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Death Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: February 2006

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L--DON/GRIER, Isabella - D23/8/1855 - At Gatehouse, on the 23d instant, Isabella Grier, aged 81 years, relict of the late Mr Samuel L--don, joiner.

LAIDLAW, Dr - D13/6/1844 - At Kirkbank, parish of Johnstone, on the 13th instant, Dr Laidlaw, aged 81 years.

LAIDLAW, Mary Anne - D5/5/1871 - At 18 Gordner's Crescent, Edinburgh, on the 5th inst., of scarlet fever, Mary Anne, youngest daughter of the late James Laidlaw, surgeon, Castle-Douglas, aged four years.

LAIDLAW, Wm. - D18/5/1845 - At Contin, county of Ross, on the 18th instant, Wm. Laidlaw, Esq..

LAIDLAW, Wm. - in the WFP D2/10/1845 - At Annan, last week, Mrs Little, High Street, aged 88. Also, Mrs Captain Geddes, Scott Street, after a protracted suffering, and much respected. And, Mr Wm.Laidlaw, Murray Street in the prime of life, and deservedly regretted.

LAIDLAW, Wm. - D16/10/1845 - At Annan, on the 16th inst., Mr Wm. Laidlaw, builder, aged 55.

LAING, Alexander - D31/7/1853 - At Slitrig Crescent, Hawick, on the 31st ult., Alexander, son of Mr John Laing, manufacturer, aged 7 years.

LAING, Kate - D22/11/1866 - At Grahamstown, South Africa, on the 22d November last, Kate, only daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Laing, formerly in Girvan, Aryshire.

LAING/HASTIE, Margaret Stewart - D6/2/1847 - At the Free Church Manse of Kirkpatrick (Fleming) on the 6th ultimo, Margaret S. Laing, wife of the (late) George Hastie - justly lamented. (Margaret Stewart Laing to George Hastie on March 30, 1835 at Brechin, Angus as per the IGI)

LAIRD, Allan - D7/12/1845 - At 21, Elmbank Crescent, Glagow, on the 7th inst., Allan, youngest son of Mr Alexander Laird.

LAIRD/M'MORRAN, Elizabeth - D25/6/1863 - At Clady House, Inch, on the 25th ultimo, Elizabeth M'Morran, aged 29 years, wife of Mr James Laird.

LAIRD, Elizabeth - D22/12/1882 - At Little Torhouse, on the 22nd inst., Elisabeth, daughter of John Laird, aged 3 years.

LAMB, Mrs. - D25/12/1845 - At Bridgebank, parish of Inch, on the 25th ult., Mrs Lamb, advanced in years.

LAMB/KENNEDY, Catherine - D18/10/1844 - At Drumgrier, parish of Colmonell, on the 18th inst., Catherine Kennedy, relict of Mr John Lamb, aged 90 years.

LAMB/FERGUSON, Jean - in the WFP D27/11/1845 - At Rute, Parish of Colmonell, after a lingering illness, Jean Lamb, wife of Mr James Ferguson, farmer there.

LAMB, John - D24/1/1851 - Suddenly, on the 24th instant, of apoplexy, having been on the previous day in his usually robust and good health, John Lamb, aged 58, and 32 years hedger and forester at Dunskey, Wigtownshire. He was a native of Northumberland - was in his earlier years trained to the business, with his father in law, Mr Turnbull, the forester, who, under the eye of the late Sir Hew Dalrymple Hamilton, reared the extensive nurseries, and planted out the grounds in making the place at Bargany, Ayrshire: and where, even then, Lamb's neat-handedness in the dressing and keeping of hedges were specially marked and acknowledged.

LAMB, Marion - D17/1/1847 - Here, at Charlotte Street, on the 17th instant, Marion, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Lamb, Kirkmaiden, aged 19 years.

LAMB, Mary - D24/3/1874 - At Blackparks, Inch, on the 24th inst. Mary , daughter of Mr Andrew Lamb, engineer, aged 5 months.

LAMBERTON, Margaret Fairlie - D15/10/1844 - At Kilmaurs, on the 15th inst, Margaret Fairlie Lamberton, aged 22.

LAMBIE/ADAIR, Agnes - D11/8/1860 - A Carscreugh, Old Luce, on the 11th inst., aged 32 years, Agnes Lambie, wife of Mr Adair, Galdenoch Mill.

LAMBIE, Mrs. John - D6/1/1867 - At Glentrool, parish of Minigaff, on the 6th instant, after a brief illness, Mrs John Lambie, advanced in life.

LAMBIE, Robert - D28/8/1845 - At Kilmarnock, on the 28th ult., Robert Lambie, innkeeper.

LAMMIE, Alexander - D19/8/1845 - At Plantation, Lusign(ton), East Coast, Damarara, on the 19th August last, after a few days' illness, Alexander, eldest son of Alexander Lammie, snuff-box manufacturer, Cumnock.

LAMOND, Quinton - D31/3/1874 - At Heugh Park, Glenluce, on the 31st ult. Mr Quintin Lamond, late of Balgown, Kirkmaiden, and Drumore, Glasserton, aged 90 years. Much respected by all who enjoyed the pleasure of his acquaintance.

LAMONT, John Affleck Allison Fowden - D7/10/1843 - Oct. 7, at the Mauritius, awfully sudden, on board the "Duke", aged 23, John Affleck Allison Fowden, son of the late Robert Lamont, Esq., of Kirkland, near Castle-Douglas, caused by a fall from the foretopsail yard, while in the performance of his duty, furling sails.

LAMONT/M’GANN, Nicholas - D16/1/1864 - At Castle Sinniness, on the 16th instant, after ... illness, Nicholas M'Gann, aged 37 years, wife of .... Lamont, dairyman there.

