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Death Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: February 2006

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M’DEADE, Joseph - D1/5/1869 - At Newton-Stewart on the 1st instant, very suddenly, Mr Joseph M'Deade, shoemaker, aged 47 years.

M’DERMID, Capt. John - D8/5/1843 - At 44, Minto Street, Edinburgh, on the 8th inst., Capt. John M'Dermid of the 3d Royal Veteran Battalion.

M’DIARMID/ALLARDICE, Anna - D1/9/1844 - At East Viewfield, Edinburgh, on the 1st inst., Anna M'Diarmid, wife of ----- Allardice, Esq., W.S., Edinburgh, and daughter of the late Captain John M'Diarmid, of the 42d Highlanders.

M'DIARMID, Arch. Graham - D1/12/1843 - At Milton, on the Clyde, on Friday, the 1st inst., Arch. Graham M'Diarmid, calico-printer.

M'DIARMID, James Kirkpatrick - D10/6/1845 - At his residence, Queen Street, Dumfries, on the 10th current, Mr James Kirkpatrick M'Diarmid, long a house and ornamental painter there; and tradesman of superior taste and ability, and a quiet, inoffensive, industrious (and) respectable citizen.

MacDONALD, Alexander - D9/7/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 9th current, Mr Alexander Macdonald, officer of the Fishery - much and justly regretted.

MacDONALD, Lieutenant Colonel David Robertson - D7/9/1845 - At 24, Walker Street, Edinburgh, on the 7th instant, Lieutenant Colonel David Robertson Macdonald, of Kinloichmoidart.

MacDONALD/SINCLAIR, Lady Diana - D22/4/1845 - At George Street, Edinburgh, on the 22nd ult., the Hon Lady Sinclair, widow of the right Hon. Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, Baronet.

M’DONALD/M’GARRITY, Elizabeth - D1/4/1891 - At Main St. Glenluce on the 1st inst. Elizabeth M'Donald, relict of Thomas M'Garrity, aged 71 years. - Deeply Regretted.

MacDONALD, Rev. Dr. James - in WFP D19/10/1843 - At Kemback, last week, in his 90th year, the Rev. Dr James Macdonald, the father of the Church of Scotland, and for nearly 62 years minister of Kemback, having been ordained in 1781.

MacDONALD, James - D23/8/1847 -At Inverary, on the 23d ult., James Macdonald Esq., Procurator Fiscal of Argyllshire.

M’DONALD, James - D25/11/1883 - At 62 Mount Street, Glasgow, on the 25th ult., James M'Donald, aged 94 years, a native of Stoneykirk.

M'DONALD/RAESIDE, Jane - D30/4/1847 - At Gatehouse, on the 30th ult., Jane Raeside, wife of Alex. M'Donald, blacksmith.

M’DONALD, John Esq. - D28/5/1860 - At Lennox Bank, Gareloch, on the 28th instant, John M'Donald, Esq., of Messrs Stewart & M'Donald. Glasgow.

M'DONALD, Margaret - D12/10/1843 - At Queensberry Street, Dumfries, on the 12th ult., Margaret M'Donald, at the advanced age of 93 years. The deceased was a native of Cantyre, Argyleshire, but resided for upwards of 50 years in Dumfries.

M’DONALD/BRODIE, Maggie - D23/12/1891 - At the Grange Kirkcudbright, on the 23rd inst. Maggie M'Donald, wife of D. Brodie, gardener aged 29years, much loved and deeply mourned.

M'DONALD, Thomas - D13/4/1846 - At Thomas Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, on the 13th inst.,Thomas, son of Mr Thomas M'Donald, compositor, "National Reformer" Office, aged 1 year and 11 months.

M’D(OUL), James - D17/11/1858 - At Cairnryan, on the 17th instant, Mr James M'D(oul) late of Augusta, U.S., much regretted.

M’DOUALL/HAMILTON, Elizabeth - D29/10/1846 - At Challoch, parish of Leswalt, on the 29th ultimo, Elizabeth M'Douall, wife of Mr Charles Hamilton, farmer, aged 77 years.

M'DOUALL, Isabella - D16/5/1843 - At Copt Hall, Bedfordshire, on the 16th inst., (ult), Isabella, daughter of the late John M'Douall, Esq., of Glasgow, younger brother of the late Earl of Dumfries, aged 65. (Inserted June 1, 1843, must be ult)

M’DOUALL, James - D28/12/1855 - At Genoch, on the 28th ult., Mr James M'Douall, farmer, aged 68 years - very suddenly.

