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Death Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: February 2006

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NABONIE, John - D26/7/1847 - At Garroch, parish of Kells, on the 26th ultimo, after a protracted and painful illness of nearly three years, Mr John Nabonie, aged 68.

(NAHAN?)(NOLAN?)/HALDANE, Mary - D19/3/1845 - At Colmonell Village, on the 19th inst., Mary Haldane, spouse of Wm. (Nahan)(Nolan), shoemaker there - very suddenly.

NAIRN/GEDDES, Agnes - D24/7/1846 - At Castlesod, near Kirkcudbright, on Friday last, Mrs Agnes Nairn, wife of Mr John Geddes - much regretted.

NAIRNE, David - in the WFP D20/11/1845 - At Preston, Lancashire, David Nairne, solicitor, third son of J.G. Nairne, writer, Castle Douglas.

NAIRNE, James G. - in WFP D8/5/1845 - Lost overboard the ship Gloucester of Liverpool, on her passage homewards from Ichabee, James G. Nairne, fourth son of John G. Nairne, writer, Castle-Douglas.

NAPIER, Alice Jane Douglas - D28/3/1851 - At Ainslie Place, Edinburgh, on the 28th ultimo, of scarlet fever, in the the 5th year of her age, Alice Jane Douglas, eldest surviving daughter of Mark Napier, Esq..

NAPIER, John - D17/11/1844 - At Newton, Ayr, on the 17th inst. Mr John Napier, aged 40 years.

NAPIER, John Moore - D27/7/1846 - At Kurrachee, Scinde, on the 27th July, of cholera, Capt. John Moore Napier, nephew and Military Secretary to Sir Charles Napier, G.C.B., aged 29.

NAPIER, Lieutenant-General Mark - D19/6/1843 - At Newington, Edinburgh, on the 19th inst., Lieutenant-General Mark Napier, last surviving son of the late Major-General the Hon. Mark Napier.

NAPIER, Robert - D28/7/1843 - At London, on the 28th ult., Robert, son of Professor Napier, of the University of Edinburgh.

NAPIER, K.C.B., G(eneral) Sir Thomas Erskine - D5/7/1863 - At Polton House, Lasswade, on the 5th inst., G(eneral) Sir Thomas Erskine, K.C.B., youngest
son of the Hon. Sir Charles Napier of Merchistoun Hall.

NATION/HAMILTON, Harriet - D15/10/1844 - At Budleigh, Salterton, on the 15th inst., Harriet, the beloved wife of Wm. Nation, Esq., and eldest surviving daughter of Alexander Hamilton Hamilton, Esq., of the Retreat, in the County of Devon, and of Hullerhirst, in Ayrshire - having completed her 25th year the previous day.

NEIL, Mr. M. - D9/5/1845 - At Kilmarnock, on the 9th inst., Mr M. Neil, grocer.

NEIL, Jane - D9/3/1846 - At Myrton Cottage, Monreith, on the 9th instant, Jane, youngest daughter of Mr Samuel Neil, aged 3 years.

NEIL/BROWN, Margaret - D10/5/1871 - At Knockstocks Cottage, Newton-Stewart, on the 10th inst., Margaret Brown, wife of Mr Charles Neil.

NEIL, Matthew - D16/5/1845 - At Kilmarnock, on the 16th inst., Mr Matthew Neil, aged 77 years.

NEIL/HERON, Susanna - D18/4/1867 - At Ardwell Inn, Stoneykirk, on the 18th instant, Susanna Neil, the beloved wife of Mr James Heron - leaving a young family to mourn her loss. - Friends will please accept of this intimation.

NEIL, Wm. - D1/1/(1847) - At Lowell, United States, on the 1st January, (1847) Mr Wm. Neil, son of the late David Neil, Calf(park) Stoneykirk.

NEILL, Hugh Charles - D3/11/1896 - In loving Memory of my dear husband, HUGH CHARLES NEILL, who died at 11 Sheuchan Street, 3rd November, 1896. One year has passed away today, Since our dear one was called away. The thought still lingers in our hearts It was so sad from him to part. His place on earth is vacant, We look for him in vain, But he will still for ever, In our fond hearts remain. (From in Memoriam WFP 4/11/1897)

NEILSON/M'CAIG, Agnes - D21/8/1847 - At Kilhilt, parish of Portpatrick, on the 21st instant, Agnes Neilson, spouse of Mr John McCaig, farmer there, aged 62.

