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Death Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: February 2006

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MEAD, Truefoot - D17/9/1843 - At his house, in Mill Street, on Sunday last, after a comparatively short illness, Mr Truefoot Mead, for many years the respected proprietor of "The Telegraph and Shipping Gazette" of Liverpool.

MEEK, Jessie - D10/2/1867 - At 42 Hanover Street, on the 10th instant, Jessie Meek, aged 4 months.

MELBOURNE/FEAT, Violet - D20/9/1845 - At Under Craigs, on the 20th ultimo, Mrs Violet Feat, relict of George Melbourne - much regretted.

MELDRUM, James - D15/9/1843 - At Roshiebridge, Lochmaben, on the 15th inst., Mr James Meldrum, tailor.

MELDRUM/BLAYLOCK, Margaret - D8/9/1845 - At Annan, on the 8th instant, Margaret Meldrum, wife of Mr John Blaylock, hairdresser.

MELON, William - D12/6/1887 - At Mochrum Village, Portwilliam, on the 12th inst., William Melon, aged 70 years.

MELVILLE, Captain Henry Beresford - D30/1/1855 - In the prime of life, Captain Henry Beresford Melville. Deceased was the sole officer of his Regiment who survived the unfortunate C-----------Expedition, having been severely wounded in the Kyber Pass , and taken prisoner by (Anwar, (Acbar)) Khan together with Lady Sale, Lady M----------en and others. He afterwards served in the Sikh war and was at the (actions) of (Sobraon) and (Ferdeshah).

MELVILLE, Captain James - D2/4/1850 - At Eagle Park Cottage, Campbeltown, on the 2d April, Captain James Melville.

MEMES, Andrew George - D26/5/1843 - At Willington Square, Ayr, on the 26th ult., Andrew George, youngest son of Dr Memes.

MENNONS, John - D6/8/1843 - At 2, Grey Place, Greenock, on the 6th curt John Mennons, Esq., Editor of the "Greenock Advertiser."

MENTEATH, Ludivina Grace Stuart - D14/3/1843 - At Whitehouse, Morningside, Edinburgh, on the 14th inst., Ludivina Grace Stuart Menteath, second daughter of Sir Charles G. Stuart Menteath of Closeburn, Bart.

MENTEATH, Rev. John - D23/4/1844 - At Moffat, on the 23d ult., the Rev. John Menteath, minister of the United Secession Church, there, in the 60th year of his age, and 35th of his ministry.

MENZIES, Elizabeth Pagan - D29/4/1843 - At Curriestanes, on the 29th ult. aged 4 years and 8 months, Elizabeth Pagan, the beloved child of the Rev. William Menzies, East Manse, Greenock.

MENZIES/THOMPSON, Jane - D13/2/1844 - At Gatehouse, on the 13th inst., Mrs Jane Thompson, aged 59 years, relict of Mr Wm. Menzies, merchant, there. (Inserted Feb 15, 1844)

MENZIES/THOMPSON, Jane - D13/2/1844 - At Gatehouse, on the 13th instant, at the advanced age of 79 years, Mrs Jane Thompson, relict of Mr William Menzies, draper. (Inserted Feb 22, 1844)

MENZIES, Mary - D17/7/1845 - At Napton on the Hill, Warwickshire, on the 17th inst., aged 33, Mrs Mary Menzies, late of Penpont, Dumfriesshire:- surviving only five days the birth of three daughters, two of whom are dead. She is much lamented by all who knew her.

MENZIES, Robert - D18/10/1843 - At Aberfeldy, on the 18th ult., Mr Robert Menzies, late of the Excise.

MENZIES/GRIERSON, Sarah - D25/4/1843 - On the 25th ult., Sarah Grierson, wife of Mr John Menzies, long and faithful servant at Holestain, parish of Durrisdeer.

MENZIES, William - D7/6/1845 - At Edinburgh, on the 7th inst., Mr William Menzies, writer.

MICHAEL, Jessie - D25/8/1846 - On the 25th ult., after a short but severe illness, Jessie Michael, aged 20, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Michael, merchant, Creetown, while on a visit to her friends in Liverpool - much and deeply regretted.

MICHAEL, Oliver - D11/3/1878 - At Back Road, Newton-Stewart, on the 11th inst., Oliver Michael, aged 87 years.

MIDDELTON, Rev. John - D28/6/1855 - On the 28th ult., at Broomfield Hall, Bridgewater, the Rev. John White Middelton, A.M. in the 80th year of his age.

MIDDLETON(M—MAN), John - D5/7/1887 - At Whitehill, Maybole, on the 5th inst., John M--man, builder. (John MIDDLETON, age 64 died Maybole #11. There was nothing at all for any It HAS to be this chap. I checked all the M surnames, this took me over an hour as per Meg)

MILES/M’KIE, Margaret - D26/12/1891 - At King Street, Newton-Stewart, suddenly, on the 26th inst. Margaret M'Kie, wife of Gavin (Miles).

MILES, Mary Ann - D16/5/1870 - At the Industrial Home, Newton-Stewart, on the 16th inst, Mary Ann Miles, aged 40 years.

MILNHINCH, Ann - D3011/1845 - At Port-William, on the 30th ult., Mrs Ann Milnhinch, at the advanced age of 84.

MILHENCH, Hugh - D30/4/1845 - At Mochrum Kirk, on the 30th ult., Hugh, infant son of Mr Peter Milhench.

MILHENCH, Robert - D16/11/1883 - At Eldrig Village, on the 16th ult., Robert Milhench, in his 88th year of his age.

MILHENCH, Susan - in WFP D14/8/1845 - At Glentriploch, Mochrum, after a long and painful illness, Miss Susan Milhench, aged 22.

MILLAR, Catherine - D8/6/1852 - At Barnbarroch, on the 8th inst., Miss Catherine Millar, aged 7 years.

MILLAR, Margaret - in the WFP D5/12/1844 - At Dumfries, after a short illness, Margaret, infant daughter of Mr James Millar, small-ware dealer.

MILLAR, Marion - D19/10/1867 - At Kirkcowan, on the 19th instant, Marion, --- daughter of Mr Wm. Millar, baker.

MILLAR, Thomas - D6/11/1843 - At Bankend, Carlaverock, on the 6th curt., Mr Thomas Millar, in his 23d year.

MILLAR, William - D27/9/1844 - at Bentpath, parish of Westerkirk, on the 27th ult., Mr William Millar.

MILLEA (?MILLER?) Miss - D12(8)/6/1844 - At the house of the Rev. Mr Henderson, Wallacetown, Ayr, on the morning of Wednesday last, Miss Millea (Miller), late of Sanquhar, St. Quivox.

MILLER/M'GILL, Elizabeth - D14/9/1846 - At Wallhouse, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 14th instant, Elizabeth Miller, wife of Mr Alexander M'Gill, farmer, aged 39 years.

MILLER/DRYNAN, Elizabeth - D2/4/1851 - At Does (or Doss) parish of Inch on the 3rd inst. Elizabeth Miller, wife of Mr Drynan, farmer there, aged 26 years.

MILLER/DUTHIE, Elizabeth - D1/8/1860 - At Aske Hall, Richmond, Yorkshire, on the 1st instant, Elizabeth Miller, wife of Mr Duthie, gardener, Penninghame House, Wigtownshire.

MILLER/SMITH, Elizabeth - D30/1/1869 - At Springfield, Mauchline, on the 30th ult., Elizabeth Miller, relict of the late Mr William Smith, box-manufacturer Mauchline.

MILLER, Gavin - D2/3/1863 - At Whitecrook, Glenluce, on the 2d inst., Mr Gavin Miller, aged 29 years, son of the late Mr Miller, (farmer) Barlockhart.

MILLER/DENNISTON, Helen - D29/10/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 29th ult., Mrs Helen Denniston, aged 70 years, relict of the Rev. Archibald Miller, who for a series of years was a pious and useful minister belonging to the congregational Union of Scotland.

MILLER, Miss Ja -- - D24/8/1865 - At Drumpail New Luce, on the 24th instant, Ja--, aged 36 years, daughter of Mr Miller, farmer.

MILLER, James Davidson- D22/11/1844 - At St. Quivox, on the 22d inst., James Davidson, infant son of Mr Miller, schoolmaster.

MILLER, Janet Ronald - D23/1/1871 - At Glenluce, on the 23d inst., Janet Ronald, infant daughter of Mr Miller, baker.

MILLER, John Douglas - D5/10/1843 - At the house of his uncle., William Muter, Esq., in Castries, St. Lucia, on the 5th October last, Mr John Douglas Miller, son of David Miller, Esq., Kirkcudbright. He was in his 21st year, and chief mate of Mr Muter's ship the "Castries"; and was of amiable disposition, possessed of first-rate abilities, and devotedly attached to his profession.

MILLER, Louis Dudley - D28/7/1878 - At 26 Brunswick Square, London, on the 28th ult., Louis Dudley, the beloved child of Robert and Dorothea Miller, aged 5 months.

MILLER, Margaret - D12/5/1843 - At Preston-Mill, Kirkbean on the 12th inst., Margaret Miller, aged 83 years.

MILLER/BARCLAY, Margaret - in WFP D13/12/1883 - At Glenluce, on the 13th inst. Margaret Barclay, relict of John Miller, aged 92 years.

MILLER, Patrick - D26/2/1845 - At 44, Queen Street, Edinburgh, on the 26th ultimo, Patrick Miller , Esq., late of Conheath.

MILLER, Robert - D31/1/1878 - Here, at 22 Bridge Street, on the 31st ult., Mr Robert Miller, aged 78 years.

MILLER/FERGUSON, Susan - D1/3/1873 - At 23 Arthur Street, on the 1st inst., Susan Miller, the beloved wife of Mr John Ferguson, late crofter, Balterson, aged 76 years.