LANDSBURGH/DURHAM, Jean - D10/6/1843 - At Lochinbreck Well, on the 10th inst., very suddenly, of apoplexy, Jean Durham, aged 58, spouse to Mr Landsburgh, innkeeper there.

LANDSBURGH/WEEMS, Mary - D11/1/1844 - at Maxwelltown, on the 11th inst., Mrs Mary Weems, relict of Mr Thomas Landsburgh - much respected.

LANG, Elizabeth - D27/6/1851 - At Burnhouse, Colmonell, on the 27th ult., Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Robert Lang, Esq., West Bridge-end, Dumbarton.

LANG, Jean - D22/1/1845 - At Dumfries, on the 22nd inst., Miss Jean Lang, third daughter of Mr John Lang, wright, Ayr.

LANG, John - D24/5/1846 - At Glasgow, on th 24th ult., John Lang, Esq., Dean of the Faculty of Procurators.

LAUDER, George - D23/2/1850 - On the 23d ultimo, at Great Tew Vicarage, Oxon, George, second son of the late Sir Thomas Dick Lauder, Bart., of Fountainhall, aged 30 years.

LAURIE/MONTAGUE/FECTOR, Anne Wortley - D27/3/1848 - On the 27th ult., Anne Wortley Montague, widow of the late J. M. Fector, Esq., and only daughter of the late Sir Robert Laurie, Bart, M.D. for Dumfrieshire.

LAURIE, James Hodgson Martin - D3/12/1846 - At Lochmailing, on the 3d inst., James H.M. Laurie, eldest son of Wm. Laurie, Esq., surgeon, Gordeston, in the 15th year of his age. (James Hodgson Martin Laurie born on April 9, 1832 at Creetown to William Laurie and mary Martin. He died Dec 2, 1846 as per the IGI)

LAURIE, John - D22/2/1879 - At Auchinleck,. Ayrshire, on the 22nd ult., John Laurie, elde------- son of the late Robert Laurie, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, Kirkcudbrightshire, aged 45 years.

LAURIE/WILKIN, Rachel Douglas - D10/12/1845 - At Tinwald Downs, on the 10th inst., Rachel Douglas Laurie, wife of Mr James Wilkin.

LAURIE/WOODHALL, Sophia - D26/7/1853 - At Barwhinnock, on the 26th ultimo, Sophia Woodhall, relict of the late Patrick Laurie, Esq., of Barwhinnock.

LAURIE, William - D7/11/1843 - At Crossmichael Village, on the 7th inst., Mr William Laurie, joiner, aged 82 years.

LAW/MITCHELL, Euphemia - D1/12/1891 - At the Nurseries, Newton-Stewart, on the 1st inst. Euphemia Law, wife of John Mitchell, nurseryman, aged 84 years.

LAW/M'KEAND, Jane - D30/7/1844 - At Morrach, near Whithorn, on the 30th ult., Jane M'Keand, wife of Mr Peter Law, aged 79 years.

LAW/DAVIDSON, Margaret - D12/12/1847 - At Girvan, on the 12th inst., Margaret Law, wife of Mr Thomas Davidson, postmaster, after a few days' illness - much regretted.

LAW, Margaret - D2/11/1860 - At Newton Stewart, on the 2d inst., Miss Margaret Law, formerly of Wigtown.

LAW, Peter - D18/12/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 18th inst., Mr Peter Law, aged 82 years.

LAW, William - D11/5/1845 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 11th inst., Mr William Law, watchmaker, aged 53. It seldom falls to our lot to record the death of any one who is so much regretted, whose loss will be so much felt in this neighbourhood, and whose usefulness in every mechanical branch was so apparent. Possessed of first rate abilities, sound taste, and an excellent tact for execution, his workmanship was always of the very first order. In private life he was a kind hearted man, and affectionate husband, an indulgent parent and a faithful friend.

LAWRENCE/MILLIGAN, Eliza - D31/7/1844 - At Flinder's Island (Van Dieman’s Land - Tasmania), on the 31st July, Eliza, the wife of Joseph Milligan, M.D. J.P. aged 18 years, daughter of the late W.E. Lawrence, Esq., M.C.L. - deeply regretted.

LAWRIE/MATHIE, Mrs Dr. - D21/6/1845 - At Hunter's Hill, Kilmarnock, on the 21st inst., Mrs Dr. Lawrie, only daughter of the late Mr Robert Mathie, bookseller.

LAWRIE, Harriet Dalmahoy - D31/1/1846 - At Monkton Manse, on the 31st ult., aged 8 years, Harriet Dalmahoy, third daughter of the Rev. Dr. Lawrie, minister of Monkton.

LAWRIE, James - D11/8/1845 - At Kirkland, Closeburn, on the 11th inst., James, eldest son of Mr Francis Lawrie, farmer there.

LAWRIE, John - D11/1/1861 - At Baldoon, Kirkinner, on the 11th inst., John, aged 10 years, son of Mr Lawrie, gardener to James Caird Esq., Baldoon, M.P. for Stirling.

LAWRIE, Robert - D24/3/1874 - At 5 King Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 24th inst. Mr Robert Lawrie, aged (83) years.

LAWSON/MCCRACKEN, Agnes - D7/9/1887 - At 8 Marchhall Road, Edinburgh, on the 7th inst., Agnes M'Cracken, aged 74 years, widow of Wm. Lawson, Manchester, and eldest daughter of the late Wm M'Cracken, Auchencross, Ballantrae, Ayrshire - Friends will please accept this (the only) intimation.

LAWSON, Alexander - D11/6/1844 - At Burgess Outown, near Whithorn, on the 11th inst., Mr Alexander Lawson, farmer there.

