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Death Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: February 2006

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M'M?????, George Williamson - D20/1/1847 - At Twynholm Village, on the 20th ult., aged ??? George Williamson, second son of Mr Peter M'M?????

M'MACHAN, Isaac - D8/2/1869 - At 43 Sheuchan Street, on the 8th inst., Isaac, aged 4 1/2 years, son of Mr Isaac M'Machan.

M'MACKIN/KEACHIE, Martha - D20/3/1845 - At Lochton on Ligg, Colmonell, on the 20th instant, Martha Keachie, relict of Mr Wm. M'Mackin.

M'MAINS, Bernard - D16/2/1866 - At Dalrymple Street, on the 16th instant, Bernard M'Mains, aged 90 years.

M’MANUS, Margaret - D30/12/1844 - At Edinburgh, on the 30th ult., after a short illness, Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr John M'Manus, printer, aged 18 years and 4 months.

M'MASTER, Adair - D28/8/1874 - Here, at Park House, on the 28th ult., Adair, eldest son of Alexander M'Master, Esq., of (Waikaere), Otago, New Zealand.

M'MASTER, Agnes - D20/1/1871 - At Glenluce, on the 20th inst., Agnes M'Master, advanced in years.

M’MASTER, Agnes Jane - D22/3/1874 - At Milmain, on the 22nd inst. Maria Agnes Jane, only daughter of Mr James M'Master, farmer.

M’MASTER, Anthony - D16/11/1854 - Here, on the 16th instant, Mrs Anthony M'Master.

M'MASTER, Eliza - D10/10/1846 - At Gatehouse, on the 10th inst., after a long illness, borne with Christian meekness, Eliza, second daughter of Mr Robert M'Master, timber merchant, there.

M'MASTER/ROSS, Elizabeth - D10/6/1844 - At Cairnryan, on the 10th inst., Elizabeth Ross, spouse of Mr Thomas M'Master, late of the Coast Guard Service, aged 74 years.

M'MASTER/M'NISH, Elizabeth - D6/7/1863 - At Float, Stoneykirk, on the 6th inst., aged 76 years Elizabeth M'Nish, wife of Mr Fergus M'Master, farmer there.

M’MASTER, Elizabeth - D9/3/1874 - At Whithorn, on the 9th inst. Elizabeth M'Master, aged 55 years.

M’MASTER/ESPIE, Helen - D19/12/1891 - Here, at 42, Charlotte street, on the 19th inst. Helen M'Master, wife of Robert Espie.

McMASTER, Fergus - in the WFP D15/8/1844 - At Tannochrae, parish of Glenluce, Fergus McMaster, aged 98 years,. While a young man residing in Edinburgh, he was brought to the knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus, under the ministry of the celebrated Adam Gibb, and from that time until his death he adorned the profession which he made a holy walk and conversation. Those who had the privilege of his acquaintance will not soon forget this "aged disciple;" and especially will his memory be dear to the church under the care of the Rev. R. Hogarth, of which he was long an honoured and beloved member. As he lived, so he died - looking to Jesus, trusting in his finished work, and holding fast by the divine promises. His latter end was emphatically "peace". "Servant of God, well done! Rest from thy loved employ; The battle fought, the victory won, Enter thy Master's joy."

M’MASTER, Francis - D18/12/1873 - At Kirkcowan, on the 18th inst. Mr Francis M'Master, ------ --(arter) (aster), aged 80 or 60 years.

M’MASTER/MILROY, Grace - D17/5/1865 - At Glenluce, on the 17th inst. Grace M'Master, wife of Mr Wm. Milroy, tailor, advanced in years.

M'MASTER, Grace - D22/2/1878 - At Tonnachrae, on the 22nd ult., Grace M'Master, daughter of the late Fergus M'Master, Tonnachrae, aged 89 years.

M’MASTER, James - D24/5/1860 - Here, at Stoneykirk Road, on the 24th inst., after a long and protracted illness, during which the virtues of the Christian were largely exemplified. Mr James M'Master, aged 69 years. Deceased was an old and much respected residenter - was held in great esteem by many, and his death is deeply regretted.