MILLER, Thomas Hamilton - D7/11/1843 - At Catharine Bank, near Edinburgh, on Tuesday last, Thomas Hamilton Miller, Esq., advocate, Sheriff of the County of Selkirk, and third son of the late Patrick Miller, Esq., of Dalswinton. He succeeded Sir Walter Scott in the above office in 1832.

MILLER, William - D9/5/1846 - At Barskimming, Mauchline, on the 9th instant, the venerable Lord Glenlee, at the advanced age of 91. (Sir William Miller 2nd Lord Glenlee as per

MILLIGAN, Miss - D12/1/1843 - At Glenluce, on the 12th inst., Miss Milligan, aged 77.

MILLIGAN, Mrs - in the WFP D22/2/1844 - At Grovehill, in the parish of Penpoint, Mrs Milligan, aged 75 years.

MILLIGAN, Mrs Sr. - D6/4/1846 - At the Manse of Eli, on the 6th instant, Mrs Milligan, sen..

MILLIGAN/WALDIE, Mrs. A - D18/6/1845 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 18th inst., A. Milligan, wife of Mr Waldie, Millisle, parish of Sorbie.

MILLIGAN, Archibald - D24/12/1842 - At Burnside of Baltersan, in the parish of Holywood, on the 24th ult., Archibald Milligan, Esq., advanced in life. (inserted Jan 5, 1843)

MILLIGAN, Archibald - D24/12/1842 - At Burnside, of Baltersan, on the 24th ult., Archibald Milligan, Esq., advanced in life. (inserted Jan 5, 1843)

MILLIGAN/M’KENZIE, Catherine - D17/12/1891 - At Main Street, Wigtown on the 17th inst. Catherine M'Kenzie, wife of Wm Milligan, shoemaker there.

MILLIGAN, Cathrine - D11/12/1847 - At Kirkmabrick, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 11th inst., Cathrine, daughter of Mr John Milligan, joiner, aged 23.

MILLIGAN, David - D11/12/1844 - At Gatehouse, on the 11th instant, Mr David Milligan, joiner.

MILLIGAN/LAWRENCE, Eliza - D31/7/1844 - At Flinder's Island (Van Dieman’s Land - Tasmania), on the 31st July, Eliza, the wife of Joseph Milligan, M.D. J.P. aged 18 years, daughter of the late W.E. Lawrence, Esq., M.C.L. - deeply regretted.

MILLIGAN/WOOD, Elizabeth - D12/9/1845 - At Buccleuch Street, Dumfries, on the 12th inst., Elizabeth Wood, wife of Mr William Milligan, hosier - much and justly regretted by a wide circle of friends.

MILLIGAN, George - D1/9/1843 - At his sister's house, Academy Street, Dumfries, on the 1st ult., Mr George Milligan, farmer, Carcoside, Kirkconnel.

MILLIGAN/CARSON, Isabella - D31/5/1847 At Creetown, on the 3rd May, Mrs Isabella Milligan, spouse of Robert Carson, grocer - in a few hours illness, much regretted. (This cant be as it was posted in the WFP 13/5/1847)

MILLIGAN, Mrs James - D19/10/1843 - At Black Craig, Minnygaff, on the 19th inst., after a lingering illness, Mrs James Milligan, aged 78 years.

MILLIGAN, Mrs Jas. - D19/10/1843 - At Black Craig, parish of Minnygaff, on the 19th ult., after a lingering illness, Mrs Jas. Milligan, aged 78 years. (Inserted Nov 9/43)

MILLIGAN, James - D28/11/1891 - At Culbae, Whauphill, on the 28th ult. James, ony son of George Milligan, aged 15 months.

MILLIGAN/CULLOCH, Jane - D10/6/1863 - At Kirkcowan, on the 10th inst., Jane Culloch, wife of Mr John Milligan, shoemaker, aged 53 years.

MILLIGAN, John - D21/12/1844 - At Bousack, parish of Urr, on the 21st ult., John Mlligan, aged 67 years.

MILLIGAN, John - D20/6/1845 - At Hillhead, parish of Troqueer, on the 20th inst., Mr John Milligan, farmer there, aged 68 years.

MILLIGAN, Margaret - D2/7/1846 - At Corsbie, Newton Stewart, on the 2d inst., Margaret, infant daughter of Mr Jas. Milligan.

MILLIGAN, John - D10/10/1846 - At Port William, on the 10th inst., after a long illness, borne with great patience, Mr John Milligan, mariner, aged 25.

MILLIGAN/M’MINN, Margaret - D12/2/1855 - At Millburn, Kirkcudbright, on the 12th ult., Margaret M'Minn, widow of the late Mr William Milligan, in the 75th year of her age - very much respected.

MILLIGAN, Margaret - D18/7/1878 - Here, at 13 Lewis Street, on the 18th inst. Mrs Milligan - deeply regretted. (Margaret MILLIGAN, 70, Stranraer #93. There was another Margaret MILLIGAN, 45, but she died in Stoneykirk, as per Meg)

MILLIGAN/WALKER, Marion - D30/7/1846 - At Hamilton Street, Girvan, on the 30th ult., Marion Walker, wife of Mr James Milligan, Barr.

MILLIGAN/M'GEOCH, Mary - D4/12/1843 - Suddenly, at Corwall, parish of Mochrum, on the 4th inst., Mary M'Geoch, aged 64 years, spouse of Mr William Milligan, farmer there.

MILLIGAN/M'GEOCH, Mary - D31/7/1844 - at Culbratten, parish of Penninghame, on the 31st ult., Mary M'Geoch, wife of Mr Alexander Milligan.

MILLIGAN, Mary - D13/11/1844 - At English Street, Dumfries, on the 13th inst,. after a severe and protracted illness, borne with Christian fortitude and resignation, Mary, third daughter of the late Alexander Milligan, Nunholm- advanced in years.

MILLIGAN, Mary - D22/4/1846 - At Bridgestone of Urr, on the 22d inst., Mary Milligan, daughter of the late John Milligan - much regretted.

MILLIGAN/M'DOWALL, Mary Anne - D20/3/1845 - At Dunragget, on the 20th ult., very suddenly, Mary Anne Milligan, wife of Mr Peter M'Dowall, coachman to Sir James Hay, aged 38 years.

MILLIGAN, Peter - D29/3/1891 - At Doonholm Cottages, Ayr, on the 29th ult. Peter Milligan, late of Balfern, Wigtown, aged 78 years.

MILLIGAN, Robert - D22/12/1843 - At St. John's Clauchan, on the 22d ult., Mr Robert Milligan aged 53, after a distressing illness, which he bore with Christian patience - much and justly regretted.

MILLIGAN, Susan - D20/4/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 20th inst., Susan Milligan, aged 55.

MILLIGAN, Thomas - D14/10/1843 - At Kirkcowan Village, on the 14th inst., Thomas, aged 5 weeks, twin son of Mr Robert Milligan, innkeeper, Kirkcowan.

MILLIGAN, William - D3/4/1844 - Suddenly, at Mobile, on the 3d April, William Milligan, Esq., merchant, in the 46th year of his age, much and deservedly regretted. He was a native of the parish of Penninghame, county of Wigtown. - Friends will please accept of this notice.

MILLIKEN/THOMPSON, Agnes - D4/12/1847 - At Content Cottage, Wallacetown, Ayr, (on the) 4th inst., Agnes Milliken, aged 39, wife of Mr Samuel Thompson, tanner, Stranraer.

MILLIKEN/COWAN, Rosanna - D25/11/1846 - At George Street, here, on the 25th inst., in the 23d year of her age, Rosanna Milliken, wife of Mr William Cowan, tailor.

MILLS/M'CREDIE, Jean - D8/9/1845 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 8th inst., Jean Mills, relict of James M'Credie.

MILLS, Lillias Jane - D13/2/1866 - At 81 Ellison Street, off Great Homes Street, Liverpool, on the 13th instant, after a few weeks illness of hooping cough, Lillias Jane Mills, aged two years and six months, daughter of Mr William A. Mills, engineer, late of 48 Benledi Street. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

MILMINE, Ann - D12/8/1854 - At Portpatrick, on the 12th inst., Ann Milmine, aged 66 years.

MILMINE, Archibald - D19/6/1843 - At Drumore, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 19th inst., Mr Archibald Milmine, late farmer in Myroch, aged 75.

MILNAY/SAUL, Ann - D24/2/1874 - Here, at Backrampart, on the 24th ult., Ann Milnay aged 88 years, relict of Mr James Saul, shoemaker.

MILNES, William - D23/5/1844 - At Glasgow, on the 23d ult., aged 104, William Milnes, the oldest pauper on the Barony roll, and pensioner on the Old Man's Friend Society, Glasgow. His brother Andrew is still alive and well, in the Old Man's Asylum, in his 103d year.

MILROY, Mrs - D28/6/1843 - At Big Park, parish of Ballantrae, on the 28th ult., Mrs Milroy, aged (2)5 years.

MILROY, Mrs - D8/5/1847 - At Boreland, parish of Glenluce, on the 8th inst., Mrs Milroy.

MILROY/RENNY, Agnes - in the WFP D5/3/1847 - At Ligg, parish of Colmonell, after a few hours' (illness) Agnes Milroy, wife of David Renny.

PRINCE, Samuel - D25/2/1847 - Here, on the 25th ult., Mr Samuel Prince, aged ??? years. Deceased was assistant teacher in the Church School, Stranraer, and was a young man of promising abilities; but fever has cut him off in his (???) greatly lamented by the rising generation un(der) his charge, and justly regretted by the community of ???

MILROY, Agnes - D13/1/1861 - At Whithorn on the 13th inst., Agnes, eldest daughter of the late Mr John Milroy. 

MILROY, Alex - D27/1/1864 - Here, at St John Street, on the 27th inst., Mr Alex Milroy, sometime dealer, Stranraer, and formerly inn-keeper, Portpatrick aged 73 years.

