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Death Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: February 2006

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JACK, Mrs. - D27/4/1850 - At King's College, Aberdeen, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs Jack, wife of the Rev. Principal Jack.

JACKSON, Jane - D10/1/1845 - At Dumfries, on the 10th inst., Jane, wife of John Jackson, Esq., writer.

JACKSON/M’CONNEL, Janet - D23/12/1844 - At Girvan, on the 23d ult., Janet Jackson, relict of John M'Connel, Esq., cloth merchant, Girvan.

JACKSON, Walter - D15/4/1843 - At Arkleton, parish of Ewes, on the 15th inst, Mr Walter Jackson.

JAMES, Anna - D28/12/1891 - Here, at 97 George Street, on the 28th inst. Anna James, aged 76 years.

JAMES, William - D20/8/1843 - At Sun Street here, on Sunday evening last, Mr William James, teacher, aged 44 years.

JAMIESON, Mrs - D18/4/1846 - On the 18th instant, Mrs Jamieson, Kilstay, Kirkmaiden, advanced in years.

JAMIESON/CARMICHAEL, Agnes - D18/1/1845 - At Drumore, Kirkmaiden, on the 18th ult., Agnes Carmichael, wife of Mr Peter Jamieson, advanced in years.

JAMIESON, Archd. - D18/1/1845 - At Garthland Place, Paisley, on the 18th inst,. Archd. Jamieson, Esq., in the 86th year of his age.

JAMESON, John - D12/7/1844 - At Greenbrae, near Dumfries, on the 12th inst., John aged 9 years, only surviving son of Mr Thomas Jameson, late draper in Dumfries.

JAMIESON, Miss - D1/2/1846 - At High Drumore, Kirkmaiden, on the 1st inst., Miss Jamieson, aged 86 years.

JAMIESON, Alexander - D16/2/1844 - At Low Curghie, Kirkmaiden, on the 16th current, Mr Alexander Jamieson, a gentleman much respected, and whose death is regretted by a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.

JAMIESON/M'ILWRAITH, Elizabeth - D(18)/2/1875 - At Auchenflower, Ballantrae, on the (18)th inst., Elizabeth M'Ilwraith, widow of Mr John Jamieson, teacher, Colmonell, aged 54 years.

JAMIESON, Gilbert - D25/2/1852 - At Low Curghie, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 25th ultimo, Mr Gilbert Jamieson, farmer there, aged 66 years.

JAMIESON/WILLIS, Janet - D12/1/1845 - At Galston, on the 12th instant, at the advanced age of 83, Janet Jamieson, relict of the Rev. William Willis, of Stirling, and, at an earlier period, of Greenock.

JAMIESON/REID, Janet - D2/7/1845 - Suddenly, at Dalmellington, on the 2nd inst., Janet Jamieson, aged 90 years, relict of the late Mr James Reid, dyer there.

JAMIESON/BAILIE, Janet - D18/2/1845 - At Dalrymple, on the 18th inst., Janet Jamieson, wife of Mr David Bailie, aged 76.

JAMIESON, Janet - D7/4/1889 - At Albert Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 7th inst., Miss Janet Jamieson.

JAMIESON, John - D14/3/1843 - At Duchra, on the 14th inst., John Jamieson, aged 34.

JAMIESON, Captain John - D20/4/1853 - At Drumore, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 20th inst., Captain John Jamieson - much regretted.

JAMIESON, Margaret - D5/7/1844 - At Kilstag, Kirkmaiden, on the 5th curt., Miss Margaret Jamieson.

JAMIESON/GIRVAN, Margaret - D15/11/1891 - At Portwilliam, on the 15th ult., Margaret Jamieson relict of Samuel Girvan, builder, aged 72 years.

JAMIESON, Martha - D28/12/1882 - At High Curghie, Kirkmaiden, on the 28th ult., Martha, aged 22 years, daughter of Mr Samuel Jamieson, Glasgow, and neice of Mr Jamieson, High Curghie - much regretted.

JAMIESON/AGNEW, Sarah - D24/2/1879 - At Garlieston, on the 24th ult., Sarah Agnew (wife) of the late James Jamieson, aged 32 years.

JAMISON/M’CALL, Mary - D24/1/1855 - At Cumloden Lodge, on the 24th inst. Mary M'Call relict of the late Mr Alexander Jam(ison), m(------) aged 61 years. Friends in Kirkmaiden will please accept of this intimation.