M’DOUALL, Jane - D20/8/1845 - At Dumfries, on the 20th inst., after a lingering illness, aged 6 years, Jane, youngest daughter of John M'Douall, stay maker, 42, Friars' Vennel.

M’DOUALL, Jane - D30/7/1854 - At London Road, Stranraer, on the 30th ult., Miss Jane M'Douall.

M'DOUALL, Jane Anne - D23/4/1853 - Here, at George Street, on the 23rd instant, Jane Anne, eldest child of Mr M'Douall, draper, aged 3 years.

M'DOUALL/STEVENSON, Jean - D12/10/1847 - At High Glengyre, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 12th inst., Jean Stevenson, spouse of the late Mr John M'Douall, Doulach, aged 84 years.

M’DOUALL, John - D1/7/1845 - At Glenluce, on the 1st inst., aged eight years and nine months, John, son of Mr James M'Douall, baker.

M’DOUALL/GRAY, Marion - D30/3/1863 - At Clauchanmore,, Stoneykirk, on the 30th ult., aged 86 years, Marion Gray, relict of Mr James M'Douall, late farmer Genoch.

M'DOUGALL, Alexander - D24/4/1853 - Suddenly at Ardbeg, Islay, on the 24th ult., Alexander M'Dougall, Esq., distiller, aged 56 years.

M'DOUGALL, Frances - D30/10/1845 - At Castle Street, Dumfries, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs Frances M'Dougall, relict of Capt. Archibald M'Dougall of Daldawn.

M'DOULL/AITKEN, Martha - in the WFP D16/6/1863 - At 24 York Street, Glasgow, Martha Aitken, wife of Mr Archd. M'Doull, Friends will please accept of this intimation.

M’DOWAL, James - D8/4/1843 - At Rothsay,on the 8th inst., James M'Dowal, Esq., a native of Glenluce parish, and formerly merchant in Charlestown, America.

M’DOWALL, Still-born Male - B8/12/1883 - Here, at 17 Hanover Square,on the 8th inst., the wife of James M'Dowall, blacksmith, Glasgow, of a son. - stillborn.

M'DOWALL, Mrs - D3/1/1844 - On the 3d inst., at Path, parish of Minnygaff, very suddenly Mrs M'Dowall, advanced in years.

M’DOWALL, Mrs. - in WFP D15/1/1846 - At Bridge of Aird, near Stranraer, last week, Mrs M'Dowall, aged 85 years, late of Rephad.

M’DOWALL/MAXWELL, Agnes - D31/8/1865 - At Whithorn on the 31st ultimo, Agnes M'Dowall, wife of Mr William Maxwell.

M'DOWALL, Andrew - D24/5/1843 - At Cairnbrock, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 24th ult., Mr Andrew M'Dowall, aged 83 years.

M’DOWALL, Andrew - D20/10/1867 - At (Candoder?) Newton Stewart, on the 20th instant. Robert, only son of Mr Andrew M'Dowall, much respected.

M'DOWALL, Archibald - D11/7/1846 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 11th inst., Archibald M'Dowall, fisher, aged 51 years.

M'DOWALL, Cochran - D1/11/1854 - At Wigtown, on the 1st inst, Mr Cochran M'Dowall, late of the Coast Guard, aged 72 years.

M'DOWALL, David - D8/2/1869 - At Portpatrick, on the 8th instant, Mr David M'Dowall, aged 37 years.

M'DOWALL/GORDON, Grace - D23/1/1878 - At Drumglass, on the 23rd inst., after a short illness, born with Christian patience, Grace Gordon, aged 64 years, wife of John M'Dowall, farmer there, and late of Meadowpark, Ballantrae.

M’DOWALL/RENNIE, Helen - D7/2/1847 - At Cairnbrock, Kirkcolm, on the 7th inst., Helen M'Dowall, aged 86 years, relict of John Rennie, farmer in Craighandy, Kirkcolm.

M'DOWALL, Captain James - D27/7/1842 - At Macao, China, on the 27th July last, Captain James M'Dowall of the ship “William Perrie”.

M'DOWALL, James - D26/11/1843 - Here, at Clayhole, on the 26th inst., Mr James M'Dowall, joiner, in the 91st year of his age.

M'DOWALL, James - D9/10/1867 - At Drumore, on the 9th instant, Mr James M'Dowall, miller.

M'DOWALL/RANKINE, Jane - D4/11/1843 - Suddenly at Dalmellington, on the fourth inst., aged 55 years, Jane Rankine, wife of Mr Andrew M'Dowall, late farmer in Drumbrennan, parish of Kirkowen.

