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1855 Death Records*

Recorded by Meg Greenwood and Compiled by Randy Chapple
March 2003

*Note: This is a work in progress. All Wigtownshire deaths that appear in the 1855 register are listed in this index, but not all have been transcribed. Return to the intro page to read more about the register. [Back to Intro]

Bailey, Catherine 42y

Bailey, John 25y

Baillie, Elizabeth no age [McKie]

Baird, John 1 hour Kirkmaiden #21 - John BAIRD, 1 hour old. Born Logan Mill. Parents Peter BAIRD, Joiner & Mary BAIRD ms BLAIN. Died May 25, 2pm at Logan Mill of Unknown causes. Not certified. Buried Kirkmadryne Church Yard, Stoneykirk. Not certified. Signed Peter BAIRD, Father. Regd May 30 at Kirkmaiden. Anthony Parker, Regr.

Baird, Mary 34y Colmonell, Ayrshire #23 - Mary BAIRD ms BLAIN, 34y. Born Colmonell, Ayrshire. Lived Kirkmaiden 10y. Parents were Andrew BLAIN, Farmer & Elizabeth BLAIN ms ROSS. Married Peter BAIRD, Joiner. Children were Andrew decd at 1week in 1840. William decd at 3 weeks in 1842. Elizabeth 11. Mary 9. Agnes 5. Died June 6th, 1am at Logan Mill of Childbirth, 30 hours duration. Certd by Geo. McBride, Surgeon who saw Decd 26th May. Buried Kirkmadryne Church Yard, Stoneykirk. Certd by James McCrackan, Undertaker. Signed Peter Baird, Husband. Regd June 11th at Kirkmaiden. Anthony Parker, Regr.

Bargoyne, John 18m

Barradale, Helen 72y

Baxter, Catherine 50y Baxter, Catherine, 50y
Mochrum #6, Catherine BAXTER, 50y born Cavan, Ireland lived Mochrum 13y.  Parents were James DOUD, Farmer deceased, Mother's name unknown to Informant.  Wed to John BAXTER, Ag Labourer.  Children were Helen 13y. Died April 7 at Elrig Village of Phthisis 'Pul.',duration 3y. Certified by James McCORMICK, Surgeon who saw deceased April 5.   Buried Churchyard of Mochrum, certified by Thomas DALRYMPLE, Undertaker.  Signed John BAXTER, his Mark, X, Husband witnessed by Peter CLOKIE and George McCONCHIE. .  Registered April 7 at Mochrum.  D. M. Macfarlane,Registrar.    

Beattie, James 78y

Beddie, David 76y - Burgh of Whithorn - #4 - David BEDDIE, Blacksmith, 76 years. Born in Wigtown, lived there all his life. Parents: David BEDDIE, Blacksmith deceased & Mary HANNAY deceased. Married: Margaret DICKSON. Children: John, 34. William, 32. Died on Jan 26, 1:30am at Wigtown, of Chronic inflamation of the liver & jaundice, 4 months. Certified by Samuel Snowden, MD - last saw the deceased on Jan 3. Buried in Wigtown Churchyard, certified by Peter McQueen, Undertaker. Signed: Peter McQUEEN, no relation given. Registered on Jan 29 at Wigtown, Wm Carson, Registrar.

Beggs, John 88y - Stoneykirk - #17 - John BEGGS, Mill Wright, 88 years. Born in Craigencrosh, Stoneykirk, lived there most of his life. Parents: James BEGGS, Agricultural Labourer deceased & Grace McNELLIE deceased. Married: none Died on Mar 10, 9:35am at Auchentibbart, of Dysentery, 8-10 days. Certified by John Sloan, Surgeon, Sandhead - last saw the deceased on Mar 8. Buried in Stoneykirk Churchyard, certified by James McCredie, Church Officer. Signed: David McWILLIAM, Occupier. Registered on Mar 12 at Stoneykirk, Thomas Kennedy, Registrar.