M’MASTER/M'GAW, Jane - D25/3/1847 - Here, at Glen Street, on the 25th ult., at a quarter to 10 in the morning, aged 73 years, Jane M'Master, relict of Wm. M'Gaw, late farmer in Craigcaffie - much regretted by the poor, and a faithful steward of that which was committed to her charge.

M’MASTER/GIFFORD, Jane - D18/6/1850 - At Sandmill, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 18th instant, Jane Gifford, wife of Mr Andrew M'Master - much regretted.

M’MASTER/ALLAN, Jane - D17/4/1891 - Here, at Fisher Street, on the 17th inst. Jane M'Master, relict of Stewart Allan, advanced in years.

M'MASTER/YUILL, Janet - D3/7/1844 - At Wigtown, on the 3d inst., Janet Yuill, wife of Mr A. M'Master, merchant, aged 56 years.

M'MASTER, Janet - D3/7/1844 - At Wigtown, on the 3d instant, aged 56 years, Janet, wife of Andrew M'Master, Esq., merchant. (inserted July 18, 1844)

M'MASTER/AGNEW, Jean - D16/7/1846 - At Spirrey Meadow, on the 16th inst., Jean Agnew, wife of Mr William M'Master.

M’MASTER, John - D30/12/1845 - At Sandmill, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 30th ult., John, second son of Mr Andrew M'Master, farmer there.

M’MASTER/M’KIE, Maria - D20/4/1867 - At Milmain, Stoneykirk, on the 20th instant, Maria M'Kie, relict of Mr M'Master, farmer.

M’MASTER, Marion - D20/8/1845 - At Dunraggit, on the 20th inst., Marion, only daughter of Mr M'Master, farmer there.

M’MASTER/HANNAH, Mary - D26/10/1867 - At Fineview, Glenluce, on the 26th instant, Mary M'Master wife of Mr John Hannah, advanced in years.

M'MASTER, Rev. Peter - D5/1/1847 - At the Manse of Girvan, on the 5th inst., the Rev. Peter M'Master.

M'MASTER, Peter - D21/4/1847 - At Kirkmabreck, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 21st inst., Peter M'Master, aged 87 years.

McMASTER, Peter - D10/6/1847 - At Ormskirk, Lancashire, on the 1st inst., Mr Peter M'Master, surgeon there, in the 40th year of his age - a native of this place.

M'MASTER, Peter Wilson - D1/4/1887 - On the Lemombo Mountains, Barberton, South Africa, about 1st April, Peter Wilson M'Master, aged 27 years, youngest son of Mr M'Master, Culhorn Mains. - Friends will please accept of this intimation.

M’MASTER, Thomas - D7/11/1861 - At 22 Parliamentary Road, Glasgow, on the 7th inst., Mr Thomas M'Master, youngest son of the late Mr John M'Master, St. John Street, Stranraer.

M’MASTER, Thomas - D18/3/1863 - Suddenly, at Hanover Street, here, on the 18th inst., Mr Thomas M'Master, aged 63 years. - Friends (will) please accept of this intimation.

M’MASTER, William - D13/2/1845 - At Tontine, Sun Street, on the 13th instant, William M'Master, wood-merchant.

M'MASTER, Thomas - D28/6/1846 - At Cairnryan, on the 28th ult., Mr Thos. M'Master, late coast guard, aged 78 years.

M'MASTER, Thomas - D4/10/1860 - At High Milmine, parish of Stoneykirk, on the ? inst. Mr Thomas M'Master, farmer there. (At South Milmine on Oct 4, 1860 as per Meg)

M’MASTER, William Jr. - D19/4/1863 - At Mains of Larg, Inch, on the 19th instant, William, aged 11 years, only son of William M'Master, Esq., late farmer in Cruise.

