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Death Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: February 2006

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(M'RHAZIE), Robert Jr. - D1/12/1877 - At Rope Walk, Garliestown, on the 1st inst., Robert, son of Robert (M'Rhazie) aged 15 years.

M’ROBERT/MITCHELL, Eliza -M15/7/1863 - Suddenly, at St. Andrew Street, here, on the 15th (inst) Eliza M'Robert,wife of Mr John Mitchell, hewer.

M’ROBERT, Grace - D23/8/1858 - At ------d, (in the parish of) Kirkcolm, on the 23d instant, after ----- illness, borne with Christian resignation, Grace M'Robert, wife of Mr David M'Fadden, grocer.

M'ROBERT, John - D29/8/1867 - At Demerara, of yellow fever, of only three days' duration on the 29th August last, in the 21st year of his age, Mr John M'Robert, seaman on board the barque "Ellen" of Stranraer, only son of Mr John M'Robert in Valleyfield, parish of Kirkcolm. Deceased was a promising, well behaved young man, highly respected, and now deeply regretted by the captain and owners of the ship in which he sailed.

M’ROBERT, Mr. W. - D16/3/1876 - At High street, Creetown, on the 16th inst., Mr W. M'Robert, aged 45 years.

M'ROBERTS, James - D21/5/1845 - At St. Michael's Street, Dumfries, on the 21st ultimo, Mr James M'Roberts, grocer and provision dealer - much respected.

M’SKIMMING/STEWART, Jane - D22/2/1844 - At East Gate, Auchencruive, on the 22d ult., Janet Stewart, aged 81, relict of Mr James M'Skimming, who was for many years in the employment of the late Mr Oswald. She had been for upwards of half a century on the estate of Auchencruive.

M'TAGGART, Anthony - D8/3/1843 - At Dundrennan, near Kirkcudbright, on the 8th inst., Anthony M'Taggart, aged 62 years.

M'TAGGART/CRUICKSHANKS, Elizabeth - D22/12/1846 - At Gatehouse, suddenly, on the 22d instant, Elizabeth Cruickshanks, wife of Mr M'Taggart, spirit dealer there.

M'TAGGART/BODDON, Elizabeth - D4/1/1853 - At Back Street, Gatehouse, on the 4th current, Mrs Elizabeth Boddon, aged 78 years, relict of the late Mr M'Taggart, agent.

McTAGGART/GRANT, Isabella - D16/7/1851 - At Campbelton, on the 16th inst. Isabella Mactaggart, relict of John Grant, Esq. distiller there.

M’TAGGART/THORBURN, Mrs. J. - D1/9/1860 - Suddenly, at Wigtown on the 1st inst., Mrs J. Thorburn, relict of Mr Wm. M'Taggart, burgess in Wigtown, aged 65 years.

M’TAGGART/KIRKPATRICK, Janet - D22/1/1846 - On the 22d ult., Janet, wife of Mr Kirkpatrick, draper. Newark, and daughter of Mr M'Taggart, Forest House, Castle-Douglas.

M'TAGGART, John - D31/3/1847 - At Gatehouse, on the 31st ultimo, Mr John M'Taggart, weaver, aged 75 years. On the 3d instant, aged 43 years, Elizabeth Martin, spouse of Mr Wm. Graham, tailor. On the same night, very suddenly, Catherine Gordon, wife of Mr Wm. Lees, grocer, aged 50; and on the 5th instant, Elizabeth M'Neil, relict of James M'Clure, weaver, aged 66 years.

M'TAGGART, S. - D16/5/1846 - At Gatehouse, on the 16th inst., aged 75 years, Mr S. M'Taggart, tailor - much respected.

M'TAGGART, Samuel - D26/5/1846 - At Gatehouse, on the 26th ult., after a short illness, Mr Samuel M'Taggart, aged 68 years - a confidential operative in the factory there.