NEILSON/STEWART, Ann - D3/1/1867 - At Sheuchan Parks, on the 3rd instant, Ann Neilson, aged 76 years, relict of Mr James Stewart.

NEILSON, Barbara - D5/9/1855 - At Springfield, Castle Douglas, on the 5th ult, Barbara, youngest daughter of the late N(athaniel Neilson), Esq.. (Entry #21 as per Meg)

NEILSON, James, Sr. - D15/1/1843 - At Ochtrelure, on the 15th inst., James Neilson, sen., aged 89 years. He was 64 years a married man; and had 11 children, 49 grand-children, and 41 great-grand-children - in all, 101 descendants.

NEILSON, James - D31/10/1869 - At Arthur Street, Newton Stewart, on the 31st ult., Mr James Neilson, shoemaker, aged 85 years.

NEILSON/KELLY, Jean - D13/12/1847 - At Stewarton, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 13th instant, Jean Neilson, wife of Mr Gilbert Kelly, aged 73 years.

NEILSON, Mrs John - D4/9/1843 - At Newton-Stewart. on the 4th inst., Mrs Neilson, relict of Mr John Neilson, mason.

NEILSON, John - D12/11/1850 - At Kishawar, East Indies, on the 12th Nov. last, of cholera, John Neilson, of the Bengal Royal Artillery. Mr Neilson was a native of Colmonell, Ayrshire.

NEILSON/STEVENSON, Margaret - D12/1/1884 - At 307 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, on the 12th inst. Margaret Stevenson, widow of the late William Neilson, writer, Glasgow.

NEILSON/BROADFOOT, Marion - D18/11/1845 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 18th inst., very suddenly, Marion Neilson, spouse of Mr Peter Broadfoot, blacksmith.

NEILSON/HUME, Maryann - D4/1/1845 - In St. David Street, Dumfries, on the 4th inst., in the 22d year of her age, Maryann Neilson, adopted daughter of Mrs Hume, - much respected by all that knew her.

NEILSON, Robert - D14/1/1843 - At Kirkton, Kirkmahoe, on the 14th inst., Mr Robert Neilson, carter.

NEILSON, Robert - D4/7/1843 - At Maxwelltown, on Tuesday, the 4th curt, Mr Robert Neilson, painter, - deeply regretted.

NEILSON, Robert - D1/4/1889 - At Sheeppark, parish of Kirkinner, on the 1st inst., Robert Neilson, farmer, aged 63 years.

NEILSON, Sarah - D3/11/1844 - At Moffat, on the 3d inst., in the 65th year of her age, Mrs Sarah Neilson - much and justly regretted.

NELSON, Benjamin - D4/6/1845 - At George St., Annan, on the 4th inst., Benjamin Nelson, Esq., advanced in years.

NELSON/WILSON, Elizabeth - D17/3/1874 - At Arthur Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 17th inst. Elizabeth Nelson, wife of Mr Joseph wilson, aged 76 years.

NELSON, George - D22/7/1843 - At Ragnall Street, Newcastle, Staffordshire, on the 22d ult., Mr George Nelson, draper, a native of Dumfries-shire - much lamented by all who knew him.

NELSON, George - D28/9/1867 - At Bridge Street, on the 28th ult., Mr George Nelson, thatcher, aged 85 years.

NELSON/HOOD, Janet - D26/3/1848 - In Greenvale Street, Stranraer, on the 26th ult. Janet Nelson, spouse of Charles Hood, gunner, (Hon) E.I.C.S. Killapore, aged 41 years.

NELSON/BR(U)CE, Jean - D21/3/1843 - At Wigtown, on the 21st, Jean Br(u)ce, relict of the late Andrew Nelson, spirit-dealer, aged 63 years.

NELSON, Lendon Martin - D8/8/1887 - Drowned, in the Williamette River, Portland, Oregon, North America, on the 8th ult., Lendon Martin Nelson, aged 8 years and 6 months.

NELSON, Robert - D16/11/1843 - At Church Crescent, Dumfries, on the16th inst., Mr Robert Nelson, civil and criminal officer, formerly a midshipman in the Royal Navy.

