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Death Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: February 2006

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M’GANN/LAMONT, Nicholas - D16/1/1864 - At Castle Sinniness, on the 16th instant, after ... illness, Nicholas M'Gann, aged 37 years, wife of .... Lamont, dairyman there.

M’GARRITY/M’DONALD, Elizabeth - D1/4/1891 - At Main St. Glenluce on the 1st inst. Elizabeth M'Donald, relict of Thomas M'Garrity, aged 71 years. - Deeply Regretted.

M’GARVA/M’CORMICK, Ann - D2/6/1852 - At Neptune Street, here, on the 2d instant, Ann M'Cormick, wife of Mr John M'Garva, mariner.

MacGARVA/BORLAND, Jean Waterstone - D7/3/1924 - At Dundas Lodge, Falkirk, on 7th inst., Jean Waterstone, widow of William MacGarva, late factor, Ardwell, Wigtownshire, and only child of the late John Borland of Glasgow and Barnard Castle. - The only intimation.

M’GARVA/AITKEN, Margaret - D3/3/1873 - Here, at 52 Agnew Crescent, on the 3d inst., Margaret M'Garva, aged 74 years, relict of Mr Hugh Aitken, mariner.

M'GARVA/M'CRE???, Mary - D29/1/1847 - Here, at Clayhole, on the 29th ult., Mary M'Cre???, ??? of Capt. John M'Garva, advanced in years.

M'GARVA, William - D8/2/1855 - At Glenapp, on the 8th ult., William M'Garva, aged 76 years.

M'GARVA, William - D13/1/1916 - At Dargoals, Old-Luce, on the 13th inst., William M'Garva, railway porter, Glenluce, aged 35 years.

M'GARVIE/DALRYMPLE, Jeanie - D5/8/1887 - At Killantrae, Mochrum, on the 5th inst., Jeanie Dalrymple, wife of Andrew M'Garvie, aged 43 years.

M'GAVIN/CAMPBELL, Isabella - D21/3/1844 - At Lasswade, on the 21st instant, Isabella Campbell, relict of William M'Gavin, Esq., author of the "Protestant," &c., &c.

M’GAW/WALLACE, Agnes - D15/1/1846 - At Cairngarroch, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 15th inst., Agnes M'Gaw, relict of the late David Wallace, there aged 80 years.

M'GAW, Agnes - D17/4/1846 - On the 17th instant, Agnes M'Gaw, spouse of James M'Gaw, Esq., Drumore, aged 51 years.

M'GAW/BROWN, Agnes - D4/10/1867 - At Cardrain, Kirkmaiden, on the 4th instant, Agnes Brown, aged 68 years, relict of Mr M'Gaw, farmer, Truffhill.

M'GAW, Alexander - D2/4/1846 - At London, on the 2d inst., Alexander M'Gaw, aged 46 years, eldest son of Alexander M'Gaw, Little Lochans.

M'GAW, Mrs Alex. - D31/7/1847 -At Boreland, parish of Inch, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs M'Gaw, aged 74, wife of Mr Alex. M'Gaw.

M’GAW/ALLAN, Elizabeth - D4/1/1864 - At Drumore, on the 4th instant, Elizabeth Allan, (relict) of Mr James M'Gaw, farmer, Clanyard Mill, Kirkmaidan.

M'GAW, Hugh - D12/11/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 12th inst., Hugh M'Gaw, mason and stone-cutter, advanced in life.

M'GAW, Hugh - D19/3/1868 - At 7 Glebe Street, on the 19th inst., Mr Hugh M'Gaw, dealer aged 65 years.

M’GAW, James - D14/4/1844 - At Glenluce, on the 14th instant, James M'Gaw, aged 18 years.

M'GAW, James - D22/1/1845 - At Sevral, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 22d inst., Mr James M'Gaw, farmer there.

M'GAW, Captain James - D2012/1877 - Drowned, on the 20th December, in the Western Ocean, Captain James M'Gaw, of Drumore, Kirkmaiden, aged 32 years.

M'GAW/M'MASTER, Jane - D25/3/1847 - Here, at Glen Street, on the 25th ult., at a quarter to 10 in the morning, aged 73 years, Jane M'Master, relict of Wm. M'Gaw, late farmer in Craigcaffie - much regretted by the poor, and a faithful steward of that which was committed to her charge.

M’GAW/DONALDSON, Janet - D30/4/1844 - At Sandhead, on the 30th ult., Janet Donaldson, wife of Peter M'Gaw, aged (--) years, after a long and painful illness which she bore with christian resignation.

M’GAW, John - D14/4/1849 - At Barrachan, Mochrum on the 14th inst., Mr John M'Gaw, advanced in years.

M'GAW, Margaret - D3/2/1844 - At Several parish of Kirkcolm, on the 3d inst., Margaret, daughter of Mr M'Gaw, aged 25 years, after a lingering illness.

M’GAW, Margaret - D2/8/1845 - At Barrachan, Mochrum, on the 2d instant, of typhus fever, Margaret M'Gaw, aged 25.

M’GAW, Margaret - D17/3/1861 - At Drumore, on the 17th inst., Margaret M'GAW, aged 72 years. (Aged 73 and daughter of Alexander McGaw and Mary McColm as per Meg)

M’GAW/BOLE, Margaret - D30/11/1891 - At Drummore, on the 30th ult., Margaret M'Gaw, wife of Samuel Bole, carrier, aged 45 years.

M’GAW/DONNAN, Sarah - D18/3/1878 - At Crouse, Glenluce, on the 18th inst., Sarah M'Gaw, wife of James Donnan, aged 71 years.