LAWSON, George - D2/6/1845 - At Kelton, on the 21st ult., Mr George Lawson, aged 83 years.

LAWSON/FERGUSON, Helen - D5/2/1845 - At Dumfries, on the 5th current, Helen Lawson, spouse of Mr Joseph Ferguson, grocer, aged 80 years - deeply regretted.

LAWSON, Mrs James - D13/6/1846 - At Whithorn, on the 13th inst., Mrs James Lawson, at the advanced age of 89 years - much respected.

LAWSON/DOBIE, Jean - D11/7/1845 - At Kirkland, Torthorwald, on the 11th instant, at an advanced age, Jean Lawson, relict of John Dobie, farmer, Park, Troqueer, - deeply regretted.

LAWSON, Margaret - D28/5/1843 - At Selkirk, on the 28th ult., Margaret, daughter of the late Dr Lawson, Professor of Divinity.

(LAWSON) M’KIE, Margaret - D2/4/1845 - At Sorbie, on the 2d instant, Margaret M'Kie, aged 20, daughter of Mr Alexander M'Kie, and niece of James Lawson, Esq., of Whithorn.

LAWSON/WILLIAMS, Mary Helen Mary - D(13)/6/1887 - At Woodlee, Newton-Stewart, N.B. on the (13)th inst, Mary Helen Mary Lawson, youngest daughter of the late Edward and Annie Williams, in her 22nd year.

LAWSON, Thos. - D25/3/1847 - At Langholm on the 20th ult., Helen Fletcher; on the 22d ult., Mr James Irving, aged 79; on the 23d ult., Catherine Young, relict of Mr Philip Corrie, clockmaker, there aged 79; on the 25th ult., Mr Thos. Lawson, aged 56; on the 27th ult,. Mr James Dalgliesh, hosier, aged 63.

LAWSON, William - D22/2/1845 - In the Mauritius, on the 22d February last, William Lawson, youngest son of Mr George Lawson, Kelton.

LAYARD, Raymond - D1/8/1853 - At Craigie House, Ayr, on the 1st inst., Raymond, third son of James Gay Layard, Esq., aged 2 years.

LEACY, Garrat - D26/5/1852 - At Wigtown, on the 26th ult., Mr Garrat Leacy, cattle dealer, after a brief illness.

LEAD/GIBB, Jane - D26/3/1850 - Here, at Hanover Street, on the 26th instant, after a short illness, Jane Lead, wife of Mr John Gibb, plasterer, aged 42 years. She lived respected and esteemed by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance, and her demise is much regretted.

LEARMONT/M'CLELLAN, Jean - D27/12/1846 - At Castle of Park, near Glenluce, on the 27th instant, Jean M'Clellan or Learmont, far advanced in years.

LECKIE, Charles - D6/10/1843 - At 26, East Prince's Street, Rothesay, on the 6th inst., aged 38 years, Mr Charles Leckie of Barrhead, who was well known throughout Scotland as the advocate of Nonintrusion and spiritual independence.

LEES/GORDON, Catherine - D3/4/1847 - At Gatehouse, on the 31st ultimo, Mr John M'Taggart, weaver, aged 75 years. On the 3d instant, aged 43 years, Elizabeth Martin, spouse of Mr Wm. Graham, tailor. On the same night, very suddenly, Catherine Gordon, wife of Mr Wm. Lees, grocer, aged 50; and on the 5th instant, Elizabeth M'Neil, relict of James M'Clure, weaver, aged 66 years.

LEES, James - D11/1/1878 - At 1 Princes Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 11th inst., James Lees, Esq., J.P., aged 85 years. (James LEES, House Proprietor, Justice of the Peace, single. Died Jan 11 at 1 Princes St, Newton Stewart as per Meg)

LEES, John - D13/3/1874 - At Back Street, Wigtown, on the 18th inst. Mr John Lees, son of Mr David Lees aged 2 years.

LeGALL, William M’Chlery - D30/4/1869 - At Mentone, France, on the 30th ultimo, aged 18 years, William M'Chlery, only son of the late John LeGall, Esq., of the Island of St.Vincent, West Indies.

LEGGAT/M'DOWALL, Jane - D23/1/1843 - At Glenluce, on the 23/1/1843 - At Glenluce, on the 23d ult., aged 82 years, (Jane) M'Dowall, relict of William Leggat, Whitecairn, Distant friends will please accept this notice. (inserted February 2, 1843) (possibly also went by Jean - Jean McDowall to William Leggat on May 21, 1792 at Kirkmaiden by Drummore, Wigtown and Jean McDowall to William Leggat on May 23, 1792 at GlenLuce, Wigtown as per the IGI)

LEGGAT/M'DOWALL, Jane - D24/1/1843 - At Glenluce, on the 24th ult., Jane M'Dowall, relict of William Leggat, of White Cairn. (inserted February 2, 1843) (possibly also went by Jean - Jean McDowall to William Leggat on May 21, 1792 at Kirkmaiden by Drummore, Wigtown and Jean McDowall to William Leggat on May 23, 1792 at GlenLuce, Wigtown as per the IGI)

LEGGET, Sarah - D15/3/1874 - Here, at Dalrymple Street, on the 15th inst. Sarah Legget, aged 50 years. Died at sea, on the 29th January, Captain D.L. Murdoch, -----(a ship) Barton. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

LEIGH, Thomas - D13/1/1846 - At Portwilliam, Edwin, son of Mr Thomas Leigh, aged 2 1/2 years; same place, on the 13th inst., Mr Goudie, aged 41; and, same day, Richard, son of Mr John Beckets, aged 18.