M’TEAR/HERON, Joanna - D1/2/1867 - At Kirkmaiden, on the 1st instant, Joanna (Joanne) M'Tear, Relict of William Heron, Esq., Broompark, Old-Luce, aged 65 years. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

M'TIER, James - D15/8/1852 - At Broompark, parish of Old Luce, on the 15th instant, of consumption, Mr James M'Tier, printer, London, aged 19 years.

He lately came to reside a short time with his uncle, Mr Heron, for the benefit of his health, where he lingered on till the above day, when he breathed his last in peace.

M'TIER, Janet - D9/3/1846 - At Neptune Street, here, on the 9th inst., Janet M'Tier, aged 84 (81) years.

M'TIER, Jean - D14/12/1847 - At Blair, parish of Colmonell, on the 14th inst., Jean M'Tier, relict of John M'Tier, late farmer in (Stald), aged 84 years.

MacTIER, William - D1?/9/1855 - At (Juanpore) on the 1(-) September, (Col) (Capt) William Mactier, C.B. of the H.L.I.-------Cavalry. T(his) gallant officer, as is well known , was a native of Wigtownshire, the brother of (the late) Mr James Mactier of Duncan Cottage, near Wigtown and of the late Anthony Mactier, Esq. of D--- House, by Aberdeen.

M’TURK/MOORE, Euphemia - D20/7/1845 - At Auchinleck, on the 20th current, Euphemia Moore, spouse of Mr Matthew M'Turk, aged 28 years.

M’TURK, Sir Michael - D17/11/1844 - At his residence, Georgetown, Demerara, on the 17th Nov. after a severe and protracted illness, Sir Michael M'Turk, Knight, a native of New Cumnock, Ayrshire.

M'TURK, Robert - D8/9/1844 - At Waterside, parish of Kells, on the 8th inst., Robert M'Turk, Esq., - much and deeply regretted.

M’VALE, Helen - in WFP D6/9/1860 - At Mr Douglas', coachbuilder, Stranraaer, Helen M'V(ale) aged 84 years.

M’VICAR, Mrs. - D24/5/1844 - At 310, St Vincent Street, Glasgow, on the 24th inst., Mrs M'Vicar, relict of the late John M'Vicar, Esq..

M'VICAR, James - D17/8/1844 - At Magheramorne House, county of Antrim, on the 17th ult., James M'Vicar, Esq.

M’VICAR, John - D25/4/1844 - At 310, St.Vincent Street, Glasgow, on the 25th ult., John M'Vicar, Esq., aged 76 years.

M'VITAE, Robert - in the WFP D11/1/1844 - At Lochrighead, parish of Kirkmichael, Robert, son of Mr R. M'Vitae, aged 5 years.

M'VITTIE/GRAHAM, Jane - D6/8/1844 - at Langholm, on the 6th inst, Jane Graham, spouse of Thomas M'Vittie, joiner there.

M'WATER or M'INTYRE, Helen - D17/5/1846 - Here, at Castle Street, on the 17th instant, Mrs Helen M'Water or M'Intyre, in the 81st year of her age.

M’WHAE/M’MILLAN, Mrs. - D21or29/12/1845 - At Toxteth Park, Liverpool, on the 21(29)th ult., after a lingering illness, Mrs M'Whae, eldest daughter of the late Provost S. M'Millan, Gatehouse of Fleet.

M’WHAO, Mrs. - D9/4/1845 - At Larg, parish of Minnigaff, on the 9th inst., Mrs M'Whao, at the advanced age of 82 years.

M'WHINNIE, Mrs Alex. - D12/4/1846 - At High Street, here, on the 12th instant, Mrs Alex. M'Whinnie, aged 72.

M’WHINNIE/M'KNIGHT, Isabella - D3/10/1844 - At Greenlaw House, Crossmichael, on the 3d inst., Isabella M'Whinnie, spouse of Samuel M'Knight, late provost of Kirkcudbright.

M’WHINNIE/PAUL, Isabella Ker - D16/6/1844 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 16th instant, Isabella Ker M'Whinnie, wife of Mr John Paul.

M'WHINNIE/M'CLURE, Janet - D5/8/1852 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 5th instant, Mrs Janet M'Clure, aged 80 years, widow of Mr M'Whinnie, grocer.