M'GAW, Mr. William - D4/10/1867 - At Batwell, Kirkmaiden, on the 4th instant, Mr W--- M'Gaw, aged 32 years. (William McGAW, 32, Kirkmaiden as per Meg)

M'GAW, William - D29/8/1874 - Here, at 25 South Strand Street, on the 29th ult, William aged 2 years, son of Mr Andrew M'Gaw.

M'GEACHIN/GRANGE, Martha - D19/9/1867 - At 16 Content Street, Wallacetown, Ayr, on the 19th instant, Martha Grange, relict of Mr Robert M'Geachin, builder, in the 73rd year of her age.

MaGEE, Charles - D6/11/1844 - At Whitehaven, on the 6th inst., Mr Charles Magee. For forty long years he travelled as a wholesale grocer in Cumberland, Westmoreland, Dumfriesshire, and Galloway, and in that capacity became known to thousands, and was an especial favourite wherever he went. So universally was Mr Magee esteemed, that we learn it was the purpose of his fellow-townsmen to close their places of business during the time of his funeral.

M’GEOCH, ??? - D22/1/1847 - At Craignell, parish of Minnigaff, on the 22d ult., ??? second daughter of Mr M'Geoch, farmer there.

M'GEOCH/RAE, Agnes - D11/9/1843 - Suddenly, at Girthon Old Kirk, on the 11th current, Agnes Rae, wife of Mr James M'Geoch, farmer there. Her loss will be severely felt by her numerous family and sorrowing friends.

M’GEOCH, Agnes - D29/3/1845 - At Drangour, New Luce, on the 29th ult., Agnes M'Geoch, daughter of John M'Geoch, aged 23 years, after a lingering illness - (In last week's paper, the name of Jane M'Geoch intead of the above, was inserted.)

M’GEOCH/ M'FARLANE, Barbara - D8/4/1847 - At Portwilliam, on the 8th inst., Barbara M'Geoch, wife of Mr Thomas McFarlane, aged 42 years.

M'GEOCH, Charlotte May - D14/5/1887 - At Kilnyana Park, Riverina, N.S.W., on the 14th May, of croup, Charlotte May, the dearly beloved daughter of Robert and Marion M'Geoch, aged 2 years and 2 weeks.

M’GEOCH, Elizabeth - D14/7/1845 - At Hillhead, here, on the 14th inst. Elizabeth, daughter of Mr Thomas M'Geoch.

MacGEOCH/FULLARTON, Ellen - D12/8/1878 - At Whithorn, on the 12th inst., Ellen Fullarton, relict of Mr MacGeoch.

M'GEOCH/STEWART, Grace - D9/2/1846 - At Portwilliam, on the 9th instant, at an advanced age, Grace Stewart, relict of the late Mr M'Geoch, farmer, Burnside.

M'GEOCH, James- D27/12/1877 - At Dalnigapp, New Luce, on the 20th (29th) ult., Mr J--- M'Geoch, aged 71 years. (James McGEOCH aged 71 years married to Elizabeth McCredie died on Dec 27, New Luce #1 as per Meg)

M'GEOCH, Jane - D29/3/1845 - At Drangower, New Luce, on the 29th ult., Miss Jane M'Geoch, after a lingering illness.

M’GEOCH/WALLS, Jane - D21/7/1891 - At Greenbank, Ontario, on the 10th ult. Mary M'Keand, relict of Anthony M'Geoch, aged 85 years. also on the 21st July, Jane M'Geoch, relict of William (Walls), aged 84 years. - Natives of Kirkcowan.

M’GEOCH/M’HARG, Janet - D5/5/1844 - At Barbae, parish of Colmonell, on the 5th inst., Janet M'Harg, aged 64, wife of John M'Geoch, Esq., of Barbae.

M’GEOCH/NISH, Jean - M28/9/1847 - At Blackpark, parish of Penninghame, on the 28th ult,. Jean M'Geoch, wife of Mr Nathaniel Nish, farmer there.

M'GEOCH, John - D25/4/1846 - At Drangouer, parish of New Luce, on the 25th inst., Mr John M'Geoch, farmer there, - much regretted.

McGEOCH, John - D23/3/1876 - At Kirkcowan, on the 23rd inst., John, youngest son of Mr James McGeoch......aged 26 months. (Yes, this one is definitely McGEOCH, however there were TWO deaths for a John McGEOCH in Kirkcowan that year : 1] John McGEOCH, 2, Kirkcowan entry #7.
2] John McGEOCH, 80, Kirkcowan entry #8 as per Meg)

M’GEOCH, John - D11/2/1845 - At Barbae, parish of Colmonell, on the 11th instant, John M'Geoch, Esq., aged 57 years.

M’GEOCH/MILLIGAN, Mary - D4/12/1843 - Suddenly, at Corwall, parish of Mochrum, on the 4th inst., Mary M'Geoch, aged 64 years, spouse of Mr William Milligan, farmer there.

M’GEOCH/MILLIGAN, Mary - D31/7/1844 - at Culbratten, parish of Penninghame, on the 31st ult., Mary M'Geoch, wife of Mr Alexander Milligan.

M'GEOCH, Mary - D8/3/1846 - At Drangour, parish of New Luce, on the 8th instant, Mary, fourth daughter of Mr John M'Geoch, farmer there, aged 18 years, after a tedious illness, borne with Christian fortitude.

M’GEOCH/M’CLYMONT, Mary - D20/3/1861 - At Mark of Shennanton, Kirkcowan, on the 20th inst. Mary M'Geoch, relict of Mr James M'Clymont, farmer of Strone, Minnigaff, in the 91st year of her age.

