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1855 Death Records*

Recorded by Meg Greenwood and Compiled by Randy Chapple
March 2003

*Note: This is a work in progress. All Wigtownshire deaths that appear in the 1855 register are listed in this index, but not all have been transcribed. Return to the intro page to read more about the register. [Back to Intro]


Neil, Susan Dunn 2y - Sorbie - #12 - Susan Dunn NEIL, 2 years. Born in Sorbie parish. Parents: Joseph NEIL, Agricultural Labourer & Isabella BRODIE. Died on June 29, 0:40pm at Powton, Sorbie of Inflamation of Lungs, 2 days as certified by James Dunsmore, student of medicine who last saw the deceased on June 29. Buried in Sorbie Kirkyard as certified by John Shillan, Sexton. Signed: James BRODIE, Grandfather. Registered on July 4 at Garliestown, James Dunsmore, Registrar.2y

Nelson, male 4d [male], 4d
New Luce #8, male NELSON, aged 4d born Knockibae. Parents were Hugh NELSON, Ag Labourer and Jane McGINNIES [no notation of marriage]. Died July 20, 3am at Knockibae of Colic, no medical attendant.  Buried New Luce churchyard, certified by Hugh NELSON, Undertaker. Informant was Hugh NELSON, Father.  Registered July 20 at New Luce by Robert Lupton, Registrar.

Nelson, Charles 85y

Nelson, Susan 3y 5m

Niblock, William 13d
Mochrum #5, William NIBLOCK, 13 days born Portwilliam.  Parents were Anthon [as seen] NIBLOCK, Merchant Services Seaman] and Elisabeth Ann NIBLOCK maiden surname CAMPBELL.  Died March 24, 6pm at Portwilliam of Debility, no medical attendant.  Buried Churchyard of Mochrum, certified by William McCREDIE, Undertaker.  Signed John RICKETTS, Port William.  Registered March 24 at Mochrum.  D. M. Macfarlane, Registrar.

Nichol, Helen 3y illeg.

Nicholson, Elizabeth 12y - Mochrum - #12 - Elizabeth NICHOLSON, 12 years. Born in Barr, Mochrum. Parents: James NICHOLSON, Agricultural Labourer & Sarah COBURN. Died on June 11, 5:55am at Glentripplock, of Dropsy, 4 years, not certified. Buried Mochrum Churchyard, certified by Wm Stuart, Undertaker. Signed/James NICHOLSON, his mark [X], father. Witnessed by George McCONCHIE, Andrew McGUFFIE. Registered on June 11 at Mochrum, D. M. Macfarlane, Registrar.


O'Neil, Fanny 78y
New Luce #12, Fanny O'NEIL, aged 78y born Ireland, lived 38y in New Luce.  Parents were Daniel McGUIRE, Miller deceased and Ellen McGUIRE maiden surname McGUIRE.  Wed to Arthur O'NEIL, deceased.  Children were Mary 56.  Daniel dead age 20? in 1823.  Catherine dead age 11 in 1816.  Henry 45.  Helen 43.  Ann 40.  Died Sept 20, 5pm at New Luce Village of Chronic Bronchitis accompanied with Disease of the Heart and Dropsy duration 6m.  Certified by W. McCORNACK, Surgeon who saw deceased Sept 11.  Buried New Luce churchyard, certified by John DOUGLAS, Insp'r of Poor.  Informant was Ann O'NEIL, Daughter, her mark X witnessed by A W McKENZIE, Barneel and Thomas WILSON, New Luce.  Registered Sept 24 at New Luce by Robert Lupton, Registrar.

O'Neil, John 40y

O'Neil, Margaret 70y

Parker, John 18y - Stoneykirk - #31 - John PARKER, 18 years. Born in Cairngarroch, lived Stoneykirk all his life. Parents: David PARKER, Farmer & Janet KILPATRICK Married: none. Died on Oct 12 at Cairngarroch, from being kicked by a horse, causing a ruptured colon, 30 hours. Certified by A. Robertson, Surgeon - last saw deceased Oct 12. Buried in Stoneykirk Churchyard, certified by James McCreadie, Church Officer. Signed: David PARKER, father. Registered on Oct 19 at Stoneykirk, Thomas Kennedy, Registrar.


Parker, William 8m - Burgh of Whithorn - #16 - William PARKER, 8 months. Born in Isle Row, Burgh of Whithorn. Parents: Robert PARKER, Sawyer & Barbara MUIR. Died on Feb 28, 11:30am at Isle Row, Burgh of Whithorn, of Pneumonia, 10 days, certified by B. Broadfoot, Surgeon - last saw the deceased on Feb 28. Buried in Whithorn Churchyard, certified by Archd Muir, Sexton. Signed: Robert PARKER, Father. Registered on Mar 6 at Whithorn, Wm Kelly, Registrar.

Parr, male Unnamed male, Stillborn
Old Luce #5, unnamed male PARR, Stillborn in Black-hill, Old Luce.  Parents were James PARR, Fish Dealer and Susan PARR maiden surname McWHIRTER.  Died  Jan 30, 7pm at Blackhill, Old Luce, Stillborn [shows Dead Born].  Buried Glenluce churchyard, certified by John McKIE, Undertaker.  Informant was James PARR, Father.  Registered Jan 31 at Glenluce.  John ROSS, Registrar.