LEITH, Rear-Admiral John - D25/10/1854 - At Blackford, Aberdeenshire, on the 25th ult., aged 66, Rear-Admiral John Leith.

LENNOX/CRIRIE, Janet - D20/6/1844 - At Robgill Tower, on the 20th ult., aged 83, Janet Lennox, widow of Rev. Dr James Cririe, minister of Dalton.

LENNOX, Peter - D22/10/1844 - At Langholm, Auchinleck, on the 22d inst., Peter, son of Mr M. Lennox, farmer there.

LENN(OX), William - D28/12/1870 - At Creetown, on the 28th ult., William Lenn(ox?) joiner, aged 60 years.

LENOX, Mrs - D9/3/1843 - At New York, on the 9th ult., Mrs Lenox, widow of the late Robert Lenox, Esq..

LENY, James Macalpine - D5/1/1867 - At Dalswinton, on the 5th January, James Macalpine Leny, Esq., aged 71.

LESLEY/BAIN, Margaret - D20/4/1844 - At Glasgow, on the 20th inst., after a severe illness, Margaret Lesley, aged 50 years, spouse of the late Mr Alex. Bain, woollen spinner.

LEVI, Salomon Herzi - in WFP D14/3/1844 - At Herxheim, Landau, Salomon Herzi Levi, an Israelite, in his 109 th year. He was followed to his grave by 81 children, grand-children, and great-grand-children.

LEWIS, David - D26/11/1847 - Suddenly, at Cairniehill of Tongland, (on the) 26th ult., David, son of David Lewis, (he was a) very pious young man, aged 17 years. Th(e cause) of death was the rupture of a blood-vessel.

LEWIS, Mr. J. - D25/4/1845 - At Dalbeattie, on the 25th ult., Mr J. Lewis, stocking manufacturer, there.

LIDDERDALE, Agnes - D10/12/1844 - At Lochbank, Castle-Douglas, on the 10th inst., Agnes, daughter of James Lidderdale, Esq..

LIDDERDALE/MORGAN, Anne - D3/11/1843 - At Blandord Square, London, on the 3d curt., Anne Morgan, wife of John Lidderdale Esq., St. Petersburgh.

LIDDERDALE, Elizabeth - D31/12/1846 - At Blandford Square, London, on the 31st ult., Elizabeth, relict of Dr. H. Lidderdale, whom she survived only 11 days.

LIDDERDALE, Dr. Halliday - D20/12/1845 - At Blandford Square, London, on the 20th ult., Dr. H. Lidderdale, aged 74. (Halliday Lidderdale as per the Free BMD deaths on

LIDDERDALE, John - D4/1/1845- At St. Petersburg, on the 4th ult., John Lidderdale, Esq..

LIGHTFOOT, Alfred - D3/4/1879 - Portpatrick - Alfred Lightfoot, an officer of Coastguards stationed at Portpatrick, was accidentally drowned while on duty during Thursday night by falling from the dock into the harbour. He had been with the Lighthouse Keeper only a short time previous to the accident. He left the latter for the purpose of taking a walk down the pier and a cry having been heard shortly afterwards, the Lighthouse Keeper and a friend got a boat and went to his rescue. The unfortunate man was got out alive and taken to the Lighthouse and a doctor called in but though efforts were made to bring him round, he died about two hours afterwards. Deceased was 36 years of age, married and a native of Portsmouth. He was interred on Tuesday with the customary naval honours.

LIMEBURN, Alexander - D20/12/1877 - At the (-)est, by Portwilliam, on the 20th (29th) ult., A---Limeburn, advanced in years. (Alexander Limeburn, 78, died Dec 20, 1877, Glasserton #16 as per Meg)

LIMOND, David - D13/7/1854 - At Victoria Park, Ayr, on the 13th instant, David Limond, Esq., of Dalblair - late Provost of Ayr.

LIMOND, James - D29/8/1846 - At Dalmellington, on the 29th ult., Mr James Limond, son of the late Mr Limond, Burnton, Dalmellington.

LIMOND, William - D29/7/1843 - On the 29th July, on his passage home from New Orleans, William, second son of Mr Limond, late in Balgown, now Drumgin, Wigtownshire.

LINDIE/STEWART, Elizabeth - D12/4/1889 - At Ballochdoa, Ballantrae, on 12th inst., Elizabeth Stewart, beloved wife of Charles Lindie, aged 41 years - Deeply regretted.

LINDSAY, Alexander - D15/9/1867 - At Wheatpark, St. Quivox, on the 15th instant, (Mr) Alexander Lindsay, farmer there, aged 41 years.

LINDSAY, Jacob - 22/12/1891 - At Glenluce, on the 22nd inst. Jacob Lindsay avanced in years. - American and New Zealand papers please copy.

LINDSAY, James - D12/12/1877 - At Ravenshall, parish of Kirkmabreck, on the 12 inst., J(ames) Lindsay, aged 58 years. (Index showed James Lindsay died Kirkmabreck #20 as per Meg)

LINDSAY/JESS, Janet - D4/3/1924 - At 7 Strand street, Stranraer, on the 4th inst., Janet Jess, beloved wife of John Lindsay, in her 63rd year.

LINDSAY, Margaret - D14/9/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 14th inst., Margaret, daughter of Mr Robert Lindsay, cabinet-maker - much regretted.

LINDSAY/FAIRLEY, Margaret - D2/12/1891 - At Ringuinea Moss, Stoneykirk, on the 2nd inst. Margaret Lindsay, relict of John Fairley, aged 92 years.

LINDSAY/FLEMING, Mary - D3/5/1845 - At Dalbeattie, on the 3d inst., Mary Lindsay, relict of the late Nathaniel Fleming, mariner.

