esq., Stranraer. (Entered as a stray by Diana)

SINCLAIR, Mrs - D9/5/1843 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 9th inst., Mrs Sinclair, aged 92 years - much and justly regretted. [Note. - We regret that, instead of this notice, an erroneous one was inserted last week. We are happy to say, however, that Mr Sinclair, Newton-Stewart, said to be dead, is alive and well.]

SINCLAIR/JOHNSTON, Agnes - D5/6/1844 - At Trochie House, near New-Galloway, on the 5th curt., in the 44th year of her age, Mrs Agnes Johnstone, wife of Mr Sinclair, farmer there.

SINCLAIR/LITTERICK, Jane - D12/12/1883 - At Landberrick, on the 12th inst., Jane Sinclair, relict of James Litterick, aged 78 years.

SINCLAIR/CANDLISH, Janet - D16/1/1845 - At Windsor, on the 16th curt., in the 45th year of her age, Mrs Janet Sinclair, wife of Mr John Candlish, draper, Windsor, and daughter of the late Mr John Sinclair, New-Galloway.

SINCLAIR/MAITLAND, Janet Evelyn - D29/12/1863 - At Balgreggan, on the 29th current, Janet Evelyn Sinclair, aged 11 years, only daughter of the late Patrick Maitland, Esq., of Freugh.

SINCLAIR, John - D21/2/1845 - Suddenly, at Newton-Stewart, on the evening of the 21st inst., John Sinclair, Esq., deservedly regretted.

SHORTRIDGE, Samuel - D26/2/1844 - At Keltonhead, near Dumfries, on the 26th ult., Dr Samuel Shortridge, (formerly of Wigtown) advanced in life.

SHORTT, Mrs. - D27/4/1843 - At Castle Street, Dumfries, on the 27th ult., Mrs Shortt, relict of Francis Shortt, Esq., Town Clerk of Dumfries.

SIMPKINS/CRAWFORD, Jessie - D3/5/1845 - At Limekilns, parish of Inch, on the 3d instant, Jessie Crawford, wife of Mr Thomas Simpkins.

SIMPSON, Alexander - D15/7/1878 - Here, at 20 Harbour Street, on the 15th inst., Alexander Simpson, youngest son of the late James Simpson, brewer, aged 6 years.

SIMPSON, Andrew - D19/4/1843 - At Newton-Stewart, on Wednesday, the 19th inst. Mr Andrew Simpson, M.D. aged 77 years.

SIMPSON, George - D3/5/1865 - On the 3d inst., George, son of Mr James Simpson, of Whithorn.

SIMPSON, Isabell - D6/1/1864 - Here, at North Strand Street, on the 6th instant, aged 17 months, Isabell, daughter of Mr James S..... brewer. (Isabella [note the final A] SIMPSON, daur of James SIMPSON, Brewer as per Meg)

SIMPSON, James - D17/8/1846 - At Sanquhar, on the 17th ult., James, second son of the Rev. Robert Simpson.

SIMPSON, John - D6/6/1845 - At Mochrum Kirk, on the 6th inst., Mr John Simpson, aged 48, much regretted.

SIMPSON/NICHOLSON, Margaret - D15/31852 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 15th instant, Margaret Simpson, wife of Mr Nicholson, manufacturing agent aged 64 years.

SIMPSON/MAY, Mary - D21/1/1871 - At 31 High Street, on the 21st inst., Mary May, aged 70 years, relict of Mr William Simpson.

SIMPSON, Peter - D4/2/1843 - At Campbelton, on the 4th inst., of cramp in the stomach, Mr Peter Simpson, of Stranraer, aged 36 years.

SIMPSON, Wm. - D27/4/1870 - At 31 High Street, on the 27th ult., Mr Wm. Simpson, aged 70 years.

SINCLAIR, Mrs. - D9/5/1843 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 9th inst., Mrs Sinclair, aged 94 years.

SINCLAIR, Mr. - D10/5/1843 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 10th inst., Mr Sinclair, advanced in life.

SINCLAIR/MacMILLIAN, Catherine S. - D7/4/1843 - At Cambridge Street, Glasgow, on the 7th instant, Catherine S. Sinclair, wife of John Macmillan, Esq., of the High School, Glasgow, - a lady of a most amiable disposition, and examplary in the discharge of the duties of life. SINCLAIR/MacDONALD, SINCLAIR, Lady Diana - D22/4/1845 - At George Street, Edinburgh, on the 22nd ult., the Hon Lady Sinclair, widow of the right Hon. Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, Baronet.

SINCLAIR/STEWART, Helen - D25/4/1845 - At Glasserton, on the 25th ult., Helen, wife of Stair Hawthorn Stewart, Esq., of Physgill, and youngest daughter of the late Right Hon. Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, Bart. the amiability of her natural disposition, her devoted and unostentatious attention to the poor, the superiority of her mental acquirements, and her general Christian deportment, commanded the love and esteem of all, and makes her loss most bitterly felt. (Helen was from Sir John Sinclair’s 2nd marriage to Lady Diana MacDonald)

SINCLAIR, John - D10/4/1844 - At 18, Royal Terrace, Edinburgh, on the 10th inst., after a lingering illness, John Sinclair, Esq., typefounder, of Duncan Sinclair and Sons, Whiteford House, Canongate.

SINCLAIR, Peter - D28/6/1863 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 28th ultimo, Mr Peter Sinclair, late baker there.

SINCLAIR, Rachel - D1/4/1845 - At Langholm, on the 13th inst., Rachel Sinclair, aged 36 years.

SINGER, Capt. Alexander Stewart - D20/9/1845 - At Simla, East Indies, on the 20th September, Capt. Alexander Stewart Singer, 24th regiment, Bengal Native Infantry, last surviving son of the late Dr Singer, minister of Kirkpatrick-Juxta, Dumfriesshire.

SKEOCH/RAMSAY, Margaret - D12/12/1844 - At Little Laught, parish of Ardrossan, on the 12th inst., Margaret Ramsay, wife of the late Mr John Skeoch, aged 87 years.

SKIMMING, Agnes - 22/8/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 22nd instant, Agnes Skimming, aged 70 years.

SKIMMING/THORBURN, Agnes - D23/1/1851 - At Auchenmalg, Old Luce, on the 23d instant, Agnes Thorburn, relict of the late James Skimming, joiner Burns' Tavern.

SKIMMING, Agnes - D18/3/1891 - At 50 King Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 18th ult Agnes Skimming, daughter of the late George Skimming, Blackcraig, aged 66 years.

SKIMMING/KELLY, Elizabeth - D18/12/1846 - Here, at North Strand Street, on the 18th inst., rather suddenly, aged 46 years, Elizabeth Skimming, relict of Mr James Kelly, painter, Stranraer.

SKIMMING, James - D18/11/1843 - At Sinniness, parish of Glenluce, on the 18th inst., James Skimming, joiner, aged 66.

SKIMMING, Jas. - D18/11/1843 - At Auchenmalg, Old Luce, on the 18th ult., Jas. Skimming, joiner, aged 66 years. (Inserted Dec 7, 1843)

SKIMMING, Janet - D20/6/1846 - At Glenluce, on the 20th instant, of consumption, Janet Skimming, aged 19.

SKIMMING, Mrs. John - D11/7/1845 - Here, on the 11th inst. Mrs John Skimming.

SKIMMING, Keith - D16/3/1845 - At Glenluce, on the 16th instant, Keith Skimming, gardener, aged 26; and on the same day, his sister Mary, aged 16 - both of consumption.

SKIMMING, Mary - D16/3/1845 - At Glenluce, on the 16th instant, Keith Skimming, gardener, aged 26; and on the same day, his sister Mary, aged 16 - both of consumption.

SKIMMING, Michael - D3/12/1891 - At Garliestown, on the 3rd inst. Michael Skimming aged 73 years.

SKIMMING, William - D2(6)/6/1843 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 2(6)th ult., William Skimming, manufacturer, aged -- years.

