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Leswalt Death Entries 1815-1843

The following is a transcription of the death entries in Leswalt's old parish records. Every effort was made to remain true to the information, but it is possible that a few misinterpretations have crept into the work. We encourage researchers to use this only as a finding tool, and to verify the information for themselves by viewing a film of the opr.


Stroyen Mary   5 March 1822 Burges Croft  
Murray Jannet 74 11 March 1822 Hillhead  
Brown Willm 8 11 March 1822 Hillhead  
McKelvie Daniel, a child   13 March 1822 Glenhead  
McKerlie Alexr 86 23 March 1822 Walkmill  
Gibson Jean, wife of John Ross, an aged person     Dinduff  
Ross Mary, an aged person   6 May 1822 Craichmore  
Kerr David 43 died in May Lerbrax  
Rainey John 14 20 May 1822 Lochnaw  
Rainey Widow   24 May 1822 Lochnaw  
Biggams a child of Samuel Biggams   29 June 1822 Blackpark  
Biggam Andw   27 July 1822 Glenstockadale  
Main Agnes, an aged person   August 1822 Knocknain  
Rainey John abt 15 July 1822    
Ross Margaret, an aged person   August 1822 Craichmore  
McEwin Mary abt 30/50? Sept or Oct 1822 Stranraer buried in the churchyard here
McKissock Hugh, an aged person   November 1822 Clayhole  
Torrance Willm 87 11 December 1822 Clayhole  
Brown Jas, a child   11 December 1822 Hillhead  
McCubbin Alexr 96 2 July 1822 Barbath the oldest man in the parish at this time
Coats Willm   1823 Craichmore  
McCrea Margaret, daughter of John McCrea 14 2 February 1823 Stranraer buried in the churchyard here
McVae Margaret 79 8 February 1823 Half Mark  
Agnew Helen 72 3 March 1823 Clayhole  
Hamilton Robt, a child   12 April 1823 Galdnoch  
Ritchie* Mary, wife of Robert Lennox   21 May 1823 Challoch see footnote
Reny Margaret, a pauper   20 May 1823 Knocknain  
McCreadie James 86 2 July 1823 Challoch  
Meckan Mrs, wife of John McWhirter 45 3 July 1823 Clayhole leaving a large family in great distress
Dunn Elizabeth abt 40 5 July 1823 Balwherrie  
Hamilton a child of Gavin Hamilton   14 July 1823 Stranraer buried here
Parker Agnes 60 15 July 1823 Cairnhapple  
McNeil Martha abt 13 22 July 1823 Lochnaw  
McGill Jean, wife of Mr James McLean 41 9 August 1823 Low Achneel  
Espie wife of John Elpie   11 December 1823 Weirston  
Martin Mrs 87 13 December 1823 Galdnoch  
Todd an aged person   19 December 1823 Clayhole  
unknown an old woman   3 January 1824 Clayhole  
*died some time ago in the Isle of Man and the corpse were brought home and interred in the churchyard here