M’MATH/WILKINSON, Agnes - D16/11/1843 - At Miln of Senwick, Borgue, on the 16th inst., advanced in life, Mrs Agnes M'Math, widow of Mr James Wilkinson, Nun-Miln, Twynholm - much regretted.

M'MATH/CRUM, Catherine - D17/10/1867 - At 35 High Street, on the 17th instant, Catherine Crum, aged 21 years, wife of Mr Thomas M'Math.

M’MATH/KELLY, Mary - D19/2/1874 - At 9 William Street, Edinburgh, on the 19th ult., Mary Kelly, late of Whithorn, wife of Mr Samuel M'Math.

M'MATH, Wm. - D15/12/1846 - At Craigmore, parish of Parton, on the 15th inst., Mr Wm. M'Math, farmer there, in his 59th year.

M'MECKAN, James - D14/3/1850 - At Balscallock, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 14th instant, Mr James M'Meckan, aged 78 years.

M'MECKAN, James - D23/11/1854 - At Salchrie, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 23d ult., Mr James M'Meckan, farmer there, aged 82 - much respected.

M’MECKAN, James - D26/1/1855 - At North Strand Street, here, on the 26th ultimo, Mr James M'Meckan, grain dealer, advanced in years.

M'MECKIN, Robert - D22/3/1863 - Here, at Stoneykirk Road, on the 22nd inst., Mr Robert M'Meckin, late farmer O(ld) Halls.

M’MEEKAN/FERGUSSON, Isabella - D25/12/1891 - At Bloomfield Cottage, Girvan, on the 25th inst., Isabella M'Meekan, wife of Peter Fergusson, ironmonger, aged 33 (38) years - (friends) omitted please accept this intimation. (Isabella McMEIKAN, 38. The cert was definitely spelled McMEIKAN but I'd think you'd have to spell it as the WFP wrote it as per Meg) 

M’MEEKAN, Mrs. Margaret - D8/6/1860 - At Creetown, on the 8th inst., Mrs Margaret M'Meeken, relict of Mr John M'Meeken, flesher, advanced in years.

M'MEEKAN, Rachael - D12/6/1887 - Here, at Hanover Square, on the 12th inst., Rachael M'Meekan, daughter of the late James M'Meekan, merchant.

M'MEEKING, James - D16/2/1846 - At Poundland, on the 16th inst., James, third son of Mr James M'Meeking, late of Hallowchaple.

M’MEEKING, Susan - D28/12/1860 - At High Row, Kirkcowan, on the 28th ult, Susan eldest daughter of Wm. M'Meeking, joiner, aged 10 years.

M’MEIKAN, Mr. - D30/8/1855 - At Drumdoch, parish of Inch, on the 30th instant, Mr M'Meikan, aged 82 years, after a lingering illness borne with Christian resignation.

M'MEIKAN, Elizabeth - D26/9/1847 -At Boreland, parish of Inch, on the 26th instant, Elizabeth M'Meikan, aged 72 years.

M’MEIKAN, Gilbert - in WFP 17/5/1855 - At New Luce village, much regretted, Mr (Gilbert) (M') Meikan, aged 67 years, late farmer in Bars----.

M’MEIKAN, Captain Hugh - D6/12/1873 - At Kensington, near Melbourne, Victoria, on Dec. 6th, in his 57th year, Captain Hugh M'Meikan, 2nd son of the late John M'Meikan, Esq., of Stranraer, Friends will please accept this intimation.

MacMEIKAN, Captain Hugh - D6/12/1873 - At Kennington, near Melbourne, Victoria, on Dec. 6th 1873, in his 57th year, Captain Hugh Macmeikan, second son of the late John Macmeikan, Esq., of Stranraer. Friends will please accept this intimation.

M'MEIKAN, James - D3/5/1853 - At Craigencross, Leswalt, on the 3d instant, James, son of Mr Robert M'Meikan, farmer there, aged 18 years. He was a young man of much promise, and his death is greatly regretted by sorrowing friends and relatives.

MacMEIKAN, Lois Shepherd - D1/1/1867 - At 13 N.W. Circus Place, Edinburgh, on the 1st inst., Lois Shepherd, daughter of Mr Alexander Macmeikan, aged 2 years.