MILROY/McBRYDE, Ann - D5/3/1852 - At Airies, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 5th instant, Ann McBryde, relict of the late Mr Gilbert Milroy, farmer in Dally, parish of Kirkcolm. The deceased through a long protracted widowhood (during which it was her lot to experiance various vicissitudes of providence) always exhibited the most cheerful Christian resignation; and although having almost completed the 93d year of her age, retained her mental faculties unimpaired up to the last moment of her existence.

MILROY/M'GILL, Ann - D24/6/1887 - At Culreoch, Inch, on the 24th inst., Ann M'Gill, relict of Thos. Milroy, aged 84 years.

MILROY/ORR, Anne - D8/3/1874 - At Kirkcowan, on the 8th inst. Anne Milroy, wife of Mr John Orr, late farmer in Barhapple, aged 84 years.

MILROY, David - D2/3/1874 - At Glenluce, on the 2nd inst., Mr David Milroy, joiner, aged 30 years. A native of Glenluce, but for some time resident in Glasgow.

MILROY, Elizabeth - D28/4/1844 - At Barhapple, parish of Kirkcowan, on the 28th ultimo, Elizabeth Milroy relict of Mr James Milroy, late farmer, Culvennan, at the advanced age of 84 years.

MILROY, Elizabeth - D27/6/1847 - At Ballochmorrie, Colmonell, on the 27th ultimo, after a lingering illness, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr Anthony Milroy, farmer there, aged 27 years.

MILROY, Elizabeth - D27/6/1847 - At Blackpark on Ligg, parish of Colmonell, on the 27th ultimo, Elizabeth, fourth daughter of Mr Anthony Milroy in prime of life.

MILROY, Ellen - D(1-)2/1875 - Here, at 2 High Street, on the (1-)th inst., Ellen Milroy, aged 57 years.

MILROY/M’MASTER, Grace - D17/5/1865 - At Glenluce, on the 17th inst. Grace M'Master, wife of Mr Wm. Milroy, tailor, advanced in years.

MILROY/ROSS, Helen - D6/5/1869 - At Craigslave, Portpatrick, on the 6th instant, Helen Milroy, wife of Mr James Ross, farmer there.

MILROY, James - D18/1/1845 - At Roughal, Colmonell, on the 18th inst., suddenly, James only son of Mr Robert Milroy, aged 6 years.

MILROY, James - D30/3/1874 - At Glenluce, on the 30th ult. Mr James Milroy, mason, in the 64th year of his age.

MILROY, Janet - D5/4/1845 - At Roughal, on the 5th inst., Janet, youngest daughter of Mr Robert Milroy - rather suddenly, of croop in the throat.

MILROY, Mrs John - D15/10/1843 - Here, on the 15th inst., aged 78, the wife of John Milroy, Esq., late tenant in Glendrishaig.

MILROY, John - D10/7/1855 - At Grennan, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 10th inst., John, eldest son of Mr Milroy, aged 32 years - much regretted.

MILROY, John - D26/4/1868 - Drowned in the Waulkmill Lade, Kirkcowan, on the 26th inst., John, younger son of William Milroy, --- manufacturer, aged 2 years.

MILROY, Katherine Robina - D7/5/1870 - At the Manse of Colmonell, Ayrshire, on the 7th inst., Katherine Robina, youngest daughter of the late Rev. John Milroy, minister of the parish of Ballantrae - friends will please accept of this intimation.

MILROY, Margaret - D15/6/1845 - At Roughal, parish of Colmonell, on the 15th instant, Margaret, fourth daughter of Mr Robert Milroy, farmer there.

MILROY/FINDLAY, Margaret - D6/12/1883 - At the house of her son-in-law, Dumfries, on the 6th inst. Margaret Milroy, widow of Thomas Findlay, Newton-Stewart.

MILROY/CARSON, Mary - D16/10/1843 - At Whiteside, in Anwoth, on the 16th current, Mary Carson, aged 66, spouse of James Milroy, farmer there. The deceased was in her usual state of health when a blood-vessel burst, and immediately she was in eternity. What adds to the grief of the bereaved relatives is, that the cheek was scarce dry that had been wet for her brother in Callside, whose death we recorded last week, there being only about ten days apart in their respective deaths. Their loss will be severely felt by a large circle of relatives by whom they were universally esteemed. (Inserted October 19, 1843)

MILROY/CARSON, Mary - D16/10/1843 - At Whiteside, in Anwoth, on the 16th inst., Mary Carson, aged 66, spouse of Mr James Milroy, farmer there. (Inserted Oct 26, 1843)

MILROY, Mary - D21/10/1844 - At Milbain, parish of Ballantrae, on the 21st instant, Mary, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Milroy, farmer there.

MILROY/M'CREADY, Mary - D16/11/1845 - At Whitecairn, parish of Ballantrae, on the 16th inst., Mary M'Cready, wife of William Milroy, aged 39 years.

MILROY, Mary - D30/11/1847 - Here, at Sun Street, on the 30th ult., aged 65 years, Mary Milroy, relict of the late Mr J. Milroy, Stranraer.

MILROY, Nathaniel - D??/12/1843 - In December last, in the vicinity of Pittsburg, North America, Mr Nathaniel Milroy, formerly of Cults, near Whithorn, Wigtownshire, who was highly respected not only in his native country, but in the land of his adoption.

MILROY, Peter - D13/6/1843 - At Drumore, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 13th inst., Mr Peter Milroy aged 86 years.

MILROY/GRAHAM, Rachel - D18/11/1891 - At Brighton Farm, Bargrennan, on the 18th ult., Rachel Graham, relict of Mr John Milroy.

MILROY, Samuel - D6/4/1853 - At Black Park, on the 6th instant, Mr Samuel Milroy, aged 73, late farmer in Polbae and Glenvogie.

MILROY, Thomas - D21/2/1845 - at High Street, Dumfries, on the 21st ult., Mr Thomas Milroy, joiner, aged 56 years.

MILROY, Thomas - D18/6/1847 - At Glenluce, on the morning of the 18th ultimo, very suddenly, Mr Thomas Milroy, clothier, aged 75 years.

MILROY, Thomas - D9/12/1858 - At Whitefield, Old Luce, on the 9th inst., of ------, John, son of Thomas Milroy, ploughman.

MILROY, Thomas Jr. - D12/6/1860 - At Creswick Creek, Ballarat, Australia, on the 12th April last, Thomas, son of Mr Thomas Milroy, Waukmill, Kirkcowan, aged 23 years, deeply regretted by all who knew him.

MILROY, William - D7/2/1843 - At Sandfield, Crossmichael, on the 7th inst., Mr William Milroy, advanced in life.

MILROY, William - D6/9/1845 - At Auchtrolure, (near) Stranraer, on the 6th inst, at an advanced age, Mr William Milroy.

MILROY, William - D2/1/1855 - At Grennan, Kirkmaiden, on the 2d inst., much regretted, William, fourth son of Mr Milroy, farmer there, aged 23 years.

MILROY, Wm. - D21/9/1860 - At Cults, Inch, on the 21st ult., after a lingering illness, Mr Wm. Milroy, aged 72 years - much and -------regretted by a large circle of friends.

MILROY, Sergeant William - in the WFP D26/2/1863 - At Exeter, after a lingering illness, borne with Christian patience, Sergeant William Milroy, aged 39 years, son of the late John Milroy, Cul(horn) Parks.

MILROY, William - D23/12/1877 - At Macuerquhat, parish of Colmonell, on the 23rd ult., William Milroy, formerly farmer in Merrick, Portpatrick.

MILVAIN/GIBSON, Agnes - D17/9/1865 - At Glenluce on the 17th inst., Agnes (Gibson) --- of Mr James Milvain, fisherman, Glenluce. (Glenluce, 17/9/1865 - Agnes MILVAIN ms GIBSON as per Meg)

MILVAIN, Gilbert - D31/3/1844 - At Colfin, parish of Portpatrick, on the 31st ult., Mr Gilbert Milvain, farmer, aged 62 years. Mr Milvain was one of an old and respectable class of farmers which are daily passing from among us, and with them much of that steady friendship and straight forward manly character, associated with kindly feeling and great generosity. He was pre-eminently one of that class, and his loss will be most severely felt among the poor and a very extensive circle of friends and acquaintances.

MILVAIN, Margaret - D3010/1846 - At Portpatrick, on the 30th ult., Mrs Margaret Milvain, aged 78, relict of the late Mr James Milvain, in Float - much regretted by a numerous circle of friends.

MILVEAN/FARRES, Elizabeth - D30/6/1854 - At Newton-Stewart, suddenly, on the 30th ult., Elizabeth Milvean, wife of Alex Farres, aged 60 years.

SOMERS, Mrs - D2/7/1854 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 2d instant, Mrs Somers, at the advanced age of 97 years.

MILVEAN/LOTTS, Elizabeth - D6/6/1887 - At Glasserton Row, Whithorn, on the 6th inst., Elizabeth Lotts, wife of John Milvean, aged 67 years.

MILWAIN, Elizabeth - D15/10/1867 - Glenluce, on the 15th instant, Elizabeth, infant daughter of Mr John Milwain, joiner.

MILWAIN/AGNEW, Elizabeth - D8/4/1878 - At Sorbie, on the 8th inst. Elizabeth Agnew, relict of David Milwain, aged 79 years.

MIL(WAIN)/M'KAY, Hellen - D11/12/1872 - At Douloch Park, Victoria, Australia, on the 11th December, Hellen M'Kay, wife of Hugh Mil(wain), Esq., - Friends will please accept of this intimation.

MILWAIN, Jemima - 28/11/1891 - At 133 St. James's Road, Caledonian Road, Holloway, London, on the 28th ult. Jemima, beloved wife of Charles Milwain, junior, aged 34 years.

MILWAIN, Peter - D20/8/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 20th instant, Mr Peter Milwain, mariner, aged 64 years.