LINDSAY/MORROW, Mary Jane - D6/12/1891 - Here, at 18 Saint Andrew Street, Stranraer on the 6th inst. Mary Jane Morrow, wife of Samuel Lindsay, seaman, aged 53 years.

LINDSAY, Richard Alexander - D10(19)/12/1842 - In the fort of Buckkur, on the Indus, on the (10th) (or 19th) of December, Richard Alexander Lindsay, Ensign of her Majesty's 40th Regt., aged 19, son of Thomas Spencer Lindsay, Esq., of Hollymount, and grandson of the late Richard Alex. Oswald, Esq., of Auchencruive.

LINDSAY, Thomas - D12/7/1846 - Here, at Charlotte Street, on the 12th inst., Mr Thomas Lindsay, baker, aged 56 years.

LINDSAY, William - D11/9/1844 - At High Holehouse, parish of Mauchline, on the 11th ult., Mr William Lindsay, farmer in the 90th year of his age.

LINDWOOD/M'CREATH, Elizabeth - D5/3/1873 - At Genoch Square, Old-Luce, on the 5th inst., Elizabeth M'Creath, aged 88 years, relict of Mr William Lindwood.

LINTON/JARDINE, Mary - D8/12/1843 - At Upper Gimmenbie, Hoddam, on the 8th inst., Mary, Jardine, wife of Mr Thomas Linton, aged 79.

LINTON, Peter - D5/1/1843 - At Southerness, on the 5th inst., Peter Linton, Esq., Mr Linton held the commission of Lieutenant in the Dumfrieshire militia. At the private board of his lay friends, as at the "mess" he kept the table in a roar, not by the wit however of the coarse and vulgar, but from the overflowing impulse of a heart that bore enmity to none of God's creatures, - for of a truth it was surcharged with the milk of human kindness, and, as a consequence, his society was as generally courted in life, as his death is collectively regretted.

LIPSCOMBE, Right Rev. Christopher - D4/4/1843 - At Jamaica, on the 4th April, aged 62 years, the Right Rev. Christopher, first Bishop of Jamaica. (Buried in the cemetery is the first Bishop of Jamaica, the Rt. Rev Christopher Lipscomb as per the Internet).

LISTER, Alex - D13/2/1847 - Here, at Church Street, on the 13th inst., of fever, Mr Alex Lister, tailor, aged 44 years.

LISTER/TORRIE, Annie - D12/7/1863 - At 6 Stanley Place, Glasgow, on the 12th (inst) Annie Lister, aged 28 years, wife of Mr Alexander -------, General Post-Office. (An Annie Lister aged 21 married Alexander Torrie aged 28 Aug 20 1855 at High Street in Stranraer)

LISTER/SCOTT, Catherin - D29/11/1861 - At 136, West Graham Street, Glasgow, on the 29th ultimo, Catherin Lister, late of Stranraer, wife of Mr Alex. Scott. Friends will please accept this intimation.

LISTER, William - D17/9/1855 - Here, at Lewis Street, on the 17th instant, William, aged 14 years, son of the late Mr Alexander Lister.

LITHGOW, Mrs - D14/2/1846 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 14th inst., Mrs Lithgow.

LITT, John - in the WFP D14/11/1844 - At his house, Castle Street, Dumfries, John Litt, Esq., late of Glasgow.

LITTERICK, Andrew - D25/8/1887 - At the residence of his son-in-law, Farm of Felyennan, Mochrum, on the 25th ult., Andrew Litterick, aged 80 years.

LITTERICK/SINCLAIR, Jane - D12/12/1883 - At Landberrick, on the 12th inst., Jane Sinclair, relict of James Litterick, aged 78 years.

LITTERICK/M'GUFFIE, Jeannie - D2/3/1878 - At Broughton Skeog, Whithorn, on the 2nd inst., Jeannie Litterick, wife of John M'Guffie, aged 23 years.

LITTERICK, Robert - D27/11/1891 - At Glenluce, Robert Litterick, mason, aged 51 years. (Died Nov 27, age was 51 as per Meg)

LITTLE, Mrs - in the WFP D2/10/1845 - At Annan, last week, Mrs Little, High Street, aged 88. Also, Mrs Captain Geddes, Scott Street, after a protracted suffering, and much respected. And, Mr Wm. Laidlaw, Murray Street, in the prime of life, and deservedly regretted.

LITTLE, Mrs - D21/10/1847 - Here, at Lewis Street, on the 21st instant, Mrs Little, widow of the late Commander Little, R.N. - Friends at a distance will please accept of this intimation.

LITTLE/IRVING, Agnes - D27/12/1842 - At Powellimount, Kirkbean, on the 27th ult., Agnes Little, wife of Mr C. Irving, farmer there. The poor in the neighbourhood have lost a particular friend by her decease.

LITTLE/SWAN, Agnes - D27/1/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 27th ult., Mrs Agnes Little, spouse of Mr W(illiam) Swan, grocer.

LITTLE, Agnes - D29/3/1845 - At Langholm, on the 29th ultimo, Agnes, daughter of the late Mr William Little, of the Grahame Arm's Inn, Longtown, aged 23 years.

LITTLE, Archibald - D1/6/1845 - At Killcleuch, Langholm, on the 1st curt., Mr Archd. Little, at an advanced age - much respected.

LITTLE, Elizabeth - D18/8/1844 - At Peth, near Longtown, on Sunday week, Mrs Elizabeth Little, widow, at the advanced age of 99 years.

LITTLE, Francis - D16/12/1883 - At the schoolhouse, Port Logan, on the 16th inst., Francis Little, teacher, aged 27 years. - Deeply regretted.

LITTLE, Hugh - D3/2/1843 - At Wigtown, on the 3d inst., Hugh Little, servant to A. Macdonnell, Sheriff-Substitute.