SKIMMING, William - D5/5/1860 - At the Braehead, Kirkinner, on the 5th instant, Mr William Skimming, grocer, aged 91 years, much esteemed by all classes.

SKIMMING/(HANN)AY, Williamina - D4/12/1877 - At Whithorn, on the 4th inst., Williamina Skimming, wife of Andrew (Hann)ay.

SKIRVING, Robert - D26/7/1843 - At Cruys, on the 26th ult., Robert Skirving, Esq., late Captain in the Hon. E.I.C.S., in his 86th year.

SLOAN, Agnes - D1/4/1853 - At Whithorn, on the 1st instant, Mrs Agnes Sloan, relict of the late Alexander Sloan, farmer, Balsmith.

SLOAN, Alexander - D18/12/1843 - At Whithorn, on the 18th inst., Mr Alexander Sloan, aged 62 years.

SLOAN, Alex - D25/11/1861 - At Elsinore, the 25th Nov. Mr Alex Sloan, seaman, a native of Portwilliam, aged 22 years, the hope and stay of a widowed mother.

SLOAN/GRIERSON, Barbara - D26/6/1846 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 26th ultimo, Barbara Sloan, relict of John Grierson, Esq..

SLOAN, Rev. Edward Knubley - D22/3/1869 - At Sorbie Manse, Wigtownshire, on the 22nd ultimo, the Rev. Edward Knubley Sloan, minister of the parish of Sorbie, in the 65th year of his age, and the 25th of his ministry.

SLOAN, James - D6/6/1887 - At the Borough Hospital, Birkenhead, on the 6th inst., James Sloan, ship carpenter, late of Wigtown Lodge, Garliestown, aged 43 years.

SLOAN, Jeanie Cuthbert - D29/2/1876 - At Brieryside, Monkton, near Ayr, on the 29th ult., Jeanie Cuthbert, aged 21 years, daughter of Mr William Sloan.

SLOAN, John - D18/3/1845 - At Blairstone Mains, near Ayr, on the 18th inst., John Sloan, Esq., late merchant and shipbuilder, Ayr.

SLOAN, John - D25/4/1845 - At Port-William, on the 25th ultimo, Mr John Sloan, mariner, aged 31 years.

SLOAN, John - D5/12/1846 - At Pinwherry, parish of Colmonell, on the 5th current, Mr John Sloan, aged 31 years.

SLOAN, John - D19/3/1847 - At Glenwhask Mill, parish of Colmonell, on the 19th instant, John, eldest son of Mr John Sloan, miller, there.

SLOAN/CAMPBELL, Martha - D17/4/1891 - Here at 16, North Strand Street, on the 17th inst. Martha Campbell, wife of Andrew Sloan, joiner.

SLOAN/M’CANDLISH, Margaret - D4/1/1881 - At 14 Napier Street, Everton, Liverpool, on the 4th inst, Margaret M'Candlish, relict of Mr William Sloan, draper, and daughter of the late Mr M'Candlish, Portyerrock, Wigtownshire.

SLOAN, Rev. Nicholas - D1/7/1844 - At Dornock, by Annan, on the 1st inst., the Rev. Nicholas Sloan, aged 80 years.

SLOAN, Robert - D22/10/1843 - At Barbeth, parish of Newabbey, on the 22d ult., Robert Sloan, Esq., of Barbeth, merchant in Dumfries, aged 68 years.

SLOAN, Robert - D22/12/1891 - At 26 Albert Street, Newton Stewart, on the 22nd inst. Robert, infant son of James and Ina Sloan, aged 8 weeks, - Deeply Mourned.

SLOAN/COWAN, Sarah - D14/7/1847 - At Maybole, on the 14th instant, Sarah Sloan, wife of Mr Richard Cowan, plumber, there.

SLOAN, Thos. - D11/9/1843 - At Hopefield, near Barjarg, on the 11th inst., Mr Thos. Sloan, joiner there.

SLOAN, Thomas - D16/2/1844 - At Balknowlert, parish of Ballantrae, on the 16th inst., rather suddenly, Thomas Sloan, Esq., aged 74 years.

SLOAN, Mrs William - D6/1/1846 - At 3, St. Enoch's Square, Glasgow, on the 6th instant, Mrs William Sloan, aged 31 (81) years.

SLOANE/FRASER, Mary - D25/5/1870 - At 40 Dalrymple Street, on the 25th ult., Mary Fraser, aged 49 years, relict of Mr William Sloane, forester.

SLOSS, Andrew - D11/10/1847 - At Aldons, parish of Colmonell, on the 11th inst, Andrew Sloss, aged 64 years, farmer there, much and justly regretted.

SLOSS, James - D30/1/1844 - At Dalmellington, on the 30th ult., James, eldest son on Mr John Sloss, engineer, aged 2 years.

SLOSS, Maggie Kerr - D15/4/1889 - Here, at 16 North Strand Street, on the 15th inst., Maggie Kerr, daughter of Andrew Sloss.

SMAIL, Miss - D8/8/1845 - At her house, Jessiefield, Kirkmichael, on the 8th curt., Miss Smail, eldest daughter of the Rev. James Smail, late minister of Kirkmichael.

SMALL, Alexander - D10/6/1887 - Here, at 7 Rose Street, on the 10th inst., Alexander Small, shoemaker, aged 84 years.

SMALL, Private Hugh - D29/12/1915 - Killed in action at the Dardanelles on 29th December, 1915, Private Hugh Small, 1/5 R.S.F., aged 28 years.

SMALL, William - D3/7/1847 - Here, in Hanover Street, on the morning of the 3d instant, William, second son of Mr Alex Small, aged 16 years, after a tedious illness.

SMART, John - D7/8/1900 - Meadowbank House, Haugh of Urr, on the 7th inst. John Smart, teacher (late) of Knowe.

SMELLIE, John - D28/8/1852 - Here, at Castle Street, on the 28th ult., Mr John Smellie, from Glasgow, aged 55 years.

SMELLIE/ROBERTSON, Mrs. Martha - D4/3/1863 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 4th instant, Martha Robertson, wife of Robert Smellie, aged 83 years.

SMILLIE, William - D26/8/1887 - At Helensburgh, suddenly on the 26th ult., William Smillie, engineer, aged 32 years - a native of Mochrum, Wigtownshire.

SMITH, Dr - D5/6/1845 - At Pitcon, on the 5th inst., Dr Smith of Pitcon.

SMITH, Infant Male - D??/2/1844 - At Annan, last week, the infant son of Mr Heron Smith, blacksmith, Carlyle Yards.

SMITH/M'HAFFIE, Agnes - D10/10/1845 - At Large, on the 10th instant, Agnes Smith, wife of Robert M'Haffie, Esq., of Eastwood.

SMITH/TAYLOR, Agnes - D26/2/1852 - At High Street, Ayr, on the 26th ultimo, Agnes Smith, aged 66 years, relict of Mr William Taylor, farmer, Kewnstone, parish of Maybole.

SMITH, Allison - D8/5/1845 - At Fairclough Lane, Liverpool, on the 8th inst., Allison, wife of Mr W.T. Smith, formerly of Dumfries.

SMITH, Amelius - D15/5/1843 - At Glenkiln, Kirkmichael, on the 15th inst., Amelius, son of Wm. Smith, there.

SMITH, Andrew - D20/8/1844 - At Cairgnargit, Glenluce, on the 20th inst., Mr Andrew Smith, aged 23, after a lingering illness.

SMITH, Anne - D13/3/1852 - At Aberdeen, on the 13th instant, Anne Smith, only surviving daughter of the late John Smith (youngest),Esq., merchant, Aberdeen.

SMITH, Boyd - D22/7/1844 - At Calcutta, on the 22d July last, Mr Boyd Smith, in the 21st year of his age, second mate of the barque "Culdee" of Greenock, and fourth son of the late Mr James Smith, agent, Saltcoats.

