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The Wigtownshire Pages

Parish Lists of Wigtownshire and Minnigaff, 1684

The following is a copy of the 1684 Parish lists. Some minor editing was necessary to make these pages readable. Every effort was made to remain true to the text, but it is possible that a few misinterpretations have crept into the work. This book is held by some members of the list, and lookups may be performed in the those cases where there is reasonable doubt as to the entry.

A Brief Explanation

The Parish Lists of Wigtownshire and Minnigaff, 1684 was published in 1916. Edited by William Scot, it was printed for the Scottish Record Society by J. Skinner and Company, Limited, Edinburgh.


Bringing this book to the web was a challenging process that required the combined efforts of several people, working together from concept to final editing. We greatly appreciate the help of following people; Crawford McKeand, James Heron, and Don McBryde.

Disclaimer and Caution

Minor editing was necessary to make these pages readable. Every effort was made to remain true to the text, but it is possible that a few misinterpretations crept into the work. In case of doubt, it should be noted that there is now (2012) on-line access to the original text. The url for this will be found on our Links page, in the Wigtownshire area. Many thanks for this link to Timothy K. Brady. The book is also held by some members of the SCT-Wigtownshire list, and where there is reasonable doubt about an entry, it may also be well worthwhile to make enquiry on the list.

Preface to the Lists

"THE following Lists appear to have been drawn up in accordance with instructions to the Episcopalian Curates of Galloway and Dumfriesshire to furnish nominal Rolls of all persons, male or female, over the age of 12 years, resident within their respective parishes - grouped according to their residences, farms and house-holds, and specially indicating such as were "irregular," that is non-conforming..."

To continue reading more of the preface, edited by WILLIAM SCOT, in 1916, click here.

Name Index

An index of names found within the book, arranged alphabetically.

Names Page nos.
ADAIR, Agnes - CANDLISH, Kathrine 73 - 75
CANDLISH, Margret - DUNSE, Elizabeth 76 - 79
DUNSE, Hugh - KEAVAND, Eliz. 80 - 83
KEAVAND, Grisel - MALMYNE, Katharin 84 - 85
MALMYNE, Margt - McCLUNG, James 86 - 89
McCLUNIE, Agnes - McILMUN, Thomas 90 - 93
McILNAE, John - McQUOYD, Geo. 94 - 97
McQUOYD, Hugh - STEWART, Baillie George 98 - 101
STEWART, Grisell - YOUNG, Thomas 102 - 103

Place Index

An alphabetical index of place names mentioned within the 1684 Parish Lists. A bit of simple detective work will tell you which parish it belongs to. Note the page number against each reference on the index, and then return to this page. Scroll down to Search for Parish, using the page number as a key.

Place Page nos.
Place Names 104-107

Search for Parish

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Parish A Portion of
transcribed pages
Glasserton 7-10
Glenluce 10-15
Inch 15-19
Leswalt 35-39
Kirkcolm 19-23
Kirkcowan 23-27
Kirkinner 27-31
Kirkmaiden 31-35
Minnigaff 39-44
Mochrum 44-46
Penninghame 48-52
Portpatrick 52-54
Sorbie 54-57
Stoneykirk 57-61
Stranraer 61-63
Whithorn 63-68
Wigtown 68-72

Population Counts

To view the population numbers for 1684, please click here.

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