M'WHINNIE, Mrs. Joseph - D6/12/1844 - At Millerfield, Ayr, on the 6th instant, the wife of Mr Joseph M'Whinnie, late in Doonfoot Mill.

McWHINNIE/M??????, Margaret - D4/3/1847 - At Ballgreen, Stranraer, on the 4th inst., ??? Margaret M'Whinnie, spouse of the late William M????? Esq., of Ballgreen - a person much and justly regretted by her friends and acquaintances, as an affectionate f(riend) a kind neighbour and a sincere Christian. She (bore) a long and severe suffering with great patience and (resig)nation to the will of God, being possessed of ??? a well regulated mind which she had well stored pages of the book of God, the promises of which ??? only food that nourished her in her last illness, and the staff upon which she leaned in going down to the dark valley of the shadow of death.

M’WHINNIE/DOUGLAS, Wilhelmina - D28/12/1843 - At Mertonhall, parish of Penninghame, on the 28th ult., Wilhelmina M'Whinnie, wife of Mr Thos. Douglas.

M'WHIRTER/FERRIER, Agnes - D19/7/1847 - At Cairntop, parish of Girvan, on the 19th instant, Agnes Ferrier, wife of Mr Hugh M'Whirter, farmer, there, aged 40.

M’WHIRTER/WILSON, Janet - D12/5/1844 - At Shellknowe, Ballantrae, on the 12th instant, Janet Wilson, wife of Mr James M'Whirter, tailor there, and daughter of the late Mr William Wilson, late of Portencallie, Wigtownshire.

M'WHIRTER, John - D12/7/1844 - At Downieston, parish of Dalmellington, on the 12th ult., Mr John M'Whirter, aged 83 years.

M'WHIRTER, John - D18/8/1852 - At Ballantrae, on the 18th instant, John M'Whirter, Esq., of Dornal.

M’WHIRTER, Margaret - D27/6/1855 - At Colmonell, on the 27th ult., after a short illness, Mrs Margaret M'Whirter, - deeply regretted.

M'WILLIAM, Abram - D23/2/1850 - At Kildrochat, on the 28th February, Mr Abram M'William, farmer there, aged 80 - much respected and regretted.

M’WILLIAM/M’BURNIE, Agnes - D27/4/1847 - At Castle Douglas, on the 27th ult., Agnes M'William, spiouse of the late Robert M'Burnie, late of Croftmorris, parish of Rerwick, aged 75 years.

M'WILLIAM, Agnes - D19/10/1847 - At Culreoch, parish of Inch, on the 19th instant, Miss Agnes M'William.

M’WILLIAM/SPENSE, Agnes - D8/1/1867 - At Foreland, Sheuchan Street, on the 8th instant, Agnes M'William, aged 59 years, relict of Mr Thomas Spence.

M'WILLIAM, Alex - D26/6/1844 - At Blackshaw, Carlaverock, on Wednesday, the 26th ult., Mr Alex. M'William, sen., schoolmaster there.

M'WILLIAM, Alexander - D23/4/1847 - At Culreoch, parish of Inch, on the 23d instant, Mr Alexander M'William, aged 86.

M'WILLIAM, Alex - D(6)4/1853 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the (6)th instant, Mr Alex. M'William, innkeeper, aged 48 years - much regretted.

M'WILLIAM, Alexander - D28/3/1853 - At High Auchenree, parish of Portpatrick, on the 28th instant, Mr Alexander M'William, aged 55.

M’WILLIAM, Alex Cloughtrie - D22/11/1883 - At the Netherfield Institute, Liverpool on the 22nd inst., Alex Coughtrie M'William, the beloved son of William and Janet M'William, Isle of Whithorn, in his 1(7)th year. - Friends will kindly accept of this intimation.

M'WILLIAM, Charles - D10/1/1850 - At Hamilton, Gore District, Canada West, on the 10th January, Mr Charles M'William, a native of Kirkcolm, Wigtownshire, and formerly of Greenock, Scotland, aged 45 years.

