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Death Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: February 2006

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O'BRIEN, Francis - D16/9/1844 - At Longtown, on the 12th inst., Mr John Foster, blacksmith, at an advanced age; same place on the 16th Francis O'Brien, cattle drover, of Dumfries, on his way from London to Dumfries, aged 60 years.

O'CONNEL, John - D25/5/1846 - Here, at St. Andrew Street, on the 25th inst., John O'Connel, aged 78 years.

OGILVY, Major-General John - D20/9/1847 - At Edinburgh, on the 20th ult., Major-General John Ogilvy, of the Madras Army.

OGILVY, Mary - D2/3/1850 - At Edinburgh, on the 2d instant, Miss Mary Ogilvy, daughter of the late James Ogilvy, Esq., Deputy Receiver General of Customs.

O'HARE, Arthur - D7/3/1873 - At Auchabrick, Kirkmaiden, on the 7th inst., Mr Arthur O'Hare, aged 85 years.

O’HARE, Hugh - D13/12/1883 - At the residence of his son, Kirkinner, on the 13th inst., Hugh O'Hare, aged 80 years.

OLDFIELD, Elizabeth Anne - D27/10/1845 - At Farm, near Abergale, North Wales, on the 27th ult., Elizabeth Anne, the infant daughter of Thomas Oldfield, Esq..

OLIPHANT, Mrs - D1/12/1854 - At Creetown, on the 1st inst., Mrs Oliphant, aged 72 years. Deceased was for a long time carrier between Creetown and Newton-Stewart and was well known to the community.

OLIPHANT, Thos. - D4/9/1872 - At M(aarn)t, Bengal, on the 4th September, Mr Thos. Oliphant, late teacher at Portpatrick.

OLIVER, Agnes - D1/6/1846 -At New Langholm, on the 1st inst., Agnes Oliver, aged 20 years.

OLIVER, Andrew - in the WFP D11/1/1844 - At Annan, last week, in the house of his sister, Mrs Benjamin Irving, Andrew Oliver, advanced in years.

OLIVER, George - D30/10/1844 - At Annan, on the 30th ult., George Oliver, joiner, aged 74, after a long illness, much regretted.

OLIVER, Wm. - D30/3/1846 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 29th ult., Miss Margaret Forsyth, schoolmistress, aged 35 years; and, on the 30th Mr Wm. Oliver, merchant, aged 68.

OLLIPHANT, Mr. J. - D7/5/1847 - At Langholm, on the 7th inst., Mr J. Olliphant, aged 65.

O'NEIL, Catherine - D29/12/1842 - At Kirkennan Cottage, on the 29th ult., aged 68, Catherine, relict of Barnerd O'Neil.

O’NEIL, James - D27/8/1860 - At King street, on the 27th inst., Mr James O'Neil.

ORD/BAILLIE, Elizabeth - D3/4/1844 - At 5, Inverleith Terrace, Edinburgh,on the 3d inst., Elizabeth Ord, youngest daughter of William Baillie, Esq., Late Sheriff-Substitute of Dumfriesshire.

ORGILL, Georgianna Caroline - D17/3/1850 - At George Street, Stranraer, on the 17th instant, Georgianna Caroline, youngest daughter of the late George Richards Orgill, Esq., Paradise, St. George's, Jamaica, aged 32 years.

ORMROD/KERR, Margaret - D1/9/1865 - At High Loft House, near Pately Bridge, Yorkshire, on the 1st instant, Margaret Kerr, wife of Mr John Ormrod, farmer, - for many years gamekeeper at Dunskey. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

ORR/MILROY, Anne - D8/3/1874 - At Kirkcowan, on the 8th inst. Anne Milroy, wife of Mr John Orr, late farmer in Barhapple, aged 84 years.

ORR, James Blackwood - D30/1/1864 - At Kilbirnie Manse, on the 30th ultimo, James Blackwood, infant son of the Rev. John Orr.

ORR, John Craig - D10/10/1845 - At Paisley, on the 10th inst., John Craig, second son of Mr James Orr, bookseller, aged 2 years and 9 months.

ORR, Mary - D27/2/1879 - Here, at 2 Princes Street, on the 27th ult., Mary, aged 3 years, daughter of Mr James Orr, labourer.

ORR, Peter - D2/2/1845 - At Dundonald, on the 2d inst., Mr Peter Orr, weaver, in the 96th year of his age.

ORR, Robert - D7/10/1845 - At Largs, on the 7th instant, in the 58th year of his age, Robert Orr, Esq., writer.

OSBORNE, Hugh - D6/9/1845 - At Craigie, on the 6th inst., at the house of his father-in-law, where he had gone to reside for the benefit of his health, Mr Hugh Osborne, parochial schoolmaster of Cardross.

OSBORNE/WHIGHAM, Jean - D6/10/1846 - At Sanquhar, on the 6th instant, aged 87, Mrs Jean Osborne, relict of the late Edward Whigham, Esq., Provost of Sanquhar. Deceased has been between 40 and 50 years in the Queensberry Arms Inn, and was a personal friend of the poet Burns.

OSBORNE, John - D5/9/1845 - At Robertson Place, Kilmarnock, on the 5th inst., Mr John Osborne, late teacher in Irvine.

OSBORNE/GOUGH, Sarah - D12/6/1850 - Here, at Glen Street, on the 12th instant, aged 80 years, Sarah Gough, relict of the late John Osborne of Armagh.

OSWALD, Agnes - D6/8/1846 - At Ardrossan, on the 6th inst., Agnes, eldest daughter of the late Alexander Oswald, Esq., of Shieldhall, and sister of James Oswald, Esq., of Auchincruive and Cavens, M.P..

OSWALD/HALDANE, Katherine Cochrane - D14/6/1843 - At Edinburgh, on the 14th inst., Mrs Katharine Cochrane Oswald, relict of Robert Haldane, Esq., Auchingray.

OTTLEY, James - D19/11/1855 - At Wallacetown, Ayr, on the 19th inst., Mr James Ottley, aged 78 years. Deceased was a native of Minnigaff, but came to Ayrshire when a boy, and for nearly half a century was known in Ayr as a keen and intelligent politician of the Liberal school.

OWEN, Georgina - D13/12/1845 - At Wigtown, on the 13th inst., suddenly, Georgina, eldest daughter of Mr Michael Owen; same day George Stewart, advanced in years.

OWEN, Mary - D26/8/1887 - At Agnew Crescent, Wigtown, on the 26th ult., Miss Mary Owen, aged 77 years.

OWENS, Sarah - D22/10/1867 - At Sun Street, on the 22nd instant, Sarah, youngest daughter of Mr Daniel Owens, dealer, aged 7 years.