M’MELKAN/WALLACE, Mary - D2/3/1845 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm on the 2d inst., Mary M'Melkan, relict of Mr William Wallace, mason there.

M’MEIKAN/M'CREDIE, Mary - D27/6/1854 - At Rose Street, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, on the 27th ult., Mary M'Meikan, wife of Mr Alex. M'Credie, joiner.

M'MEIKAN/M’HARG, Mary Jane - D28/9/1865 - At Ervie, Kirkcolm, on the 28th ultimo, Mary Jane M'Harg, wife of Mr James M'Meikan.

M'MEIKAN, Wallace - D1/3/1878 - At Craigencross, Leswalt, on the 1st inst., Mr Wallace M'Meikan, aged 25 years.

M’MEIKEN/AGNEW, Elizabeth - D28/3/1844 - At Prince's Street, here, on the 28th* inst., Elizabeth M'Meiken, relict of Mr Nevan Agnew, aged 83 years. (inserted April 4, 1844 - *28th inst, we believe this should read 28th ult.)

M'MEIKEN, Jane - D29/10/1843 - At No. 2. Wellington Place, Dublin, on the 29th ultimo, Jane, youngest daughter of Robert M'Meiken, Esq..

M’MEIKEN/DEANSTON, Janet - D20/2/1874 - At Bladnoch, on the 20th ult., aged 63 years, Janet Deanston, wife of Mr Andrew M'Meiken.

M'MEIKEN, Rachael - D4/2/1869 - At 8 St. John Street, on the 4th inst., Rachael M'Meiken, aged 85 years, relict of Mr James M'Meiken, draper.

M’MEIKING/WILSON, Ellen - D28/1/1878 - At Bridgend, New-Luce, on the 28th ult., Ellen M'Meiking, aged 87 years, widow of the late John Wilson, farmer, Waterfoot, New-Luce.

M'MEIKING, Gilbert - D4/5/1870 - At Glenluce, on the 4th instant, Mr Gilbert M'Meiking, mason, aged 78 years.

M'MEIKING/MARON, Mary - D10/5/1871 - At Glenluce, on the 10th inst., Mary Maron, aged 77 years, relict of Mr Gilbert M'Meiking, mason, Glenluce.

M’MICHAL, William - D7/1/1845 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 7th inst., William M'Michal, aged 87 years.

M'MICHAN/DYMPSTER, Marion - D31/5/1843 - At Griglwd, North Wales, on the 31st ult., Marion Dympster, spouse of Thomas M'Michan.

M'MICKAN/MARTIN, Grace - D25/4/1846 - At Merslaught, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 25th ult., Grace Martin, wife of Mr M'Mickan, farmer there, aged 50 years.

M’MICKEN/BELL, Mary - D8/1/1845 - At High Creoch, parish of Girthon, on the 8th inst., after long and protracted suffering, borne with much fortitude and resignation, Mrs Mary Bell, aged 64 years, spouse of Mr James M'Micken, farmer there.

M'MICKEN, Sarah - D24/4/1855 - At Glenluce, on the 24th inst., Miss Sarah M'Micken, after a lingering trouble.

M’MICKING, Margaret - D17/4/1845 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 17th inst., Margaret M'Micking, aged 77.

M'MICKING, Thomas - D16/2/1844 - At Beoch, near Stranraer, on Friday, the 16th inst., Mr Thomas M'Micking, in the 68th year of his age, after a very considerable length of confinement and great debility of person, borne with an uncommon degree of Patience and Christian resignation. Whether considered as an office-bearer in the church, as a beloved brother, an amiable companion and real friend, an excellent neighbour, and an intelligent yeoman, he was equalled by few, and excelled by none.

M’MILLAN/M’WHAE, Mrs. - D21or29/12/1845 -At Toxteth Park, Liverpool, on the 21(29)th ult., after a lingering illness, Mrs M'Whae, eldest daughter of the late Provost S. M'Millan, Gatehouse of Fleet.

