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1855 Death Records*

Recorded by Meg Greenwood and Compiled by Randy Chapple
March 2003

*Note: This is a work in progress. All Wigtownshire deaths that appear in the 1855 register are listed in this index, but not all have been transcribed. Return to the intro page to read more about the register. [Back to Intro]

Adams, Jane Thomson 5y

Adams, Jannet 11y

Adams, Margaret 18m

Adams, William 80y - Inch - #47 - William ADAMS, Pauper, formerly Thatcher, 80 years. Born: County of Antrim, Ireland. Lived in Inch 40 years. Parents: no parents listed, (the space is blank). Married: Agnes McCREDDIE. Children: Mary, 35. Died on Nov 9, 10:00 am at Bishopburn of General Debility, 4months, certified by John Wallace, Surgeon-last saw deceased Nov 7. Buried in Inch Churchyard, certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: James HENRY, [unclear word, looks like 'Sub'] Inspector, registered on Nov 10 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar

Aitken, Helen 78y

Agnew, male 18d

Agnew, Agnes 26y Mochrum #11, Agnes AGNEW, 26y born Portwilliam, Mochrum.  Parents were William AGNEW, Shoemaker and Agnes AGNEW maiden surname McGUFFIE.  No spouse or children noted.  Died  June 1, 2:30pm at Portwilliam of Consumption duration 6m. Certified by James McCORMICK, Surgeon who saw Deceased May 31.  Buried Churchyard of Mochrum, certified by James CUMMING, Undertaker.  Signed William AGNEW, Father.  Registered June 4 at Mochrum.  D. M. Macfarlane, Registrar.

Agnew, Andrew 10y

Agnew, Elizabeth 90y

Agnew, Jean 47y

Agnew, William 1y 4m

Aird, Elizabeth Charlotte 2y

Aitken, Helen 78y - Old Luce - #12 - Helen AITKEN, Pauper, formerly a Farmer, 78 years. Born in Inch, lived 30 years in Old Luce. Parents: Andrew MILROY, Farm Servant deceased & Janet PIRRIE deceased. Married: Gilbert AITKEN, Farmer deceased. Children: none. Died on Mar 2, 4am at Glenluce, of Influenza, 4 days, certified by Wm McCornack, Surgeon - last saw deceased on Mar 1. Buried in Glenluce Churchyard, certified by John McKie, Undertaker. Signed: James HERLS [?] Nephew. Registered on Mar 2 at Glenluce, John Ross, Registrar.

Alexander, James 46y - Kirkmaiden - #7 - James ALEXANDER, Agricultural Labourer, 46 years. Born in County Down, Ireland, lived in Kirkmaiden 30 years. Parents: Adam ALEXANDER, Agricultural Labourer deceased & Sarah FINLAY deceased. Married: Margaret GUNION. Children: John, 31. Adam, 29. James, 26. George, 24. William, 22. Agnes, 20. Annie, 17. Died on Mar 13, 6am at Drumore Village, of Typhus Fever, 10days, certified by George McBride, Surgeon-last saw deceased Mar 11. Buried in Kirkmaiden Churchyard, certified George McCrackan, Undertaker. Signed: George GUNNIAN, Brother-in-law. Registered on Mar 16 at Kirkmaiden, Anthony Parker, Registrar Kirkmaiden.

Alexander, Mary 84y

Allan, Robert 2y 4mAllan, Robert, 2y4m
New Luce #3, Robert ALLAN aged 2y4m born Ann Street, Belfast lived New Luce 2m.  Parents were Stewart ALLAN, Tanner and Jane ALLAN maiden surname McMASTER.  Died March 19, 3:05pm at New Luce Village of Infantile Remittent Fever complicated by Erysipilas duration 3w.  Certified by William McCORNACK, Surgeon who saw deceased Mar 13.  Buried New Luce churchyard, certified by Anthony AGNEW, Beadle. Informant was Jane ALLAN, Mother.  Registered Mar 20 at New Luce by Robert Lupton, Registrar.

