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Parish Key

If you need to use the M'Kerlie page references,
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The parishes for the barony, estate or property names can be located in the parish and property list by use of the keys given. For example, Cutreoch (q) [the reference being just a letter, with no number] is a property in Whithorn, while Polwhilly (m6) [the reference is a letter plus a number] is a tenanted farm on the property of Clary or Clachary in Penninghame.

Example - to locate the info for Aird

In this case, you will find h2 218 ii, which means that it is in parish h, property 2, and more information can be found on page 218 of volume ii of the 1880 edition.

Parishes Baronies, Estates, or Properties
a Kirkmaiden 1. Logan 2. Drumore 3. Clanyard or Cloynyard

b Stoneykirk,
or Clachshant,
or Toskertoun
1.Garthland 2.Freugh and Balgreggan 3.Ardwall & Killaster 4.Culgroat &c. 5.Awkirk &c. 6.Elrig 7.Grenan

c Portpatrick 1.Dunskey 2.Kinhilt or Kilhilt 3.Knockglass 4.Craigmoodie

d Leswalt 1.Lochnaw 2.Auchneel or Barjarg, and Knockein 3.Galdenoch 4.Largliddesdale 5. Kirklands 6.Challoch

e Kirkcolm 1.Corswall 2.Cairnbrock 3.Kirklands 4.Airies 5.Balsarroch 6.Glengyre or Dhuloch 7.Salquhrie &c.

f Stranraer  

g Lochryan 1.Innermessan 2.Craigcaffie or Craigcathie 3.High Mark 4.Lochryan, or Croach

h Inch 1.Saulseat 2.Loch Inch or Castle Kennedy 3.Sheuchan 4.Larg 5.Clenneries 6.Cairne 7.Duchrae 8.Kirkland 9.Mylnetoun

i Old Luce 1.Dunragit 2.Park 3.Genoch 4.Little Genoch 5.Cascrew or Carscreuch 6.Sineiness or Synnyness 7.Barlockhart 8.Gillespie and Craignoryt 9.Crows or Creochs 10.Arhemein and Craig 11.Airylands, see New Luce 12.Machermore 13.Grennan and Markbrooms 14.Balkail

j New Luce 1.Balneil &c. 2.Miltonise and Gass 3.Dalnagap and Kilmadzean 4.Airtfield or Artfield 5.Arriolands or Airysland

k Kirkcowan 1.Craichlaw 2.Culvennan 3.Clugston 4.Mindork 5.Lochronald &c. 6.Drumbuie &c. 7.Urrall &c. 8.Tannilaggie 9.Drummurrie 10.Polbae

l Mochrum 1.Myrtoun or Mertoun 2.Mochrum 3.Monreith 4.Drumtrodden and Landberrick 5.Arrioland & Milton 6.Droughtay and Boghouse 7.Garchlerie or Craiglarie 8.Barrachan 9.Corsmalzie &c. 10.Craigheach 11.Chippermore 12.Chang and Derry 13.Alticry 14.Glentriploch 15.Clantibuies 16.Skeat and Carseduchan

m Penninghame 1.Newton-Stewart 2.Penninghame 3.Fintalloch 4.Castle Stewart or Calcruchie 5.Mertoun M'Kie or Mertoun Hall 6.Clary or Clachary 7.Grange of Cree 8.Grange of Bladenoch 9.Baltersane 10.Kirkchrist 11.Barvennane & Mellen 12.Threave 13.Killiemore 14.Cullach & Blackpark

n Wigtown 1.Wigtown 2.Torhouse 3.Torhouse M'Kie 4.Borrowmoss &c. 5.Glenturk &c 6.Balmeg or Torhousemuir

o Kirkinner 1.Longcastle 2.Barnbarroch 3.Baldoon 4.Barwhanny or Barquhannie 5.Dalreagle 6.Culbae and Capenoch 7.Cairnfield 8.Campford 9.Lybrack 10.Blairshinnoch 11.Over or Meikle Airies 12.Little Airies 13.Kildarroch 14.Culmalzie 15.Airless

p Sorbie 1.Poltoun &c. 2.Cruggleton 3.Sorbie 4.Egerness and Pankill, or Bonkill 5.Kilsture 6.Whitehills 7.Polmallet

q Whithorn 1. Whithorn 2. Broughton 3. Tonderghie 4. Castle Wigg 5. Cutreoch 6. Drummorral 7. Barmeill 8. Drummastoun 9. Sheddock and Cutcloy 10. Auldbreck 11. Bailliewhir & c. 12. Bishoptons & c.

r Glasserton 1.Glasserton 2.Physgill 3.Ravenstone or Castlestewart or Remistoun or Lochtoun 4.Carletoun or Carolltoun 5.Appleby and Craiglemaine 6.Dowies or Moure 7.Balcraige 8.Craighedow or Craigdhu

s Bargrennan This parish, formed in 1863, included Penninghame farms keyed "s1". Entries keyed "s2" were formerly part of Minnigaff parish in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.

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