MINCHIN, Mrs Paul - D8/12/1847 - At North Berwick, on the 8th instant, Mrs Minchin, widow of the late Rear-Admiral Paul Minchin, of Hollywell House, Hants, aged 83.

MINNOCH, Alexander - D6/3/1847 - At High Blackcraig, parish of Minnigaff, on the 6th inst., Alexander Minnoch, Esq., aged 67 years.

MINTO, Thomas - D18/7/1846 - At Shakspere Street, Dumfries, on Saturday last, Mr Thomas Minto, driver of the Portpatrick Mail - much regretted.

MITCHEL, Ann - D11/2/1845 - At Green of Kirkconnel, on the 11th inst., Ann, second daughter of the late (Mr) John Mitchel, schoolmaster, aged 71 years.

MITCHELL, Alex - D31/3/1891 - At 20 Kyle St, Ayr, on the 31st ult, Alex. Mitchell, father of the Rev. A.F. Mitchell, Kirkcowan, aged 65 years.

MITCHELL, Andrew - D15/7/1845 - At Blythswood Place, Glasgow, on the 15th inst., Andrew Mitchell, Esq., writer.

MITCHELL/MacGREGOR, Catherine - D17/4/1867 - At the Free Church Manse, Milnathort, on the 17th instant, Catherine MacGregor, wife of the Rev. Alex S. Mitchell.

MITCHELL/M'ROBERT, Eliza -M15/7/1863 - Suddenly, at St. Andrew Street, here, on the 15th (inst) Eliza M'Robert,wife of Mr John Mitchell, hewer.

MITCHELL, Elizabeth - D19/6/1855 - At No 12 Whitehall Street, Glasgow, on the 19th ult., Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Late Mr John Mitchell, nurseryman, Newton Stewart, aged 60 years.

MITCHELL, Gracie - D25/11/1891 - At 11 Douglas Street, Glasgow, on the 25th ult., Gracie, eldest daughter of Thomas and Maggie Mitchell, aged 14 years.

MITCHELL, Isabella - D18/7/1844 - At Borgue Kirk Village, on the 18th curt., after a lingering illness, borne with humble resignation, aged 78, Mrs Isabella Mitchell - much respected.

MITCHELL/GRANT, Isabella - D7/1/1845 - At Ladybank, Ayr, on the 7th instant, Mrs Isabella Mitchell, relict of the Rev. Patrick Grant of

Kirkmichael, and mother of the Rev. Wm. Grant, of the Ayr and Wallacetown Free Church.

MITCHELL, James - D3/9/1844 - On the 3d inst., Mr James Mitchell, blacksmith, Twynholm Village, aged 58 - much regretted.

MITCHELL, Joseph Mundell - D18/2/1844 - At Burntskairth Green, on the 18th inst., Mr Joseph Mundell Mitchell, of Whitestanes, in his 71st year.

MITCHELL, Rev. John - D25/1/1844 - At Glenarback, on the 25th ult., the Rev. John Mitchell, D.D. senior minister of the United Associate congregation of Wellington Street, Glasgow, and late Professor of Biblical Literature of the Synod of the United Secession Church, in the 76th year of his age, and 51st of his ministry.

MITCHELL, John - D3/4/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 3d inst., suddenly Mr John Mitchell, joiner.

MITCHELL, Lockhart - D20/9/1855 - At Girvan, accidentally drowned while fishing on the 30th ult., Mr Lockhart Mitchell, turner, late of Ayrshire, better known by the soubriquet of "Black Water".

MITCHELL, Margaret - D8/5/1846 - At Clayhole, here, on the 8th inst., very suddenly Margaret Mitchell, aged 22 years - much regretted.

MITCHELL/MUNRO, Marion Boyd - D16/1/1867 - At 3 Christian Bank, Trinity, Edinburgh, on the 16th instant, Marion Boyd Mitchell, wife of Mr Alexander Munro, and daughter of the late Mr J. Mitchell, nurseryman, Newton Stewart.

MITCHELL, Mary - D20/6/1845 - At Barnbarroch, Colvend, on the 20th ult., Miss Mary Mitchell, eldest daughter of Mr Mitchell, farmer there.

MITCHELL, Peter - D22/12/1891 - Here at Dalrymple Street, on the 22nd inst. Peter Mitchell aged (6?) years.

MITCHELL, Mr. W. - D26/11/1845 - At Eldrig Village, Mochrum, on the 26th ult., Mr W. Mitchell, aged 58.

MITCHELL, Mr. W. - D3/6/1852 - At Maybole, on the 3d instant, Mr W. Mitchell, auctioneer.

MITCHELL, Sergeant William - D23/3/1843 - At Malta, on the 23rd March last, William Mitchell, Sergeant of the Band, 42d Royal Highland Regiment. He was a native of Newton-Stewart, Wigtownshire.

MITCHISON/ROBINSON, Isabella - At Newton Stewart, on the 18th inst., Isabella Mitchison, wife of Mr Thomas Robinson, aged 59 years.

MOCHRIE/PARK, Elizabeth Spence - D15/1/1851 - Here, at Church Street, on the 15th instant, Elizabeth Spence Park, relict of the Rev. James Mochrie, late minister of Colmonell.

MOFFAT, Infant Daughter - D29/4/1847 - At Midknock, parish of Westerkirk, on the 29th ult., the infant daughter of Mr James Moffat, farmer, there. - On the 2d instant, Ann Easton, spouse of the said Mr James Moffat, aged 38 years. - On the 6th instant, Mr John Moffat, father of the above James Moffat, aged 76 years.

MOFFATT/EASTON, Ann - D2/5/1847 - At Midknock, parish of Westerkirk, on the 29th ult., the infant daughter of Mr James Moffat, farmer, there - On the 2d instant, Ann Easton, spouse of the said Mr James Moffat, aged 38 years. - On the 6th instant, Mr John Moffat, father of the above James Moffat, aged 76 years.

MOFFAT, James - D19/1/1843 - At Craigen Cottage, on Thursday, the 19th ult., James Moffat, aged 95, formerly farmer, Foreside, Lochrutton.

At Annan, Julia, infant daughter of Mr John Little, draper.

MOFFAT/McWILLIAM, Jane - D17/12/1873 - Here, at 32, Harbour street on the 17th instant, Jane Moffat, wife of Mr W. M'William, dealer.

MOFFAT/M'QUHAE, Janet - D15/1/1843 - At Dalbeattie, on Sabbath, the 15th ult., Janet Moffat aged 75, relict of John M'Quhae, coachman to the late ? Lamont of Kirkpatrick-Durham.

MOFFAT, John - D17/2/1844 - At Minnygaff, on the 17th inst., Mr John Moffat, at the advanced age of 94 years.

MOFFAT, John - D6/5/1847 - At Midknock, parish of Westerkirk, on the 29th ult., the infant daughter of Mr James Moffat, farmer, there - On the 2d instant, Ann Easton, spouse of the said Mr James Moffat, aged 38 years. - On the 6th instant, Mr John Moffat, father of the above James Moffat, aged 76 years.

MOFFAT, Joseph - D6/12/1844 -At Hardgate of Urr, on the 6th inst., after a long illness, Joseph, son of Mr John Moffat, aged 23 years.

MOFFAT/YOUNG, Margaret - D15/7/1844 - At Boston, America, on the 15th ult., deeply and deservedly regretted, after a short illness of 24 hours, Margaret, wife of Mr Wm. Young, gardener, second daughter of the late Mr William Moffat, Nunholm, Dumfries.

MOFFAT, Robert - D3/4/1845 - At Midknock, parish of Westerkirk, on the 3d instant, Robert, youngest son of Mr John Moffat, farmer there, aged 23 years.

MOFFAT, Thomas - D7/1/1845 - In High Street, Dumfries, on the 7th inst., Mr Thomas Moffat, clogger, in his 74th year, Mr Moffat was for a long series of years a respected elder in the Relief Church, Dumfries.

MOFFAT, William - D14/12/1847 - At Garwald, parish of Eskdale Muir, on the 14th instant, Mr William Moffat, farmer there.

MOIR, Dr. Andrew - in WFP D14/3/1844 - At the age of 38, Dr Andrew Moir, Lecturer on Anatomy at King's college Medical School, Aberdeen.

MOIR, Hugh - D2/8/1852 - At Eskside, Musselburgh, on the 2d instant, Mr Hugh Moir, Leith, brother of the late Dr Moir.

MOIR, Walter - D21/6/1844 - At Edinburgh, on the 21st ult., Mr Walter Moir, late Sheriff -Substitute of Lanarkshire.

(MOIR)MUIR, William - D6/1/1878 - At Gordon Terrace, New-Galloway, on the 6th inst., William Muir(Moir), in the 76th year of his age.

MONCRIEFF/ROBERTSON, Ann - D28/5/1843 - At 13, Broughton Square, London, on the 28th ult., Ann Robertson, wife of Sir James Wellwood Moncrieff, Bart., one of the Senators of the College of Justice.

MONCRIEFF, Archd. - D27/8/1845 - At Bellfield House, Dalkeith, on the 27th ult., Archd. Moncrieff, Esq., son of the late Rev. Sir Henry Moncrieff,

MONEAGLE/BIGGAM, Margaret - D9/3/1873 - At High Glenstockadale, Leswalt, on the 9th inst., Margaret Biggam wife of Mr James Moneagle.

MONIES, Robert - D11/10/1847 - At Leeds, on the 11th inst., Mr Robert Monies, draper, Bradford, Yorkshire, youngest son of the late Mr James Monies, Park of Tongland.

MONTAGUE/FECTOR/LAURIE, Anne Wortley - D27/3/1848 - On the 27th ult., Anne Wortley Montague, widow of the late J. M. Fector, Esq., and only daughter of the late Sir Robert Laurie, Bart, M.D. for Dumfrieshire.