M’GEOCH, Robert - D28/12/1845 - At 16, Cockrane Tarrace, St. John's Wood, London, on the 28th ult., Robert M'Geoch, of Little Lochans, near Stranraer.

M’GEOCH/M’WILLIAM, Sarah - D21/11/1842 (in WFP D30/3/1843) - At Galloway Bay, Canada, on the 21st November last, Sarah M'William, aged 55 years, spouse of Alexander M'Geoch, late farmer in Blackquarter, aged 63 years.

M’GEOCH/M’WILLIAM, Sarah - in WFP D13/4/1843 - DEATH - In our number of the 30th ult. we published, as extracted from another paper, a statement of the death of Sarah M'William, which represented her as younger than her surviving husband Mr A. M'Geoch, late near Newton-Stewart, now settled in Canada. We are requested to correct this statement, and to say that the surviving husband was not older, but younger than the deceased.

McGEOCH/M’KIE, Sarah - D28/1/1855 - At Glassnick, on the 28th ultimo, Sarah M'Geoch, relict of the late Mr Alex. M'Kie, farmer, Barfad, aged 78 years.

M’GEOCH, Thomas - D28/5/1869 - At 79 George Street, on the 28th ult., Mr Thomas M'Geoch, aged 62 years.

M'GEOCH, William - D7/1/1878 - At Whithorn, on the 7th inst., William M'Geoch, aged 25 years.

M’GEOCH, William - D25/11/1891 - At Crocherie, Kirkcowan, on the 25th ult., William M'Geoch, farmer, in the 80th year of his age.

M'GERROW, Jane - D22/5/1845 - At Haugh of Urr, on the 22d instant, aged 12 years, Jane, youngest daughter of Mr John M'Gerrow.

M'GHEE, James - D19/2/1878 - Here, at 2 Greenvale Street, on the 19th inst. Mr James M'Ghee, aged 57 years.

M'GHIE, Eleanora - D26/1/1846 - At Maxwelltown, on the 26th ult., Eleanora, youngest daughter of the late John M'Ghie, Esq., surgeon, Royal Navy.

M’GHIE, James - D14/7/1847 - At Drummore, Borgue, on the 14th instant, aged 70, Mr James M'Ghie, much regretted.

M'GHIE/HALLIDAY, Janet - D24/5/1843 - At the house of her son-in-law, Mr William Kerr, Minnyhive, on the 24th ult., Janet Halliday, relict of James M'Ghie, Chapeltown of Borgue, in her 90th year.

M’GIBNEY/BERRY, Mary - D18/12/1883 - Here, at Foundry Lane, on the 18th inst., Mary M'Gibney, wife of Mr Wm. Berry, aged 53 years.

M’GIE, David - D12/4/1845 - At Cairnhouse, near Girvan, on the 12th instant, David M'Gie, farmer there.

M'GILL, Andrew - D16/3/1843 - At Barscalloch, near Wigtown, on the 16th inst., after a few days' illness, Andrew M'Gill, farmer, at the age of 76 years.

M’GILL/MILROY, Ann - D24/6/1887 - At Culreoch, Inch, on the 24th inst., Ann M'Gill, relict of Thos. Milroy, aged 84 years.

M'GILL, Barbara - D29/8/1844 - at New-Galloway, on the 29th ult., Barbara M'Gill, daughter of Mr Jas. M'Gill, flesher there, aged 35 years.

M’GILL, David - D9/11/1883 - At 31 King Street, Castle-Douglas, on the 9th inst., David , son of the late Jame M'Gill, farmer Knockallan, Crossmichael, aged 21 years.

McGILL/WITHER, Elizabeth - D28/3/1843 - At High Barmore, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 28th ult. Mrs Elizabeth M'Gill, aged 78 years, spouse of Mr Peter Wither, farmer, there - much regretted by a wide circle of friends.

M'GILL/MILLER, Elizabeth - D14/9/1846 - At Wallhouse, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 14th instant, Elizabeth Miller, wife of Mr Alexander M'Gill, farmer, aged 39 years.

M’GILL/M’CULLOCH, Elizabeth - D7/9/1860 - At Glenluce, on the 7th inst,. aged 85 years, Elizabeth M'Gill, relict of Mr Jas. M'Culloch, farmer, Auchenmalg, Old Luce.

M'GILL/KERR, Grace - D8/9/1845 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 8th inst., aged 85 years, Grace Kerr, relict of Mr John M'Gill.

M’GILL, James - D22/7/1845 - At Cross Street, Wallacetown, Ayr, on the 22d inst., Mr James M'Gill, tailor, aged 47 years.

M'GILL, Jas. - D15/3/1853 - At New Galloway, on the 15th ult., Mr Jas. M'Gill, flesher, aged 45 years.

M’GILL/GRAHAM, Jeannie - D5/2/1887 - At Burnbank Gardens, Glagow, suddenly, on the 5th inst., Jeannie M'Gill, wife of William N. Graham.

M’GILL, John - D24/4/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 24th inst., John M'Gill, dyker, aged 70. The deceased was for many years a principle member of the Mason's society there, and his death will no doubt be felt amongst the Brotherhood of St. Stephen's.

M'GILL, John - D1/5/1846 - At Kiltersan, parish of Kirkowen, on the 1st inst., Mr John M'Gill, farmer there, aged 72 years.

M'GILL, John - D17/6/1846 - At Waulkmill, Leswalt, on the 17th inst., Mr John M'Gill.