LITTLE, James - D8/3/1843 - At Byerburnfoot, parish of Cannobie, on the 8th inst., James Little, aged 64.

LITTLE, Jas. - D14/9/1843 - At Tarrasfoot, parish of Cannobie, on the 14th inst., Mr Jas. Little, farmer there, aged 55. He has left a widow and 11 children to mourn his loss.

LITTLE, James - D18/11/1854 - At Annan, on the 18th instant, very suddenly, and greatly lamented, James Little Esq., of Addison's Close.

LITTLE/GRAHAM, Jane - D11/1/1846 - At Renfrew Street, Glasgow, on the 11th instant, Jane, relict of James Graham, Esq., manufacturer, Glasgow, and daughter of the late Provost Little, Annan.

LITTLE, Janet - D9/4/1844 - At Lon(gtown) , on the 9th inst., Mrs Janet Little, aged 72 years. Also listed the following week on a different day;

LITTLE, Janet - D8/4/1844 - At Longtown, on the 8th inst., Mrs Janet Little, aged 72 years. (Inserted April 18, 1844)

LITTLE/KEIR, Jean - D2/4/1843 - At Carlesgill, parish of Westerkirk, on the 2nd inst., Jean Keir, spouse of Jas. Little, Esq., late of Bombay, aged 2(0) years - much lamented.

LITTLE, John - D24/1/1845 - At Guard's Mill, on the 24th instant, very suddenly, Mr John Little, much regretted.

LITTLE, John - D25/8/1845 - At Galt, Dumfries Township, Upper Canada, on the 25th August last, Mr John Little, aged 56, formerly farmer of Knockwalloch, Kirkpatrick Durham.

LITTLE, John - D11/4/1878 - At Portlogan, Kirkmaiden, on the 11th inst. Mr John Little, carrier, aged 99 years.

LITTLE, John Halliday Crawford - D2/11/1846 - At New Galloway, on the 2d instant, John Halliday Crawford, aged 5 years, only surviving son of Mr Archd. Little there.

LITTLE/CALDWELL, Mary - D??/5/1860At South Wembury House, Devonshire, on the --- May, Mary Caldwell, wife of Commander Little, R.N.

LITTLE, Robert - D23/2/1852 - At Dalbeattie, on the 23d ultimo, Robert, second son of the late John Little, Esq., of Drum, Newabbey, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.

LITTLE/M’CLYMONT, Susan - D23/7/1851 - At Greenock, on the 23d inst. suddenly, Susan M'Clymont aged 24, wife of Mr James Little, spirit merchant, and youngest daughter of Mr Alexander M'Clymont, Barscarrow, Stoneykirk - Friends will please accept of this intimation.

LITTLE, William - D9/8/1844 - At High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, on the 9th ult., Mr William Little, tea-dealer, aged 29 years - a native of Annan.

LITTLE, Wm. - D13/3/1850 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 13th instant, Mr Wm. Little, writer, aged 87 years.

LIVINGSTONE, Charles - D29/7/1846 - At Isle of Whithorn, on the 29th ult., aged 19, Charles, youngest son of Mr Archibald Livingstone, her Majesty's Customs, after a long and severe illness, which he bore with Christian meekness. Deceased was a young man of much promise, and his premature loss is deeply regretted by all.

LIVINGSTON, Elizabeth - D28/4/1846 - On Tuesday, the 28th day of April last, on "Plantation Friendship" Demarara River, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Archibald Livingston, Esq., Manager - after a short but severe illness, borne with great fortitude and Christian resignation - much and deeply regretted by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance.

LIVINGSTON, James - D7/3/1843 - At Potterland, on the 7th inst., James, aged 10 months, son of Mr Livingston, farmer.

LIVINGSTON, James - D15/10/1845 - On the 15th instant, in the 43d year of his age, after a short and severe illness, James Livingston, farmer, Darngarroch, (Damgarroch) much respected.

LIVINGSTON, Thomas - D9/10/1847 - At Glenelg, Mochrum, on the 9th inst., after a long illness, Mr Thomas Livingston, farmer, aged 33 years.

LIVINGSTON, Sir Thomas - D1/4/1853 - At Westquarter House, Stirlingshire, on the 1st inst., in his 84th year, Admiral Sir Thomas Livingstone of that Ilk, Westquarter and Bedlormie, Baronet.

LIVINGSTONE, James - D26/1/1844 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 26th ult., James Livingstone, born July 1, 1745, O.S. He was a native of Ireland, but resided in Scotland since the year 1750; and was a householder in the parish of Rerwick for the last 51 years.

LOCH, Catherine - D2/12/1873 - At High Row, Garliestown, on the 2nd inst. Catherine Loch, daughter of Mr Wm Loch aged 47.

LOCHRIE, Mary - D7/12/1877 - Here, at Dalrymple Street, on the 7th inst., Mary Lochrie, aged 66 years.

LOCK, James Esq. - D9/4/1844 - At his residence, Bridge-end, Maxwelltown, on the 9th inst., James Lock, Esq., advanced in life.

LOCKE/HALLIDAY, Mary - D15/1/1845 - At Jordon Street, Liverpool, on the 15th inst., Mary Halliday, relict of Mr Locke, grocer, Maxwelltown.

LOCKERBIE, Infant son - D6/2/1844 - At Annan, on the 6th inst., the infant son of Mr Wm. Lockerbie, manufacturer, North Street.

LOCKERBIE/KIRKPATRICK, Jane - D24/3/1843 - At Netheryett, Trench, on the 24th ult. Jane Kirkpatrick, spouse of Ebenezer Lockerbie, aged 59 years - much respected and deeply regretted.

