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1855 Death Records*

Recorded by Meg Greenwood and Compiled by Randy Chapple
March 2003

*Note: This is a work in progress. All Wigtownshire deaths that appear in the 1855 register are listed in this index, but not all have been transcribed. Return to the intro page to read more about the register. [Back to Intro]

Karney, Hugh 82y
Old Luce #45, Hugh KARNEY, aged 82y, Pauper formerly Ag Labourer born Monnachan, Ireland, lived Old Luce 32y.  Parents were John KARNEY, Ag Labourer deceased and Mary KARNEY maiden surname HUGHS deceased.  Wed to Mary McANALLY.  Children were Mary 40.  Elizabeth died age 36 in 1847.  James 34.  Died Oct 29, 2pm at Crows, Old Luce of Acute Bronchitis duration about 6d.  Certified by William McCORNACK, Surgeon who saw Deceased 27 Oct.  Buried Glenluce churchyard, certified by John McKIE, Undertaker.  Informant was William COXLIE [or COSBIE], Son in Law.  Registered Oct 29 at Glenluce.  John ROSS, Registrar.

Keachie, James 62y

Kelly, John 9m - Sorbie - #11 - John KELLY, 9 months. Born in Sorbie parish. Parents: Andrew KELLY, Joiner & Helen McGUFFIE. Died on June 11, 10:20pm at Sorbie Village of Croup, 9 months. No medical attendant. Buried in Sorbie Kirkyard as certified by John Shillan, Sexton. Signed Andrew KELLY, Father. Registered on June 18 at Garliestown, James Dunsmore, Registrar.9m

Kenmuir, Isabella 2y 2m

Kennedy, Agnes 78y

Kennedy, Alexander 77y

Kennedy, Elizabeth 67y [Neil]
Leswalt #2 - Elizabeth KENNEDY or NEIL, 67y born Newtownards, County Down, Ireland.  Lived Leswalt 43 years.  Parents were David KENNEDY, Farmer deceased and Margaret KENNEDY maiden surname BLACK deceased.  Wed to John NEIL, Forrester deceased.  Children were Martha died at 16 in 1824.  Samuel 44.  Jane 42.  William 40.  James 38.  Margaret died at 20 in 1838.  John 34.  Mary 32.  Ann 30.  Martha 26.  David 24.  Died Jan 26, 10:15pm at Highland Moss, Leswalt of Inflammation of the Chest duration 8 days by Robert Wilson, Surgeon who last saw deceased on Jan 22.  Buried Churchyard of Leswalt as certified by Robert RODIE, Undertaker.  Signed: David NEIL, Son.  Registered Feb 1 at Leswalt, William Main, Registrar.

Kennedy, Janet 6y 2m

Kerlin or Carlin, Philip28y - Glasserton - #10 - Philip KERLIN [spelling given by the Widow's report] or CARLIN [spelling given by the Fiscal report], 28 years [age not exactly known]. Born in the County of Cavan, Ireland. Parents: Barney KERLIN, Agricultural Labourer deceased & Rose CONNELIN deceased. Married: Mary BURNS. Children: Catherine, 3. Mary, 1. Died on June 13, 1:25pm at Clerksburn. He died at his own Residence at Clarksburn in the immediate vicinity of Monrath Village, Glasserton, of Disease of the Heart & Lungs. Certified by James M Cormick, Surgeon & Samuel Snowdon, MD who made the Post Mortem examination on 14th June. The former of whom attended the deceased some days previous to his death for a different disease. Buried in Kirkmaiden Churchyard, Glasserton. Signed: Mary KERLIN, her Mark [X]. Witnessed by William BROWN, Labourer 'Whithoar' & Alexander McQUESTIN, Scholar, Glasserton School, per Procurator Fiscal. Registered on June 30th at Glasserton, James Gifford, Registrar. Communicated to the Registrar June 29.

Kerr, Agnes 16y - Kirkcolm - #2 - Agnes KERR, 16 years. Born in Old Luce, lived in Kirkcolm 3years. Parents: William KERR, Agricultural Labourer and Agnes CAIRNS. Married: none. Died on Jan 7, 8:30pm at Weirston, Kirkcolm, of Pthisis accompanied by disease of Hipjoint duration 3months, certified by John Orgill, Esq, Surgeon, Stranraer-last saw deceased Jan 5. Buried Churchyard of Seawall[?], certified by Robert Rodie., Undertaker. Signed: William KERR, father, registered on Jan 21 at Kirkcolm, James Wallace, Registrar.

Kerr, Elizabeth 91y

Kerr, James 19y - Kirkcolm - #9 - James KERR, 19 years "Silk Mercer's apprentice", Glasgow. Born in Ballantrae, Ayrshire. Lived Kirkcolm 6 weeks and 1 day. Parents: Archibald KERR, Joiner & Agnes THOMSON. Married: none. Died on Mar 6, 2:15pm at Portmullin, Kirkcolm, of Consumption, No medical attendant, while in Kirkcolm. Buried in Kirkcolm Old Churchyard, certified Thomas Watson, Sexon . Signed: Agnes KERR, mother of deceased. Registered on Mar 7 at Kirkcolm, James Wallace, Registrar.

Kerr, Robert 42y

Kerr, Robina 52y
Mochrum #25, Robina KERR, 52y, Pauper born Clone, Mochrum lived there 8y.  Parents were Thomas SIMPSON, Farmer deceased and Ann SIMPSON maiden surname [blank] deceased.  Wed to Alexander KERR, Ag Labourer deceased.  Children were James 20.  Mary Ann 18.  Helen 16.  Elisabeth 13.  Died Oct 12, 8pm at Portwilliam, Mochrum of Afflection of the Heart duration Many years.  Certified by James McCORMICK, MD who saw deceased Oct 13th.  Buried Churchyard of Mochrum, certified by William McCREDIE, Undertaker.  Signed John SIMPSON, Nephew 'The Clove' [Clone?] .  Registered Oct 15 at Mochrum.  D. M. Macfarlane, Registrar.

Kerr, Williamina 75y

Kevan, Janet 80y [Donnan]

Kevan, John 42y

Kevan, Margaret see Gibson

Kie, Marion2y 2m

Kilpatrick, Robert 8y

Kilty, Barnard 86y

King, Michael 77y

Kinnon, Rosan 72y - Inch - #14 - Rosan KINNON, 72 years. Born in County Armagh, Ireland and lived in Inch for 46 years. Parents: [blank] McMILLAN, Labourer deceased & Rosan [blank] deceased. Married: John KINNON, Labourer deceased. Children: William, 48. Rosan, 44. John, 41. Daniel, 38. Agnes, 35, a twin. Janet, 35, a twin. Died on Feb 26, 3am at Inch Village of General Dropsy, 7 weeks as certified by John Wallace, Surgeon who last saw the deceased on Feb 22. Buried in Inch Churchyard as certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: Agnes ‘KENNON’, Daughter. Registered on Feb 28 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Knox, Mary 45y

Kyle, female 18 hours

Kyle, Grace 28y

Kyle, Jane 1y 9m