M’DOWALL/BECKETT, Jane - D17/1/1846 - At Alleysbank, Rutherglen, on the 17th instant, Jane M'Dowall, wife of the Rev. William Beckett.

M’DOWALL/GARRETT, Jane - D20/1/1868 - On the 20th January, at the Manse, West T(ama--) Tasmania, Jane M'Dowall, the beloved wife of the Rev. James Garrett, aged 52 years.

M’DOWALL, Jane - D12/1/1884 - At her residence, Malvern House, Upper Norwood, on the 12th inst. Jane, widow of the late Colonel M'Dowall of Logan, Wigtownshire. N.B.

M’DOWALL/THORBURN, Janet - D19/4/1849 - Here, at Charlotte street, on the 17th current, the infant son- and last night, Janet M'Dowall, the beloved wife of Mr Alexander Thorburn, cabinet-maker. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

M’DOWALL, James - D30/1/1845 - In London, on the 30th ult., James M'Dowall, Esq., a Commander in the Royal Navy. He was a native of Stoneykirk, in this county; was impress'd into the King's service about 50 years ago, and, without family influence or connections, raised himself by his professional skill and zeal, and by his gentlemanly conduct, to the rank in the service of which he died an ornament.

M’DOWALL/LEGGAT, Jane - D23/1/1843 - At Glenluce, on the 23/1/1843 - At Glenluce, on the 23d ult., aged 82 years, (Jane) M'Dowall, relict of William Leggat, Whitecairn, Distant friends will please accept this notice. (inserted February 2, 1843) (possibly also went by Jean - Jean McDowall to William Leggat on May 21, 1792 at Kirkmaiden by Drummore, Wigtown and Jean McDowall to William Leggat on May 23, 1792 at GlenLuce, Wigtown as per the IGI)

M’DOWALL, Jane - D24/1/1843 - At Glenluce, on the 24th ult., Jane M'Dowall, relict of William Leggat, of White Cairn. (inserted February 2, 1843) (possibly also went by Jean - Jean McDowall to William Leggat on May 21, 1792 at Kirkmaiden by Drummore, Wigtown and Jean McDowall to William Leggat on May 23, 1792 at GlenLuce, Wigtown as per the IGI)

M’DOWALL/BLACK, Janet - D2/2/1867 - At Bridgebank, on the 2d inst., Mrs Janet Black or M'Dowall, advanced in years. For 43 years the deceased was a resident in the same house, and much respected.

M’DOWALL, Janet - D22/7/1851 - Here, at High Street, on the 22nd inst. Janet M'Dowall, relict of the late Mr John M'Dowall, Portpatrick, aged 85 years.

M’DOWALL, Jess - D2/3/1852 - At Blackcraig Mines, on the 2d current, aged 53 years, Jess M'Dowall, daughter of Mr Samuel M'Dowall, late farmer in Blackcraig.

M'DOWALL, Jessie Douglas - D22/5/1846 - Here, at George Street, on the 22d ult., Jessie Douglas, eldest daughter of Mr John M'Dowall, cabinetmaker.

M’DOWALL, John - D14/3/1863 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 14th inst., aged 75 years, Mr John M'Dowall.

M'DOWALL, John - D3/5/1870 - At 30 Fisher Street, on the 3rd inst., Mr John M'Dowall, plasterer.

MacDOWALL, Rev. John - D6/1/1871 - At Auchleach Stoneykirk, on the 6th inst., the Rev. John Macdowall, aged 90 years, for 50 years minister of the parish of Old-Luce.

M’DOWALL/BIRKMYRE, Margaret - D2/2/1867 - At Ardwell Mills, Stoneykirk, on the 2d instant, Margaret M'Dowall, the beloved wife of Mr Thomas Birkmyre, miller and grain dealer there, and mother of the late Mr James Birkmyre, of Low Drumore, advanced in years.

M’DOWALL/TUNNOCK, Mary - D8/6/1845 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 8th instant, suddenly, Mary M'Dowall, wife of Mr James Tunnock.

M’DOWALL/NIBLOE, Mary - D4/5/1860 - At Garleyhawes, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 4th inst., in the 73rd year of her age, after a short but painful illness, Mary M'Dowall, wife of Mr Archibald Nibloe, formerly tenant of Garleyhawes. The deceased was during her lifetime subjected to severe family bereavements, by which the whole of her children (seven in number) were swept off. She was frequently visited with bodily afflictions, but at last departed while expressing a well-grounded hope of salvation through the Redeemer.