JARDINE/DOW, Ann - D5/4/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 5th inst., at an advanced age, Mrs Ann Dow, relict of William Jardine, Esq., Surgeon, R.N..

JARDINE/GRAHAM, Elizabeth - D8/8/1843 - At Lochmaben, on the 8th inst., Elizabeth Jardine, relict of the late Provost Graham, aged 81.

JARDINE, James - D6/8/1844 - At Annan, on the 6th instant, James Jardine, church-warden in the parish of Annan for thirty three years, aged 75 years.

JARDINE, James Bruce Jr. - D20/8/1845 - At Hallside, on the 20th inst., James Bruce Jardine, Esq., younger, of Hallside, in his 37th year.

JARDINE/THOMSON, Janet - D9/8/1843 - At her house, in Castle Street, Dumfries, on the 9th inst., Mrs Janet Thomson, relict of Robert Jardine, Esq., of Cresswell, aged 72.

JARDINE, John - D20/11/1844 - At Donaghadee, on the 20th curt., in the prime of life, John, son of Mr Wm. Jardine.

JARDINE, John - D23/1/1855 - At Wigtown on the 23d ultimo, Mr John Jar(dine) corn dealer, aged 67 years.

JARDINE, John - D24/12/1882 - At Agnew Crescent, Wigtown, on the 24th ult., John, son of John Jardine, aged 3 years.

JARDINE/LINTON, Mary - D8/12/1843 - At Upper Gimmenbie, Hoddam, on the 8th inst., Mary, Jardine, wife of Mr Thomas Linton, aged 79.

JARDINE/DUNLOP, Sarah - D23/2/1863 - At Portwilliam, on the 23d instant, suddenly, Sarah Jardine, wife of the Rev. William Dunlop, of the U.P. Church there.

JARDINE, Susan - D11/1/1844 - At Closeburn Village, on the 11th inst., Susan Jardine, at an advanced age.

JARDINE, Thomas - D10/3/1850 - At Donaghadee, on the 10th instant, in the prime of life, Mr Thomas Jardine.

JARDINE/BROWN, Violet - D19/4/1844 - At Lochrighead, parish of Kirkmichael, on the 19th ult., Violet Jardine, wife of Mr William Brown, shoe-maker, there, much and deeply regretted by her relatives and friends.

JARDINE, William - D27/2/1843 - At his house, 6, Upper Belgrave Street, London, on the 27th ult., William Jardine, Esq., M.P., aged 59.

JARDINE, William - D12/6/1843 - At Heck, Lochmaben, on the 12th inst., Mr William Jardine.

JARDINE, William - D3/3/1846 - At Tinwald Mains, on the 3d instant, William Jardine, Esq., of Dryfeholm.

JARGIE/M'ILWRAITH, Mary - D6/9/1852 - At Alticane on the 6th instant, Mary Jargie, relict of Mr William M'Ilwraith, aged 85 years.

JEFFREY, Agnes - D14/7/1846 - At Auchnotteroch, Leswalt, on the 14th instant, Agnes Jeffrey, in the 87th year of her age, much respected.

JEFFREY, Agnes - D7/4/1878 - Here, at 22 Hanover Square, on the 7th inst., Mrs Agnes Jeffrey, aged 65 years.

JEFFREY/WILKES, Charlotte - D18/5/1850 - At Hailebury College, Hertford, on the 18th instant, Mrs Charlotte Wilkes, widow of the Hon Lord Jeffrey.

JEFFREY, Isabella - D31/1/1850 - At 17 Clarence Street, Edinburgh, on the 31st ult., Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Robert Jeffrey, minister of Girthon, in the 12th year of her age.

JEFFREY, Rev. Jas. - D15/12/1845 - At Greenock, on the 15th inst., the Rev. Jas. Jeffrey, junior pastor of the Relief church, aged 40 years.

JEFFREY, James - in WFP D13/1/1881 - Here, at the Hospital, Mr James Jeffrey, governor of that Institution, aged 68 years.

JEFFREY, Jane Eleanora Thomson - D19/11/1845 - On the 19th ult., Jane Eleanora Thomson, third daughter of the late Rev. Robert Jeffrey, minister of the Free Church of Girthon and Anwoth.

JEFFREY/STOWART, Jane Renwick - D16/2/1878 - At 2 Ehrlagton Terrace, Londonderry, on the 16th inst., Jane Renwick Jeffrey, the beloved wife of the Rev. E.M. Stowart, and daughter of the late John Jeffrey, Esq., Edinburgh.