SMITH, David Hogarth - D25/5/1846 - At the Mauritius, on the 25th May, whither he had gone on account of his health, David Hogarth Smith, aged 18, second son of the Rev. George Smith, minister of Tolbooth Parish, Edinburgh.

SMITH, Davie - D9/1/1884 - At 67 Pollock Street, Glasgow, on the 9th inst. Wee Davie, youngest son of James Smith, aged 2 years - Deeply regretted.

SMITH/WILSON, E. - D22/11/1855 - At Newton Stewart, on the 22nd inst., E. Smith, wife of Mr Alex. Wilson, joiner.

SMITH, Elizabeth - D25/3/1845 - At Milton of Urr, on the 25th ult., Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Mr Robert Smith, joiner.

SMITH/MILLER, Elizabeth - D30/1/1869 - At Springfield, Mauchline, on the 30th ult., Elizabeth Miller, relict of the late Mr William Smith, box-manufacturer Mauchline.

SMITH/M'CRAE, Helen - D8/4/1878 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 8th inst., Helen Smith, wife of Peter M'Crae, aged 62 years.

SMITH, Ha--- Isabel - D12/10/1860 - At Kensingham, Whitehaven, on the 12th inst., Ha---- Isabel, aged 5 years and 10 months, eldest child of Wa--- Smith, Esq., of the "Whitehaven Herald" (The suburb of Whitehaven, where Isabel Smith died, is spelled Hensingham as per David Wylie)

SMITH/CRAIG, Helen - D5/5/1869 - At Beansburn, Kilmarnock on the 5th inst., Helen Smith, aged 84 years, relict of Matthew Craig, Esq., of Dean Quarry.

SMITH/WYLIE, Isabella - D14/8/1887 - At 38 Shakespere Street, Dumfries, on the 14th ult., Isabella Wylie, wife of William E. Smith, aged 38 years.

SMITH, James - in the WFP D20/3/1845 - At Kirkbank, St. Mungo, lately, James Smith, for a long period beadle of said parish, in the 100th year of his age.

SMITH, Rev. James - D12/3/1845 - At 13, Surrey Street, Lauriestown, Glasgow, on the 12th instant, the Rev. James Smith, D.D. late of the Secession Church, Nicholson Street, Laurieston, and Washington, Pennsylvania.

SMITH, James - D10/6/1850 - At Kingencleugh, Ayrshire, on the 10th instant, James Smith, Esq., late of Deanston - Friends will please accept of this intimation.

SMITH, James - D11/5/1860 - Here, at Agnew Crescent, on the 11th inst., after a protracted illness, Mr James Smith, compositor, aged 22 years, eldest son of Mr Smith, printer.

SMITH, James - D13/4/1878 - At Dashwood Square, Newton-Stewart, on the 13th inst., Mr James Smith, pensioner, aged 78 years.

SMITH/M’HARG, Jane - D1/1/1846 - At Newton Stewart, suddenly, on the 1st inst., Jane Smith, wife of William M'Harg, mason, aged 43 years.

SMITH/NIVISON, Janet - D7/2/1844 - At Shaws of Closeburn, on the 7th inst., Mrs Janet Nivison, wife of Mr Thomas Smith, late farmer in Dresserland.

SMITH, John - D5/3/1844 - At Corrbery, on the 5th curt, Mr John Smith, formerly proprietor of Farthingrush, aged 94.

SMITH, John - D19/4/1845 - At Townhead of Glencairn, on the 19th ult., Mr John Smith, the last surviving partner of the firm of James Smith and Brothers, long known throughout Dumfries Shire and Galloway as extensive cattle dealers.

SMITH, Captain John - D16/4/1865 - At Bombay, East Indies, on 16th April last, Captain John Smith, late of Sandhead.

SMITH, Marion - D16/2/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 16th curt., Marion Smith, for many years the respected landlady of the Anchor Inn.

SMITH/ELDER, Martha - D30/3/1878 - At Dashwood Square, Newton-Stewart, on the 30th ult., Martha Elder, wife of Mr James Smith, aged 80 years.

SMITH/CAVAN, Mary - D6/12/1843 - At Millburn, Kirkcudbright, on the 6th inst., very suddenly, Mrs Mary Smith, widow of Mr William Cavan, innkeeper, and eldest daughter of Mr William Smith.

SMITH, Mary - D2/11/1844 - At Wallacetown, Ayr, on the 2d inst., Mary, second daughter of Mr Wm. Smith, tailor - much regretted.

SMITH/BUCHANAN, Mary - D19/3/1845 - At St. Johnstone, Dalry, on the 19th inst., Mary Smith, aged 80, relict of James Buchanan, teacher of the Grammar School there for 52 years - much respected by all who knew her.

SMITH/FERGUSSON, Mary - D1/6/1846 - At Dumfries, on the 1st inst., Mrs Mary Fergusson, wife of Mr William Smith, perfumer, Town Treasurer.

SMITH/GUTHRIE, Mary - D24/4/1865 - At Wigtown on the 2d inst., Mary Guthrie, relict of the late Mr Andrew Smith, Castlewigg, aged 95 years.

SMITH, Peter - D6/11/1866 - At Melbourne, Victoria, on the 6th November, 1866, Peter, aged 21 years, second son of the late Rev. John Smith, Burnhead. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

SMITH, Robert - D13/3/1845 - At Milton of Urr, on the 13th inst., Mr Robert Smith, joiner.

SMITH, Robert - D4/9/1887 - At Barnsallie, Glenluce, on the 4th inst., Robert, infant son of James Smith, yearlyman, there, aged 12 weeks.

SMITH, Thomas - D15/1/1844 - At his father's residence, Whapehill, Galloway, on the 15th ult., aged 23, Mr Thomas Smith, tea-dealer, Liverpool.

SMITH, Thomas - D24/5/1870 - At 5, Albert Terrace, Whitehaven, on the 24th inst., of bronchitis, Thomas, son of Mr Charles Smith, Herald Office, aged seven months. (this must be ult as it is in the issue of June 9, 1870)

SMITH, W. - D27/1/1845 - At Annan, on the 27th ult., W. Smith, Greenbank, at an advanced age.

SMITH, William - D2/10/1846 - At 4 Hope Street, Leith Walk, Edinburgh, on the 2d inst., William Smith, Esq., merchant, Leith.

SMITH, William - D7/6/1863 - At Craigie Terrace, Ayr, suddenly, on the 7th instant, Mr William Smith, wine and spirit merchant.

SMITH/ALLAN, Winifred - D18/10/1845 - At Minnihive, on the 18th inst., Winifred Allan, relict of Mr William Smith, merchant and postmaster, Craigdarroch Arms, there.

SMYTH, Charles Grey - 23/7/1846 - At his brother's house, Dumfries, on the 23d instant, in the prime of life, Charles Grey Smyth, Esquire, writer, Kirkcudbright.

SMYTH, Christopher - D14/5/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 14th inst., Christopher Smyth, Esq., writer.

SMYTH, Christopher - D12/6/1844 - At Glasgow, on the 12th inst., Christopher, youngest son of Mr Thomas Smyth.

SMYTH, James J. - D5/9/1843 - At Newport, Monmouthshire, on the 5th ult., Mr James J. Smyth, a native of Closeburn.

SNEDDEN/CRAWFORD, Janet - At Whithorn, on the 7th instant Janet Crawford, wife of Mr Matthew Snedden, Innkeeper, aged 45 years.

SNODGRASS, John - D9/2/1867 - At Bridge Street, on the 4th and 9th instants, Peter and John Snodgrass, infant twin brothers.

SNODGRASS, Peter - D4/2/1867 - At Bridge Street, on the 4th and 9th instants, Peter and John Snodgrass, infant twin brothers.

SOLOMON, Florence Elizabeth - D27/6/1887 - At Cornwall Park, Newton-Stewart, on the 27th inst., Florence Elizabeth, infant daughter of W. T. Solomon.