M’GILL, John - D18/2/1876 - At Minehead, Somersetshire, on the 18th ult., John M'Gill, Esq., aged 62 years, a native of Glenluce parish, Wigtownshire.

M’GILL, Isabella Shaw - D29/12/1882 - At Low Ardwell, Stoneykirk, on the 29th ult., Isabella Shaw, eldest daughter of James M'Gill, aged 17 years.

M’GILL/HANNAY, Margaret - D12/3/1847 - At Creebridge, Newton Stewart, on the 12th inst., Mrs Margaret M'Gill, relict of the late Robert Hannay, Esq., of Shennanton.

M’GILL/MacMORLAND, Marion - 9/2/1845 - A Somerset Place, Glasgow, on the 9th inst., Marion M'Gill, wife of the Rev. Peter Macmorland.

M'GILL, Marion - D13/11/1845 - At Carsenestock, parish of Penningham, on the 13th inst., aged 16 years, Marion, eldest daughter of Mr John M'Gill.

M'GILL, Marion - D4/5/1847 - Here, on the 4th inst., aged 43 years, Marion, daughter of the late Mr William M'Gill, farmer, Lagganmore.

M’GILL/M'KIE, Mary - D7/10/1844 - At Dalbeattie, on Monday, the 7th inst., Mary M'Gill, wife of John M'Kie, mariner.

M’GILL/M'HAFFIE, Mary - D6/4/1853 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 6th instant, after a lingering illness, Mary M'Gill, aged 43, wife of Mr M'Haffie.

M’GILL/M'CONCHIE, Mary Ann - D10/3/1847 - At Mains of Penningham, on the 10th inst. Mary Ann M'Gill, wife of Mr John M'Conchie, farmer there - much and deservedly regretted.

M’GILL, Peter - D1/1/1/1846 - At Glenluce, on the 1st inst., Peter M'Gill, in the 98th year of his age. He was born in the parish of Stoneykirk, and was a ploughman in Balgreggan 80 years ago. For a great part of his life he was a very infirm man. It is more than 30 years since he was able to do anything for his support; but to the lasting honour of his son, who is also now an old man, and only a customer weaver, his aged parent was kept comfortable, and never asked or received parochial support. He lived respected and died regretted.

M'GILL, Thomas - D16/12/1843 - at Kirkpatrick, Durham, on the 16th inst., Mr Thomas M'Gill, aged 74.

M'GILL, William - D2/3/1855 - At his residence in this town, Sim(one) on Friday, the 2d March, after but a few hours illness, William M'Gill, Esq., a native of Kirkcowan, Scotland, in the 34th year of his age. Deceased has been for many years a highly respected resident of our town, and was its very (obedi?)ent Council Cerk after its incorporation. He was an (officer) in the (Norfolk) Mason's Lodge and the funeral, which took place on Tuesday was attended by a large number of the Brethren of the order according to the rules of which he was buried, the beautiful and impressive service of the order being read at his grave. His mortal remains rest in St. John's Churchyard, Wood ----- Peace be to his memory. Canada Correspondent. (Most likely the town of Simcoe, Norfolk County in Southern Ontario as per Randy).

M'GIRR/CLARK, Anne - D11/4/1843 - At Cincinnati, United States, on the 11th ult., aged 22, Mrs Anne Clark, wife of Mr Alexander M'Girr, joiner - much regretted. She was a native of Lauriston, Kirkcudbrightshire.

M'GIRR, Elizabeth - D2/2/1847 - At Town head of Greenlaw, Crossmichael, on the 2d inst. Elizabeth M'Girr, aged 88 years.

M'GIVERN, Laurence - D13/2/1864 - Here, at King Street, on the 13th instant, aged -- years, Mr Laurence M'Givern.

M'GOWAN, Miss - D13/12/1843 - At Doon Cottage, Twynholm, on the 13th curt., Miss M'Gowan. For several years she had been engaged as an instructress of youth; was of a sincerely pious turn of mind, of an amiable and obliging disposition, and is deeply regretted, not only by many attached friends, but also by the parents of those children who were, at various times, committed to her fostering and assiduous care.

M’GOWAN, Mrs. - D14/4/1843 - At Garliestown, on the 14th inst., Mrs M'Gowan, much regretted.

M'GOWAN, Mrs - D25/8/1852 - At Princes Street, Stranraer, on the 25th ult., Mrs M'Gowan.

M’GOWAN/STUART, Agnes - D30/11/1861 - Here, at Sheuchan Street, on the 30d (?) ult., aged 83 years, Agnes Stuart, widow of the late Mr David M'Gowan.

M'GOWAN, Charles - D21/7/1846 - At his father's house, Dumfries, on the 21st ultimo, Charles, only son of Mr Wm. M'Gowan, architect. The deceased was a youth of remarkable promise, and greatly beloved by all who knew him for his talents, tireless industry, and sterling moral worth.

M’GOWAN/GEBBIE, Elizabeth - D12/3/1843 - At Bridge-end, parish of Portpatrick, on the 12th inst., Mrs Elizabeth Gebbie, or M'Gowan, aged 31.

M’GOWAN/SPROAT, Elizabeth - D10/3/1844 - At Carrick, Borgue, on the 10th curt, after a long and severe illness, Elizabeth M'Gowan, spouse of Mr J. Sproat.

M’GOWAN/M’WILLIAM, Helen - D18/4/1844 - At Wigtown, on the 18th instant, Helen M'Gowan, wife of John M'William, weaver, aged 89 years.