Anderson, Agnes 44y Kirkmaiden #19 - Agnes ANDERSON, 44y. Born Billagan CHurch, County Down, Ireland. Lived Kirkmaiden 9y. Parents were Thomas JAMIESON, Agricl Labourer & Isabella JAMIESON ms ERSKINE. Marrried James ANDERSTON, Tile Moulder. Children were Alexander 9. Mary 5. Sarah 3. Died May 25, 8:15pm at Logan Tile Work of Vomiting & Obstinate Constipation duration 3d. Certd by Geo. McBRYDE, Surgeon who saw decd 25 May. Buried Church Yard of Kirkmaiden. Certd by Geo. McCrackan, Undertaker. Signed James ANDERSON, Husband. Regd May 26th at Kirkmaiden. Anthony Parker, Regr.

Anderson, Christina Stewart 2y 2m

Anderson, Doney Andrew 1 3/4y

Anderson, John 25d - Glasserton - #2 - John ANDERSON, 25 days. Born in Monrieth Village, Glasserton. Parents: William ANDERSON, Labourer & Jane LOVE . Died on Feb 1, 8:30am at Monreith Village, Glasserton, of Unknown causes, 8 days, no medical attendant. Buried in Kirkmaiden Burial Ground, Glasserton. Signed: Jane ANDERSON, her Mark [X], Mother, witnessed by Robert CALLIE, Grocer Monreith Village & Stewart YOUNG, Sailor, Monreith Village. Registered on Feb 3 at Glasserton, James Gifford, Registrar.

Anderson, Margaret 59y - Portpatrick - #31 - Margaret ANDERSON, 59 years. Born in Portospittal, Stoneykirk. Lived in Portpatrick 4 months. Parents: John ANDERSON & Janet MURRAY. Married: James McGEOIER [?] deceased. Children: none. Died on Oct 1, 7:45pm at High Tibbert of Dysentery, 4 months, certified by H Robertson, Surgeon - last saw the deceased on Aug 31. Buried in Balvella Churchyard, certified by William Thomson, Sexton. Signed: Elizabeth McCULLOCH, her mark[X], sister. Witnessed by A.M. WILLIAM & Hugh GELSON. Registered on Oct 6 at Portpatrick, Andrew Niven, Registrar.

Anderson, Sarah 50y
Mochrum #10, Sarah ANDERSON, 50y born Whithorn, lived 21y in Mochrum.  Parents were Alexander HANNAH, Farmer deceased and Janet HANNAH maiden surname DONNAN deceased.  Wed to William ANDERSON,Farmer Aryolland.  Children were Peter dead at 21 in 1853?  Sarah 17.  Died May 27, 7:20pm at Aryolland of Consumption duration 3m.  Certified by James McCORMICK, Surgeon who saw Deceased May 27.  Buried Churchyard of Mochrum, certified by Alexander CLEAVE,Undertaker.  Signed John ANDERSON, Brother in Law.  Registered May 29 at Mochrum.  D. M. Macfarlane, Registrar.

Andrews, Susan 24y

Armour, John 6m

Armstrong, Henrietta 12y

Armstrong, James 84y

Armstrong, Jane 1y

Armstrong, John 18y - Sorbie - #8 - John ARMSTRONG, 18 years. Born in Kirkmabreck Parish and lived 18 years in Sorbie. Parents: James ARMSTRONG, Mason deceased & Mary CRAIG. Married: none. Died on Apr 29, 5pm at Egerness, Sorbie of Phthisis pulmonalis, 2 years as certified by Dunbar White, physician who last saw the deceased on Apr 19. Buried in Sorbie Kirkyard as certified by John Shillan, Sexton. Signed: Mary ARMSTRONG, Mother. Registered on May 4 at Garliestown, James Dunsmore, Registrar.

Armstrong, Mary Ann 15y

Armstrong, Robert 43y

Arnold, Samuel 6d - Glasserton - #11 - Samuel ARNOLD, 4 days. Born in Drumfad, Glasserton. Parents: James ARNOLD, Farmer & Jane DALRICH. Died on June 23, 8pm at Drumfad, born prematurely. Not certified. Buried in Kirkmaiden Churchyard, Glasserton. Signed: James ARNOLD, Father. Registered on June 27 at Glasserton, James Gifford, Registrar.