JEFFREY, Julia - in WFP D16/2/1843 - At Annan, Mrs Julia Jeffrey, Lady Street, advanced in years.

JEFFREY/BROWN, Marion - D28/9/1846 - At Lantine House, on the 28th ult., after a short illness, Marion Jeffrey, lady of Thomas Brown, Esq., of Waterhaughs, aged 70 years. 

JEFFREYS, General Edmund Richard - D3/4/1889 - At Seafield House, Ryde, on the 3rd inst., General Edmund Richard Jeffreys, C.B. brother -in-law of Mr Vans Agnew, Colonel 1st Manchester Regt., and late of the Connaught Rangers, aged 80 years.

JENKINS/BRYDEN, Agnes - D14/3/1876 - Here, at 1 Parklane, on the 14th inst., Agnes Jenkins, aged 27 years, wife of Mr John Bryden, joiner.

JENKINS, Mary - D25/2/1879 - Here, at Dalrymple Street, on the 25th ult., Mary Jenkins, aged 79 years.

JENKINS, William - D22/10/1855 - Here, at King Street, on the 22nd inst., William, aged 16 years, second son of Mr Jenkins.

JESS, Mrs David - D14/2/1947 - Here, at Sun Street, on the 14th inst., very suddenly, Mrs David Jess, aged 63 years.

JESS, Margaret - D12/4/1843 - At Hillhead, Stranraer, on the 12th instant, Margaret, aged 3 1/4 years, daughter of Mr David Jess.

JESS, Mary - D24/8/1865 - At Sheuchan Street, on the 24th instant, Mary, aged 6 years, daughter of Mr James Jess.

JESS/LINDSAY, Janet - D4/3/1924 - At 7 Strand street, Stranraer, on the 4th inst., Janet Jess, beloved wife of John Lindsay, in her 63rd year.

JOHNS???/BROOM, Jean - D25/1/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 25th ult., Mrs Jean Johns(??) relict of the late Mr Joseph Broom, sometime merchant.

JOHNSON/M’GUFFIE, Jess - D18/2/1845 - At Kirkinner, on Tuesday last, in childbed, Jess M'Guffie, wife of John Johnson, innkeeper.

JOHNSON/M’EWAN, Margaret - in WFP D11/4/1889 - At Lower Camden, Chislehurst, Kent, Margaret M'Ewen, beloved wife of William H, Johnson, coachman, Elmstead, and second daughter of James M'Ewan, blacksmith, Ballantrae.

JOHNSON, Wm. Munro - D17/9/1843 - At Barony Street, Edinburgh, on the 17th ult., Mr Wm. Munro Johnson, late of the Theatre Royal, aged 25 years.

JOHNSTON, Miss - in the WFP D15/8/1844 - At Glasgow, Miss Johnston of Knockhill, eldest daughter of the late William T. Johnston, Esq., of Knockhill, Dumfries-shire.

JOHNSTON/HALLIDAY, Agnes - At Kirkcudbright, on the 16th curt, Agnes Halliday, spouse of Mr William Johnston, aged 72.

JOHNSTON, Ann - D29/6/1843 - At Longtown, on the 29th ult., Mrs Ann Johnston, aged 71 years; and on the 30th ult., Mrs Jane Beaty, widow of William Beaty, cabinet-maker, aged 85 years.

JOHNSTON, Arthur Philip - D5/1/1843 - At Walton House, on the 5th inst., Arthur Philip Johnston, youngest son of William Ponsonby Johnston Esq., in the (14th) year of his age. (Arthur Philip Johnson christened July 21, 1829 born to Wm. P. Johnson and Mary. Death date shown as Jan 10, 1843)

JOHNSTON, Mr. D. - D26/1/1864 - Here, at Stoneykirk Road, on the 26th instant, Mr D. Johnston, tailor, aged 48 years.

JOHNSTON, David - D17/8/1847 - At the School house of Parton, on the 17th ult., Mr David Johnston, aged 83 years.

JOHNSTON, David - D24/3/1876 - Here, at Dalrymple Street, on the 24th inst, David Johnston, (joiner).

JOHNSTON, Edward - D17/10/1867 - At Barsalloch, Kirkcolm, on the 17th instant, Edward Johnston, aged 75 years.

JOHNSTON/STEWART, Elizabeth - D29/12/1891 - Here at Valparaiso Villas, on the 29th inst. Elizabeth Johnston, relict of Stair Stewart, advanced in years.

