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1855 Death Records*

Recorded by Meg Greenwood and Compiled by Randy Chapple
March 2003

*Note: This is a work in progress. All Wigtownshire deaths that appear in the 1855 register are listed in this index, but not all have been transcribed. Return to the intro page to read more about the register. [Back to Intro]


Eaglesome, Jane 25y

Edgar, Marianne 10w

English, John 75y

Espie, Jane 39y

Ewing, Elizabeth 75y


Farmer, female 8d
Mochrum #33, [unnamed] FARMER, 8 days old born Arieolland, Mochrum.  Mother was Mary FARMER, Farm Servant [the words '18 years' were lined out as her age was not to be on the Registration].  Died Dec 2, 2am at Arieolland, Mochrum of Bowel Hive and Convulsions duration 2d.  Not certified, no medical attendant.  Buried Churchyard of Mochrum, certified by Alexander CLAVE, Undertaker.  Signed Mary FARMER, her Mark, X, Mother witnessed by George McCONCHIE and Alen [Alex?] MARTIN.  Registered Dec 3 at Mochrum.  D. M. Macfarlane, Registrar.

Ferguson, Jane Young 7m - Inch - #11 - Jane Young FERGUSON, 7 months. Born in Deerpark. Parents: John Young FERGUSON, Farmer & Agnes DORMON. Died on Feb 12, 8:10pm at Deerpark of Bronchitis, several weeks as certified by John Orgill, Surgeon, Stranraer who last saw the deceased on Feb 16. Buried in Leswalt Churchyard as certified by Robert Rodie, Undertaker. Signed: John Young FERGUSON, Father. Registered on Feb 16 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Finlay, Mary 6m

Fitzimmons, Bernard 65y

Ireland #4 - Bernard FITZSIMONS, Agricl Labourer, 65y. Born County Down, Ireland, lived Kirkmaiden 48y. Parents were Hugh FITZSIMONS, Agricl Labourer decd & Catherine FITZSIMONS ms McMASTER decd. Marrried CatherineDUNN. Children were Elizabeth 42. Agnes 40. Hugh 37. John 35. Andrew 32. Aleander 29. Jane 19. Died Feb 1, 7am at Castle Clanyard of ‘supposed to be disease of the Heart, Death very sudden’, No Medical Attendant. Buried Churchyard of Kirkmaiden, certd Geo. McCrackan, Undertaker. Signed Hugh FITZSIMMONS, Son. Regd Feb 3rd? at Kirkmaiden. Anthony Parker, Regr.

Fleming, John 61y - Inch - #4 - John FLEMING, 61 years. Born in Craigencrosh, Stoneykirk and lived in Inch for 35 years. Parents: Joseph FLEMING, Labourer deceased & Martha CUNNINGHAM deceased. Married: Janet MILROY [living]. Children: Janet, 29. Mary, 27. Agnes, 25. Elizabeth, 22, Jane, Died at age of 2 in 1836. John, 16. Margaret, 14. Died on Jan 23, 11:15am at Clauchan Plark [?] of Dropsy, 10 months. No medical attendant. Buried in Stoneykirk Churchyard as certified by James McCreadie. Signed: Thomas JESS, Son-in-Law. Registered on Jan 26 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Fleming, John 87y

Fleming, Mary 69y - Inch - #48 - Mary FLEMING, 69. Born in Ireland, lived Inch 44 years. Parents: Joseph FLEMING, Weaver deceased & Martha AITKEN deceased. Married: none. Children: Mary, 41y. Died on Nov 18, 10am at Bishopburn of Cancer in the face, 6 month, as certified by John Wallace, Surgeon, Stranraer who last saw the deceased on Nov 8. Buried in Stoneykirk Churchyard, as certified by James McCreadie, Church Officer. Signed: Mary [WILMER?, MILMER?, MILMAN?], Daughter. Registered on Nov 19 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Flinn, John 13m

Flood, William 18m

Flynn, James 1y

Forsyth, Alexander 79y - Glasserton - #8 - Alexander FORSYTH, 79 years, Born: Glassnick, Penninghame. Parents: Alexander FORSYTH, Farmer, deceased & Janet McGEOCH, deceased. Married: Agnes MARTIN, deceased. Children: Margaret, 53. Alexander, Died at age 14 in 1818. Jess, 50. Agnes, Died at age 39 in 1846. Mary, 46. Isabella, 44. John, Died at age 7 in 1820. William, 40. Jane, 38. Helen, 36. Alexander, 33. John, 31. Died on June 7, 30 min past midnight, Grennan, Glasserton, of Gradual Decay & Old Age. Certified by Dunbar White, MD-last saw deceased May 18. Buried in Kirkcowan Churchyard, certified by Wm Forsyth in charge of funeral. Signed: John McCONNELL, son-in-law. Registered on June 13 at Glasserton, James Gifford, Registrar.

Fraser, Alexander 85y

Frase, Elizabeth 69y
Frazer, Elizabeth, 69y [name misspelled in Index #19, final R missing on FrazeR]...
Old Luce #19, Elizabeth FRAZER, 'Independency' specifically noted, aged 69 years born Wigtown, lived 7y in Old Luce.  Parents were William FRAZER, House Joiner deceased and Susan FRAZER maiden name McGUFFOG deceased.  No spouse or children noted.  Died Mar 20, 9:20am at Croft, Old Luce of Cancer duration several years, no medical attendant.  Buried Wigtown churchyard, certified by William McKIE, Undertaker.  Informant was Gilbert CAMPBELL, Brother in Law.  Registered at Glenluce, John ROSS, Registrar.

Frew, John 64y

Fulton, Alexander 25y - Glasserton - #6 - Alexander FULTON, 25 years. Born in Ardwell, Stoneykirk. Parents: Arthur FULTON, Farmer deceased & Susanna McBRYDE. Married: none. Died on April 13, 6:30am at Arbrack, Glasserton, of Lumbar Abscess accompanied by Mortus Brightii, 2 years. Certified by Dunbar White, MD - last saw deceased Feb 1. Buried in Whithorn Churchyard. Signed: Arthur FULTON, Father. Registered on April 22 at Glasserton, James Gifford, Registrar.

Fulton, John 80y

Fulton, Joseph 2y 2m

Fulton, Robert 54y - Burgh of Wigtown - #6 - Robert FULTON, Labourer, 54 years. Born in Mochrum, lived in Wigtown for 2 years. Parents: Wm FULTON, Labourer & Margaret LITTERICK. Married: first marriage - Janet McCULLOCH, deceased. Children: Jessie, no age. William, born 29th Oct [?], 1827 deceased. Robert, 25. Archibald, 23. Married: second marriage - Marion WOOD Children: James, 3. William, 19 months. Died on Feb 2, 6pm at Wigtown, of General Decay, 9 weeks, certified by John McMaster, Surgeon - last saw the deceased on Feb 1. Buried in Kirkinner Churchyard, certified by Wm McKie, Undertaker. Signed: Archibald FULTON, son. Registered on Feb 3 at Wigtown, Wm Carson, Registrar.