M’DOWALL, Mary - D28/3/1863 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 28th ult., aged 83 years, Mrs Mary M'Dowall.

M'DOWALL/MILLIGAN, Mary Anne - D20/3/1845 - At Dunragget, on the 20th ult., very suddenly, Mary Anne Milligan, wife of Mr Peter M'Dowall, coachman to Sir James Hay, aged 38 years.

M'DOWALL, Peter - D27/4/1871 - At 12, Agnew Crescent, on the 27th ult., Peter, aged 6 months, son of Mr Robert M'Dowall, blacksmith.

M’DOWALL, Mrs. Peter - D12/1/1846 - Here, at St. John Street, on the 12th inst., Mrs Peter M'Dowall, aged 60 years.

M'DOWALL, Robert - D14/2/1846 - At Low Milton, Mochrum, on the 14th inst., suddenly, Mr Robert M'Dowall, farmer there, aged 70 years.

M'DOWALL, Samuel - D25/7/1844 - At Glenluce, on the 25th ult., Samuel M'Dowall, eldest son of Mr William M'Dowall, carrier, aged 14 years, after a lingering illness, borne with Christian fortitude.

M’DOWALL, Sarah - D20/1/1867 - At 42 Agnew Crescent, on the 20th instant, Sarah M'Dowall, aged 16 years.

M'DOWALL, Mrs William - D2/12/1854 - Here, at London Road, on the 2d inst., Mrs William McDowall, aged 71 years.

M'DOWALL, Wm. - D9/2/1887 - At Creebridge, Newton-Stewart, on the 9th inst., Wm. M'Dowall, son of the late Samuel M'Dowall, aged 72 years.

M’DOWALL, William - in WFP D11/4/1889 - At Enfield House, Lochans, William M'Dowall, in his 75th year. - Friends omitted please accept of this intimation.

MacEACHARN, Colin - D10/7/1845 - At Campbelton, on the 10th instant, Colin MacEacharn (a r n), Esq. of Oatfield.

M'ELLIGOTT, Michael - D13/4/1878 - At 60 Princes Street, Pollockshiels, Glasgow, on the 13th inst., Michael M'Elligott, the beloved husband of Maggie Hughes M'Elligott - deeply regretted, R.I.P.

M’EWAN/PARK, Agnes - D24/12/1855 - At Springbank, Sheuchan, on the 24th ult., Agnes Park, wife of James M'Ewen.

M’EWAN/CALDWELL, Janet - D24/1/1846 - At Newton, Ayr, on the 24th inst., Janet M'Ewan, relict of Mr David Caldwell, formerly of Newton-Stewart.

M’EWAN/GEMMELL, Jean - D28/4/1845 - At Dalmellington, on the 28th ult., Jean Gemmell, wife of John M'Ewan, tailor, deeply and justly lamented.

M’EWAN/JOHNSON, Margaret - in WFP D11/4/1889 - At Lower Camden, Chislehurst, Kent, Margaret M'Ewen, beloved wife of William H, Johnson, coachman, Elmstead, and second daughter of James M'Ewan, blacksmith, Ballantrae, aged 48 years.

M’EWAN, Thomas - D15/8/1900 - At Twyfelwar, on the 15th inst. Trooper Thomas M'Ewan, South African Light Horse, son of the late John M'Ewan, grocer, Girvan aged 17 years and 6 months, - very deeply regretted.

M’EWAN, Wm - D9/12/1891 - At Whithorn, on the 9th inst. Wm M'Ewen, aged 82 years.

M'EWEN, Grace - D15/11/1854 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 15th instant, Grace, infant child of Mr Walter M'Ewen, grocer.

M'EWEN, James - D3/10/1867 - At 39 Queen Street, on the 3rd October, James, son of Mr James M'Ewen, blacksmith, aged 23 months.

M'EWEN, James - D15/7/1878 - Here, at Sheuchan Street, on the 15th inst., very suddenly, Mr James M'Ewen.

M’EWEN/FRATER, Jean - D4/8/1852 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 4th instant, Mrs Jean M'Ewen, aged 33 years, wife of Mr George Frater, flesher.

M'EWEN, John - D15/8/1843 - At Elizabethtown, State of Kentucky, United States, on 15th August last, Mr John M'Ewen, late farmer of Mossyard, Anwoth.

M'EWEN, John - D11/9/1875 - At Springwell Cottae, Kirkinner, on the 11th inst., John, aged 63 years, son of the late Captain John M'Ewen, Mark, Leswalt.