M'MILLAN, Mr - D12/11/1844 - At Garliestown, on the 12th inst., Mr M'Millan, advanced in years; and, on the 14th inst., Mrs Stevenson, aged 90 years.

M’MILLAN, Widow - D1/3/1845 - At Glenluce, on the 1st inst., Widow M'Millan, advanced in life; and two days previously, her daughter Janet - both of fever.

M'MILLAN, Male Infant - D16/6/1846 - At Barrhill, on the 16th instant, the infant son of Mr A. M'Millan, shoemaker, there.

M'MILLAN, Alex - D7/6/1844 - At Gatehouse, on the 7th curt, after a short illness, Mr Alex. M'Millan, weaver.

M'MILLAN, Anne - D7/10/1845 - At the house of her son in law, Allan M'Ewan, Plunton, parish of Borgue, on the 7th curt., Anne M'Millan, in the 94th year of her age.

M'MILLAN, Basil - D5/11/1843 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 5th inst., Mr Basil M'Millan, merchant, aged 72 years - justly regretted. (See Basil - is this the same person?, and if so which date is correct?)

M'MILLAN, Bazle - D4/11/1843 - At Newton-Stewart on the 4th inst., Mr Bazle M'Millan, merchant there. (See Basil - is this the same person?, and if so which date is correct?)

MacMILLAN, Catherine Mary - D22/7/1844 - At Garscube, near Glasgow, on the 22d ultimo, aged 2 years, Catherine Mary, youngest child of John Macmillan, A.M., High School, Glasgow.

MacMILLAN/SINCLAIR, Catherine S. - D7/4/1843 - In Cambridge Street, Glasgow, on the 7th instant, Catherine S. Sinclair, wife of John Macmillan, Esq., of the High School, Glasgow - a lady of a most amiable disposition, and exemplary in the discharge of all the duties of life.

M'MILLAN/KENNEDY, Elizabeth - D23/2/1846 - At Palgown, parish of Minnygaff, on the 23d ult., Elizabeth Kennedy, aged 68, relict of Mr Robert M'Millan, farmer there - much and deservedly regretted.

M'MILLAN/GOODWIN), Elizabeth - D7/9/1865 - At Portwilliam, on the 7th instant, Elizabeth G(oode) wife of the late Captain John M'Millan, junr., aged -- years. "In life they were united, and in death and (the) grave were not divided." (Portwilliam, 7/9/1865 - Eliza GOODWIN, age 21y widow of John McMILLAN [Seacaptain] as per Meg).

M'MILLAN, Ellen - D4/3/1845 - At Drumdow, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 4th instant, Ellen M'Millan - suddenly.

MacMILLAN, George - D27/9/1843 - At Crawick Factory, on the 27th ult., George, son of Robert Macmillan, aged 16 years.

M'MILLAN, George - D16/9/1847 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 16th instant, of scarlet fever, aged 4 years, George, and on the 19th John, aged 8 1/2 years, sons of Captain M'Millan, mariner there. They were interred in one grave.

McMILLAN, Henry - D22/3/1847 - Here, at Prince's Street, on the 18th inst., in the 72nd year of her age, Margaret Ross, wife of Henry McMillan, nailer; and, on the 22nd inst., Henry McMillan, husband of the said Margaret Ross, aged 68 years.

M'MILLAN/FERGUSON, Isabella - D4/9/1887 - At Blackcraig, on the 4th inst., Isabella Ferguson, relict of Andrew M'Millan, aged 79 years.

M’MILLAN, James - D12/11/1867 - At Balkail, Glenluce on the 12th inst., James, son of Mr M'Millan, gardener, Balkail.

M'MILLAN/GOWAN, Jane - D11/11/1844 - At Garliestown, on the 11th instant, Jane Gowan, relict of Anthony M'Millan, aged 77.

M’MILLAN, Janet - D27/2/1845 - At Glenluce, on the 1st inst., Widow M'Millan, advanced in life; and two days previously, her daughter Janet - both of fever.