NELSON, Susan - D8/2/1887 - At No 6. Ivy Place, Newton-Stewart, on the 8th inst., Susan Nelson, aged 46 years.

NELSON, Thos. - D27/5/1869 - At Brockwoodlees, Canonbie, on the 27th ult., Thos Nelson, farmer, deeply regretted.

NEVIN, Peter - D18/6/1844 - At Kirkandrews, Borgue, on the 18th instant, aged 75, Mr Peter Nevin - much respected.

NEVISON/RUSSELL, Ann - D11/7/1844 - At Sanquhar, on the 11th inst., aged 28 years, Ann Nevison, spouse of William Russell, cotton weaver, there.

NEWALL, James - D3/10/1847 - At Liverpool, on the 3d inst., James, youngest son of the late David Newall, and grandson of the late Wm. Anderson, Esq., of Whiteside, Kirkgunzeon, in the 21st year of his age.

NEWALL/AITKIN, Mary - D2/11/1846 - At Brocklock, Kirkpatrick Durham, on the 2d instant, Mary Aitkin, relict of Mr William Newall, farmer, Lochbank, Newabbey - much regretted.

NEWALL/DAVIS, Sarah - D9/9/1875 - Here, at 20 St. John Street, on the 9th inst., Sarah Newall, aged (54) years, relict of Mr Alexander Davie's nailor (tailor). (Sarah DAVIS died age 64 years as per Meg)

NEWBIGGING, Helen Kennedy - D17/12/1843 - At Dumfries, yesterday morning, the 17th current, aged 16 months, Helen Kennedy daughter of Mr John Newbigging, Loreburn Street.

NEWBIGGING, John - D14/12/1845 - At Prestwick, on the 14th inst., John Newbigging, Esq., late coal master, Kilmarnock, aged 85.

NIBLOCK, Wm. - D30/10/1843 - At Cairngaan, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 30th ult., Mr Wm. Niblock, aged 87 years.

NIBLOE/McWILLIAM, Elizabeth - D15/3/1844 - At Kildrochet, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 15th inst., Elizabeth Nibloe, spouse of Mr Abraham McWilliam, farmer there.

NIBLOE, James - D2/4/1845 - At London, on the 2d inst., aged 2 years and 4 months, James, son of Mr Nibloe, of the Sun Inn, Noel Street.

NIBLOE, John - D23/1/1846 - Here, on the 23d instant, John, second son of Mr John Nibloe, cabinetmaker, aged 18. He was a promising young man, steady in his conduct, modest and obliging in his disposition, and much beloved and regretted by all who knew him.

NIBLOE, John - D12/3/1847 - Here, in Bridge Street, on the morning of the 12th inst., aged 51 years, Mr John Nibloe, cabinetmaker - much regretted by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances.

NIBLOE/M’DOWALL, Mary - D4/5/1860 - At Garleyhawes, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 4th inst., in the 73rd year of her age, after a short but painful illness, Mary M'Dowall, wife of Mr Archibald Nibloe, formerly tenant of Garleyhawes. The deceased was during her lifetime subjected to severe family bereavements, by which the whole of her children (seven in number) were swept off. She was frequently visited with bodily afflictions, but at last departed while expressing a well-grounded hope of salvation through the Redeemer.

NIBLOE/THOMSON, Mary - D5/4/1891 - At 35 Victoria Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 5th inst. Mary Nibloe, relict of Wm. Thomson, baker, aged 57 years.

NIBLOE, Peter - D28/3/1844 - At Drumore, parish of Kirkmaiden, on 28th inst., Mr Peter Nibloe, advanced in years. (This is an error that was corrected the following week)

NIBLOE, Mrs Peter - D28/3/1844 - At Drumore, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 28th* inst., Mrs Peter Nibloe, advanced in years. - and not Mr Nibloe, as stated last week. (inserted April 4, 1844 - *28th inst, we believe this should read 28th ult.)

NICHOL, Janet - D29/1/1843 - At New Langholm, on the 29th ult,. Janet, fifth daughter of Archibald Nichol.

NICHOL/GRANGE, Jean - D21/1/1864 - At Craighlaw Mains, Kirkcowwan, on the 21st instant, Jean Grange, wife of Mr Thomas Nichol, farmer.