JOHNSTON, Lieutenant George Melville - D15/2/1845 - At Rome, on the 15th ult., in his 21st year, Lieutenant George Melville Johnston, of the 12th Regiment of Foot, son of the late William Johnston, Esq., of Garroch.

JOHNSTON/SPROAT, Isabella - D1/6/1846 - At Dykenook, Haugh of Urr, on the 1st inst., aged 95 years, Isabella Sproat, relict of John Johnston.

JOHNSTON/BELL, Isabella Carlyle - D28/2/1843 - At Cowburn, Hutton, on the 28th ult., Isabella Carlyle Bell, wife of James Johnstone, Esq., Cowburn.

JOHNSTON, James - D22/10/1844 - At Moffat, on the 22d instant, Mr James Johnston, saddler, aged 54.

JOHNSTON, James - D19/2/1878 - Here, at 44 High Street, on the 19th inst., Mr James Johnston, seaman, aged 57 years.

JOHNSTON, James - D1/4/1878 - At Lochnaw, on the 1st inst. James Johnston, son of Alexander Johnston, shepherd, Low Clendrie, aged 7 years.

JOHNSTON/M'CUNE, Jane - D30/7/1878 - Here, at 35 Dalrymple Street, on the 30th ult., Jane M'Cune, aged 59 years, relict of Mr David Johnston, tailor.

JOHNSTON, Janet - D21/3/1843 - At Duncow of Kirkmahoe, on the 21st inst., Janet Johnston, at an advanced age.

JOHNSTON/PALMER, Janet - D28/9/1843 - At Longlands, Twynholm, on the 28th ult,. at an advanced age, Mrs Janet Johnston, widow of Mr James Palmer.

JOHNSTON, Janet Mary - D15/9/1846 - At Carnsalloch Dumfries, on Tuesday, the 15th ulto., Janet Mary, second daughter of the right Hon. Sir Alex. Johnston.

JOHNSTON, Jessie V. - D11/4/1845 - At Greencroft, Annan, on the 11th inst., Miss Jessie V. Johnston, after a protracted illness.

JOHNSTON, John - D13/8/1844 - At Hermitage of Spottes, Urr, on the 13th ult., John Johnston, joiner, formerly of Middlebie, aged 71 years - much regretted.

JOHNSTON, John - D4/3/1878 - At Kirkcowan, on the 4th inst., John Johnston, aged 63 years - deeply regretted.

JOHNSTON, John Hope - D28/1/1845 - At Annandale Lodge, Camberwell, on the 28th ultimo, John Hope Johnston, Esq., aged 48.

JOHNSTON, Maria - D10/9/1844 - At Cheltenham, on the 10th inst., Maria, widow of Capt. Geo. Hope Johnston, R.N..

JOHNSTON/MANSON, Margaret - D20/2/1846 - At Chapelton Village, Borgue, on the 20th ultimo, Mrs Margaret Johnston, aged 86, widow of Mr Archd. Manson.

JOHNSTON/EWART, Mary - D4/6/1845 - At Franklinville, State of New York, on the 4th ult. of consumption, Mary Ewart, relict of the late John Johnston, formerly of Crocketford.

JOHNSTON, Peter - in the WFP D4/7/1844 - At Annan, last week, Peter Johnston, carrier, advanced in years.

JOHNSTON/M'GOWAN, Sarah - D8/3/1845 - At her son's house, Irving Street, Dumfries, on the 8th inst., Mrs Sarah Johnston, relict of Mr James M'Gowan, long a well-known builder on the banks of Nith, and occasionally in districts considerably beyond its bounds. The deceased had attained to a great age.

JOHNSTON/CRAWFORD, Sarah - D23/1/1846 - At Dumfries, on the 23d ult., Sarah Crawford, wife of Mr James Johnston, cabinet-maker.

JOHNSTON, Thomas - D12/6/1843 - At Annan, on the 12th curt., after a short illness, Mr Thomas Johnstone, flesher, aged 34 years.

JOHNSTON, Thomas - D29/11/1844 - At Dumfries, after a short illness, on the 29th ult., Mr Thomas Johnston, gun-maker.

JOHNSTON, Walter - D28/9/1845 - At Garliestown, on the 28th ult., Walter Johnston, aged 78 years, many years ostler at the Galloway Arms Inn, Newton-Stewart.

JOHNSTON, Mrs William F. - D27/2/1843 - At 5, Gloucester Street, Glasgow, on the 27th ult., Mrs William F. Johnston, relict of William F. Johnston, Esq., of Knockhill, Dumfries-shire.