Beggs, Margaret 76y - Burgh of Whithorn - #41 - Margaret BEGGS, 76 years. Born in the Burgh of Whithorn. Parents: Alexander BEGGS, Labourer deceased. & Elizabeth CROCK deceased. Married: none. Died on Oct 23, 5:21am at Main Street, Burgh of Whithorn, of Hemiplegia, 14 days, certified by Dunbar White, MD - last saw the deceased Oct 21. Buried in Whithorn Churchyard, certified by Archd Main, Sexton. Signed: Grace AGNEW, no relation given. Registered on Oct 24 at Whithorn, Wm Kelly, Registrar.

Benn, James71y

Bennet, Margaret 75y - Inch - #19 - Margaret BENNET, 75 years. Born in Greenock and lived in Inch 60 years. Parents: James ROBERTSON, Sea Captain deceased & Jane CARSON deceased. Married: John BENNET, Sea Captain. Children: none. Died on March 14, 4:40pm at Cairnryan of Unknown causes, no medical attendant. Buried in Inch Churchyard as certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: Euphemea GILMON or GILMOUR, Cairnryan. Registered on Mar 20 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Bennoch, Jessie 34y - Inch - #21 - Jessie BENNOCH, 34 years. Born in Sheuchan, Inch and lived in Inch for 34 years. Parents: James BENNOCH, Farmer deceased & Jane BLANE deceased. Married: none. Died on March 19, 8:15pm at Sheuchan of Gastritis & Bronchitis & Knee joint, 9 months as certified by William McCornack, Surgeon, Glenluce who last saw the deceased on March 4. Buried in Inch Churchyard as certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: Andrew BENNOCH, Brother. Registered on March 22 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Berry, Susan 8m

Black, Catherine 8m - Mochrum - #15 - Catherine BLACK, 8 months. Born in Portwilliam, Mochrum. Parents: James BLACK, Seaman [Merchant Service] & Catherine CROSBIE. Died on July 12, 7pm at Portwilliam, of Hooping Cough, 1 month, certified by James McCormick, MD-last saw decd June30. Buried in Mochrum Churchyd, certified by James Wallace, Undertaker. Signed James BLACK, Grandfather. Registered on July 13 at Mochrum, D. M. Macfarlane, Registrar.

Black, Margaret 87y - Kirkinner - #13 - Margaret BLACK, maiden name REID, 87 years. Born in Kilwinning, Ayrshire, lived in Kirkinner 21 years. Parents: Thomas REID, Farmer & Jane HOWIE. Married: James BLACK, Farmer, deceased. Children: Jane, 50. Janet, 49. James, 47. Thomas, 45. Died on April 14, 6am at Waterside, Kirkinner, of Natural Decay, 3 days, certified by John McMarten, Surgeon. Buried Wigtown Churchyard, certified by George Paton, Undertaker. Signed: Jean BLACK, daughter. Registered on April 16 at Kirkinner, William Lewis, Registrar. (Very clearly Jane under children and Jean as informant)

Black, William 26y - Sorbie - #4 - William BLACK, 26 years. Born in Garliestown, Sorbie. Parents: Middleton BLACK, Joiner deceased & Jean MILROY deceased. Married: none. Died on Feb 24, 1pm at Garliestown, Sorbie, of Consumption, 2 years. Certified by Jas Dunsmore, student of Medicine - last saw deceased on Feb 24. Buried in Sorbie Churchyard, certified by John Shillan, Sexton. Signed: [unclear given name] RINNIE or PIRRIE, Occupier. Registered on Feb 22 at Garliestown, Jas Dunsmore, Registrar.

Blain, Margaret 65y - Burgh of Wigtown - #24 - Margaret BLAIN, 65 years. Born in Farm of Muil, Kirkcowan and lived in Wigtown for 40 years. Parents: John DOUGLAS, Farmer deceased & Agnes McCULLOCH deceased. Married: David BLAIN of 'Kirkchrist' deceased. Children: none. Died on Aug 15, 3pm at High Street, Wigtown, of Sudden Death, no cause known. Certified by Samuel Snowden, MD - last saw deceased a few hours before death. Buried in Wigtown Churchyard, James McQueen, Undertaker. Signed: Elizabeth HOLDING, no relation given. Registered on Aug 25 at Wigtown, Wm Carson, Registrar.