M’EWEN/FERGUSON, Mary - D17/11/1845 - On the 17th instant, at High Mark, Leswalt, Mary Ferguson, relict of Mr John M'Ewen.

M’EWEN, Robert - D9/6/1860 - At Monte Video, on the 9th June, suddenly, Robert M'Ewen, Esq., chief engineer of H.M.S. Curacoa, aged 50 years.

M’EWES, James - D18/3/1876 - Here, at Backrampart, on the 18th inst., Mr James M'Ewes, labourer, aged 98 years.

M'EWING/SERVICE, Mary - D31/5/1845 - At Auchnotroch, Leswalt, on the 31st ult., after four days of severe affliction, borne with great resignation, Mary Service, spouse of the deceased Robert M'Ewing, late farmer in Knock.

M'EWING, William - D21/7/1845 - At Calcutta, on the 21st July, 1845, aged 29 years, William, only surviving son of the late Mr John M' Ewing, Portpatrick - much regretted.

M’FADDEN/KEVAN, Mary Ann - D15/2/1874 - At her son-in-law's house, Mr William Baker, Kirkcowan, on the 15th ult., Mary Ann Kevan, widow of Mr John M'Fadden, dyker, Kirkcowan, aged 69 years.

M’FADDEN, Mr. William - D15/3/1861 - At the croft in Aries, parish of Kirkcolm on the 15th inst., after a protracted period of frailty, Mr William M'Fadden, formerly boot and shoemaker (advanced) in years. (McFadzean, married to Mary Milroy and aged 76 as per Meg)

M’FADZEAN/DAVIDSON, Jean - D17/11/1869 - At Rosehall Schoolhouse, Coatbridge, on the 17th ultimo, Jean M'Fadzean, relict of Mr James Davidson, Trochrigg, Girvan, aged 73 years.

M'FADZEAN, Mary - D11/6/1847 - At Gallowhill of Sheuchan, on the 11th curt,. Mary, youngest daughter of Mr John M'Fadzean, farmer, there.

M'FADZEAN, William - D25/1/1871 - At Mark, Inch, suddenly, on the 25th ult., aged 54 years, Mr William M'Fadzean.

M'FARLANE/MCGEOCH, Barbara - D8/4/1847 - At Portwilliam, on the 8th inst., Barbara M'Geoch, wife of Mr Thomas McFarlane, aged 42 years. (Inserted April 22, 1847)

M'FARLANE, Barbara McGeoch - D8/4/1847 - At Portwilliam, on the 8th instant, Mrs Thomas M'Farlane, aged 42. (Inserted April 22,1847)

MacFARLANE, Duncan - D1/10/1844 - At Stewarton, on the 1st inst., aged 76, Mr Duncan MacFarlane, parochial teacher of Stewarton for the last 57 years.

MacFARLANE, James - D10/10/1867 - Very suddenly, on the road from Whithorn to Portwilliam, on the evening of the 10th instant, Mr James Macfarlane, ironmoner, Portwilliam aged 25 years. Very deeply regretted by many friends.

M’FARLANE, John - D16/6/1887 - At the Academy, Glenluce, on the 16th inst. John M'Farlane, in the 51st year of his age.

M’FARLANE/BLACK, Mary - D31/8/1865 - At Greenvale Street, on the 31st ultimo, Mary M'Farlane, aged 50 years, wife of Mr James Black, shoemaker.

MacFARLANE, Rev. Patrick John - D28/1/1844 - At his father's house, Perth on the 28th ult., the Rev. Patrick John Macfarlane, M.D., minister of Dron.

M’FEE, John - D11/8/1858 - At sea, on the 11th August last, of fever, on a voyage from New Orleans to Trieste, in lat, 26,N --- --30, W. Mr John M'Fee, chief officer of the barque ---ence, much and justly regretted. Mr M'Fee was grandson of the late Mr Ronald Hamilton, of Laggan, former tenant of Southcairn, and other farms in the parish of Kirkcolm.

M'FEE, Thomas - D9/8/1844 - At Meikle Killantrae, Mochrum, on the 9th instant, after a painful and protracted illness, Thomas, aged 4 years, youngest son of Mr William M'Fee.

MacFIE/M’KIE, Dorothea - D23/10/1882 - At Moorside, Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia, on the 23rd October, Dorothea(,) Macfie, widow of the late David M'Kie, formerly schoolmaster in Sorbie, Wigtownshire, aged 72 years.

M’FIE/LOWDEN, Mary - D16/5/1844 - At Millbank, Southwick, on the 16th curt., Mary M'Fie, wife of Samuel Lowden, Esq., of Millbank.