MONTEITH/WATSON, Jean - D14/7/1863 - Suddenly, at St. John Street, here, on the 14th (inst) aged 60 years, JeanWatson, relict of Mr Wm. ------- shoemaker. (Jean Watson married William Monteith Nov 15 1824 in Stranraer as per IGI)

MONTEITH/WINGATE, Margaret Orr - At 154 Scotland Street, Glasgow, on the 20th inst., Margaret Orr Monteith, widow of W(al)ter Wingate.

MONTGOMERY, Andrew Sinclair - D17/3/1868 - On the 17th inst., at 24 Higher Temple Street, Chorl--- upon Medlock, Manchester, Andrew Sinclair, youngest son of Mr A.S. Montgomery, aged 3 years and 6 months.

MONTGOMERY, George - D29/9/1843 - At Rotchell House, on the 29th ult., Mr George Montgomery, draper, Dumfries, and a member of the Town Council of that burgh - much regretted.

MONTGOMERY, James - D10/4/1846 - At Elrig Village, Mochrum, on the 10th inst., James, aged 2 years, youngest son of Peter Montgomery.

MONTGOMERY, John S. - D17/9/1858 - On the 17th September last, on board the S.S. Carthage, troop transport, on her passage from Hong Kong to Calcutta, Mr John S. Montgomery, steward, aged 25 years, eldest son of Mr Robert Montgomery, 152 Eglinton Street, Glasgow.

MONTGOMERY, (Mary) - D5/2/1873 - At Gloucester, England, on the 5th ult., (Mary) Montgomery aged 40 years, third daughter of the late Mr Alexander Montgomery, farmer, North Douloch, Kirkcolm.

MONTGOMERY/LOGAN, Rebecca - D7/2/1845 - At Troon, on the 7th instant, Rebecca Montgomery, aged 100 years, wife of Mr Andrew Logan.

MONTGOMERY, Wm. D3/2/1846 - At Haugh of Urr, on the 3d inst., aged 22 years, Wm. Montgomery, teacher, son of John Montgomery, mason, there.

MOODIE, Elizabeth - D16/7/1844 - At Mill Street, here, on the 16th instant, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr Moodie, skinner, aged 9 months.

MOODIE, John - D29/1/1864 - At Bonhill, Dumbartonshire, on the 29th ult., of hooping cough, John and Margaret, children of Mr James Moodie.

MOODIE, Margaret - D29/1/1864 - At Bonhill, Dumbartonshire, on the 29th ult., of hooping cough, John and Margaret, children of Mr James Moodie.

MOORE, Mrs. - in WFP D4/5/1843 - At Carseminnoch, in the parish of Minnigaff, Mrs Moore, far advanced in years - much lamented.

MOORE, Alexander - D27/2/1873 - At Portpatrick, on the 27th ult., Mr Alexander Moore, cooper, aged 85 years.

MOORE/M’TURK, Euphemia - D20/7/1845 - At Auchinleck, on the 20th current, Euphemia Moore, spouse of Mr Matthew M'Turk, aged 28 years.

MOORE, Henry - D27/4/1844 - At Brunswick Place, City Road, London, on the 27th ult., in his 93rd year, the Rev. Henry Moore, the confidential friend and biographer of the late Rev. John Wesley.

MOORE, Jane - D20/2/1844 - At Fleurug, parish of Girthon, on the 20th curt., Jane Moore, advanced in years.

MOORE, Rev. Robert - D22/8/1846 - At Shawburn, near Hamilton, on the 22d ult., where he was on a visit, the Rev. Robert Moore, of Greenhall, minister of the parish of Old Ramstocks, East Lothian, in the 87th year of his age, and 49th of his ministry in said parish.

MOORE, Captain William - D9/1/1867 - At London, on the 9th instant, Captain William Moore, aged 78 years, brother of Baille Moore, Newton-on-Ayr.

MOORE/NIXON, William Henry - D9/12/1883 - At 124 West Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow, on the 9th inst., William Henry Moore, the beloved husband of Christina Nixon, aged 32 years.

MORGAN/LIDDERDALE, Anne - D3/11/1843 - At Blandord Square, London, on the 3d curt., Anne Morgan, wife of John Lidderdale Esq., St. Petersburgh.

MORGAN/CARTER, Isabella - D25/11/1843 - At Glenae Porter Lodge, on the 25th ult., Mrs Isabella Carter, relict of Mr James Morgan, and daughter of the late Mr James Carter, of the Swan Inn, Dumfries.

MORLAND, Miss - D13/7/1844 - Here, on Saturday, the 13th instant, Miss Morland.

MORLAND, Agnes - D18/1/1864 - At King Street, Stranraer, on the 18th day of January current, Miss Agnes Morland, aged 87.

MORLAND, Alex. - D9/6/1843 - At Hillhead, here, on the 9th curt., Mr Alex. Morland, shoemaker, after a lingering illness.

MORLAND/FOSTER, Mary - D23/2/1852 - At George Street, here, on the 23d instant, aged 26 years, Mary Foster, wife of Mr John Morland, sailor.

MORLAND, Provost - D3/5/1847 - At King Street, here, on Monday, the 3d inst., Provost Morland, aged 67.

MORLAND, Thomas - D26/5/1870 - At the residence of Thomas Reynolds, Esq., Ottawa, on the 26th ult., Thomas Morland, Esq., merchant, Montreal, aged 43 years, son of Mr Thomas Morland, Lochnaw.

MORLAND, William - D15/5/1845 - In King Street, here, this morning, William Morland, Esq., late merchant.

MORRINE, Samuel - D2/5/1843 - At the Island of St. Vincent, West Indies, on the 2d of May last, Samuel Morrine, Esq., aged 42 years, a native of Dumfries - much and deeply regretted by a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.

MORRISON, ? - D16/9/1865 - At the Abbey of Luce, on the 16th instant, ?, daughter of Mr Alexander Morrison.

MORRISON, Mrs - D8/8/1865 - Here, at King Street, on the 8th inst., Mrs Morrison, aged 85 years.

ROSS, Elizabeth - D5/8/1865 - Here, at High Street, on the 5th inst., Widow Elizabeth Ross, aged 75 years.

MORRISON/WALLACE, Agnes - D1/4/1891 - At Main Street, Glenluce, on the 1st inst., Agnes Wallace, relict of John Morrison, farmer, Craigeach.

MORRISON, Alexander - D17/4/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 17th inst., Mr Alexander Morrison, surgeon, aged 31 years - deeply regretted.

MORRISON, Mrs Alexander - D27/2/1879 - At High Curghie, Kirkmaiden, on the 27th ult., Mrs Alexander Morrison.

MORRISON, Alexander - D18/11/1891 - At Glenluce, on the 18th ult., Alexander Morrison, aged 81 years.

MORRISON, Ann - D26/10/1844 - At Ayr, on the 26th inst., Ann Morrison, aged 32.

MORRISON/CAMPBELL, Ann - D20/9/1867 - At Abbey of Luce, on the 20th ult., Ann Campbell, wife of Mr Alex Morrison, aged 54 years.

MORRISON, Daniel - D3/12/1844 - At Ivy Bank, Rothesay, on the 3d instant, Daniel Morrison, Esq., late comptroller of H.M. Customs, Glasgow.

MORRISON, Dorothy - in the WFP D7/12/1854 - At Fisher Street, here, in the 84th year of her age, Dorothy Morrison.

(MORRISON)/HENDERSON, Elizabeth - in the WFP D18/3/1847 - ?????? ?? years, Elizabeth (Morrison), wife of Mr Moses Henderson. (There is a fold in the paper over the first part of the notice that makes the first part impossible to read and her maiden name a bit of a guess)

MORRISON/HENRY, Euphemia - D6/1/1861 - Here, at Stoneykirk Road, on the 6th instant, Euphemia Morrison, wife of Andrew Henry, aged 25 years. (Euphemia as per Meg)

MORRISON, Hugh - D29/10/1854 - At West India Docks, Poplar, on the 29th ult., Hugh Morrison, youngest son of the late Thomas Morrison, Fellend, Tongland, Kirkcudbrightshire, leaving a widow and six young children to lament their loss. (West India Docks, Poplar are located in London, England)

MORRISON, Hugh - D4/2/1864 - At Kilfillan, on the 4th inst., Hugh, youngest son of Mr Morrison, dyker.

MORRISON, Ivie - D13/9/1875 - At Bailliewhirr,Whithorn, on the 13th inst., Ivie Morrison, coachbuilder, aged 22 years.

MORRISON, James - 23/2/1873 - At Sorbie Village, on the 23d ult., Mr James Morrison, aged 87 years.

MORRISON, James - D20/2/1878 - Here, at 23 Sheuchan Street, on the 20th inst., James aged 5 months, son of Mr Hugh Morrison, stone hewer.

MORRISON/GUTHRIE, Janet - D10/5/1845 - At Knockshiffnock, Ochiltree, on the 10th inst., Janet Morrison, aged 24 years, wife of Mr William Guthrie, farmer there.

MORRISON/AITKEN, Janet - D9/3/1847 - Here, in Queen Street, on the 9th inst., Janet Morrison, wife of Mr John Aitken, carpenter.

MORRISON, Mrs. John - D21/5/1844 - At Moffat, on the 21st ult., Mrs Morrison, relict (of) Mr John Morrison advanced in years.

MORRISON, John - D2/2/1843 - At Causewayend, parish of Penningham, in the prime of life, on the 2d inst., Mr John Morrison, cartwright, one of the few individuals to be met with in the world who (actsedulously) on the golden rule of doing unto others as they would be done by.

MORRISON, John - D13/9/1875 - At Derry Kirkcowan, on the 13th inst., John, aged 26 years, eldest son of Mr William Morrison, farmer, Derry.

MORRISON/MacLEAN, Martha - D14/1/1884 - At Duchra, on the 14th inst. Martha Morrison, wife of James MacLean, aged 70 years. - Much respected and deeply regretted.