M'WILLIAM, Daniel - D18/1/1844 - At Shakspeare Street, Dumfries, on the 18th inst., aged 60 years, Daniel M'William, mason, much respected.

M’WILLIAM, Daniel - D1/1/1883 - At Cairnfield, Kirkinner, on the 1st inst. (suddenly) Daniel M'William, farmer - Funeral on Friday, 5th curt, at one o'clock. Friends omitted please accept this intimation.

M'WILLIAM, Eliza - D10/4/1853 - Here, at St. Andrew Street, on the 10th instant, Eliza, aged 25 years, daughter of Mr Alexander M'William, shoemaker.

McWILLIAM/NIBLOE, Elizabeth - D15/3/1844 - At Kildrochet, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 15th inst., Elizabeth Nibloe, spouse of Mr Abraham McWilliam, farmer there.

M'WILLIAM/M’CLYMONT, Elizabeth - D21/4/1853 - At Glenluce, on the 21st instant, aged 62, Elizabeth M'William, relict of the late Mr John M'Clymont, farmer, Bankfield. She was a woman highly respected, and deeply regretted by all that had the pleasure of her acquaintance.

M’WILLIAM/M’KAY, Elizabeth - D3/8/1860 - At Cairn, parish of Kirkmaiden on the 3d (inst) Elizabeth M'Kay, aged 63 years, wife of Mr W. M'William, - much regretted by a large circle of (friends) and acquaintances.

M'WILLIAM, Elizabeth - D14/4/1878 - At Kirkmagill, Stoneykirk, on the 14th inst., Elizabeth M'William, advanced in years.

M'WILLIAM/ROBERTSON, Frances - D3/10/1869 - At Sante Cruz, West Indies, on the 3d ult., Frances Robertson, the beloved wife of Mr Hugh M'William, engineer.

M'WILLIAM, George - D10/5/1871 - At Kirkcowan, on the 10th inst., Mr George M'William.

M'WILLIAM, Grace - D3/6/1843 - At Portospittal, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 3d inst., of cramp, Grace, infant daughter of Mr M'William, farmer there.

M'WILLIAM/AGNEW, Grace - D12/7/1844 - At Clayhole, here, on the 12th inst., Grace Agnew, relict of John M'William, smith, aged 74 years.

M’WILLIAM/CARSON, Grace - D29/12/1845 - At Main Street, Newton, Ayr, on the 29th ult., Grace M'William, wife of Mr Andrew Carson, jeweller.

McWILLIAM/?????, Grace - D24/1/1847 - Here, at Clayhole, on the 24th ultimo, aged 85, Grace M'William, relict of the late Mr William ????? , farmer, Salchrie, Kirkcolm.

M’WILLIAM/SCOTT, Grace - D17/3/1876 - At Gillespie, Old Luce, on the 17th inst., suddenly, Grace M'William, aged 70 years, wife of Mr John Scott.

M'WILLIAM, Grace - D10/1/1878 - Here, at 57 Sheuchan Street, on the 10th inst., Grace M'William, aged 72 years.

M’WILLIAM, Grizzel - D14/2/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 14th inst., Miss Grizzel M'William.

M’WILLIAM/M’GOWAN, Helen - D18/4/1844 - At Wigtown, on the 18th instant, Helen M'Gowan, wife of John M'William, weaver, aged 89 years.

M'WILLIAM/JOHNSTONE, Helen - D31/8/1865 - At Sorbie, suddenly, on the 31st ult., Helen Johnstone, widow of Mr Archibald M'William, aged 64 years.

M’WILLIAM, James - D28/2/1844 - At Clayhole, here, on the 28th ult., Mr James M'William, in the 89th year of his age.

McWILLIAM, James - D19/3/1844 - At Barvernochan, Kirkinner, on the 19th instant, Mr James McWilliam, aged 72 years.

M'WILLIAM, James - D20/3/1845 - At Stoneyford, Ireland, on the 20th inst., Mr James M'William, aged 29 years, eldest son of Mr John M'William, burgh-officer, Stranraer.

