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Stoneykirk Death Entries 1778-1797

The following is a transcription of the death entries in Stoneykirk's old parish records for the period of 1778-1797. Every effort was made to remain true to the information, but it is possible that a few misinterpretations have crept into the work. We encourage researchers to use this only as a finding tool, and to verify the information for themselves by viewing a film of the opr.

There are two death registers for Stoneykirk. To view a transcription of the other death register for the period of 1839 - 1854, click here

1784 1785

Surname Forename Late Residence When Died Where Buried
unreadable John Kilaister January 1784 Kirkmadrine
Kessack Jean Kirkmabreck January Kirkmadrine
McBryde Martha Cairngaroch March Kirkmadrine
Gibson Alexr. Kirkmabrick March Kirkmadrine
Kenedy William Moorepark March Kirkmadrine
McNish Margaret High Milmain April Stonykirk
McWilliam Bryce Barnchalloch April Stonykirk
Saul Ann Float April Stonykirk
Morison Jean Stranraer April Stonykirk
McMaster Esther Craigencrosh April Stonykirk
McCredie Jean Milmain May Stonykirk
McMurray Jean Burnside May Stonykirk
Cavan Grisal Clashanmore August Kirkmadrine
Fadyan Margaret Drumfad October Stonykirk
Fie John Kilaister October Kirkmadrine
McCrackan Isobel Kilaister October Kirkmadrine
Surname Forename Late Residence When Died Where Buried
Barkar Agnes Kirlachlin January 1785 Kirkmadrine
McCorlie Janet High Mye January Stonykirk
McCulloch John Portpatrick Before January Stonykirk
Broadfoot Elisabeth Kilaister February Kirkmadrine
McMaster Patrick Stranraer February Stonykirk
Preslie John Craigencrash March Stonykirk
McDowall Janet Inch Parish March Stonykirk
McWilliam William Barnshalloch April Stonykirk
McCarlie Marian Kilaister April Kirkmadrine
McCredie Mary Stranraer April Stonykirk
Blain John Torrs May Stonykirk
Bodan Helen Stranraer May Stonykirk
Milmorson Marg High Mye June Stonykirk Poor
McCulloch James Achleach June Kirkmadrine
Dorman James Kirlachlin late July Stonykirk
Moffat John Achleach July Kirkmadrine Poor
Cochran Agnes High Ardwal August Kirkmadrine
Cochran Margaret Laigh Ardwal August Kirkmadrine
Parker Sarah Blair August Stonykirk poor
Milwain Elisabeth Carnnech November Kirkmadrine
McBryde Gilbert Craingencrash October Stonykirk
Maxwell Mrs, of Ardwell Maxivellann   Kirkmadrine
Henderson Mary Craigencrosh November Stonykirk
McNish Margaret High Calgroat December Stonykirk
Cochran Jean Milmain December Kirkmadrine
Hunter John   December Kirkmadrine
Kellie a child Craigencrash December Stonykirk
Wilson a child   December Stonykirk
Martin Janet Kilaster December Kiliaster
Douglas John Twomark ditto (sic) Kirkcowan

1784 1785