SOMMERS, Janet - D8/7/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 8th instant, after a lingering illness, aged 5 years, Janet, daughter of Mr John Sommers, pressman, "Herald Office".

SOMMERS, John - D27/3/1846 - At Dumfries, on the 27th ult., after a long illness, Mr John Sommers, pressman, "Herald Office".

SOMMERVILLE, Janet - D3/4/1844 - At Kirkconnel Village, on the 3d inst., Janet, infant daughter of Mr John Sommerville, cattle-dealer, there.

SOWERBY, Esther - D25/3/1843 - At Castle Douglas, on the 25th inst., Esther Sowerby, infant daughter of Mr Daniel Sowerby, currier.

SPIERS, Jean - D9/6/1845 - At Camphill, parish of Dalry, on the 9th ult., Jean eldest daughter of James Spiers, Esq., of Camphill. Her name had been booked with the session clerk for proclamation of marriage on the preceding Friday; she took ill of scarlet fever on Saturday; was proclaimed in church three times on Sunday; died on Monday evening; and was buried on Friday the 13th ult., - the day fixed for her marriage.

SPEIRS, Mary Ann - D19/2/1843 - At Low Ardwell, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 19th ult.,Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr James Speirs, farmer there, aged 14 years.

SPENCE/C--------, Janet - D(23)/(12)/1877 - At Harrington, West Cumberland, on the (23rd) (ult) Janet Spence, wife of Mr James C--------. (There is a wedding for a Janet Spence and James Cowan on April 23, 1850 at Stoneykirk, Wigtown but it is circumstantial as per the IGI)

SPENCE, Peter - D30/1/1846 - At No.2.Thistle Court, Edinburgh, on the 30th ult., Peter Spence, Esq., Solicitor Supreme Court.

SPENCER/HUTCHISON, Mary - D20/11/1843 - At Port-Glasgow, on the 20th inst., Mary Hutchison, wife of Capt. George Spencer there.

SPENS, Elizabeth Joanna - D10/5/1843 - At 28, Walker Street, Edinburgh, on the 10th inst., aged two years and three months, Elizabeth Joanna Spens, only daughter of Nathaniel Spens, Esq., of Craig, Sanquhar.

SPENS, James - D18/5/1870 - At 4, Albert Terrace, on the 18th inst., James Spens, Esq., late farmer Low Ardwell, Stoneykirk, aged 76 years.

SPENS/MARTIN, Jessie - D26/5/1860 - At Low Ardwell, Stoneykirk, on the 26th inst., Jessie Martin, wife of Mr James Spens, farmer there.

SPENS, Jessie - D9/6/1860 - At Low Ardwell, Stoneykirk, on the 9th instant, (after) a severe illness, borne with Christian fortitude and cheerfulness, Jessie Spens, eldest daughter of James Spens, Esq., She was a loving and affectionate daughter, a kind and tender-hearted sister, and her early death is much lamented by all who knew her. Her latter ...was calm, peaceful, and happy.

SPENSE/M’WILLIAM, Agnes - D8/1/1867 - At Foreland, Sheuchan Street, on the 8th instant, Agnes M'William, aged 59 years, relict of Mr Thomas Spence.

SPEIRS, Alex. - D5/10/1844 - At Rochampton, near London, suddenly, on Saturday week, Alex. Speirs, Esq., of Elderslie, Lord-Lieutenant of Renfrewshire, and late M.P. for Richmond. (Alexander Spiers husband of Eliza Stewart who were married June 22, 1836, son of Archibald Spiers and Margaret Dundas died on Oct 5, 1844)

SPEIRS, John - D16/3/1850 - Here, at London Road, on the 16th instant, John, son of William Speirs, blacksmith, aged 14 years.

SPIERS, Robert - in WFP D11/2/1869 - On board the "Robert Henderson", on a voyage from Glasgow to Octago, N.Z. Robert, fifth son of the late J Spiers, Esq., Benecarrigan, Arran.

SPIERS, William - D19/4/1863 - At Clachanmore, Stoneykirk, on the 19th instant, William, son of Mr William Spiers.

SPITTAL, Jane - D6/7/1863 - At the residence of Robert M'Kenzie, Esq., Glenluce, on the 6th inst., Jane daughter of the late Alex. Spittal, Esq., of Whitehaven.

SPROAT, Mrs. - D12/2/1845 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 12th inst., Mrs Sproat, late of the King's Arms Inn, there.

SPROAT, Agnes - D28/9/1867 - At Glenluce, on the 28th ult., Agnes, fourth daughter of Mr Edward Sproat, shoemaker, aged 6 years.

SPROAT, Agnes Jessie - D29/4/1860 - At 35, Young Street, Glasgow, on the 29th ultimo, Agnes Jessie, infant daughter of Mr Thomas Sproat, jug., late of Stranraer.

SPROAT/BLAIR, Catharine - D4/6/1847 - At Fleet Cottage, Gatehouse, on the 4th inst., Mrs Catharine Blair, the affectionate wife of Mr John Sproat.

SPROAT, David - D20/4/1847 - At Furbar of Kelton, near Castle Douglas, on the 20th ult., Mr David Sproat, aged 48 - after a protracted illness.

SPROAT, Edward - D13/11/1867 - At Glenluce, on the 13th inst., of typhoid fever, (Mr) Edward Sproat, shoemaker, aged 40 years.

SPROAT/M’GOWAN, Elizabeth - D10/3/1844 - At Carrick, Borgue, on the 10th curt, after a long and severe illness, Elizabeth M'Gowan, spouse of Mr J. Sproat.

SPROAT, Grace - D1(1)/7/1845 - At Portsmouth, on the 1(1)th ult., Grace, wife of Peter Sproat, Esq., surgeon, late of Pampinas, Brazil; and on the 14th Jane Moon, their only child, aged six months.

SPROAT, Hugh - D2/6/1847 - On the 2d inst., in the prime of life, Mr Hugh Sproat, farmer, Plunton, parish of Borgue.

SPROAT/JOHNSTON, Isabella - D1/6/1846 - At Dykenook, Haugh of Urr, on the 1st inst., aged 95 years, Isabella Sproat, relict of John Johnston.

SPROAT, James - D20/9/1844 - At Pennymuir, Borgue, on Friday last, after a brief illness, James aged 17 years, third son of Mr James Sproat - much regretted.

SPROAT/GORDON, Jane - D23/4/1847 - At St. Mary's Street, Kirkcudbright, on the 23d ult., in her 79th year, Mrs Jane Sproat, widow of Mr William Gordon, late farmer in Hazelfield, in the parish of Rerrick.

SPROAT, Jane Moon - D1(1)/7/1845 - At Portsmouth, on the 1(1)th ult., Grace, wife of Peter Sproat, Esq., surgeon, late of Pampinas, Brazil; and on the 14th Jane Moon, their only child, aged six months.

SPROAT, John - D10/3/1844 - At Gatehouse, on the 10th curt, John aged 21/2 years son of Mr Alex. Sproat, late of Conchieton.

SPROAT, Margaret - D3/2/1846 - At Rainton, near Gatehouse, on the 3d inst., after a lingering illness, Miss Margaret Sproat, aged 32, youngest daughter of the late Mr Hugh Sproat - sincerely regretted.

SPROAT/M'MURRAY, Margaret - D14/3/1850 - at Anwoth Kirk Village, near Gatehouse, on the 14th instant, aged 70 , Mrs Margaret Sproat, wife of Mr James M'Murray.

SPROAT/HERRIES, Mary - D19/2/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 19th curt, Mary Sproat, relict of Mr Joseph Herries, and sister of Mr John Sproat, late merchant, Kirkcudbright.

SPROAT/SHAW, Mary - D13/11/1843 - At Kirkpatrick Village, on the 13th inst., aged 70, Mrs Mary Sproat, widow of Mr John Shaw - much respected.

SPROAT/BROWN, Mary - D17/6/1844 - At Graplin, Borgue,on the 17th instant, aged 77, Mrs Mary Sproat, widow of Mr Samuel Brown, highly respected, and much regretted by her family and friends.