M’WILLIAM/CAMPBELL, Jane - D8/6/1845 - At Stranraer, on the 8th inst., aged 82, Jane M'William, relict of the late Mr John Campbell, merchant, Clayhole.

M'WILLIAM, Jane - D22/10/1845 - At the Schoolmaster's house, Girvan, in the 22d year of her age, Jane, daughter of Mr John M'William, Dalgarva, Barr.

M’WILLIAM/M’CRACKAN, Jane - D4/6/1860 - At same place (Stewarton, Kirkcolm) on the 4th inst., Jane M'Crackan, relict of Mr Alex. M'William, advanced in years.

M’WILLIAM/MOFFAT, Jane - D17/12/1873 - Here, at 32, Harbour street on the 17th instant, Jane Moffat, wife of Mr W. M'William, dealer.

M'WILLIAM/ROSS, Jane - D20/3/1878 - Here at 21 St. Andrew Street, on the 20th inst., Jane Ross, aged 82 years, relict of Mr Alex M'William, shoemaker.

M'WILLIAM, Janet - D9/8/1887 - At the Square, Wigtown, on the 9th inst., Miss Janet M'William, aged 86 years.

McWILLIAM/G--------, Jessie - D(7)/4/1868 - At Park Terrace, Keighley, Yorkshire, on the (7th) inst., Jessie M'William, the beloved wife of John G-------- Esq., Friends will please accept of this intimation.

M'WILLIAM, John - D15/10/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 15th inst., Mr John M'William, weaver, at the advanced age of 91 years.

M'WILLIAM/FLEMING, Margaret - D13/3/1844 - At Kirkcowan, on the 13th instant, in child-bed, aged 46 years, Margaret Fleming, spouse of Mr Alexander M'William - deservedly regretted.

M'WILLIAM, Margaret - D24/7/1846 - At Glenluce, on the 24th inst., Miss Margaret M'William, aged 33.

M’WILLIAM, Margaret - D29/12/1855 - At Allandoo, parish of Leswalt, on the 29th ultimo, Margaret, second daughter of Mr M'William, farmer there, aged 14 years.

M’WILLIAM/WILSON, Margaret - D21/12/1891 - At Balgreggan Mains, Sandhead, on the 21st inst. Margaret Wilson, relict of David M'William, mason, aged 76 years.

M'WILLIAM/STEWART, Mary - D8/3/1845 - At Wigtown, on the 8th inst., Mary Stewart, wife of Mr Samuel M'William, Wigtown.

M’WILLIAM, Mary - D26/12/1883 - Here, at 57 Sheuchan Street, on the 26th inst., Mary M'William, aged 73 years.

M'WILLIAM, Robert - D4/7/1843 - At Wigtown, on the 4th inst., Mr Robert M'William, innkeeper, aged 84 (34) years.

M’WILLIAM/M’GEOCH, Sarah - D21/11/1842 (in WFP D30/3/1843) - At Galloway Bay, Canada, on the 21st November last, Sarah M'William, aged 55 years, spouse of Alexander M'Geoch, late farmer in Blackquarter, aged 63 years.

M’WILLIAM/M’GEOCH, Sarah - in WFP D13/4/1843 - DEATH - In our number of the 30th ult. we published, as extracted from another paper, a statement of the death of Sarah M'William, which represented her as younger than her surviving husband Mr A. M'Geoch, late near Newton-Stewart, now settled in Canada. We are requested to correct this statement, and to say that the surviving husband was not older, but younger than the deceased.

M'WILLIAM, Thos. - D27/8/1865 - At Marseilles, on or about the 27th ultimo, Mr Thos. M'William, master of the brig "Captain Hathorn", of Wigtown. Deceased who was a native of Isle of Whithorn, and in the prime of manhood, has left a widow and children to lament his loss.

M'WILLIAM, William - D25/6/1844 - At Wigtown, on the 25th inst., William M'William, Esq., writer, in the 29th year of his age.

M'WILLIAM, William - D8/7/1844 - At Creachmore, parish of Leswalt, on the 8th instant, William, youngest son of Mr M'William, farmer there.