NICHOL/ANDERSON, Sarah - D16/9/1843 - At Linhope, Teviothead, on the 16th inst., Sarah Nichol, spouse of Robt. Anderson shepherd there, aged 66.

NICHOLSON/KIRKPATRICK, ?????? - D16/1/1864 - At the Manse, Whithorn, on the 16th instant, .... Kirkpatrick, wife of the Rev. Christopher Nich(olson). (Possibly from the marriage of Christopher Nicholson and Mary Kirkpatrick on June 9, 1812 at Whithorn as per the IGI)

NICHOLSON, Alexander - D14/10/1843 - At Kirkcowan Village, on the 14th inst., Alexander, aged 9 months, son of Mr Wm. Nicholson, sexton.

NICHOLSON, Rev. Christopher - D24/10/1867 - At the residence of his daughter, Mrs Johnstone, (Sands) House, Kincardine on Forth, on the 24th ult., in the (88th) year of his age and the 56th year of his ministry, the Rev. Christopher Nicholson, minister of the parish of Whithorn.

NICHOLSON, David - D14/8/1843 - At Broadslack, Lochmaben, on the 14th inst., David Nicholson, pensioner, aged 49.

NICHOLSON/HETHERINGTON, Ellen - D4/5/1843 - At Clarencefield, on the 4th inst., Ellen Nicholson, spouse of James Hetherington, blacksmith there.

NICHOLSON, James - D7/9/1855 - At Palnackie, on the 7th curt., James Nicholson, aged 25, late master of the brig Fanny of Shoreham.

NICHOLSON/SIMPSON, Margaret - D15/31852 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 15th instant, Margaret Simpson, wife of Mr Nicholson, manufacturing agent aged 64 years.

NICHOLSON, Margaret M’Neight - D22/7/1845 - At Barns, Ayr, on the 22nd inst., Margaret M'Neight, only daughter of Joseph Carruthers Nicholson, Esq..

NICHOLSON, Peter - D18/6/1844 - At Carlisle, on the 18th instant, Peter Nicholson, Esq., aged 78 years, author of several valuable works on Mathematics, Architecture, &c.

NICOL, John - D30/11/1854 - On the 30th ult., at Langholm, in the most sudden manner, John Nicol, Esq., writer.

NICOL/SCOTT, Mary - in WFP D2/3/1843 - At Douglaw, parish of Westerkirk, Mary Scott, spouse of Robert Nicol, shepherd, aged 52 years.

NIMMO/CONNEL, Jane - D12/4/1891 - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse - of - Fleet, on the 12th inst. Jane Connel, wife of Peter Nimmo, aged 82 years.

NISBET, Mrs - D2/5/1870 - At Garliestown, on the 2d curt, Mrs George Nisbet, aged 59 years, after a protracted illness. (This is Jane Wyllie, from the MI’s in Sorbie, George Nisbet had 3 wives, this was no.1, as per Diana)

NISBET/GIBSON, Jane - D19/12/1845 - At Drumwall, near Gatehouse, on the 19th inst., after a short illness, Jane Nisbet, spouse of Mr Joseph Gibson.

NISBIT/TAYLOR, Margaret - D10/5/1870 - At 18 Agnew Crescent, on the 10th instant, Margaret Nisbet, aged 70 years, relict of Mr John Taylor, farmer, Glebe, Stranraer.

NISH, Mrs - D26/9/1843 - At Lewis Street, here, on the 21st curt., aged 82 years, Mrs Dr Taylor, and on the 26th at the age of 86, her sister, Mrs Nish, postmistress in Stranraer.

NISH, Alexander - D3/3/1844 - At Mochrum Kirk, on the 3d inst., Alexander Nish, at a very advanced age. The deceased was parochial teacher there for about 50 years, and in his younger days many first-rate scholars left his seminary, who have since figured in different parts of the globe. He gave up teaching about two years ago, and of late was subject at intervals to aberration of mind; when, on the 20th ult in one of these intervals, he unfortunately made an attempt at suicide with a razor. What is strange is that his intellect was much clearer since than before; and he expressed his abhorrence of the deed which he had committed; and was incessant in seeking for pardon and reconciliation at a throne of grace, and thanking his Mediator that time was given for repentance. - Corrcs.

