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Stoneykirk Death Entries 1778-1797

The following is a transcription of the death entries in Stoneykirk's old parish records for the period of 1778-1797. Every effort was made to remain true to the information, but it is possible that a few misinterpretations have crept into the work. Between the difficult handwriting and poor film quality, this transcription proved to be a trial. We encourage researchers to use this only as a finding tool, and to verify the information for themselves by viewing a film of the opr.

There are two death registers for Stoneykirk. To view a transcription of the other death register for the period of 1839 - 1854, click here


Surname Forename Late Residence When Died Where Buried
Roddie John Inch January Stonykirk
McNielie James Inch January Stonykirk
Gordon Elisabeth Portspittle January Stonykirk
Stewart a child Balgregan March Stonykirk
Wither a child Two mark March Stonykirk
  a child   March Stonykirk
Kilpatrick Agnes Glenlagart March Stonykirk
Gibson Elisabeth Threemark March Stonykirk
McCulloch Agnes Garthland March Stonykirk
McThibbin Adam Kilaister March Kirkmadrine
Wither Sarah Threemark April Stonykirk
Morran William Kilaister April Kirkmadrine
Kniblo Patrick Kilaister April Kirkmadrine
Afflech Margaret Glaick April Kirkmadrine
Milroy Henry, a child Craingencrosh April Stonykirk
Shank Thomas Drambreddan April Kirkmadrine
Percie/Rercie? Alexander Kirkkhill April Stonykirk
unclear James Float May Kirkmadrine
Hamilton Elisabeth Achleach May Kirkmadrine
McKie John Ringguinea May Kirkmadrine
Milvain Elis. Achleach May Kirkmadrine
Kilpatrick Hugh Inch Parish May Stonykirk
Stevenson Thomas Cairngarroch May Stonykirk
Baillie a child Auchencly August Kirkmadrine
McEwen John Culmore August Stonykirk
Baillie Patrick Kirklachlin September Stonykirk
McHarg Margaret Stranraer October Stonykirk
Sprrot child Burnside November Stonykirk
Gibson Elis. Milmain December Stonykirk
Surname Forename When Died Late Residence Where Buried
De??cue Mrs. Manse January 1787 Stonykirk
Lightbody John Moor Park February Stonykirk
Milwain Janet Laigh Mye February Stonykirk
Adair Margaret Clashant March Stonykirk
McMaster John High Ardneal April Kirkmadrine
Glachlin   Inch April Stonykirk
Logan William Milmain April Stonykirk
McBryde Helen Craigencrosh May Stonykirk
Robertson Mary Auchencly May Stonykirk
Craighid   Freugh May Stoneykirk
McDowal   Culgrange July Stonykirk
Paterson Margaret Kildonnan July Stonykirk
McCulloch John Ringginie July Kirkmadrine
Dun a child Stranraer October Stonykirk
Maitland William Garthland October Stonykirk
Henderson Maryhanna High Culgroat November Stonykirk
Smith John Morroch November Portpatrick
Hamilton Janet Achleache November Kirkmadrine