SPROAT, Peter - D5/9/1845 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 5th instant, Peter Sproat, Esq., surgeon, late of Campinas, Brazil.

SPROAT, Richard - D9/12/1883 - At 27 New Road, London, on the 9th inst., Richard Sproat, son of the late William Sproat, formerly of Culquha and late of Auchendolly, aged 40 years.

SPROATT, John - D23/9/1867 - At 9 Greenvale, Street, on the 23rd inst., John Sproatt son of Samuel Sproatt, shoemaker, aged 3 1/2 years.

SPROATT, Margaret - D4/10/1867 - At 9 Greenvale Street, on the 4th October, Margaret Sproatt, daughter of Mr Samuel Sproatt, shoemaker, aged 4 months.

SPROTT, Gregor - D23/3/1871 - At Buenos Ayres, on the 23rd March, Gregor Sprott, late of Barbeth, Wigtownshire. - the deceased was a young man of splendid promise and (attained) a distinguished position as a student in the University of Glasgow.

SPROTT, Wm. - D15/1/1844 - At Mount Greenan, St. Vincent, on the 15th ult., Wm. Sprott, Esq., after a short illness and a residence in that island of 36 years.

SPROTT, William - D7/1/1845 - In Church Street, here, on the 7th inst., very suddenly, William Sprott, Esq., writer.

SPROULE, Andrew - D17/12/1850 - Here, at Church Street, on the 17th instant, Mr Andrew Sproule, for many years officer of Customs at Portpatrick, aged 76.

SPROULE, Mary Torrance - D8/8/1860 - Here, at Hanover Street, on the 8th instant, aged 13 months, Mary Torrance, daughter of Mr John Sproule, baker and Mary Shaw.

STA??, Wm. - D29/8/1865 - At High Street, on the 29th instant, Mr Wm. Sta--, aged 71 years.

STAFFORD, Elizabeth - D7/2/1847 - At Queen Street, here, on the morning of the 7th inst., after a few hours illness, Elizabeth Stafford, aged 21.

STAMPA, Francis Charles - in the WFP D27/6/1844 - At Edinburgh, Francis Charles Stampa, second son of Mr Stampa, Gayfield Place, Edinburgh.

STARKE, Charlotte Mary - D24/3/1863 - At Cumloden Gardens, Minnigaff, on Tuesday, the 24th March, Charlotte Mary, aged 12 years, youngest daughter of William Starke, Esq., Cumloden - an innocent and intelligent child, much loved and deeply mourned for by all who knew her.

STEBBS, Agnes - D30/6/1887 - At the United Presbyterian Manse, Newton-Stewart, on the 30th ult., (the house of her son-in-law), Agnes Stebbs, in her 87th year.

STEEL, Jane - D23/3/1847 - At Wigtown, on the 23d inst., Jane Steel, of smallpox, aged 38 years.

STENHOUSE, Miss - D18/1/1846 - At Dunfermline, on the 18th inst., Miss Stenhouse, Grange.

STEVEN/SHAW, Agnes - D25/11/1854 - Here, at Castle Street, on the 4th inst., Mr James Steven, shoemaker, aged 56 years: also on the 25th ult., Agnes Shaw, his wife, aged 54 years.

STEVEN, Andrew - D15/10/1844 - At Dundonald, on the 15th inst., Mr Andrew Steven, parochial teacher, aged 37.

STEVEN, James - D4/12/1854 - Here, at Castle Street, on the 4th instant, Mr James Steven, shoemaker, aged 56 years: also on the 25th ult., Agnes Shaw, his wife, aged 54 years.

STEVEN, Rev. James - D22/1/1864 - At the Manse, Campbeltown, Miramichi, New Brunswick, on the 22d ult, after five weeks illness, the Rev. James Steven, minister of Restigouche, aged 66 years. The deceased was a native of New Luce: but he has been resident minister at Campbeltown, in connection with the Church of Scotland, for upwards of thirty years, where he has laboured with great ability and acceptance to a numerous and very attached congregation, who deeply feel his loss. He was well known and much esteemed in this county, where a large number of friends and relatives still survive, by whom he is much and deservedly regretted.

STEVENSON, Mrs - D14/11/1844 - at Garliestown, on the 12th inst., Mr M'Millan, advanced in years; and, on the 14th inst., Mrs Stevenson, aged 90 years.

STEVENSON, Andrew - D9/5/1843 - At Barclay, parish of Minnigaff, on the 9th inst., Mr Andrew Stevenson, late farmer there, far advanced in years.

STEVENSON/DICKSON, Barbara - D28/4/1843 - At King Street, Dumfries, on the 28th ult., Barbara Stevenson, wife of John Dickson.

STEVENSON/RIGGS, Isabella - D1411/1844 - At Garliestown, on the 14th instant, Isabella Riggs, relict of William Stevenson, aged 90 years.

STEVENSON, Isabella - D15/11/1844 - At Garliestown, on the 15th inst., Mrs Isabella Stevenson, at the advanced aged of 90 years - much regretted.

STEVENSON, James - D29/9/1846 - At Creebridge, Newton Stewart, on the 29th inst., Mr James Stevenson, farmer, Barclye, very far advanced in years - much regretted. (inserted October 1, 1846)

STEVENSON, James - D29/9/1846 - At Creebridge, Newton-Stewart, on the 29th ult., Mr James Stevenson, farmer, Barclye, very far advanced in years - much regretted. (inserted October 8, 1846)

STEVENSON/FARISH, Jane - D12/9/1843 - At Seneca, Niagara District, on the 12th ult., Jane Stevenson, wife of Jas. Farish, Esq., and daughter of the Rev. D. Stevenson, Wilton, Roxburghshire. (Quite possibly the Niagara Falls area of Canada/USA as per Randy)

STEVENSON/M'DOUALL, Jean - D12/10/1847 - At High Glengyre, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 12th inst., Jean Stevenson, spouse of the late Mr John M'Douall, Doulach, aged 84 years.

STEVENSON/TORRANCE, Jessie - in WFP D13/12/1883 - At 221 Albert Park road, Melbourne, Jessie Stevenson, eldest daughter of the late Capt. John Torrance, Stranraer, aged 21 years.

STEVENSON, John - D28/1/1871 - At Drumore village, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 28th ult., Mr John Stevenson of the schooner "Three Brothers", aged 41 years - much regretted.

STEVENSON/NEILSON, Margaret - D12/1/1884 - At 307 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, on the 12th inst. Margaret Stevenson, widow of the late William Neilson, writer, Glasgow.

STEVENSON, Mary - D30/10/1843 - At Wigtown, on the 30th ult., Mary Stevenson, aged 93 years.

STEVENSON/GRIEVE, Mrs. Robert - D11/5/1845 - At Kilmarnock, on the 11th inst., Mrs Stevenson, relict of the late Robert Grieve, Esq., tobacconist.

STEVENSON, Samuel - D9/2/1843 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 9th inst., Samuel Stevenson, after a lingering illness - much regretted.

STEVENSON, Samuel - D29/7/1887 - At Ardwell, Stoneykirk, on the 29th ult., Samuel Stevenson, in his hundredth year.

STEVENSON, Thomas - D9/10/1844 - At Glasgow, on the 9th instant, Mr Thomas Stevenson, late teacher, Kilmarnock.

STEVENSON, Mrs William - D16/3/1844 - At Larg Liddesdale Cottage, on the 16th inst., Mrs William Stevenson, 10 days after giving birth to a daughter. STEWART, Mr - D24/8/1843 - At Droughtarg, parish of Mochrum, on the 24th inst., Mr Stewart.

STEWART, Infant daughter - D13/7/1854 - At Park of Drumquhassle, Stirlingshire, on the 13th instant, the infant daughter of David Stewart, Esq..

STEWART, Rev. Dr - M6/4/1847 - At Kirkcowan Manse, on the 6th instant, the Rev. Dr Stewart.