MORRISON/NAPIER, Martha - D10/6/1887 - At Whithorn, on the 10th inst., Martha Morrison, wife of Thomas Napier, baker, aged 55 years.

MORRISON, Captain Peter - D3/4/1878 - At Isle of Whithorn, on the 3rd inst., Captain Peter Morrison, late of the barque "Mira Flores". Deceased, who was a native of Kirkcudbright, was a person of great energy of character, and his removal in the prime of manhood will be deeply and sincerely regretted.

MORRISON, William - D6/11/1873 - At ---ain, West Coast of Africa, on the 6th November, of (fever) Mr William Morrison, (agent) aged 26 years. the beloved husband of Maggie Kerr Morrison - Deeply Regretted.

MORROW, Jean - D1/3/1844 - At Glasgow, on the 1st inst., Jean Morrow, aged 44 years.

MORROW/THORBURN, Margaret - D15/1/1867 - At the Southern County Asylum, Dumfries, on the 15th instant, Margaret Thorburn, aged 75 years, relict of Mr William Morrow, Fisher Street, Stranraer.

MORROW/LINDSAY, Mary Jane - D6/12/1891 - Here, at 18 Saint Andrew Street, Stranraer on the 6th inst. Mary Jane Morrow, wife of Samuel Lindsay, seaman, aged 53 years.

MORROW, Robert - D9/3/1850 - Here, At London Road, on the 9th instant, Robert, son of the late Robert Morrow, cabinetmaker, aged 5 years.

MORTON/PICKEN, Grace - D20/12/1852 - At Burnside cottage, Monreith, on the 20th inst., aged 30 years, Grace Morton, wife of Mr Thomas Picken, tilemaker - universally esteemed.

MORTON, Jane - D28/3/1891 - At Church Street, Creetown, on the 28th ult. Jane Morton, aged 81 year.

MORTON, John - D28/9/1846 - At Palnure, parish of Kirkmabreck, on the 28th inst., Mr John Morton, innkeeper, aged 46 years. (inserted October 1, 1846)

MORTON, John - D28/9/1846 - At Palnure, parish of Kirkmabreck, on the 28th ultimo, Mr John Morton, innkeeper, aged 46 years. (inserted October 8, 1846)

MORTON, John William - D5/8/1846 - At Gatehouse, on the 5th inst, in infancy, John William, son of John Morton, tenter, Corton Mill, there.

MORTON, William Tennant - D22/8/1843 - At his father's house, Girvan, on the 22d ultimo, William Tennant, aged 21 years, youngest son of William Morton, Esq. J.P..

MOSCROPE, Henry - 21/6/1847 - At Newton-Stewart, on the morning of the 21st ultimo, very suddenly, Henry Moscrope, Esq..

MOUNSEY, Elizabeth - D26/3/1843 - At Thornhill, on the 26th inst., Elizabeth, wife of Dr Mounsey, there - deeply and widely regretted.

MOUNSEY, William - D23/7/1847 - At Kirkcudbright on the 23d ultimo, aged 3 years, and 5 months, William, son of Mr John Mounsey, painter.

MOUNSIE, James - D5/5/1845 - At Dumfries, on the 5th inst., Mr James Mounsie, inn-keeper, Blue Bell.

MOWAT, Jane - D4/2/1864 - At 21, Charles Street, Edinburgh, on the 4th inst., Miss Jane Mowat, aged 8 years.

MOWAT, Samuel - D13/8/1846 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 13th curt., afer a short illness, Mr Samuel Mowat, who has left a widow and family to mourn his untimely removal.

MUERS, Margaret - in WFP D12/7/1843 - At Hylton Perry, aged 105, Mrs Margaret Muers, widow.

MUIR, Mrs - D11/12/1843 - At Airlies, Kirkinner, on the 11th inst., Mrs Muir, aged 43 years.

MUIR/FERRIER, Agnes - D14/3/1845 - At High Street, Ayr, on the 14th instant, Agnes Muir, aged 57, spouse of Mr Robert Ferrier, late farmer in Pinminoch, parish of Girvan.

MUIR, Andrew - D11/5/1843 - At Whithorn, on the 11th inst., Mr Andrew Muir, weaver, aged 63 years - much regretted.

MUIR, Archibald - D10/4/1850 - At Jessore, in India, on the 10th April last, Archibald, youngest surviving son of Dr John Muir, minister of St. James's, Glasgow.

MUIR/PARKER, Barbara - D11/6/1860 - At Whithorn, on the 11th instant, Barbara Muir, wife of Mr Robert Parker, grocer, aged 48 years.

MUIR, David - D8/1/1853 - At Barskimming House Farm, on the 8th instant, Mr David Muir, aged 64 years.

MUIR, Elizabeth - D18/1/1845 - At Bargally, on the 18th inst., aged 19 years, Elizabeth, daughter of William Muir, gardener.

MUIR, George - D26/7/1860 - At Cairngarroch, Stoneykirk, on the 26th ult., George Muir, aged 86 years, - much regretted.

MUIR, George T. - D30/1/1869 - At Morningside Cottage, Springville Road, Ayr, on the 30th ult., Mr George T. Muir, ironfounder. (Possibly George Taylor as it is the only George T. Muir listed in AYR in the IGI)

MUIR/CARNOCHAN, Harrie - D14/11/1891 - At Kirkland of Sincastle, on the 14th ult. (Harrie Muir) relict of John Carnochan, aged 77 years.

MUIR, James - D20/8/1843 - At New Galloway, on the 20th curt., Mr James Muir, surgeon, aged 45 years.

MUIR, James - D20/9/1847 - At New Galloway, on the 20th inst., Mr James Muir, formerly a magistrate of that burgh, and for many years a member of the Session of the parish of Kells.

MUIR, James - D23/12/1891 - At Kirkcowan, on the 23rd inst. James Muir, aged 85 years.

MUIR/PAGAN, Jane - D21/7/1845 - At Melbourne Place, Glasgow, on the 21st instant, Jane Muir, wife of Mr John Pagan, clothier, Glasgow.

MUIR, Janet - D12/3/1852 - At Galdenoch, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 12th inst., Janet, youngest daughter of Mr Muir, farmer there, aged 37 years.

MUIR, Jennie - D15/3/1878 - At Glenluce, on the 15th inst., after a protracted illness, Jennie, aged 21 years, only daughter of Mr Hugh Muir, mason - deeply regretted.

MUIR, Rev. John - D30/11/1858 - At Kirkmabreck Manse, on the 30th ult., the Rev. John Muir, aged 53 years, and in the 25th year of his ministry.

MUIR, John - D15/2/1864 - At New-Galloway, on the 15th instant, John Muir, Esq., schoolmaster of the parish of Kells and Provost of the burgh of New-Galloway.

MUIR, John - D27/3/1969 - At 8 Corinna Street, Glasgow on the 27th ultimo, suddenly, Mr John Muir, of Lochfergus, Kirkcudbright.

MUIR, John - D29/12/1882 - Here, at 29 Harbour Street, on the 29th inst., (?) John Muir, aged 50 years. Friends please accept this intimation.

MUIR, John - D4/4/1891 - Here, at 21 Dalrymple Street, on the 4th inst John Muir, aged 13 years.

MUIR/McCAIG, Margaret - D13/3/1861 - At Galdenoch, on the 13th inst., Margaret McCaig, wife of Mr John Muir, farmer there, aged 88 years. . .....a protracted illness which she bore with Christian resignation and patience - she was much respected by .......... circle of friends and acquaintances, and the loss.........felt by many.

MUIR, Mary - D24/7/1843 - At Barlochart, Glenluce, on the 24th inst, Mary Muir, aged 76.

MUIR, Mary - D19/3/1876 - At Catherine Street, Gatehouse, on the 19th inst., Mary Muir, aged 89 years.

MUIR, Mrs Robert - D5/11/1843 - At Creebridge, Minnigaff, on the 5th inst., very suddenly, Mrs Muir, relict of Mr Robert Muir, late feuar, Blackcraig Mines.

MUIR, Capt. Robert - D4/6/1844 - On board the "Sultan" of Glagow, on her passage homeward from China, on the 4th June, Capt. Robert Muir, of the "Sultan" - a native of Irvine, and much respected.

MUIR, Sarah - D7/4/1845 - At Garnet Hill, on the 7th instant, Sarah, youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr Muir.

MUIR, Mrs. Wm. - D21/6/1845 - At Myroch, parish of Kirkmaiden, on Saturday last, Mrs Wm. Muir, suddenly after giving birth to a daughter.

MUIR, William - D6/1/1878 - At Gordon Terrace, New-Galloway, on the 6th inst., William Muir(Moir), in the 76th year of his age. (William MUIR, 76, Dumfries #20 as per Meg)

MUIR, (HON) William Train - D??/9/1867 - In Denver city, Colorado Territory, U.S. on the -- ult., after a long illness, bravely endured, the (Hon) William Train Muir, youngest son of the late Mr (Jas) Muir, Newluce, formerly game-keeper to the (Earl of) Stair.

MUIR---AD, Elizabeth - D4/6/1846 -At the United Secession Manse, Minnyhive, on the 4th curt, Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Mr James Muir---ad there.

MUIRHEAD, Rev. Dr. George - D5/4/1847 - On the 5th instant, the Rev. Dr. Muirhead, senior minister of the Free Church of Cramond, in the 84th year of his age, and 59th of his ministry. (from the Edinburgh and Leith County Directory Cramond 1842/43 - Muirhead, rev. Dr. George, Manse)

MUIRHEAD, Samuel - D20/7/1844 - At Moniaive, on the 20th curt., after a lingering illness Mr Samuel Muirhead, flesher.

MULVINE/GUTHRIE, Elizabeth - D6/9/1860 - At Whithorn, on the 6th inst., Elizabeth Mulvine, wife of Mr James Guthrie of Liverpool.