Blain, William 1 y

Bole, female 1 y - Stoneykirk - #27 - [female] BOLE, 1 years. Born in Auchentibbert, Stoneykirk. Parents: Mary BOLE, Domestic servant, father - none listed. Died on July 1, 2pm at Laigh Float, of Consumption, 8 months. No medical attendant lately. Buried in Kirkmadrine Churchyard, Stoneykirk, certified by James McCreadie, Church Officer. Signed: William McCULLOCH, Occupier. Registered on July 7 at Stoneykirk, Thomas Kennedy, Registrar.

Bonar, Sarah 43y

Boyd, Mary 50y

Boyle, Jane 50y

Brannan, John 63y

Brown, Ann 15m

Brown, Elizabeth 64y

Brown, Janet Gilmours 80y

Brown, Margaret 26y

Brown, Mary 10m illeg.

Bruce, Elizabeth 72y - Inch - #36 - Elizabeth BRUCE, 72 years. Born in Garachtrie, Kirkmaiden and has lived in Inch for 33 years. Parents: John CHALMERS, Sexton deceased & Jane DAVIDSON deceased. Married: John BRUCE, Agricultural Labourer. Children: Michael, 42. Jane, 40. John, Died at age of 2 in 1817. Elizabeth, 36. John, Died at age of 24 in 1848. Died on Aug 13, 7am at Little Genoch of Typhus Fever, 14 days, as certified by Robert Wilson, Surgeon who last saw the deceased on Aug 26. Buried in Inch Churchyard, as certified by James McCreadie, Church Officer. Signed: James BROWNLEE, Neighbor. Registered on Aug 31 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Bryce, George 75y - Sorbie - #16 - George BRYCE, 75 years. Born in Garliestown and has lived there all his life. Parents: William BRYCE, Blacksmith deceased & Catherine DOUGLAS deceased. Married: Laura McGOWAN deceased. Children: Jane, 45. Catherine, 43. William, 41. James, Died at age of 26 in 1847. Mary, 37. Laura, 35. George, 33. Alexander, 30. Died on Oct 10, 11:10pm at Garliestown, Sorbie of Acute Bronchitis, 3 weeks as certified by Jas Dunsmore, student of Medicine who last saw the deceased on Oct 10. Buried in Kirmadrine Kirk as certified by Daniel Harvey, Sexton. Signed Laurie BRYCE, daughter. Registered on Oct 15 at Garliestown, James Dunsmore, Registrar.

Bryce, Helen 50y - Inch - #30 - Helen BRYCE, 50 years. Born in Sandmill, Inch and lived in Inch for 2 years. Parents: Hector BRYCE, Cart-Wright deceased & Jane DUNN (or DANN) deceased. Married: Robert GIBSON, Farmer deceased. Died on July 1 at Liffnoll of Unknown causes. No medical attendant. Buried in Kirkcolm Churchyard as certified by Thomas Watson, Sexton. Signed: James BOYCE, Brother. Registered on July 3 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Buchanan, Benjamin 70y

Burns, Helen 68y
Old Luce #20, Helen BURNS , Carrier between Glenluce & Stranraer, aged 68y born Wigtown Parish, lived 20y in Old Luce.  Parents were Thomas MAIN, Small Farmer deceased and Margaret MAIN maiden surname McKEAND deceased.  Wed to Arthur BURNS, Carried deceased.  Children were Elizabeth 31.  'Margret' 29.  Nicholas 27.  Peter dead age 16 in 1846.  Died Mar 21, 3pm at Glenluce of Influenza and Congestion of Lungs duration 8d.  Certified by William McCORNACK, Surgeon who saw deceased 19 Mar.  Buried Glenluce churchyard, certified by John McKIE, Undertaker.  Informant was Margaret BURNS, her Mark, Daughter, witnesses were Tho's DOUGLAS, Geashed? and Rob't Kelly, acher? Registered Mar 22 at Glenluce, John ROSS, Registrar.