LOCKHART, Mrs. J. - D28/2/1843 - At Cults, parish of Inch, on the 28th ult., Mrs J. Lockhart.

LOCKHART, Ralston Ritchie - D16/12/1843 - At Cults, parish of Inch, on the 16th curt, Ralston Ritchie, youngest son of Mr James Lockhart.

LOCKE, John - D27/8/1845 - At Ardrossan, on the 27th ult, John, eldest son of the late Robert Locke, Esq., Town Clerk, Dumfries.

LOCKERBY, Janet - D15/5/1843 - At Collin, parish of Torthorwald, on Monday, the 15th inst., Janet, aged eleven weeks, daughter of William Lockerby, blacksmith there.

LOCKIE/ANDERSON, Agnes - D27/2/1843 - At Fernecleugh, Tinwald, on the 27th ult., Agnes Lockie, spouse of Mr David Anderson - much regretted.

LOCKHART, Annie - D26/11/1869 - At the Militia Stores, Ayr, on the 20th ultimo, John, aged 8 years: also on the 25th instant(?) Fanny, aged 16 years, and on the 26th instant(?) aged (5) (15) years, children of Sergt. Major John Lockhart, of the Royal Ayr and Wigtown Militia.

LOCKHART/THOMSON, Ann - D23/11/1844 - At Dundonald, on the 23d inst., Mrs Ann Thomson, wife of Mr David Lockhart.

LOCKHART, Fanny - D25/11/1869 - D26/11/1869 - At the Militia Stores, Ayr, on the 20th ultimo, John, aged 8 years: also on the 25th instant(?) Fanny, aged 16 years, and on the 26th instant(?) aged (5) (15) years, children of Sergt. Major John Lockhart, of the Royal Ayr and Wigtown Militia.

LOCKHART, James - D11/10/1845 - At Bellesley Hill, parish of Newton, on the 11th inst., Mr James Lockhart, late innkeeper in Prestwick.

LOCKHART, John - D22/9/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 22d inst, after a long illness, John Lockhart, painter (recently resident in Manchester), aged 29 years.

LOCKHART, John - D4/8/1852 - Drowned from on board the brig "Rimac", homeward bound from Callo(-) on the 4th August, John Lockhart, son of Mr James Lockhart, late farmer, in Cults, in the parish of Inch. Friends at a distance will please accept of this notification.

LOCKHART, John - D20/11/1869 - D26/11/1869 - At the Militia Stores, Ayr, on the 20th ultimo, John, aged 8 years: also on the 25th instant(?) Fanny, aged 16 years, and on the 26th instant(?) aged (5) (15) years, children of Sergt. Major John Lockhart, of the Royal Ayr and Wigtown Militia.

LODA, Margaret Ritchie - D16/10/1860 - At Auchleach, Stoneykirk, on the 16th instant Margaret Ritchie Loda, aged 13 years.

LOETHER, Lady Elizabeth - D20/5/1844 - At Swillington House, Yorkshire, on the 20th instant, the Lady Elizabeth Lowther, relict of Sir John Lowther, Bart, aged 74 years.

LOGAN, Charlotte - D10/9/1887 - At Isle-of-Whithorn, on the 10th inst., after a protracted period of illness, borne with meekness and resignation, Charlotte Logan, youngest daughter of the late Mr Peter Logan and Charlotte Wood.

LOGAN, Gilbert - D2/9/1847 -At Fordhouse parish of Colmonell, on the 2d instant, after a few hours illness, Mr Gilbert Logan, farmer there, advanced in years.

LOGAN/DICK, Isabella Hastings - D23/3/1845 - At Dumcole Factory, near Berampore, Calcutta, on 23d March last, of cholera, Isabella Hastings, eldest daughter of the late Andrew Dick, Esq., of Moorbrock, and the dearly beloved wife of William Rellie Logan, Esq., - Friends at a distance will please accept of this intimation.

LOGAN/HANNAY, Jane - D25/3/1874 - At 5 Bothwell Terrace, Hillhead, Glasgow, on the 25th ult. Jane, relict of David Logan, C.K. and daughter of the late Robert Hannay H.M. Collector of Customs. Portpatrick.

LOGAN, Jean - D4/12/1844 - At Knockbain, parish of Colmonell, on the 4th inst., suddenly, Jean Logan, at an advanced age.

LOGAN, Mary - D23/12/1844 - At Rosebank, near Newton-Stewart, on the 23d instant, Miss Mary Logan, aged 73 years.

LOGAN/MONTGOMERY, Rebecca - D7/2/1845 - At Troon, on the 7th instant, Rebecca Montgomery, aged 100 years, wife of Mr Andrew Logan.

LOGAN, Samuel Cowan - D29/12/1877 - Here at 30 Fisher Streeet, on the 29th ult., Mr Samuel Cowan Logan, schoolmaster, aged72 years - (deeply) regretted.

LOGAN, Dr William - D6/5/1871 - At Wellwood Cottage, Springvale Road, Ayr, on the 6th inst., Dr William Logan, aged 37 years, son of Mr Robert Logan.

LOGIE, James - D11/3/1845 - At Hamilton Street, Girvan, on the morning of the 11th instant, Mr James Logie, aged 86 years.

LONDON, David - D7/4/1843 - At Palnackie, on the 7th inst., David London, aged 12.

LONSDALE, Chas. Berwick - D9/5/1845 - At Devonshire Terrace, Stanwix, on the 9th inst., aged 7 years, Chas. Berwick, youngest son of T. Lonsdale, Esq..

LONSDALE, Frederick Wilkinson - D9/8/1844 - At Devonshire Terrace, Carlisle, on the 9th inst., Frederick Wilkinson, infant son of Mr Lonsdale.