M'MILLAN/DALRYMPLE, Janet - D13/3/1878 - At Milton, Kirkcolm, on the 13th inst., Janet Dalrymple, aged 74 years, relict of Mr Andrew M'Millan, formerly of Inch Parks, Inch.

M'MILLAN, Jessie - D8/3/1878 - At Whithorn, on the 8th inst., Jessie M'Millan.

M'MILLAN, John - D29/3/1845 - At Whithorn, on the 29th ult. Mr John M'Millan, aged 68.

M’MILLAN, Mrs. John - D9/1/1846 - At Glenluce, on the 9th inst., Mrs John M'Millan, after long and severe trouble.

M'MILLAN, John - D19/9/1847 - At Kirkcudbright, on the16th instant, of scarlet fever, aged 4 years, George, and on the 19th John, aged 8 1/2 years, sons of Captain M'Millan, mariner there. They were interred in one grave.

M'MILLAN, Capt. John - D29/8/1865 - At Portwilliam, on the 29th ult., Captain John M'Millan, jun., aged 25 years - much and deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.

M'MILLAN, John - D4/6/1870 - At Brierley Hill, Staffordshire, England,on the 4th inst., Mr John M'Millan, aged 30 years, son of Mr Wm. M'Millan, Stair Arms, Newluce

M'MILLAN/HANNAH, Margaret - D27/5/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 27th ult., in the prime of life, Margaret Hannah, spouse of Samuel M'Millan, book-seller, &c, there.

McMILLAN/ROSS, Margaret - D18/3/1847 - Here, at Prince's Street, on the 18th inst., in the 72nd year of her age, Margaret Ross, wife of Henry McMillan, nailer; and, on the 22nd inst., Henry McMillan, husband of the said Margaret Ross, aged 68 years.

M’MILLAN/CLURE, Margaret - D17(13)/1/1878 - At Machermore, Old-Luce, on the 17th (13th) inst., Margaret M'Millan, aged 39 years, wife of Mr James Clure, farmer there.

M’MILLAN, Martin - D10/5/1844 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 10th inst., Mr Martin M'Millan, aged 80 years.

M’MILLAN/WILSON, Mary - D10/7/1855 - At Brigton, on the 10th inst., Mary M'Millan, wife of Mr William Wilson, farmer, Brigton.

M'MILLAN/M'CUTCHEON, Mary - D4/1/1878 - At Whithorn, on the 4th inst., Mary M'Cutcheon, relict of John M'Millan.

M'MILLAN, Robt. - D5/1/1844 - At Palgown, parish of Minnigaff, on Friday, the 5th inst., Robt. M'Millan, farmer there, at the advanced age of 87 years - much and deservedly regretted.

M’MILLAN, Robert - D6/5/1844 - At Nook of Balmaghie, on the 6th inst., in his 87th year, Robert M'Millan, late of Waterside of Kells - a man whose admirers were coequal with his acquaintance.

M'MILLAN, Rev. Robert - D20/12/1844 - At Ayr, on Friday, the 20th inst., the Rev. Robert M'Millan, Rector of Ayr Academy, and formerly Rector of the Dumfries Academy - A more extended sketch of our departed friend will be published in our next.* (** Diana will see if I can find this entry.)

M’MILLAN, Robert - D24/3/1874 - At Palgowan, Newton-Stewart, on the 24th inst. Mr Robert M'Millan, farmer there, aged 26 years.

M'MILLAN, Samuel - D8/8/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 8th inst., Mr Samuel M'Millan, stationer and tax-collector, much regretted by a wide circle of friends, and whose loss will be deeply deplored by his family of eight interesting children, whom heaven has seen meet to visit in the space of twelve short weeks with the deprivation of both parents.

M'MILLAN, Sarah - D24/2/1873 - At 54 King Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 24th ult., Sarah M'Millan, aged 53 years.