M'GOWAN, Isabella - D19/2/1873 - At Sorbie Village, on the 19th ult., Isabella, youngest daughter of Mr James M'Gowan, aged 6 years.

M'GOWAN, James - D8/9/1843 - At Moss-side, parish of Mochrum, on the 8th inst., Mr James M'Gowan, aged 82 years. He was long afflicted with a painful complaint, which he bore with Christian patience and resignation.

MacGOWAN, James - D25/10/1869 - At the Free Church Manse, Catrine, on the 25th ult., after a lingering illness, Mr James Macgowan, brother of the Rev.
John Macgowan, minister of Catrine Free Church.

M’GOWAN/FINDLAY, Jessie - D30/8/1887 - At Blackcraig, on the 30th ult., Jessie M'Gowan, widow of Douglas Findlay, aged 67 years.

M’GOWAN, John - D30/12/1882 - At Wigtown, on the 30th ult., John M'Gowan, book deliverer, aged 29 years.

M’GOWAN/WHITE, Marg(aret) - D3/9/1865 - At Creech Mills, near Sorbie, on the 3rd inst., Marg(aret) M'Gowan, relict of Mr William White, farmer there, at the advanced aged of 85 years.

M’GOWAN/RAE, Margaret - D24/4/1868 - At Bridge of Bladnoch, on the 24th instant, M(argaret) M'Gowan, wife of Mr Robert Rae, road surveyor. (IGI 99% confirms Margaret with a marriage in Sorbie in 1837)

M'GOWAN, Mary - D14/11/1844 - On the 14th inst., in her 42d year, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr Samuel M'Gowan, Governor of the Union Workhouse, Milnthorp, Westmoreland, formerly of Parkgate, Kirkcudbright.

M'GOWAN/JOHNSTON, Sarah - D8/3/1845 - At her son's house, Irving Street, Dumfries, on the 8th inst., Mrs Sarah Johnston, relict of Mr James M'Gowan, long a well-known builder on the banks of Nith, and occasionally in districts considerably beyond its bounds. The deceased had attained to a great age.

M’GOWN/BROWN, Agnes - D2/3/1843 - At Pennymuir, parish of Borgue, on the 2d inst., aged 52 years, Mrs Agnes Brown, spouse of Mr John M'Gown - much respected.

M'GRADY/GOODMAN, Rowanne - D29/7/1887 - At Dirvaird, on the 29th ult, Rowanne Goodman, beloved wife of Peter M'Grady, aged 58 years.

M'GRAITH, James - D22/10/1869 - At Dalrymple Street, on the 22d ult., Mr James M'Graith, late farmer, aged 76 years.

M'GRAW, Charles - D10/5/1846 - At Boreland, parish of Glenluce, on the 10th inst, after a lengthened and painful illness, Mr Charles M'Graw.

M’GREADY, Nelly - D6/2/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 6th inst., Nelly M'Gready, aged 62.

MacGREGOR/MITCHELL, Catherine - D17/4/1867 - At the Free Church Manse, Milnathort, on the 17th instant, Catherine MacGregor, wife of the Rev. Alex S. Mitchell.

M’GREGOR/KERR, Charlotte - D17/2/1845 - Here, at Greenvale Street, on the 17th instant, Charlotte Kerr, wife of the Rev. John M'Gregor, aged 36.

M'GREGOR, Christopher - in the WFP 5/1/1843 - At Annan, last week, in consequence of a kick from a horse, Christopher, son of William M'Gregor, tinsmith.

McGREGOR, James - D1/6/1855 - At Ballantrae on the 1st inst., at aged 84 years, Mr James McGregor formerly merchant in Stranraer and latterly tenant in -------------Ballantrae.

MacGREGOR, John - D10/5/1865 - At Cove, Loch Long, on the 10th inst. Mr John Macgregor, late of Aberfeldy, father of Dr Macgregor, r(ector) of Stranraer Academy.

M'GREGOR, William - D1/7/1843 - At No. 14, Alpine Street, Anderston Walk, Glasgow, on the 1st inst., Mr William M'Gregor, blacksmith, aged 72, late of Carronbridge, Dumfries-shire.

M'GUFFIE, Mr - D7/12/1844 - At Near Mains, Whithorn, on the 7th inst., Mr M'Guffie, farmer there, aged 78 years.

M'GUFFIE, David - D22/9/1845 - At Wigtown, on the 22d inst., David, youngest son of the late John M'Guffie, harbour-master.

M'GUFFIE, Edward - D19/11/1845 - At Bladnoch, Wigtown, on the 19th inst., Mr Edward M'Guffie, aged 33 years.

M'GUFFIE, Helen - D5/7/1887 - At 103 Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh, on the 5th inst., Helen, widow of the Rev. John M'Guffie, late minister of (Lochryan?), in her 48th year.

M’GUFFIE, James - D18/5/1844 - At Wigtown, on the 18th inst., Mr James M'Guffie, draper, in the 54th year of his age.

M'GUFFIE, Janet - D24/4/1871 - At Wigtown, on the 24th ult., Janet M'Guffie, daughter of the late Mr John M'Guffie, shipowner, Wigtown.

M'GUFFIE/LITTERICK, Jeannie - D2/3/1878 - At Broughton Skeog, Whithorn, on the 2nd inst., Jeannie Litterick, wife of John M'Guffie, aged 23 years.

M’GUFFIE/JOHNSON, Jess - D18/2/1845 - At Kirkinner, on Tuesday last, in childbed, Jess M'Guffie, wife of John Johnson, innkeeper.

M’GUFFIE, John - D30/3/1844 - At Wigtown, on the 30th ult., Mr John M'Guffie, innkeeper and harbourmaster.