MUNDELL/THORBURN, Margaret - D6/9/1844 - At New Langholm, on the 6th ult., Margaret Mundell, spouse of Mr Thomas Thorburn, aged 74 years.

MUNDELL, (Ric)hard - D10/2/1843 - At -------house, on the 10th inst., after a short but severe illness (Ric)hard Mundell, Esq., Bank Agent, extensively know ------ and deeply regretted, by the general public - Friends from a distance will be pleased to accept this intimation -------- (pre)mature and lamented death.

MUNDELL, Robina - D18/10/1843 - At Irish Street, Dumfries, on the 18th inst., Robina, daughter of Mr Peter Mundell, tobacconist.

MUNDELL, Sarah - D5/12/1843 - At 9, Queensberry Street, Dumfries on the 5th inst., Sarah, daughter of Mr James Mundell, innkeeper.

MUNRO/THORBURN, Ann Smellie - D13/9/1887 - Here, at Clifton Terrace, on the 13th inst. aged 65 years, Ann Smellie Thorburn, wife of John Munro, late of H.M. Customs, Liverpool.

MUNRO, David - D30/12/1850 - At sea, on board the steamer "Sultan" on the 30th ultimo, on his way home from Malta, Mr David Munro, advocate, Aberdeen, in the 26th year of his age.

MUNRO/DONALDSON, Elizabeth - D12/7/1843 - At New Galloway, on the 12th inst., Elizabeth Donaldson, aged 57 years, widow of Gilbert Munro, gardener to the late Lord Kenmure.

MUNRO/MITCHELL, Marion Boyd - D16/1/1867 - At 3 Christian Bank, Trinity, Edinburgh, on the 16th instant, Marion Boyd Mitchell, wife of Mr Alexander Munro, and daughter of the late Mr J. Mitchell, nurseryman, Newton Stewart.

MUNRO, William - D28/8/1846 - At Gatehouse of Fleet, on the 28th ultimo, Mr William Munro, vintner, Blue Bell Inn, aged 50. He lived respected by all who knew him, and died sincerely regretted by an extensive circle of sorrowing friends.

MURCHIE, Miss - D31/1/1869 - At the Farm Moycullur, County Galway, on the 31st ult., after a long and painful illnesss, borne with christian resignation, Miss Murchie, late of Culroy, Wigtownshire, whose remains were interred in the Presbyterian Burial ground, Galway. - NewYork and New Zealand papers please copy.

MURCHIE, Susan - D6/8/1878 - At Wigtown, on the 6th inst., Susan Murchie, aged -- years.

MURCHIE, Thomas - D3/5/1846 - At Culroy, parish of Old Luce, on the 3d inst., after a severe illness, borne with Christian fortitude and patience, Mr Thomas Murchie, in the 83rd year of his age. From the kindness and benevolence of his disposition to all around him, he has left a blank in the family circle which time alone can fill up.

MURCHIE, Wm. - D18/2/1864 - At Longforth, Glenluce, on the 18th instant, Mr Wm. Murchie, late farmer, Longforth.

MURDOCH, Miss - D8/12/1844 - At Ayr, on the 8th inst., Miss Murdoch, in 93d year, sister of the late John Murdoch, Esq., formerly Sheriff-Sustitute of Ayrshire.

MURDOCH, Alexander - D9/1/1843 - At Fairfield Lodge, Ayr, on the 9th inst., Alexander Murdoch, Esq..

MURDOCH, Alexander Lemon - D19/12/1846 - Here, in Castle Street, on the 19th inst., Alexander Lemon, aged six months, son of Mr Peter Murdoch.

MURDOCH/COWAN, Elizabeth - D28/11/1845 - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse, on the 28th ultimo, Elizabeth Cowan, spouse of Robert M. Murdoch, grocer there.

MURDOCH, Grace - D4/10/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 4th inst., Grace Murdoch, aged 72, sister to the late John Murdoch of Netherhall.

MURDOCH, Jane - D7/3/1844 - At Kirkpatrick village, on the 7th curt, Jane, aged 3 years, daughter of Mr Michael Murdoch.

MURDOCH, Janet M'Cutcheon - D17/2/1878 - Here at 33 Sheuchan Street, on the 17th inst., Janet M'Cutcheon, aged 3 months, daughter of the late Mr James Murdoch, mason.

MURDOCH, John - D1/2/1845 - Drowned, at Dixon's Pond, Glagow, while skating, on the 1st inst., John Murdoch, son of the late Mr James Murdoch, writer, Kilmarnock, and David Wallace, Maybole.

MURDOCH, John - D7/7/1845 - At Mill Street, Ayr, on the 7th inst., Mr John Murdoch, late of the 12 Loyal Lancers.

MURDOCH, John - D5/6/1852 - At Dinvin, Portpatrick, on the 5th instant, John Murdoch, Esq., for many years factor on the Dunskey estate.

MURDOCH/MARTIN, Mary - D30/12/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 30th ult., aged 78 years, Mrs Mary Martin, spouse of Mr Richard Murdoch, there, and mother of Mr Robert Murdoch, grocer and provision dealer, also of Gatehouse.

MURDOCH, Robert Martin - D30/12/1852 - At Belfast, on the 30th ult., very suddenly, Mr Robert Martin Murdoch, aged 59 years, formerly grocer and victualler, Fleet Street, Gatehouse.

MURDOCH, Wm. - D13/2/1843 - At 42, Brown Street, Glasgow, on the 13th inst., Capt Wm. Murdoch, late master of the George M'Leod, which was wrecked in the Solway on the 20th ult..

MURE/CHURCH, Eleanor Christian - D3/6/1845 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 3d inst., Eleanor Christian Church, wife of William Mure, Esq..

MURPHY, Ja--- D26/8/1865 - At High Street, on the 26th instant, Widow, Ja--- Murphy, aged 46 years.

MURPHY, James - D16/12/1891 - At Cruise, New Luce, on the 16th inst. James Murphy, son of William Murphy, ploughman, aged 17 years.

MURPHY, John - D2/9/1884 - At Wigtown, on the 2nd inst., John, fifth son of Matthew Murphy, aged 8 years.

MURPHY, Wm. - D21/3/1844 - At Dumfries, on Thursday last, Mr Wm. Murphy, lately connected with the establishment of Messrs Monies & Co., drapers, Bradford.

MURRAY, Mrs. - D1/5/1843 - At Balloch of Dee, parish of Kirkowen, on the 1st inst., Mrs Murray, aged 83 years.

MURRAY, Mrs - in the WFP 24/8/1843 - At Murray Place, near Canadaigua, State of New York, U.S., after a short illness, Mrs Murrray, formerly of Wigtown, Scotland, at the venerable age of 84.

MURRAY, Mrs - D14/12/1843 - On the 14th instant, Mrs Murray of Polmaise.

MURRAY, Mrs - D17/6/1846 - At Moormains, Mochrum, on the 17th ult., Mrs Murray, aged 60 years.

MURRAY, Agnes - D12/6/1843 - At (Breachoilly?), Argyleshire, on Monday, the 12th curt., Agnes, eldest daughter of Thomas Murray.

MURRAY, Agnes - D15/3/1844 - At Langholm, on the 15th inst., very suddenly, Agnes Murray, aged 58 years.

MURRAY/HUNTER, Agnes - D9/5/1865 - At Cairnryan, on the 9th inst. aged 79 years, Agnes Murray, relict of Mr William Hunter. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

MURRAY, Agnes M'Culloch - D30/11/1852 - At Drummoddie, on the 30th ultimo, Agnes M'Culloch Murray, aged 24 years - sincerely regretted by a large circle of friends, and all who knew her.

MURRAY, Alexander - D3/6/1843 - At Moniaive, on the 3d curt., Mr Alexander Murray, weaver, aged 78.

MURRAY, Alexander - D15/7/1845 - At Killybegs, on Tuesday morning on the 15th current, Alexander Murray, Esq., of Broughton, M.P. for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.

MURRAY, Alexander - D22/12/1845 - At Dumfries, on the 22d ult., Mr Alexander Murray, at the advanced age of 94 years. The deceased was related to the late Alex. Murray, Esq., of Broughton; and it is a melancholy truth that there is now not one left of that ancient and honourable line bearing the name.

MURRAY, Ann - D8/2/1846 - At Mersey Street, Liverpool on the 8th inst., aged 13 months, Ann, daughter of Mr Alex. Murray, ship broker.

MURRAY, Annabell - D12/8/1852 - At Kirklands, Maybole on the 12th inst., Annabell, daughter of the late Mr Murray.

MURRAY/MACLURE, Annabella - D11/8/1852 - At Kirklands, Maybole, on the 11th inst., Annabella Maclure, relict of Mr John Murray.

MURRAY/M'CREDIE, Annie - D22/3/1878 - At Fordhouse, Glenluce, on the 22nd inst., Annie Murray, wife of Mr William M'Credie, farmer there, aged 73 years.

MURRAY, David - D18/11/1844 - Here, on Monday morning, David, infant son of Mr Andrew Murray, road-surveyor.

MURRAY/PATERSON, Elizabeth - D29/1/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 29th ult., Mrs Elizabeth Patter(son) spouse of Mr Francis Murray, baker. (Elizabeth Paterson to Francis Murray on December 5, 1822 at Torqueer, Kircudbright or Elizabeth Paterson to Francis Murray on December 15, 1822 at Torqueer, Kircudbright as per the IGI)

MURRAY, Elizabeth Anne - D14/9/1845 - At Murraythwaite, on the 14th inst., Elizabeth Anne, wife of John Dalrymple Murray, Esq., of Murraythwaite.

