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Kirkcolm Death Entries 1838-39

The following is a transcription of the death register found in Kirkcolm's old parish records for the period of 1796-1854. Every effort was made to remain true to the information, but it is possible that a few misinterpretations have crept into the work. We encourage researchers to use this only as a finding tool, and to verify the information for themselves by viewing a film of the opr.

Provided by the Wigtownshire Transcription team of: (in alphabetical order) Leigh-Ann Evans Elliott, Meg Greenwood, Carrie Gulline, Ruth Halliwell, Jim Heron, Joyce Lehmann, Margaret McMillan, Mary Lou Rosendale.

1838 1839

Surname Forename Burial date Comments
Griffin Mary, a child 2 January 1838 from Cairnside
M'Clusky John, a child 4 Jan. 1838 from Stranraer
Stewart Jas. 12 January 1838 in Stewarton
M'Meckan Elisabeth 17 January 1838 in Salchrie
Morrison Widow 29 January 1838 a pauper
Gibson Widow 1 February 1838 of [blank] Nielson Stewarton
M'Meckan Grace 15 February 1838 in Salchrie
Harris John 16 February 1838 in Clachanhill
Kennedy John 26 February 1838 late in S. Cairn, from Stranraer
Caughy a child March 1838 of John Caughy's in Cairnbowir
M'Ewen Mary 5 April 1838 in Knocktimn
Wason Thos 6 April 1838 from Hillhead Stranraer
Brown Janet 15 May 1838 a pauper from Stranraer
M'Farlane Mary, a child 23 May 1838 in Machar
Galloway a child 23 June 1838 of Widow Galloway's in North Cairn
M'Meckan Isabella, a child 15 August 1838 from Lossat
M'Crackan Nathl, a child 26 July 1838 in Stewarton
M'Cartney Jean 29 August 1838 Mrs. [Cairdiey?] from Stranaer
Alexander a child 30 August 1838 of John Alexander's in Ervy not Baptised
McBride Ann 5 September 1838 Mrs. D. Donaldson Kirminnoch
Ross John 10 September 1838 a child from Auchleach
M'Culloch a stillborn child 17 September 1838 of Thos. M'Culloch's in Cairnbowie
Kelly Peter 30 November 1838  
Nixon Alexr. 2 December 1838 from Knockneen
Meek James 18 December 1838 late in Ervy
Surname Forename Burial date Comments
M'Turk/M'Tusk/M'Tuck? Elisa 7 January 1839  
Shaw Wm. 10 January 1839 Capt. from Stranraer
M'Credie Mrs. 28 January 1839 Midwife from Clayhole Stranraer
Galloway Jean 8 February 1839 in Stewarton
Henderson Jean 11 February 1839 from Shuchanmill
Thorborn Mary 12 February 1839 Widow Forgie from Craigochmill
Swiney Hannah 19 February 1839 a pauper
Wallace stillborn twin daus. 26 February 1839 of Mr. Chas. Wallaces Knockbrake
Gibson a child 5 March 1839 of James Gibson's from Clayhole Str.
Carnochan John 5 April 1839 in Valleyfield
Milligan Wm. 29 April 1839 in Doulach
Renkine a child 9 May 1839 of Alexr. Renkine's in Knockbrake
Kerr John Senr. 1839 Stewarton
Ross Jean 1839 in Stewarton
M'Intyre Alexr. 1839 in Stewarton
Nielson Alexr. 1839 in Stewarton
    6 July 1839 A corpse, the body of a man found in Dally bay
Alexander widow 16 July 1839 from Ervy, late in S. Cairn
M'William Peter 30 July 1839 in Balsarroch
M'Credie Wm. 7 August 1839 in Stewarton
Kerr Margt. 16 August 1838 in Knockcoid
Niblo   6 September 1839 Spouse to Peter Campbell Airris
Alexander a stillborn child 16 November 1839 of John Alexander's in Balsarroch
Gibson Alexr. 9 December 1839 Mercht. in Mahaar

1838 1839