M’GUFFIE, John - D17/12/1883 - At Whithorn, on the 17th inst., John M'Guffie, aged 54 years.

M’GUFFIE/COSH, Margaret - D7/1/1843 - At Wigtown, on the 7th inst., Margaret M'Guffie, relict of the late Richard Cosh, aged 72 years.

M'GUFFIE, Margt. - D30/8/1865 - At the Poor-House, on the 30th ultimo, Widow Margt. M'Guffie, aged 73 years.

M’GUFFIE, Robert - D21/4/1845 - At Warwick, on the 21st ult., Robert M'Guffie, draper, aged 28 years, after a short illness - much regretted. A native of Wigtown.

M'GUFFIE, Mr. W. - D28/10/1846 - At Mochrum Kirk, on the 28th ult., Mr W. M'Guffie, joiner, aged 89 years. (inserted November 5 and 12, 1846)

M'GUFFIE, Wm. - D12/6/1887 - At 98 Everton Road, Manchester, on the 12th inst., Wm M'Guffie, aged 65 years - Friends please accept this intimation.

M'GUFFOG, James - D7/9/1843 - At Wigtown, suddenly, on the 7th inst., of British cholera, Mr James M'Guffog, labourer, Bowsalloch, aged 38 years.

M’GUIRE, Mrs. - D31/10/1867 - At George Street, on the 31st ult., Mrs M'Guire, age 36 years.

M’GUIRE/HANNEY, Catherine - D(9)/4/1878 - Here, at 44 Fisher Street, on the (9)th inst., Catherine M'Guire, aged 54 years, wife of Mr Edward Hennay, hawker. (Catherine HANNEY [spelled as seen in the Index film] died Stranraer entry #46 at age 54 as per Meg)

M'GUIRE, James - D2/2/1845 - At Glenluce, on the 2d inst., James M'Guire.
McGUIRE, James Alexander -D10/3/1921- In loving memory of James Alexander M'Guire, beloved son of William and Sarah M'Guire, who was accidentally killed at Ervie on 10th March, 1921, aged 17 years. (An In Memoriam announcement from WFP 13/3/1924) "Three years have passed since that sad day. When one we loved was called away. God took him home - it was His will. Forget him? no we never will." Inserted by his loving father and Mother, Sisters, Brother. - Barbeth, Leswalt. In silent

M'HAFFIE/SMITH, Agnes - D10/10/1845 - At Large, on the 10th instant, Agnes Smith, wife of Robert M'Haffie, Esq., of Eastwood.

M'HAFFIE/GORDON, Isabella - D8/12/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 8th inst., Isabella, wife of George M'Haffie, Esq., of Corsemalzie, and youngest daughter of the late Rev. William Gordon, of Balmeg, minister of Anwoth, aged 66 years.

McHAFFIE, James Cumming - D5/5/1847 - At Glasgow, on the 5th instant, James Cumming M'Haffie, youngest son of George M'Haffie, Esq., of Corsemalzie, aged 33 years.

M'HAFFIE, James - D5/7/1844 - On the 5th ult., on board the "British Queen," Captain Kennedy, on his passage from Antigua to Whitehaven, Mr James M'Haffie, mariner, a native of Stranraer, aged about 25 years.

M’HAFFIE/PORTER, Margaret - D27/7/1845 - At High Arrow, near Whithorn, on the 27th ult., Mrs Margaret Porter, wife of Mr John M'Haffie, farmer there - much respected, and deeply regretted by her family and friends.

M'HAFFIE/M'GILL, Mary - D6/4/1853 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 6th instant, after a lingering illness, Mary M'Gill, aged 43, wife of Mr M'Haffie.

M'HALLUM/ROBERTSON, Ellen - M26/9/1844 - Here, on the 26th ult., Ellen Robertson, widow of the late Hugh M'Hallum, aged 70 years.

M’HARG, Mrs. - D19/5/1845 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 19th inst., Mrs M'Harg, advanced in years.

M'HARG, Mrs - D1/3/1846 - At Arries, Kirkcowan, on the 1st inst., Mrs M'Harg, far advanced in years.

M'HARG, Mrs Anthony - D27/2/1844 - At Merton Hall, parish of Penninghame, on the 27th inst., Mrs Anthony M'Harg, avanced in years.

M'HARG, Mrs Archibald - D1/11/1847 - At Barrhill, Colmonell, on the 1st inst., Mrs M'Harg, relict of Archibald M'Harg, Eldrick, Kirkcowan, aged 75 years.

MacHARG, Mrs Ebenezer - D11/4/1846 - At Creebridge, on the 11th instant, Mrs Ebenezer Macharg, in her 77th year.

M'HARG, James - D14/1/1853 - At Bridge End, Newluce, on the 14th instant, Mr James M'Harg, late tenant of High Mark, parish of Inch, aged 93 years.

M’HARG/SMITH, Jane - D1/1/1846 - At Newton Stewart, suddenly, on the 1st inst., Jane Smith, wife of William M'Harg, mason, aged 43 years.

M’HARG/M’GEOCH, Janet - D5/5/1844 - At Barbae, parish of Colmonell, on the 5th inst., Janet M'Harg, aged 64, wife of John M'Geoch, Esq., of Barbae.

M'HARG, John - D16/3/1845 - At High Glenstockadale, Leswalt, on the 16th inst., Mr John M'Harg, aged 70 years.

M'HARG, John - D19/9/1845 - At the King's Arms Inn, Dumfries, on the 19th instant, Mr John M'Harg, wholesale grocer, Whitehaven.