MURRAY/PERCY, Lady Emily Francis - D21/6/1844 - At Dunkeld, on the 21st ult., after a lingering illness the Dowager Lady Glenlyon. Her ladyship was the youngest sister of the Duke of Northumberland and Lord Prudhoe. (Lady Glenlyon was Emily Francis Percy (daughter of General Hugh Percy 2nd Duke of Northumberland) who married Lt-General Sir James Murray 1st Lord of Glenlyon as per

MURRAY, Lieut. George Grant - D23/5/1854 - At Panwell, near Bombay, on the 23d May, aged 25 years, Lieut. George Grant Murray, of the 3d European Regiment, only son of Mrs Murray of Garliestown. Deceased had been stationed at Poonah, and had gone down on a visit to Bombay. On his return he had sufferred a sun-stroke, and died after a few hours' illness at Panwell. He was a highly promising officer, and beloved in all circles. His remains were interred at Bombay with military honours.

MURRAY, Rev. Hamilton - D21/1/1844 - At his residence in West Street, Gateshead, on Sunday, the 21st ult., the Rev. Hamilton Murray, for many years minister of the Presbyterian Chapel in that borough.

MURRAY, Helen - D26/12/1842 - At Cairn Hall, Stirlingshire, on the 24th ult., Margaret, aged 16; and on the 26th ult., Helen, aged 14, daughters of the late Mr William Murray, farmer - both of scarlet fever.

MURRAY, Helen - D18/7/1851 - At Anderston, Glasgow, on the 18th inst. Mrs Henry Murray, at the advanced age of 103 years and 6 months.

MURRAY, Isabella - D12/7/1847 - At Edinburgh, on the 12th instant, Isabella, daughter of the Rev. John Murray, minister of Morton.

MURRAY, Rev. James - D1/8/1844 - At Colesberg, Cape of Good Hope, on the 1st Aug. the Rev. James Murray, a native of Carlaverock. In 1833 he emigrated from Castle-Douglas to that colony; and during the last years of his life, besides instructing a school supported by Government, he officiated as chaplain to the military at the said station.

MURRAY, James - In the WFP13/3/1845 - At Loudon School, Penninghame, Mr James Murray, schoolmaster, aged 36 years. The deceased was an excellent scholar, a successful teacher, and an amiable man. He lived respected, and died regretted by all who knew him.

MURRAY, James - D6/4/1847 - At Bridgebank, parish of Inch, on the 6th instant Mr James Murray, aged 80 years.

MURRAY, Captain James - D5/1/1850 - On the Indus, near Moultan, on the 5th January last, Captain James Murray, Interpreter and Quarter Master, 9th Regiment Bengal N.I., fourth son of the late Provost Murray, New-Galloway.

MURRAY, James - D2?/5/1860 - At 43 Young Street, Glasgow, on the 2?th inst., aged 16 months, James youngest son of Mr John K. Murray.

MURRAY, James - D18/5/1865 - Here, at Dalrymple Street, on the 18th inst. after a lengthened illness, Mr James Murray, compositor aged 35 years. Deceased, who was late printer and (------) of the Wigtownshire Free Press, was much respected by his fellow workmen, is deeply lamented by a widow (and) young family, as well as by all who were favoured by his acquaintance.

MURRAY, James - D6/6/1869 - At 28 King Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 6th inst., James Murray, shoemaker, aged 70 years.

MURRAY, James - D24/3/1878 - At Portwilliam, on the 24th ult., James, son of Captain John Murray, aged 7 days.

MURRAY, James - D23/8/1887 - At Barrachan Village, on the 23rd ult., James Murray, aged 74 years.

MURRAY/HANNAH, Jane - D7/1/1846 - At Culquhassan, Glenluce, on the 7th inst., in her 93d year, Jane Hannah, relict of the late Mr John Murray, farmer Moormains, Portwilliam.

MURRAY, Jane - D28/2/1874 - Here, at Glen Street, on the 28th ult., Jane, aged - months, daughter of Mr John Murray, tailor.

MURRAY, Janet - D1/4/1844 - Same place (At Dalmellington) on the 1st instant, Mrs Janet Murray, aged 23 years.

MURRAY, Jemima and William - D21/11/1891 - 1137 Nelson Street, Lakeview, Chicago, on the 21st ult. William and Jemima Broadfoot, children of Hugh and Helen Murray.

MURRAY/M’LELLAN, Joan - D24/5/1844 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 24th instant, after a protracted illness, Joan Murray, wife of Peter M'Lellan, joiner.

MURRAY, John - D14/3/1844 - At Kirkstyle, Langholm, on the 14th inst., John Murray, aged 62 years.

MURRAY, John - D26/10/1847 - At Mospeable, parish of Ewes, on the 26th ult., John Murray, shepherd, aged 69.

MURRAY, John - D28/6/1851 - On the 28th ultimo, at his residence, Broadstone, near Stranraer, John Murray, Ph.D., F.S.A., F.L.S. &c., author of "The Truth of Revelation", and many scientific works.

MURRAY, John - D11/3/1863 - At Portsmouth, Ohio, United States, on the 11th ult., Mr John Murray, aged 91 years, a native of Wigtownshire, Scotland. He had been in that country since the year 1835.

MURRAY, John Cumming - D20/6/1887 - At East Drummoddie, on the 20th ult., John Mu(rray) farmer, aged 45 years. - Very deeply regretted by all who knew him. (John MURRAY, age 45 on June 20, there was a John Cumming MURRAY who died in Glasserton at the age of 45 in 1887, entry #10. He died Drumoddie on June 20 as per Meg)

MURRAY, Margaret - D24/12/1842 - At Cairn Hall, Stirlingshire, on the 24th ult., Margaret, aged 16; and on the 26th ult., Helen, aged 14, daughters of the late Mr William Murray, farmer - both of scarlet fever.

MURRAY/RAMSAY, Margaret - D23/11/1883 - Here, at 7 Bridge Street, on the 23rd inst., Margaret Ramsay relict of Andrew Murray, Esq., road surveyor.

MURRAY/PATERSON, Margaret - D27/3/1889 - At Newburgh, New York, on the 27th ult., Margaret Paterson, wife of John Murray.

MURRAY/FERGUSSON, Marion - D26/12/1847 - At Charlotte Street, Stranraer, on the 26th instant, Marion Murray, relict of the late Rev. Peter Fergusson, minister of Inch.

MURRAY/PORTER, Mary - D14/4/1847 - At Cottage, Cally Park, Gatehouse, on the 14th inst., Mary Murray, in her 93d year, wife of James Porter there, the two having lived together in wedded bliss nearly 70 years.

MURRAY, Maxwell Newell - D29/4/1843 - At Richmond Street, Manchester, on the 29th ult., Maxwell Newell, son of Mr M.N. Murray, painter, aged 2 1/2 years.

MURRAY, Peter - D24/12/1843 - At 69, Thomas Street, Manchester, on the 24th ult., Mr Peter Murray, aged 47 years - a native of Twynholm.

MURRAY, Peter - D11/1/1867 - At Daltammie (Glentrool?), parish of Minnigaff, on the 11th inst., Mr Peter Murray, farmer there, aged 78 years.

MURRAY, Peter - M13/3/1878 - Here, at Dalrymple Street, on the 13th inst., Peter Murray, baker, aged 56 years.

MURRAY, Robert - D25/2/1843 - At Moniaive, on the 25th ult., Mr Robert Murray, shoemaker.

MURRAY, Robert - D29/3/1851 - At Girvan, on the 29th ultimo, Mr Robert Murray, builder, there.

MURRAY, Robert - D18/1/1878 - At Craigencallie, on the 18th inst., Robert Murray, aged 65 years.

MURRAY, Thomas - D10/6/1844 - At Beluskie, Colmonell, on the 10th inst., Thomas, son of Mr George Murray there.

MURRAY, Thomas - D5/7/1887 - At the Clydesdale Bank, Wigtown, on the 5th inst., Thomas Murray, aged 78 (73) years. Friends will please accept of this (the only) intimation.

MURRAY, Mrs Walter - D1/9/1844 - Here, in George Street, on the 1st inst., the wife of Mr Walter Murray, grocer.

MURRAY, William - in the WFP D4/1/1844 - At Queenstown, Upper Canada, some time ago, William, youngest son of Mr William Murray, late farmer in Urral, parish of Kirkowen.

MURRAY, William - D8/4/1844 - Here, at Sun street, on the 8th inst., William, infant son of Mr John Murray, shoemaker.

MURRAY, William - in the WFP D6/11/1845 - At the house of his sister, Mrs M'Clymont, Corriefeckloch, parish of Minnygaff, William Murray, Esq., draper, Manchester, in the (44)th year of his age. The deceased was in business for the last 23 years, and had by his amiable and obliging disposition , strict integrity, and warm-hearted friendship, endeared himself to a large circle of acquaintance, who now sincerely mourn his loss.

MURRAY, William - D13/5/1846 - At Glencaird, parish of Minnigaff, on the 13th instant, William Murray, aged 14 years.

MURRAY, William - D19/6/1860 - At Newton Stewart, on the 19th instant, Mr William Murray, saddler, aged 78 years.

MURRAY, William - D23/1/1878 - Drowned at sea, on the 23rd inst., while on the passage from New York, on board the steam ship ("Anchoris") Mr William Murray, seaman, aged 28 years, son of Mr James Murray, --- merchant, Hanover Street, Stranraer - Deeply regretted by all who knew him.

MURRAY, Wm. - D3/12/1883 - At Grange Schoolhouse, Penninghame, on the 3rd inst., Mr Wm Murray, teacher, aged 36 years. - Deeply regretted.

MURRAY, William and Jemima - D21/11/1891 - 1137 Nelson Street, Lakeview, Chicago, on the 21st ult. William and Jemima Broadfoot, children of Hugh and Helen Murray.

MUTER, Isabella - D6/2/1845 - At Edinburgh, on the 6th inst., Miss Isabella Muter, daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Muter, D.D. of St. Michael's Church, Dumfries.

MYLES/HAYTON, Elizabeth - D2/9/1845 - At Dumfries, on the 2d inst., Mrs Elizabeth Myles, relict of Mr Thomas Hayton, merchant, Maryport.