Paterson, Ann 76y [Brown] - Landward Parish of Wigtown - #4 - Ann PATERSON maiden name BROWN, 76 years. Born in Leswalt and lived in Wigtown for 26 years. Parents: Robert BROWN, Crofter in Leswalt deceased & Mary MARTIN deceased. Married: John PATERSON, 'Torhouse Kie croft'. Children: Samuel, about 50. Robert, 48. William, 46. Alexander, 44. John, 42. Jean, 40. Mary, Died at age of 19 in 1819. Margaret, 36. Janet, 34. Died on Dec 11, 1pm at 'Torhouse Kie' Croft, of Chronic Bronchitis, many years. Certified by Samuel Snowden MD - last saw the deceased on Dec 1. Buried in New Churchyard of Penninghame, certified by Hugh [?]l andlok, Undertaker. Signed: John PATERSON, husband. Registered on Dec 17 at Wigtown, Wm Carson, Registrar.

Paterson, Helen 23y
Mochrum #4, Helen PATERSON, 23y born Portwilliam, Mochrum. Parents were John PATERSON, Tailor and Mary PATERSON maiden surname BROADFOOT.  No spouse or children noted.  Died Mar 25, 6:30am at Mochrum Kirk of Diseased [?]tebone duration 5y. Certified by James McCORMICK, Surgeon who saw deceased 'about 2 months previous to her decease'.  Buried Churchyard of Mochrum, certified by Thomas DALRYMPLE, Undertaker.  Signed John PATERSON, Father.  Registered March 22 at Mochrum. D.M. Macfarland, Registrar.

Paul, Elizabeth 92y

Pew, Amy 65y

Picket, Robina 33d - Inch - #39 - Robina PICKET, 33 days. Born in Sproutwells, Inch. Parents: William PICKET, Labourer - Isle Work & Margaret SPENCE. Died on Sept 2, 6pm at Sproutwells of Congenital Syphitis, 33 days, as certified by John Orgill, Surgeon, Stranraer who last saw the deceased on Aug 27. Buried in Inch Churchyard, as certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: William PICKET, Father. Registered on Sept 8 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Pirrie, Alexander 8m - Stranraer - #41 - Alexander PIRRIE, 8 months. Born in Green Vale Street, Stranraer. Parents: Harriet PIRRIE, Shirtmaker, no father listed. Died on Apr 4, 5am at Green Vale Street, Stranraer, of Small Pox, 3 weeks, certified by John Orgill, Surgeon. Buried in the New Cemetery at Sheuchan, Leswalt, certified by John Walls, Undertaker. Signed: by Harriet PIRRIE, her Mark [X], mother. Witnessed by Wm JOHNSTON & Joseph FAULDS. Registered on April 5 at Stranraer, Wm Galbraith, Registrar.

Pollock, John 82y

Porteous, Janet 75y - Inch - #33 - Janet PORTEOUS, 75 years. Born in Libberton Co, Mid-Lothian and lived in Inch for 37 years. Parents: Alexander GIBSON, Master Gardner deceased & Mary BAXTER deceased. Married: John PORTEOUS, Farmer. Children: Mary, Died at age 24 in 1834. Jessie, Died at age 23 in 1835. Robert, 41. Euphemia, 39. Charles, Died at 1 week in1817. Charlotte, 36. Margaret, Died at age 22 in 1844. John, 31. Died on July 12, 10pm at Cairnryan of Cancer of Stomach, 1 year as certified by John Orgill, Surgeon, Stranraer who last saw the deceased on Apr 30. Buried in Inch Churchyard as certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: Mary Smith, Daughter. Registered on July 17 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Potter, Elizabeth 24d

Potter, Isabella 73y

Potts, William 10m

Potts, William 11m

Prentice, John 65y
Old Luce #11, John PRENTICE, aged 65 years born Lessmacorran, County Down, Ireland.  Lived 7y in Old Luce.  Parents were John PRENTICE, Crofter deceased and Agnes PRENTICE maiden name THOMPSON deceased.  Wed to Rachael PRENTICE maiden name LINDSAY.  Children were Jane 29.  Robert  27.  Henry dead at 25 in 1854.  Agnes 23.  John 21.  Helen 20.  Eliza 18.  Died Mar 1, 12 mid-day at North Milton, Old Luce of Influenza & Bronchitis duration about 1m.  Certified by William McCORNACK, Surgeon who saw Deceased 18 Feb.  Buried Glenluce churchyard, certified by John McKIE, Undertaker.  Informant was John PRENTICE, Son.  Registered Feb 20 at Glenluce.  John ROSS, Registrar.

Pringle, Robert 74y - Inch - #40 - Robert PRINGLE, Master Blacksmith, 74 years. Born in Ravenston, Glasserton and has lived Inch for 30 years. Parents: Frances PRINGLE, Agricultural Labourer deceased & Mary RENNIE deceased. Married: Margaret McCRAITH. Children: Jane, 51. Mary, 49. Grace, 47. Thomas, 44. Margaret, 41. Frances, 39. Gilbert, 37. Ann McMaster, 34. Robert, 31. James, 29. Sarah, 27. Died on Sept 24, 2am at Lochans Mills of Malignant tumour of Antrum Maxillares, 6 months, as certified by John Orgill, Surgeon, Stranraer who last saw the deceased on July 16. Buried in Inch Churchyard, as certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: Gilbert PRINGLE, son. Registered on Sept 28 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.