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Kirkcolm Death Entries 1816-1817

The following is a transcription of the death register found in Kirkcolm's old parish records for the period of 1796-1854. Every effort was made to remain true to the information, but it is possible that a few misinterpretations have crept into the work. We encourage researchers to use this only as a finding tool, and to verify the information for themselves by viewing a film of the opr.

Provided by the Wigtownshire Transcription team of: (in alphabetical order) Leigh-Ann Evans Elliott, Meg Greenwood, Carrie Gulline, Ruth Halliwell, Jim Heron, Joyce Lehmann, Margaret McMillan, Mary Lou Rosendale.

1816 1817

Surname Forename Burial date Comments
M'Mechan Mr. 23 March 1816 in North Cairn
Kerr Gilbt. 1816 in Ervie
Wallace Wm. Senr. 1816 Stewarton
M'Credie Thos. 1816 H. Clachan
Wallace Wm. Jr. 1816 Stewarton
M'Morland Margt. 8 April 1816 in Portencallie
M' Elizabeth 8 April 1816 in Balgown
Caudie/Cairdie Jean 13 May 1816 in Stewarton
M'Colm Robt. 13 June 1816  
M'Cartin child 13 June 1816 of Hannah M'Cartin
Keer Mrs. 24 June 1816 in Mayhaar
Ralston Mr. 26 August 1816 in Fineview
Shennan Janet 1816 Stewarton
  Two Sailors 1816  
Ross Robt. 1816 Stranraer
Anderson child 1816 John Anderson's at Craigoch
Surname Forename Burial date Comments
Kerr Mr. 18 January 1817 in Mayhaar
Rainnie John 23 January 1817 in Balsarroch
M'Intyre Jas. Senr. 30 January 1817 North Park
M'Crae Mary 11 February 1817 dykefoot Clenry
M'Haffie son 16 February 1817 Thomas M'Haffie's from Gallowhill
Lions Mr. 17 February 1817 from Corsewall lighthouse
Hogg Mary 1 March 1817 wife of H. Eaglesam Clachan
M'Cubbin child 6 March 1817 John M'Cubbin's Mahaar
Gibson son 10 March 1817 John Gibson's North Cairn
Niblo Wm. 20 Mar 1817 in the Ervie
Davidson child 15 April 1817 Thos. Davidson's in Stewarton
Collin child 16 May 1817 Hugh Collin's Barsalloch
Galloway child 1817 Jacob Galloway's in Airries
MIlroy Wm. 6 June 1817 in Balgown
Agnew Niven 16 June 1817 Farmer in Bascalloch
Shaw Mrs. 24 June 1817 late in N. Cairn from Stranraer
Ross James 8 July 1817 Doulach
[M'Haffie?] wife 26 July 1817 John M'Haffie's in Stewarton
Harkness a child 11 August 1817 of Jas. Harkness in Doulach
Stewart* son 11 August 1817 see footnote*
Ranalds Jas. 28 August 1817 from North Cairn
Wallace Mrs. 6 September 1817 in Balgown
Hewett Joseph 7 October 1817 in North Cairn
Kerr Mrs. 11 October 1817 Five Shilling land
Agnew a child 20 October 1817 of Stair Agnew in Clenry
M'Nellie Agnes 17 December 1817 in Knockcoid
Thos. Stewart's that was killed with a cart of peats

1816 1817