M’HARG, John - D16/1/1861 - At Arries, parish of Kirkcowan, on the 16th inst., Mr John M'Harg, after a severe and protracted illness, borne with Christian patience and resignation. He was a loving son and an affectionate brother, and one deeply regretted by all who knew him.

M'HARG, Joseph Hewetson - D12/1/1843 - At same place (Minnyhive) on the 12 inst., Joseph Hewetson, third son of Mr James M'Harg, baker there.

M'HARG/GOWAN, Mary - D25/10/1844 - At Whitecairn, Glenluce, on the 25th inst., Mary Gowan, wife of Thomas M'Harg, late farmer in Gass, Kirkcowan.

M’HARG/M'MEIKAN, Mary Jane - D28/9/1865 - At Ervie, Kirkcolm, on the 28th ultimo, Mary Jane M'Harg, wife of Mr James M'Meikan.

M'HARG, Peter C. - D7/9/1867 - At Cairnside, Newluce, on the 7th inst., Mr Peter C. M'Harg, teacher, aged 25 years.

M’HARG/M'CREDIE, Rosanna - D8/3/1847 - At Tammock, parish of Ballantrae, on the 8th instant, aged 52 years, Rosanna M'Harg, wife of Mr Jas. M'Credie, farmer there - a person much and justly regretted by all her friends and acquaintances. She bore her long and severe illness with great patience and resignation to the Divine will.

M’HARG, Samuel - in WFP D9/8/1860 - Mr Samuel M'Harg, aged 64 years.

McHARG, Samuel - D26/7/1860 - Suddenly, at St. John Street, here, on the 26th ult, Mr. Samuel McHarg of a ruptured blood vessel, aged 64 years. (Most as per Meg)

M'HARG/M'CONNELL, Susan - D2/12/1843 - At Barrhill, parish of Colmonell, on the 2d inst., Susan M'Connell, wife of Mr Andrew M'Harg, innkeeper, there.

M'HARG, Wm. - D19/4/1846 - At Pultadee, parish of New Luce, on the 19th instant, Mr Wm. M'Harg, farmer there, aged 80 years.

M'HARG, William - D10/8/1887 - At the Crescent, Wigtown, on the 10th inst, William, third son of Robert M'Harg, aged 8 months.

M’HARRIE/KER, Elizabeth - D3/3/1879 - At Glengyre, on the 3rd inst., Elizabeth M'Harrie, wife of alex. Ker, farmer, aged 6(5) years.

M'HARRIE/CAMPBELL, Isabella - D25/3/1863 - At Clauchanmore, Stoneykirk, on the 25th current, Isabella Campbell, relict of Mr John M'Harrie, Kirkmabrick.

M’HOUL, David - D21/7/1845 - At Belkeachie, parish of Girvan, on the 21st instant, Mr David M'Houl, farmer, there.

M’HUTCHEON, Flora - D28/6/1847 - At Fowler's Croft, Straiton, on the 28th ultimo, Flora M'Hutcheon, aged 96 years.

M’ILWRAITH, Agnes Lawson - D23/3/1874 - At Berwick-on-Tweed, on the 23rd instant, Agnes Lawson, aged 2 1/2 years, daughter of Mr John M'Ilwraith H.M. Customs, there.

M’ILWRAITH/JAMIESON, Elizabeth - D(18)/2/1875 - At Auchenflower, Ballantrae, on the (18)th inst., Elizabeth M'Ilwraith, widow of Mr John Jamieson, teacher, Colmonell, aged 54 years.

M’ILWRAITH, Ivie - D7/5/1845 - At Alticane, parish of Colmonell, on the 7th inst., Ivie M'Ilwraith, after a long confinement, borne with great patience and Christian fortitude.

M'ILWRAITH, John - D23/2/1846 - At Hamilton Street, Girvan, on the 23d ult., Mr John M'Ilwraith, shoemaker, who was born, September, 1752, and who, till within a few years of his death, was able to follow after his daily occupation.

M’ILWRAITH/GOURLAY, Margaret - D6/4/1889 - Here at 10 Academy Street, on the 6th inst. Margaret M'Ilwraith, relict of James Gourlay, watchmaker, Newton-Stewart, aged 92 years.

M'ILWRAITH/JARGIE, Mary - D6/9/1852 - At Alticane on the 6th instant, Mary Jargie, relict of Mr William M'Ilwraith, aged 85 years.

M’ILWRAITH, Peter - D12/1/1904 - Some time ago we reported that Mr Peter M'Ilwraith, farmer, High Mark, Leswalt, mysteriously disappeared from his home on 12th January. No trace of him could be found until Sunday morning when his body was discovered floating in Stranraer harbour by one of the crew of the salvage steamer St. Anthony. Mr M'Ilwraith, it will be remembered, left his home about 9 a.m. on the date mentioned, drove to Stranraer, stabled his pony at the George Hotel, and was last seen that same evening in George Street. It is believed that he had gone down by the harbour, and while there had fallen over the Breastwork, and as the night was very stormy, and few people were about, was drowned. He was 56 years of age, married and was highly respected. Much sympathy is felt for his widow in her sad bereavement. (From the “Way We Were” originally appeared in WFP24/3/1904)

M'ILWRAITH, Robert - D2/10/1845 - At Auchenflower House, on the 2d inst., Robert M'Ilwraith, Esq., of Auchenflower, in the 90th year of his age - highly respected and deeply regretted. Mr M'Ilwraith succeeded to his estate in 1784, on the death of an elder brother, and during his long possession he has enjoyed the universal esteem of the district for the integrity of his character and his exemplary life; and it is believed that he has left the world without an enemy.