LOOKUP, Captain Thomas - D18/2/1843 - At Laurieknowe, Maxwelltown, on Saturday, the 18th inst., Captain Thomas Lookup.

LORIMER, Mrs - D11/8/1843 - At High Polquhorter, New Cumnock, on the 11th inst., Mrs Lorimer, at an advanced age.

LORIMER, Mrs - D17/8/1844 -At Balmaclellan, on the 17th inst., Mrs Lorimer.

LORIMER, John - D9/5/1845 - At Sanquhar, on the 9th instant, Mr John Lorimer, aged 84, formerly tenant in Auchentaggart.

LORIMER/M'CALL, Margaret - D12/5/1847 - At Crawick Mill, near Sanquhar, on Wednesday, the 12th inst., Margaret Lorimer, wife of Jas. M'Call, Esq., managing partner, of the Crawick Mill Carpet Company - much regretted.

LOTTIMER, Mrs - D3/3/1844 - At Nether Keir, on the 3d inst., Mrs Lottimer, after a few hours' illness, - much lamented by all who knew her.

LOTTS/MILVEAN, Elizabeth - D6/6/1887 - At Glasserton Row, Whithorn, on the 6th inst., Elizabeth Lotts, wife of John Milvean, aged 67 years.

LOUDON, James Wallace - D2/3/1878 - At Culreoch, Inch, on the 2nd inst., James Wallace, aged 10 years, the beloved son of David and Jane Loudon.

LOUNAN/HUNTER, Agnes - D23/11/1845 - At Kirk Port, Ayr, on the 23d inst., Agnes Hunter, relict of Mr Lounan, farmer, Mains of Cloncaird, aged 66.

LOURIE/KINNELL, Agnes - D22/2/1845 - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse, on the 22nd inst., in the 29th year of her age, Agnes Kinnell, wife of James Lourie, and second daughter of the late William Kinnell, mason there - much regretted.

LOVE, James - in WFP D3/7/1851 - At Grennan, Glenluce, Mr James Love, long farmer in Ballybrooke, Girvan, aged 87.

LOVE, Jane - in WFP D19/8/1852 - At Wilson, Street, Girvan, lately, Miss Jane Love, teacher.

LOVE/WATSON, Margaret - D14/8/1854 - At Peacockbank, near Stewarton, Ayrshire, on Monday the 14th inst., Margaret Watson, relict of the late Mr James Love, aged 65.

LOVE, Samuel - D30/11/1858 - At Genoch, on the 30th ult., of scarlatina, Samuel, infant son of Captain Love.

LOVE, William - D24/8/1844 - At Ulverston, on the 24th ult., William Love, son of Mr Robert Love, cutler, Dumfries.

LOVEDAY, General - in the WFP D11/1/1844 - DEATH OF GENERAL LOVEDAY - This gallant and venerable officer died at Bath last week, at an advanced age. He married Miss D'Esterre, sister of Mr Norcott D'Esterre, who was killed by Mr O'Connell, in a duel near Dublin, in 1815, by whom he had a numerous family.

LOWDEN, Still-born Child - D20/3/1843 - At Richmond, Yorkshire, on the 20th inst., the wife of Mr James Lowden, Crown Inn, formerly of Dalbeattie, of a still-born child.

LOW(D)EN, Margaret - D28/1/1845 - At Meikle Cloake, Southwick, on the 28th ult., Margaret, wife of Mr William Low(d)en.

LOWDEN/M’FIE, Mary - D16/5/1844 - At Millbank, Southwick, on the 16th curt., Mary M'Fie, wife of Samuel Lowden, Esq., of Millbank.

LOWDEN, Mary - D10/8/1844 - At Clonyard, Colvend, on the 10th inst., Mary Muir, daughter of Mr Samuel Lowden, farmer, Millbank.

LOWDON, Robert Welsh - D15/9/1844 - At Clonyard, on the 15th inst., Robert Welsh Lowdon, Esq., youngest son of the late John Lowdon, Esq., Clonyard.

LOWE, Major-General Sir Hudson - D10/1/1844 - On the 10th inst., Major-General Sir Hudson Lowe, K.C.B. and G.C. to whom was intrusted the custody of the Emperor Napoleon at St. Helena.

LUMSDANE/RAMAGE/BLACK, Elizabeth - D30/12/1842 - On Friday, the 30th ult., at Wallace Hall, under the roof of her affectionate son, Crawford T. Ramage, Esq., Rector of the Wallace Hall Academy, Mrs Black, whose good judgement and amiability of character gained the universal respect of her numerous friends. (Crawford T. Ramage was the rector of Wallace Hall from 1841 he was born to Elisabeth Lumsdane and John Ramage on September 20, 1803 at North Leith, Midloathian Scotland as per the IGI)

LUPTON/CALVERT, Esther - D30/9/1855 - At New Luce, on the 30th ult., Esther Calvert, wife of Mr Thomas Lupton, gamekeeper, Cul(ts).

LUSK/EARL, Margaret - D14/2/1850 - At Girvan, on the 14th ult., Margaret Earl, relict of the late Mr John Lusk, farmer, Pinmore Mains, parish of Colmonell.

LYBOURNE, Jane - D19/1/1871 - At Portwilliam, on the 19th ult., Jane Lybourne, wife of the late Walter Lybourne, mariner, aged 50 years.

LYMEBURN, Margaret - D2/5/1853 - At Glenluce, on the 2d instant, Margaret Lymeburn, a young woman.

LYNCH/M'CORMICK, Agnes - D30/8/1874 - Here, at Market Street, on the 30th ult., Agnes M'Cormick, aged 61 years, relict of Mr Charles Lynch.