NISH/STEWART, Catherine - D11/5/1843 - At 7, Nelson Steet, Tradeston, Glasgow, on the11th inst., Catherine Stewart, spouse of the late Gilbert Nish, writer, Stranraer.

NISH/M'GEOCH, Jean - M28/9/1847 - At Blackpark, parish of Penninghame, on the 28th ult,. Jean M'Geoch, wife of Mr Nathaniel Nish, farmer there.

NISH/GALLOWAY, Mary - D8/10/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 8th curt., Mary Nish, aged 36, spouse of the late Alex. Galloway, farmer, Culreoch, Girthon. She lived respected and died regretted.

NISH, Thomas - D10/9/1867 - At Sorbie village, on the 10th instant, Mr Thomas Nish, mariner, aged 27 years.

NISH, Mrs U.M. - D4/5/1847 - Here, at High Street, on the 4th instant, Mrs U.M. Nish aged 81 years.

NIVEN/GRAHAM, Agnes - D20/1/1867 - At Mahaar, Kirkcolm, on the 20th instant, Agnes Niven, relict of Mr Matthew Graham, late farmer in Turnberry Warren, Kirkoswald, Ayrshire.

NIVEN/RODGER, Jean - D17/1/1847 - At Mahaar, Kirkcolm, on the 17th instant, Mrs Jean Rodger, relict of Mr John Niven, Ballochneil, Kirkoswald, in the 84th year of her age.

NIVEN/CUMMING, Mary - D11/12/1852 - At Stroul, Roseneath, on the 11th instant, Mary Cumming, wife of the late Archibald Niven, ferryman, aged 101 years.

NIVEN, William - D15/10/1844 - At Catrine, on the 15th inst., Mr William Niven, aged 60 years.

NIVEN, William - D13/12/1844 - At Maybole, on the 13th inst., William Niven, Esq., of Kirkbride, aged 85.

NIVISON, Helen Mary - D4/3/1873 - At Nether Bar, Newton-Stewart, on the 4th inst., Helen Mary, daughter of Mr Wm. Nivison, aged (--) months. (According to IGI born May 17th, 1871 to William Nivison and Helen Bryce Kennedy)

NIVISON/WIGHTMAN, James - D1/8/1843 - At Ohio, New England, New South Wales, on the 1st August last, James, infant son of Abraham Nivison and Mary Wightman. - Friends will please accept the above notification. (Ohio, "The Ohio Run", is an estate of at least 20,000 acres in New South Wales, Australia in an Area known as "New England" around Walcha. It is still farmed by Nivisons, Hugh and Tim. See A book was written about it by Jillian Oppenheimer, "Abraham's Tribe" as per Tim Weedon.)

NIVISON/SMITH, Janet - D7/2/1844 - At Shaws of Closeburn, on the 7th inst., Mrs Janet Nivison, wife of Mr Thomas Smith, late farmer in Dresserland.

NIXON/MOORE, William Henry - D9/12/1883 - At 124 West Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow, on the 9th inst., William Henry Moore, the beloved husband of Christina Nixon, aged 32 years.

NOBLE, Ann - D31/8/1843 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 31st ult., after a lingering illness, Ann, eldest daughter of Mr William Noble, much and very deservedly regretted.

NOBLE/BORTHWICK, Isabella - D3/8/1843 - At Edinburgh, on the 3d current, Mrs Isabella Noble, relict of Mr Robert Borthwick of Orchardmains, Peeblesshire.

NOCHER, Barney - D1/11/1843 - Here, on the 1st inst., Barney Nocher, aged 70 years.

(NOLAN?)(NAHAN?)/HALDANE, Mary - D19/3/1845 - At Colmonell Village, on the 19th inst., Mary Haldane, spouse of Wm. (Nahan)(Nolan), shoemaker there - very suddenly.

NORVALL, Robert - In the WFP D12/6/1845 - At Hanley, Staffordshire, Mr Robert Norvall, eldest son of Mr John Norvall, High Street, Annan.

NUBLOW/IRVING, Mrs. - in WFP D30/5/1844 - At Annan, last week, advanced in years, Mrs Nublow, or Irving, George street, - much respected.

NUGENT, Elizabeth - D6/9/1852 - At Barrhill, on the 6th instant, Elizabeth Nugent, aged 89 years.