M'ILWRAITH, Thomas - D5/10/1845 - Here, at Greenvale Street, on the 5th instant, Thomas M'Ilwraith, mason.

M'ILWRICK, David - D21/4/1844 - At Knoxvill, Ilinois, North America, on the 21st April last, David, third son of David M'Ilwrick, late farmer in Laigh Altercannoch, parish of Colmonell.

M’ILWRICK/SHAW, Elizabeth - D12/3/1852 - At Barrhill, on the 12th instant, Elizabeth M'Ilwrick, relict of the late Mr William Shaw, grocer there, at an advanced age.

M’ILWRICK/GORDON, Ellen - D20/12/1883 - At Arusheen, on the 20th inst., Ellen M'Ilwrick, wife of the late John Gordon, farmer, aged 78 years.

M’ILWRICK, Maggie Annabella - D13/3/1874 - At Oronsay House, Arghyllshire, on the 13th inst. Maggie Annabella, aged 4 years and 10 months youngest daughter of Mr William M'Ilwrick, late of Barskeoch and Halfway house, Kirkcowan.

M’INTYRE, Captain - D21/9/1888 - DEATH OF A WIGTOWNSHIRE MAN IN AUSTRALIA - The Melbourne Argus of 21st September, says: - The obituary of "The Argos" of this day contains the announcement of the death of Captain Andrew M'Intyre, of the s.s.Beeswing. Captain M'Intyre was one of the oldest master mariners sailing out of Port Philip, his connection with the colony dating as far back as 1853. He arrived in Melbourne in that year as a mate of the Laurena, an Amdercan ship, which was afterwards sunk, and was utilised with others in the formation of the shore end of the Port Melbourne railway pier. His first independent venture was in the brigantine "Montezuma", the property of himself and his brother James. Several years afterwards they purchased the barque "Golden Age", and this was followed by the barques "Wressel Castle" and "Florence Nightingale". Some five years ago Captain M'Intyre went home and purchased two vessels, the "William Le Lacheur" and the "Nicoya". The former he brought out himself. About two years ago he went home again, and purchased the steamer "Beeswing", which he commanded up to the time of his being laid aside by the illness which carried him off. In the purchases of the vessels above mentioned he was associated with Messrs Hugh R. Reid and Co., and the Melbourne Coal Shipping and Engineering Company. Captain M'Intyre was 62 years of age, and of that time he had been nearly 50 years at sea, having been apprenticed when he was barely 13 years of age. While trading to the East some years ago he was seized with a severe fever at Bankok and this illness weakened him considerably. He was quiet and unobtrusive in manner, and was of a very kind-hearted disposition. Captain M'Intyre was a native of Kirkcolm, Wigtownshire, Scotland, and brother of Mr Chas. M'Intyre, late of Logan Mains. The flags of the shipping were at half-mast yesterday as a mark of respect to his memory. The deceased was unmarried. (Obituary from the WFP 22/12/1888)

M'INTYRE, Alex. - in the WFP D14/12/1843 - At Same place, (Stewarton, Kirkcolm) the infant son of Mr Alex M'Intyre, tailor.

M’INTYRE/WALKER, Douglas - D12/10/1844 - At Maxwelltown, on the 12th curt., Douglas M'Intyre, relict of Mr David Walker, aged 88 years.

M'INTYRE/BAILLIE, Elizabeth - D17/2/1847 - Here, at Hanover Street, on the 17th inst., suddenly, Elizabeth Baillie, wife of Mr John M'Intyre, aged 76.

M’INTYRE/GALBRAITH, Ellen - in WFP D12/12/1861 - At 60 Walworth Terrace, Glasgow, Ellen M'Intyre, widow of the late Mr William Galbraith, Stranraer aged 56 years. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

M'INTYRE, Grace - D8/4/1878 - At Logan Mains, Kirkmaiden, on the 8th inst., Grace, eldest daughter of the late Charles and Mary Jane M'Intyre, aged 13 years.

M’INTYRE, or M’WATER, Helen - D17/5/1846 - Here, at Castle Street, on the 17th instant, Mrs Helen M'Water or M'Intyre, in the 81st year of her age.

M’INTYRE, John - D29/2/1844 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 29th ult., advanced in life, Mr John M'Intyre, slater, - much respected.

McINTYRE, Wm. - D26/3/1874 - Here, at Dalrymple Street, on the 26th ult. Mr Wm. McIntyre, shoemaker, aged 67 years.

M’INTYRE, William Alexander - D19/10/1897 - At 32, Fisher Street, Stranraer, on the 19th inst., William Alexander M'Intyre, aged 2 years and 5 months. (We assume this should be ult. as the insertion date is 4/11/1897 and it is very clearly the 19th inst)

M'JANNET, James - D28/8/1854 - At Polcaroch, Ballantrae, on the 28th inst., Mr James M'Jannet, aged 48 years. The deceased, after a residence of 24 years in Canada, returned lately to his native place in quest of health, and found a grave.

M'JERROW, David - D8/1/1871 - At Wigtown, on the 8th inst., Mr David M'Jerrow, aged 75 years, an old and respected residenter, who lived the life and died the death of a Christian.

M’JERROW, Janet - D10/7/1855 - At Newton -Stewart on the 10th inst., Janet M'Jerrow, advanced in years.

M’JERROW, Thomas - D10/7/1855 - At Newton Stewart, on the 10th instant, Mr Thomas M'Jerrow, advanced in years.