STEWART, Alex. - D6/6/1843 - At Wigtown, on the 6th inst., Mr Alex. Stewart, late farmer in Glenturk, by Wigtown, aged 81.

STEWART, Alexander - D16/3/1845 - At Clayhole, here, on the 16th inst., Mr Alexander Stewart, teacher, advanced in age.

STEWART, Mrs Alexander - D13/8/1845 - At Tichfield Street, Kilmarnock, on the 13th instant, Mrs Alexander Stewart, aged 51 years.

STEWART, Alexander - D10/1/1864 - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 10th instant, Alexander Stewart, gardener aged 83 years.

STEWART, Andrew - D24/7/1843 - At Balgown, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 24th inst., aged one year and three months, Andrew, son of Mr John Stewart.

STEWART, Mrs Andrew - D26/6/1845 - At Wigtown, suddenly, on the 26th ult., Mrs Andrew Stewart, widow of the late Mr Andrew Stewart, merchant, Whithorn.

STEWART/NEILSON, Ann - D3/1/1867 - At Sheuchan Parks, on the 3rd instant, Ann Neilson, aged 76 years, relict of Mr James Stewart.

STEWART, Rev. Dr Anthony - D6/4/1847 - At Kirkcowan Manse, on the 6th instant, the Rev. Dr. Anthony Stewart, aged 80. For a very long period Dr Stewart held office in the Church of Scotland, having been ordained to the pastoral charge of the parish of Newluce in 1792. From that parish he was removed to Kirkcowan in 1800, where, during the remainder of his valuable existence, he faithfully broke to his people the bread of life, and ministered in every other respect to their welfare. He was a graduate in Medicine of the University of Edinburgh, and ever generously placed his medical skill, which was reckoned sound and acute, at the call of his parishioners and neighbours. Having thus long flourished in the courts of God's house, he was gathered into his heavenly Father's garner, "a shock of corn fully ripe." - Corres.

STEWART/NISH, Catherine - D11/5/1843 - At 7, Nelson Steet, Tradeston, Glasgow, on the11th inst., Catherine Stewart, spouse of the late Gilbert Nish, writer, Stranraer.

STEWART, Charles - D2/1/1844 - At London, on the 2d inst., Charles Stewart, Esq., of Ardsheal, in the county of Argyll, male representative of the Stewarts of Lorn, Appin and Ardsheal, aged 76.

STEWART, Daniel - D14/8/1844 - At Irvine, on the 14th instant, Daniel Stewart, Esq., rector of the Academy there.

STEWART, David Williamson - D21/5/1852 - At Clifton, near Bristol, on the 21st ult., David Williamson Stewart, Collector of Inland Revenue for Dumfriesshire, youngest son of the late Mr William Stewart of Hillside.

STEWART/WALKER, Elizabeth - D21/11/1846 - At Twynholm Village, on the 21st ult., aged 28, Elizabeth Stewart, wife of Mr Samuel Walker, tailor there.

STEWART/M(IL)NAY, Elizabeth - D2/6/1865 - Here, at Fisher Street, on the 2d inst., Elizabeth M(il)nay, aged 86 years, relict of Mr Alex. Stewart, schoolmaster.

STEWART/LINDIE, Elizabeth - D12/4/1889 - At Ballochdoa, Ballantrae, on 12th inst., Elizabeth Stewart, beloved wife of Charles Lindie, aged 41 years - Deeply regretted.

STEWART/JOHNSTON, Elizabeth - D29/12/1891 - Here at Valparaiso Villas, on the 29th inst. Elizabeth Johnston, relict of Stair Stewart, advanced in years.

STEWART/BELL, Elizabeth Sophia - D17/12/1847 - At St. George's Road, Glasgow, on the 17th instant, Elizabeth Sophia Stewart, wife of Henry Glassford Bell, Esq., advocate.

STEWART MACKENZIE, Lieutenant Francis Proby - D21/12/1844 - At Grenada, West Indies, on the 21st December last, Francis Proby Stewart Mackenzie, Lieutenant, 71st Highland Light Infantry, and Fort-Adjutant there, second son of the late Right Hon. J.A. Stewart Mackenzie.

STEWART, George - D13/12/1845 - At Wigtown, on the 13th inst., suddenly, Georgina, eldest daughter of Mr Michael Owen; same day George Stewart, advanced in years.

STEWART/M'GEOCH, Grace - D9/2/1846 - At Portwilliam, on the 9th instant, at an advanced age, Grace Stewart, relict of the late Mr M'Geoch, farmer, Burnside.

STEWART, Captain Hawthorn - D30/12/1850 - At Ayr, on the 30th ultimo, Captain Hawthorn Stewart, late of the "Ann" of Ayr. In his time, Captain Stewart has been the means of doing much good. In 1834 he saved the passengers and crew of the brig "Cemetery" of Londonderry, on her passage to America; for this he was presented by Lloyds with a handsome silver snuff-box, with a suitable inscription. Subsequently he saved 14 lives off the schooner Dumbarton, on the fame (same) passage.

STEWART, Hamilton or Hawthorn - D27/12/1854 - (Lost) (on or off) the coast of Ireland on the 27th December last, Mr (Hamilton or Hawthorn) Stewart, eldest son of the late Captain Stewart. He was a (sober?) and (-----------) young man and is deeply lamented by his family and acquaintances.

STEWART/SINCLAIR, Helen - D25/4/1845 - At Glasserton, on the 25th ult., Helen, wife of Stair Hawthorn Stewart, Esq., of Physgill, and youngest daughter of the late Right Hon. Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, Bart. the amiability of her natural disposition, her devoted and unostentatious attention to the poor, the superiority of her mental acquirements, and her general Christian deportment, commanded the love and esteem of all, and makes her loss most bitterly felt. (Helen was from Sir John Sinclair’s 2nd marriage to Lady Diana MacDonald)

STEWART/BUDGE, Isabella - D6/11/1845 - At Langholm, on the 6th inst, Isabella Budge, relict of James Stewart, advanced in years.

STEWART, Rev. James - D5/6/1846 - At Braehead, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, on the 5th inst., the Rev. James Stewart, of the Free South Church, Aberdeen, and formerly of Wallacetown, Ayr.

STEWART, James - D11/1/1853 - At Glenapp Schoolhouse, on the 11th instant, Mr James Stewart, the efficient teacher of that seminary - much regretted.

STEWART, Rev. James - D31/7/1853 - At the house of his father, Corses, Kirkmichael, Dumfriesshire, on the 31st ult., after a lingering illness, the Rev. James Stewart minister of the Free Church, Island of Jersey.

STEWART, James - D14/5/1871 - At Agnew Crescent, on the 14th inst., Mr James Stewart, formerly grocer and spirit dealer in St. John Street.

STEWART, Jessy Mackenzie - D16/9/1843 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 16th inst., Jessy Mackenzie, infant daughter of Mr James Stewart, bookbinder.


STEWART, John - D8/1/1843 - At St. David Street, Dumfries, on the 8th inst., Mr John Stewart, plumber, of small-pox in his 30th year. The deceased was a respectable tradesman, and much respected in the town and district.

STEWART, John - D17/12/1845 - At Drumore Village, on the 17th inst., John Stewart aged 99 years.

STEWART/M’KUIN, Mary - D26/4/1847 - At Clachan, Kirkcolm, on the 26th inst., Mary M'Kuin, aged 77 years, wife of Mr Stewart, farmer there.

STEWART, Mary - D12/7/1878 - Here, at 1 Foundry Lane, on the 12th ult., the wife of Mr James Stewart, grocer. (Mary STEWART, 71, Stranraer #71 as per Meg)

STEWART, James - D13/4/1891 - Here at 1 Clenoch Street, on the 13th inst. James son of John Stewart railway porter, aged 6 years.