M’MILLAN, Mrs. Thomas - D1/4/1844 - At Newfield, Dalrymple, suddenly, on the 1st inst., the wife of Mr Thomas M'Millan, late of Boathouse, near Dalmellington.

McMILLAN, Capt. William - D14/3/1844 - At Garliestown, on the 14th curt., Capt. William McMillan, aged 38 years, after a protracted illness, which he endured with much patience and Christian resignation.

M'MILLAN, Mrs Wm. - D25/7/1846 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 25th ultimo, Mrs M'Millan, wife of the late Mr Wm. M'Millan, merchant - respected.

M’MILLAN, William - D26/12/1883 - At Aird Crossing, Inch, on the 26th ult. Mr William M'Millan, platelayer, aged 36 years. Deeply regretted.

M’MIN/HERON, Elizabeth - D10/4/1843 - At Whithorn, on the Monday week, aged 28, Elizabeth M'Min, wife of Andrew Heron, labourer.

M'MINN, Alexander - D13/8/1852 - At Knockmuck Borgue, on the 13th instant, Mr Alexander M'Minn, stone mason, aged 67, who was much respected, and is regretted by his family and friends.

M’MINN/KIDDY, Janet - D15/2/1844 - At Auchencairn, parish of Rerwick, on the 15th curt., Mrs Janet M'Minn, spouse of Mr Kiddy, of the Black Lion Inn.

M'MINN/MILLIGAN, Margaret - D5/1/1853 - On the 5th current, at Borgue village, aged 65, Mrs Margaret Milligan, wife of Mr William M'Minn, mason.

M’MINN/MILLIGAN, Margaret - D12/2/1855 - At Millburn, Kirkcudbright, on the 12th ult., Margaret M'Minn, widow of the late Mr William Milligan, in the 75th year of her age - very much respected.

M'MINN, Mrs Thomas - D10/9/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 10th inst, Mrs M'Minn, relict of Mr Thomas M'Minn, farmer in Rescarrel, Rerwick.

M’MINN/HARPER, W. Robert - D15/1/1864 - At Bank Street, Gatehouse, on the 15th instant, W.... Robert Harper or M'Minn, aged 82 years.

McMON(ISE), Samuel - D13/2/1861 - On the 13th ult., at White Pigeon, Michigan, ......Mr Samuel McMon(ise) aged 47 years - a native of (Bal)maghie, Kirkcudbrightshire.

M'MONIES, Samuel - D12/12/1846 - At Barlocco, Borgue, on the 12th inst., aged 64, Mr Samuel M'Monies, farmer and grazier, who was highly respected, and is much regretted.

M'MONNIES, John - D24/5/1846 - At Dumfries, on the 24th ult., after a long illness. John M'Monnies, aged 27 years, son of Mr Robert M'Monnies, in Chaple, parish of Tongland.

M’MONNIES/WALKER, Margaret - D23/11/1845 - At Auchenhay, Borgue, on the 23d ultimo, Mrs Margaret M'Monnies, aged 35, wife of Mr James Walker.

MacMORINE, Captain Charles - D1/3/1843 - At Delhi, on the 1st March, at the house of Dr Cheek, Captain Charles MacMorine, of the Bengal Horse Artillery, aged 42 years, beloved by all who knew him, and whose death is most sincerely lamented by his friends -"Delhi Gazette" - (Captain MacMorine was son of the late Robert MacMorine, Esq., and nephew of the late Dr MacMorine, minister of Carlaverock.)

M'MORLAND, John - D16/12/1847 - At Glenluce, on the 16th instant, Mr John M'Morland, aged 63 years.

MacMORLAND/M’GILL, Marion - 9/2/1845 - A Somerset Place, Glasgow, on the 9th inst., Marion M'Gill, wife of the Rev. Peter Macmorland.

M’MORRAN/LAIRD, Elizabeth - D25/6/1863 - At Clady House, Inch, on the 25th ultimo, Elizabeth M'Morran, aged 29 years, wife of Mr James Laird.

M’MORRAN, William - D27/2/1879 - At Hamilton Street, Girvan, on the 27th ult., William M'Morran, seeedsman and auctioneer.