JOHNSTON, William - D5/4/1845 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 5th inst., Mr William Johnston, merchant.

JOHNSTON, William - D5/4/1845 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 5th instant, Mr William Johnston, merchant. (Inserted 10/4/45)

JOHNSTON, William - D8/3/1847 - At Buccleuch Street, Dumfries, on the 8th inst., Mr William Johnston, late of Meikle, Dalbeattie, in his 77th year.

JOHNSTON, William M’Cune - D15/3/1863 - Here, at Stoneykirk Road, on the 15th inst., aged 14 years, William M'Cune, son of Mr David Johnston, tailor.

JOHNSTONE/ALEXANDER, Agnes - D3/8/1854 - At Mason's Arms Inn, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 3d inst., Mrs Agnes Alexander, relict of the late Robert Johnstone, innkeeper and game-dealer there.

JOHNSTON/ANDERSON, Alison - D10/10/1846 - At Moffat manse, on the 10th inst., Alison Anderson, wife of the Rev. Alexander Johnston.

JOHNSTONE, Archd. - D22/12/1844 - At Portwilliam, on the 22nd ult., Mr Archd. Johnstone, aged 56.

JOHNSTONE, Catherine - D8/4/1844 - At Annan, on the 8th inst., Miss Catherine Johnstone, aged 60, sister of Mr J. Johnstone, painter, Langholm.

JOHNSTONE, Christopher - D18/3/1843 - At 28, English Street, Dumfries, on Saturday last, Mr Christopher Johnstone, joiner, aged 66 years.

JOHNSTONE, David - D15/12/1843 - At Broadholm, on the 15th inst., David Johnstone, Esq., aged 72 years.

JOHNSTONE, David - in WFP D10/12/1891 - At 27, Loughborough Road, Sinclairtown, Fife, David Johnstone, engineer, late of Stranraer, aged 63 years. - Deeply regretted. - American papers please copy.

JOHNSTONE, Elizabeth - in the WFP D18/9/1845 - At Annan, last week, Mrs Elizabeth Johnstone, Murray Street.

JOHNSTONE/ANDERSON, Elizabeth - D22/12/1882 - At Wigtown, on the 22nd ult., Elizabeth Anderson, relict of John Johnstone, Creetown, advanced in years.

JOHNSTONE, George Shore - D31/1/1843 - At 10, Shakspeare Street, Dumfries, on Tuesday, the 31st ult., of small pox. George Shore, aged 5 1/2 months, son of Mr Robert Johnstone, printer.

JOHNSTONE/GORDON, Grace - D17/2/1843 - At Friars' Vennel, Dumfries, on the 17th inst., Grace Johnstone, relict of Mr John Gordon, shoemaker.

JOHNSTONE, Helen - D3/12/1843 - At Moffat, on the 3d inst., Helen, daughter of the late Rev. John Johnstone, minister of the Secession church Ecclefechan.

JOHNSTONE/M'WILLIAM, Helen - D31/8/1865 - At Sorbie, suddenly, on the 31st ult., Helen Johnstone, widow of Mr Archibald M'William, aged 64 years.

JOHNSTONE/ARMSTONG, Isabella - D19/8/1843 - At Middleholms, near Langholm, on the19th inst., Isabella Johnstone, relict of Mr Robert Armstrong, farmer there, aged 58 years.

JOHNSTONE, James - D4/12/1844 - At Balaird, parish of Colmonell, on the 4th inst,. James Johnstone, labourer.

JOHNSTONE, James - in WFP D4/11/1869 - At Thornley, Kirkcaldy, James Johnstone, aged 82 years.

JOHNSTONE, Jas. - D4/12/1873 - At Muldaddie, Kirkmaiden, on the 4th inst. Mr Jas. Lyons Johnstone, late farmer, Kilstay (Mains), aged 73 years.

JOHNSTONE, Jane - D16/8/1852 - At Blackfell, Tongland, on the 16th ult., Jane aged 12 years, eldest and last surviving daughter of Mr Alexander Johnstone.

JOHNSTONE, Janet - D21/12/1847 - Here, at George Street, on the 21st instant, Miss Janet Johnstone, aged 16 years.

JOHNSTONE, John - D2/1/1844 - At Bankhead, near Thornhill, on the second inst., Mr John Johnstone, farmer there, in the 92d year of his age.

JOHNSTONE, John - D3/11/1867 - At New-Galloway, on the 3rd instant, after a lingering illness, Mr John Johnstone, aged 29 years, son of Mr William Johnstone, joiner there.