STEWART/M’SKIMMING, Jane - D22/2/1844 - At East Gate, Auchencruive, on the 22d ult., Janet Stewart, aged 81, relict of Mr James M'Skimming, who was for many years in the employment of the late Mr Oswald. She had been for upwards of half a century on the estate of Auchencruive.

STEWART/ROSS, Jane - D6/8/1854 - At Cairnryan, on the 6th instant, Jane Stewart, aged 80 years, relict of Mr David Ross.

STEWART/M'CORMICK, Jane - D22/1/1878 - Here, at 11 Rose Street, on the 22nd inst., Jane M'Cormick, relict of Joseph Stewart, pedlar, aged 52 years.

STEWART/GRIFFIN, Jane - D16/6/1887 - At Carseminnoch, Minnigaff, on the 16th inst., Jane Stewart, wife of Anthony Griffin, aged 68 years.

STEWART, Jeanie - D1/7/1843 - At Crawickmill, on the 1st inst., of scarlet fever, Jeanie Stewart, daughter of Alex. Stewart, spinner, aged 7 years.

STEWART, Jeannie - D8/1/1867 - At Fisher Street, on the 8th inst., Jeannie Stewart, aged 16 years.

STEWART, Mrs John - D28/6/1843 - At Wigtown, on the 28th ult., aged 93 years, Mrs Stewart, widow of John Stewart, farmer, Boreland of Kirkcowan.

STEWART, John - D3/12/1843 - At Drumblair, in the parish of Mochrum, on the 3d inst., aged 69 years, John Stewart, Esq., of Alticry, after a lingering illness, borne with Christian fortitude.

STEWART, John - D3/1/1867 - At Glasserton on the 3d instant, John Stewart, aged 56 years - an old and faithful servant to the families of the late and present proprietor.

STEWART, John Storie - D4/8/1845 - At Crescent, Largs, on the 4th inst., John Storie Stewart, Esq., in his 64th year.

STEWART/MacALPINE, Magdalene - D30/7/1853 - Here, at Clayhole, on the 30th ult., very suddenly, Magdalene Stewart, wife of Mr Thomas Macalpine, fisherman.

STEWART/WILSON, Margaret - D26/2/1845 - Here, very suddenly, on the 26th ult., Margaret Stewart, wife of the Rev. David Wilson, Minister of Stranraer.

STEWART/M'CAUL, Margaret - D12/6/1847 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 12th instant, Mrs Margaret M'Caul, wife of Mr William Stewart - deeply regretted.

STEWART/M'CONNELL, Margaret - D30/7/1852 - At Whithorn, on the 30th ult., Margaret Stewart, relict of Mr John M'Connell, Chapelherran, aged 86 years. She was highly respected in life, and her death is much regretted by a numerous circle of friends.

STEWART, Margaret - D8/4/1889 - At the residence of James Shields, Whitehaven, on the 8th inst., Margaret Stewart, in her 81st year. - A native of Garliestown.

STEWART/M'WILLIAM, Mary - D8/3/1845 - At Wigtown, on the 8th inst., Mary Stewart, wife of Mr Samuel M'William, Wigtown.

STEWART, Mary - D12/7/1878 - Here, at 1 Foundry Lane, on the 12th ult., the wife of Mr James Stewart, grocer. (Mary STEWART, 71, Stranraer #71 as per Meg)

STEWART, Michael Shaw - D31/7/1844 - At Edinburgh, on the 31st July, Michael Shaw Stewart, second son of Sir William Maxwell of Monreith, Baronet.

STEWART, Peter - D17/6/1846 - At Kirkcolm, by Stranraer, on the 17th instant, Mr Peter Stewart, blacksmith, aged 36 years - much regretted.

STEWART, Peter - D20/5/1847 - At Wigtown, on the 20th instant, Mr Peter Stewart, mason, aged 66 years.

STEWART, Peter M'Gill - D28/3/1878 - At the residence of his father, 18 Albert Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 28th ult., Peter M'Gill, of the Medical College, Glasgow, only son of Mr Thomas Stewart, bootmaker, aged 25 years.

STEWART, Thomas - D8/7/1843 - At Wigtown, on the 8th inst., Mr Thomas Stewart, tailor, aged 75 years.

STEWART, Thomas - D15/8/1860 - At Lochans, on the 15th instant, after a long illness, Mr Thomas Stewart, aged 55 years.

STEWART, William - D19/1/1844 - At Shambelly, on the 19th inst., William Stewart, Esq., of Shambelly.

STEWART, William - D26/12/1844 - At Murrow's Park, Govan, on the 26th ult., Mr William Stewart, accountant, late of Ayr, aged 80.

STEWART, William - D21/5/1845 - At Newton Green, Ayr, on the 21st inst., Mr William Stewart - much regretted.

STEWART, William - D11/6/1847 - Here at St. Andrew Street, on the 11th inst., Mr William Stewart, aged 66 years.

STEWART, Wm. (Wag) - D2/3/1874 - At Kirkcown, on the 2nd inst., Mr Wm Stewart, (better known as "wag") after a short illness.

STIRLING, Rev. Dr. (?Patrick?) - D13/1/1846 - At the Manse of Craigie, on the 13th inst., the Rev. Dr Stirling, for 40 years minister of Craigie.

STIRLING, Elizabeth - D28/2/1843 - At Sheuchan Mill, here, on the 28th ultimo, Elizabeth Stirling.

STIRLING/M’MURRAY, Jane - in WFP D17/8/1854 - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse, awfully sudden, whilst in the act of making household bread, Jane M'Murray, wife of John Stirling, jobber there.

STIRLING, Patrick Douglas - D12/2/1851 - At Kenmure House, on the 12th inst., Patrick Douglas Stirling, son of William Stirling, Esq., aged ten years.

STIRRATT, Hugh - D4/2/1845 - At Bigg, parish of Ardrossan, on the 4th instant, Hugh, aged 5 years, youngest son of Mr Alex. Stirratt, farmer, there.

STITT/RALSTON, Janet - D5/6/1887 - At Garliestown, on the 5th inst., Janet Ralston, relict of John Stitt, master mariner, aged 75 years.

STITT/RIGG, Margaret - D21/1/1845 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 21st instant, Margaret Rigg, aged 24 years, the beloved wife of Thomas Stitt, draper.

STODARD/RITCHIE, Christian - D3/10/1844 - At Tarbolton Manse, on the 3d inst., Christian Stodart, relict of the late Rev. John Ritchie, D.D., minister of Tarbolton.

STODART/RITCHIE, Christian - D3/10/1844 -At Tarbolton Manse, on the 3d instant, Christian Stodart, relict of the late Rev. John Ritchie, D.D. minister of Tarbolton.

STODART/KIRKPATRICK, Janet - D22/2/1846 - At Havre, on the 22d ult., Janet Stodart, relict of John Kirkpatrick, Esq., late of Conheath.

STORY/JONES, Mary - D14/1/1871 - At 60 High Street, on the 14th inst., Mary Jones, aged 70 years, relict of Mr William Story.

STOTT, John- D1/8/1887 - At Catherine Street, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 1st inst., John Stott, burgh officer, aged 74 years.

STOTT/M’BRIDE, Ruth - D19/6/1847 - At Gatehouse, on the 19th ultimo, after a protracted illness, Ruth M'Bride, relict of the late Mr John Stott, aged 75 years.

STOWART/JEFFREY, Jane Renwick - D16/2/1878 - At 2 Ehrlagton Terrace, Londonderry, on the 16th inst., Jane Renwick Jeffrey, the beloved wife of the Rev. E.M. Stowart, and daughter of the late John Jeffrey, Esq., Edinburgh.

STRICKLAND, Robert - D27/3/1891 - At Albert Street, Newton-Stewart,on the 27th ult Robert Strickland, in his (86)th year.

STOBBIE/BLACKLEY, Isabella - D27/5/1843 - At Blackstone, on the 27th ult., Isabella Stobbie, wife of Mr John Blackley, farmer, Blackstone.