McMORRINE, Alexandrina - D16/7/1851 - At Brougham Terrace, Portmadoc, on the 16th inst. Alexandrina, infant daughter of Alexander McMorrine.

M'MORINE, James Kerr - D26/1/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 26th ult., James Kerr, youngest son of Mr Andw. M'Morine, painter.

M'MORRINE, Robert - D26/3/1845 -At Dumfries, on the 26th ult., Mr Robert M'Morrine, flesher, in the prime of life.

M'MULDROCH, James - D4/9/1844 - At Dublin, on the 4th inst., aged 84, Mr James M'Muldroch, of Glenluce.

M'MULDROCH, John - D19/2/1855 - At Wigan, on the 19th ult., aged 62 years, John M'Muldroch, formerly a draper there, a native of Whithorn.

M'MURDIE, Jane - D6/9/1845 - At West Glenarm on the 6th inst., Jane, wife of Alex. M'Murdie, Esq..

M'MURDO, Douglas Veitch - D18/6/1854 - At Port Mary House, near Kirkcudbright, on the 18th ult., Douglas Veitch M'Murdo, Esq., aged 73 years, formerly Collector of H.M.'s Customs of Glasgow.

M'MURDO, John - D16/8/1844 - At White Sands, Dumfries, on the 16th inst., Robert, youngest son of Mr John M'Murdo, innkeeper.

M'MURRAY, Adam - D20/11/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 20th inst., Mr Adam M'Murray, advanced in years. He was found dead in bed, though much in his usual health the previous evening.
M’MURRAY, Annie - D9/11/1867 - At Mill Street, on the 9th inst., Annie M'Murray aged 58 years. (Given name Anne and died unmarried as per Meg)

M'MURRAY/???, Catherine - D24/1/1847 - At Wigtown, on the 24th ult., Mrs Catherine ? ?? relict of John M'Murray, formerly of the Craig.

M'MURRAY, Elizabeth - D3/7/1846 - At Newton Stewart, on the 3d inst, suddenly, Elizabeth, daughter of the late Alex. M'Murray , joiner.

M’MURRAY/ANDREW, Isabella - D11/5/1845 - At Newton-Stewart, on the evening of the 11th inst., Isabella M'Murray, relict of the late Mr James Andrew, builder.

M'MURRAY, John - D7/12/1844 - At Wigtown, on the 7th inst., John M’Murray, joiner, aged 60 years.

M'MURRAY/SPROAT, Margaret - D14/3/1850 - at Anwoth Kirk Village, near Gatehouse, on the 14th instant, aged 70 , Mrs Margaret Sproat, wife of Mr James M'Murray.

M’MURRAY/KELTON, Mary - D27/3/1876 - At (--)brick, Kirkmaiden, on the 27th inst., Mary Kelton, aged (-)9 years, wife of Mr William M'Murray.

M'MURRAY, Mrs Robert - D22/1/1844 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 22d inst., Mrs Robert M'Murray, after a very short illness.

M'MURTRIE, Duncan - D8/10/1843 - At Dalmellington, on the 8th inst., suddenly, Duncan, youngest son of the late Mr John M'Murtrie, wright.

M'MURTRIE, John - D(8)/6/1887 - At the Royal Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness, on the (8)th ult., John M'Murtrie, second son of Robert M'Murtrie, farmer,
Mid-Torrs, - Deeply regretted.

M'MURTRIE, Thomas - D14//9/1844 - At Dalmellington, on the 14th inst., Thomas, infant son of Mr Robert M'Murtrie, Wallace Tower Inn, Ayr.

McMYN/HUNTER, Ann - D29/1/1843 - At Barnspark, Crossmichael, on the 29th ultimo, Ann Hunter, wife of Mr Thomas M'Myn, aged 64.

M'MYN/BROWN, Mary - D25/10/1845 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 25th ult., in her 67th year, very much regretted, Mary Brown, wife of Mr William M'Myn, residing there.