JOHNSTONE, Joseph - in the WFP D18/12/1845 - At Watchhill, near Annan, last week, Mr Joseph Johnstone, much regretted.

JOHNSTONE, Rev. M.S.S. - 11/11/1891 - At Minnigaff Manse, Newton-Stewart, on the 11th ult. Rev. M.S.S. Johnstone, D.D. minister of Minnigaff in the 81st year of his age, and the -5th of his ministry.

JOHNSTONE/MARTIN, Margaret - D30/7/1847 - At Langholm, on the 30th ult., very suddenly, Margaret Martin, wife of Mr Andrew Johnstone, nailer, there.

JOHNSTONE/M'NILLIE, Margaret - D21/8/1852 - At the Whinney Liggate, Kirkcudbright, on the 21st ult., Margaret M'Nillie, aged 82 years, wife of Mr Robert Johnstone there.

JOHNSTONE, Marion Jane - D13/7/1847 - At the Manse of Anwoth, on the 13th instant, aged 2 years, Marion Jane, youngest daughter of the Rev. Thomas Johnstone, of Anwoth.

JOHNSTONE, Mary Bell .M. - D10/1/1843 - At Dumfries, on Tuesday, the 10th inst., aged 25 years, Miss Mary B.M. Johnstone, youngest daughter of the late George Johnstone, Esq., of the B??????? Medical Service. (Most likely Mary Bell Johnstone born August 21, 1817 at Annan, Dumfries, the daughter of George Bell Johnston and Jane Carlyle Curries as per the IGI)

JOHNSTONE, Matthew - D13/8/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 13th inst., in the prime of life, Matthew, son of Mr John Johnstone, bookseller - deeply regretted.

JOHNSTONE, Patrick Maxwell - D28/10/1867 - At Powillimont, Kirkbean, on the 28th ultimo, (Mr) Patrick Maxwell Johnstone, of Bankhead, Dalsw(inton), - deeply regretted.

JOHNSTONE, Mrs R. - D13/2/1846 - At Portwilliam, on the 13th inst., Mrs R. Johnstone.

JOHNSTONE, Robert - D15/5/1843 - At Broomhill, on the 15th inst., Mr Robert Johnstone, farmer there.

JOHNSTONE, Robert - D29/1/1844 - Suddenly, at Dalmellington, on the 29th ult., Mr Robert Johnston, aged 18 years.

JOHNSTONE, Rev. Thomas - D25/9/1843 - At Dalry Manse, on Monday, the 25th ult., the Rev. Thomas Johnstone, minister of Dalry, Ayrshire, in the 67th year of his age, and 34th of his ministry.

JOHNSTONE, Thos. - D12/9/1846 - At Carlisle on the 12th ult., very suddenly, Mr Thos. Johnstone, tailor and clothier there.

JOHNSTONE, Walter - D22/12/1843 - At Annanhead, near Moffat, on the 22d ult., of consumption, Mr Walter Johnstone, aged 23 years. son of Mr David Johnstone, Annanhead.

JOHNSTONE, Williamina - D15/2/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 15th curt, Miss Williamina Johnstone, aged 22.

JOHNSTONE/WATSON, Willhelmina - D21/4/1843 - At English Street, Dumfries, on the 21st ult., Mrs Willhelmina Watson, aged 62 years, wife of Mr John Johnstone, landing surveyor of Customs, and last member of the late Deacon Andrew Watson's family.

JOHNSTONE, William - in the WFP D14/12/1843 - At Flaskholm, by Langholm, William, son of Mr James Johnstone, road-contractor, aged 18 months.

JOLLY/RAIN, Janet - D27/12/1852 - At Creetown, on the 27th instant, in her 91st year, Mrs Janet Jolly, widow of Mr John Rain, formerly residing at Balmangan Bay, Borgue, who was much respected.

JONES, Mrs. - D16/5/1850 - At 4 Athol Place, Edinburgh,on the 16th inst., Mrs Jones of Brooklands.

JONES/STORY, Mary - D14/1/1871 - At 60 High Street, on the 14th inst., Mary Jones, aged 70 years, relict of Mr William Story.

JORIE, Mrs. - D13/5/1850 - At Whithorn, on the 13th inst., at an advanced age, Mrs Jorie, relict of the late John Jorie, Esq. of Wards.

JORIE, Ann - D25/8/1846 - On Tuesday, 25th ult., at Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, after a short illness, Ann, wife of James Jorie, Esq..