STOBBSS, Agnes - D30/6/1887 - At the United Presbyterian Manse, Newton-Stewart, on the 30th ult., (the house of her son in law) Mrs Agnes Stobbss, in her 87th year. - Friends will please accept of this (the only) intimation.

STODDART/M'LEAN, Janet - D8/3/1843 - At 29, Hamilton Terrace, Birkenhead, on the 8th inst., Janet M'Lean, wife of Mr John Stoddart, compositor, "Journal Office" Liverpool, a native of Dumfries.

STOTHART, John - D24/3/1845 - At New Langholm on the 24th ultimo, John Stothart, aged 87 years.

STRACHAN, Robert - D19/3/1847 - At Gelston Lodge, on the 19th ult., after a lingering illness, Mr Robert Strachan, farmer there.

STRANGE, Matthew - D7/2/1844 - At Barbassie Bank, near Troon, on the 7th inst., Matthew Strange, Esq., merchant Provost of Kilmarnock.

STRATHERN/M'COSH, Elizabeth - D14/3/1845 - At Laurshill, Ochiltree, on the 14th instant, Elizabeth Strathern, aged 73, relict of the late William M'Cosh, farmer there.

STRONG, Infant Daughter - D19/3/1847 - At the Manse of Dailly, on the 19th instant the infant daughter of the Rev. D. Strong.

STRONG, Henry - D9/5/1847 - On board the ship "Henry" of Liverpool off the coast of Africa, on the 9th May last, Mr Henry Strong, chief mate of that vessel. He was seized with fever, and after a week's illnesss death terminated his sufferings. The deceased was the son of Captain Strong, residing in Garliestown; and his death is deeply and widely regretted in his native district.

STRONG, Susan - D3/6/1869 - At 12, Rosebank Terrace, Glasgow, on the 3rd inst., Miss Susan Strong, eldest sister of the late Rev. David Strong, minister of Dailly, Ayrshire.

STROYAN/CRAIG, Ann - D3/7/1844 - At Kirkinner, on the 3d instant, Ann Stroyan, wife of Thomas Craig, late farmer in Sheep-park.

STROYAN/GORDON, Grace - D15/3/1843 - At Glenluce, on the 15th inst., aged 67, Grace Gordon, spouse of William Stroyan - much respected, and deeply regretted.

STROYAN, Mr. J. - D8/4/1845 - At Barlow, Derbyshire, on the 8th inst., Mr J. Stroyan, draper, in the 60th year of his age - much esteemed and very justly regretted. He was a native of Kirkcown, Wigtownshire. Distant friends and relatives will please accept of this notice.

STROYAN, James - D7/3/1847 - At Bents, Minnigaff, on the 7th inst., James, son of Mr William Stroyan.

STROYAN, John - D14/7/1844 - At Kirkhabble, Penninghame, on the 14th ult., after a few days' illness, John Stroyan, aged 17 years.

STROYAN, Peter - D21/3/1845 - At Meikle Leight , Inch, on the 21st inst., in the 91st year of his age, Mr Peter Stroyan, senior. The deceased will be long remembered for the soundness of his faith, and earnestness of his piety, and the simplicity of his walk and conversation. He was greatly esteemed and loved as a patriarch of high Christian character and attainments, and has left behind his a savour of godliness, by which, though dead, he yet speaketh.

STROYAN/McKIE, Sarah - D3/9/1852 - At Craigengales, on the 3d instant, Sarah McKie, wife of Mr James Stroyan, aged 66 years.

STROYAN, Lieutenant Willie - in WFP D7/6/1855 - At (Barbera) , North---------------------- A(g)---- --Lieutenant Willie Stroyan, H.L.I. ---aged-- years, third son of John Stroyan, ------B(arr), Wigtownshire.

STRUTHERS, Alex - D30/1/1855 - At Scutari, Turkey, on the (30th) ultimo of fever, Alex Struthers M.D., acting assistant surgeon, lately --------sugeon in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, youngest son of the late Alexander Struthers, Esq., of Bracefield, Dunfermline.

STRUTHERS, John - D30/7/1853 - At Gorbals, Glasgow, on the 30th ultimo, Mr John Struthers, author of the 'The Poor Man's Sabbath'. (A poem published in 1808 as per Randy)

STRUTHERS, Marion - D6/4/1844 - At Newfield of Dalry, Castle-Douglas, on the 6th inst., Mrs Marion Struthers, relict of James Struthers, writer of the signet.

STUART/M’GOWAN, Agnes - D30/11/1861 - Here, at Sheuchan Street, on the 30d (?) ult., aged 83 years, Agnes Stuart, widow of the late Mr David M'Gowan.

SULLIS/ALEXANDER, Marion - D10/9/1846 - At 292, Argyle Street, Glasgow, on the 10th instant, Marion Alexander, wife of Mr William Sullis, ship carpenter, aged 19 years - much regretted.

SULTER, Mrs - D27/10/1844 - At Kilmarnock, on the 27th inst., Mrs Sulter, aged 83.

SUTHERLAND, Major General Sir James - D15/5/1850 - On the 15th instant, at his residence, 8 Cumberland Street, London, Major General Sir James Sutherland, of the East India Co's Bombay Military Establishment.

SWAINSON, Margaret - D26/3/1891 - At Ulverston, on the 26th ult. Margaret Swainson, youngest daughter of the late Captain John Swainson of Cartmel, Lancashire, formerly of Newton Manor, Gosforth, Cumberland.

SWAN/LITTLE, Agnes - D27/1/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 27th ult., Mrs Agnes Little, spouse of Mr W(illiam) Swan, grocer.

SWAN/HALLIDAY, Mary - D10/10/1844 - At the School-house, of Mousewald, on the 10th ult., Mary Swan, wife of Mr F. Halliday, parochial schoolmaster.

SWAN, Robert - D24/10/1843 - At Stapleton, near Annan, on the 24th ult., Mr Robert Swan.

SWAN, Rev. Robert - D13/8/1844 - At Edgarton, on the 13th ult., the Rev. Robert Swan, late minister of Wanlockhead, aged 85 years.

SWANSON, Henry - D3/1/1843 - At Water Valley, Jamaica, on the 3d January, of inflammation, Henry Swanson, Esq., aged 39 years, son of Capt Swanson, Adjutant of the Dumfries-shire Militia.

SWEETEN, George - D24/11/1869 - At 24 St. Andrew Street, on the 24th ultimo, George, aged 2 1/2 years, son of Mr George Sweeten, seaman.

SWORD, John - D22/4/1843 - At Kirkstile, parish of Ewes, on the 22d inst., John Sword, in the prime of life.

SWORD/HOUSTON, Mary - D29/2/1844 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 29th ult., after a brief illness, aged 72, Mrs Mary Sword, widow of Mr John Houston, late innkeeper, Castlesod - much respected.

SYM, Rev J. - 27/1/1855 - The congregation of Greyfriars Free church, Edinburgh has just been bereaved of its pastor, the Rev. J. Sym. The melancholy event took place on Saturday morning. He was convenor of the Home Mission Committee of the Free church, and displayed excellent ( --------) habits in this position. He has departed comparatively a young man, being only between 46 and( ---) years of age.

SYME, George Douglas - D23/1/1846 - At Crichton Royal Institution, Dumfries, on the 23d inst., Mr George Douglas Syme, preacher in connection with the United Secession Church.

SYME/BABINGTON, Lilias - D14/2/1843 - At Dundas, Upper Canada, on the 14th February, deeply lamented by a wide circle of sympathizing friends at home and abroad, Mrs Lilias Babington, wife of Wm. J. Syme, Esq., late of Dumfries.

SYME, William Ireland - D20/3/1846 - At Merksworth Cottage, by Paisley, on the 20th inst., William Ireland Syme, Esq., sometime distributor of Stamps for Dumfries-shire and Galloway.

SYMINTON, Henry - D31/1/1845 - Suddenly, at Dalrymple, on the 31st ult., Mr Henry Syminton, innkeeper, aged 55 years.