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Old Parish Records, defined in an article in these pages , are maybe the most important single source of information on Scottish genealogy for the years from somewhere before 1700 through to 1855. Before the 1700s relatively few records are to be found, from a few parishes, while after 1855 the central government assumed the task of recording births deaths and marriages in Scotland. While OPRs from both before and after these dates do exist, they are relatively insignificant. Transcriptions of these Church of Scotland records, fairly accessible as microfilms from the LDS, but often hard to read, are therefore particularly valuable, and fortunately many of these have been made available to us. One group of them is gathered together here, and others are to be found in several sections of the Wigtownshire Pages, in differing formats and usually best accessed from the pages devoted to the parish in question. In the course of this work, some parishes have been transcribed twice, and others, not at all yet. The following information was mainly transcribed directly from Old Parish Records of Wigtownshire by Wayne G. Hannay, although certain other acknowledgements are made. Though every effort has been taken to carefully retain the integrity of these records, we assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. Please use this information as a finding tool only. As good research practice, we always recommend getting records confirmed either by searching films yourself or by contacting a Family Researcher in Scotland.

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Wigtownshire Old Parish Registers of Births and Baptisms and Marriages

Kirkcowan Parish Records- Births

Kirkcowan Parish Records- Marriages

Kirkcowan Parish Records- Deaths

Kirkinner Parish Records- Births

Kirkinner Parish Records- Marriages

Minnigaff Parish Kirkcudbrightshire Parish Records- Births

Minnigaff Parish Kirkcudbrightshire Parish Records- Marriages

Penninghame Parish Records - Births

Penninghame Parish Records - Proclamations and Marriages

Kirkmaiden Parish Records - Births

Kirkmaiden Parish Records - Marriages

Old Luce (Glen Luce) Parish Records

Stoneykirk Parish Records - Births

Stoneykirk Parish Records - Marriages

Wigtown Parish Records - Births